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Michael Collins
USA, UK, Ireland
Drama, Thriller, Biography, War
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Neil Jordan
Liam Neeson as Michael Collins
Richard Ingram as British Officer
Martin Murphy as Captain Lee-Wilson
John Kenny as Patrick Pearse
Ronan McCairbre as Thomas MacDonagh
Michael Dwyer as James Connolly
Frank O'Sullivan as Kavanagh
Ian Hart as Joe O'Reilly
Aidan Quinn as Harry Boland
Gary Whelan as Hoey
Julia Roberts as Kitty Kiernan
Stephen Rea as Ned Broy
Alan Rickman as Eamon de Valera
Sean McGinley as Smith
Storyline: Neil Jordan's depiction of the controversial life and death of Michael Collins, the 'Lion of Ireland', who led the IRA against British rule and founded the Irish Free State (Eire) in 1921.
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Michael Collins
I've seen/watched Micahel Collins approximately five times or more. When I watched this film this is wanted alerted me the most,the History side of Michael Collins, the Irish hatred for the British, the Easter Rising(Dublin 1916, the Irish countryside and the British occupation of Dublin for 752 years(1170-1922)and also the British attempting to hold on to its most troublesome colony Ireland. The reason I gave this film 9 out of 10 stars because I really enjoy History, Irish History and even though the British were depicted as evil sadists I understood both sides of the story. My favorite scenes were the Easter Rising inside the Dublin Post Office, Black and Tans in Croke Park and the Civil War on the streets of Dublin. So all in all Michael Collins is a great film 9 stars!!!!!!!!!! If any Americans read this the word "favorite" is the Australian spelling considering I'm Australian.
An excellent film, a must see. 10/10
I truly loved this film, despite some historical inaccuracies and romanticisms of certain events. Liam Neeson was particularly good, however, Alan Rickman was truly the best with his role of Eamon de Valera.

The film, which covers the life of Michael Collins starting in 1916, does an excellent job of explaining what exactly is going on, the events preceding certain battles, and develops each character appropriately.

My only problems with this film (there were few) were certain historical inaccuracies, but this has come to be expected with historical films.

Even if you aren't in to Irish History, or even history, this is an excellent film. Highly recommended.
A great movie
This movie is an excellent portrayal of the brutal and often non-conventional Irish freedom struggle. The movie has several great strengths. The biggest strength is Liam Neeson in his tour-de-force. His acting in this movie is as good as it gets. His personality changes subtly throughout the movie, becoming increasingly affected by the changes of the world around him. The supporting cast is also excellent, with Rickman in one of his best roles.

Cinematography is very nice, capturing everything from the hopelessness of the defeats in the ashy cities to the beauty of the Irish landscapes. The pacing is very good as well.

If you saw this movie with no opinion on the Irish history, you will have one when you leave the theater. This shows to me how powerful this movie is. After all, Michael Collin's tactics were not pretty, everything from car-bombings to mob-style executions. Yet we still care for him, we want him to succeed, even if he himself isn't sure he wants to.

Without it's politics, this movie is still excellent. It's a great piece of movie-making, it's involving, sad, funny and sometimes tense. One of the movies I consider classic.
It was such a shame that a movie as strong as this slipped underneath the eyes of so many people. In Ireland, it received a fairly large media response and coverage, for obvious reasons, but on a worldwide scale, it just didn't hit the right notes. A movie such as Braveheart will be successful in most countries, it's a sword wielding epic, but Michael Collins carried less flare and interest in its theatrical trailer.

The film is shot fantastically, from the pounding claustrophobic opening at the G.P.O, and such memorable moments as the executions and Harry's escape through the catacombs.

A lot of the film's exterior shots center around the G.P.O which the film-crew built, and it is logical that they should make use of such an expensive set, but maybe perhaps too much reliance was placed on this locale, when there are so many other worthwhile landmarks in Dublin. Some of which were captured beautifully, but it was never long until the camera was back in front of the G.P.O. However, the 1920's feel of Dublin is alive and breathing in 'Michael Collins' down to the old style shops and tram lines which up until recent were inexistent for the past 50 years.

Liam Neeson is perfect as Michael Collins, he becomes the character in such a way that we do not doubt him for a moment, and he is possessed by Michael Collins in a way that no other of Liam Neeson's fantastic performances ( Qui Gon Jin, Schindler, Rahz Al Ghul,) come to mind when he appears on screen. Aidan Quinn is brilliant as Michael's close friend, Harry and it is a shame that he never ventured into bigger and better things. Julia Roberts is average in this movie, not memorable at all. Her role is not strong in this film, but I can't help feeling that there was more she could have done with this character. Alan Rickman is a brilliant actor as always and its another one of those performances that stand alone and apart from any other character he has ever accomplished.

Elliot Goldenthal (Alien 3, Batman Forever) created a fantastic score for this movie, which again will sadly go unheard by many. It was nominated for an Oscar but failed to win. The main theme running through the film is a memorable tune that easily shifts in mood depending on the scene. The final piece of music which plays over the funeral scene is a powerful and moving piece, which although wasn't written with intention for this film, nevertheless works surprisingly well.

All in all, Michael Collins is a fantastic movie. It may have some historical inaccuracies, but the script sparkles and the brilliant performances carry you all the way through those two hours.
Stupid Love Interest
Actually, Kitty Kiernan was engaged to Michael Collins, but had earlier been involved with Harry Boland, so her participation in the film is correct. I'm in the middle of reading a biography of Collins by James Mackey, and Kitty was a much more interesting character in real life than she was portrayed in the film. She and her siblings ran a hotel, as well as a general store and a bakery (their parents were dead) so she was a pretty smart person. She actually named one of her sons after her lover. Michael Collins was initially interested in her sister Helen, but she became engaged to someone else. Like many who saw the film, I thought that Julia Roberts' accent was AWFUL. I'm not Irish but cringe when I hear an American trying to do an Irish accent. Wasn't there any talented Irish actresses out there who could have been cast?
One of the Finest Examples of Filmed History
Neil Jordan always manages to make films that are edgy, pungent, and intensely accurate in defining the motivation of his characters ('The Crying Game', 'The Butcher Boy', 'The End of the Affair', etc) and in MICHAEL COLLINS Jordan has not only directed but also wrote a docudrama that stands with the finest. It is simply a major achievement in cinematic art.

The brief life of Michael Collins (he was killed when he was but 31 years of age) completely changed the history of Ireland and the British rule of that country. Collins introduced the democracy of the Irish Republic and ended a long era of fighting and rebellion. A man of passionate convictions and mesmerizing idealism and compassion, Collins' memory is still regarded by both the Irish and the British as a 20th century hero.

The brilliant script is placed in the exceptionally competent hands of Liam Neeson as Collins with top flight support from Stephan Rea, Aidan Quinn, Alan Rickman, Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, Charles Dance, and yes, even Julia Roberts! The fighting scenes are so well done they become artistic, due primarily to the constantly excellent cinematography by Chris Menges. Elliot Goldenthal's musical score (with some added moments by Sinéad O'Connor) not only enhances the film but stands alone as a fine orchestral work. Truly on of the best historic films ever released. Grady Harp
dramatic throughout, very very good
Superb acting from a cast brilliantly chosen. The DVD shows the real Collins and de Valera and they are so close to the actors. The DVD also has a long interview with director/writer Jordan, so interesting. There are other contributors, an historian and others whose input is informative and relevant to the story.

Is it history, or one man's view of history? No matter, it is so great to watch. The story develops and I can follow it throughout. Something especially good is the occasional very funny line, which is something lacking in so many other films. "I know when I'm not wanted" says Collins as he comes across Kitty and Harry walking down the street.

Jordan has included many little aspects of the times and the real events. They stand out and add so much to the realism. Above all, is Liam Neeson's portrayal of the main character, who comes across not just as a man with passion for his country, but with human feelings and aspirations. Some people complain about Julia Robert's accent(s), get over it, ignore it, that doesn't matter at all, IMO.

One of Ian Hart's better roles as Joe O'Reilly, even though I didn't recognize him! (it's the moustache, I think)
Michael Collins
Director Neil Jordan (The Crying Game) has created a very interesting biographical drama about the 'Lion of Ireland'. Michael Collins (Golden Globe nominated Liam Neeson) is the man leading the IRA, determined to stop the British ruining the establishment of the Irish Free State (Eire) during the the 1920s. It is quite struggle to get freedom, and there are many Irish people joining in with his large campaign for freedom, but don't worry, there is always a happy ending, isn't there? Also starring BAFTA nominated Alan Rickman as Eamon De Valera, Julia Roberts as Kitty Kiernan and Harry Potter and the Philosopher Stone's Ian Hart as Joe O'Reilly. It was nominated the Oscars for Best Cinematography and Best Music for Elliot Goldenthal, it was nominated the BAFTA for Best Cinematography, and it was nominated the Golden Globe for Best Original Score. Liam Neeson was number 15, and Alan Rickman number 6 on The 50 Greatest British Actors. Very good!
History comes alive
Neil Jordan is mostly known for his lyrical, romantic films, so he might be a surprising choice to make a film about Michael Collins. What's even more surprising is how it looks. Ireland is romanticized in its beauty, as seen in such films as THE QUIET MAN and DARBY O'GILL AND THE LITTLE PEOPLE(do I have that one right?). But Jordan and cinemotographer Chris Menges show little of that beauty here, instead giving this a tough, gritty look, where you can feel the despair and the repression in the air. This especially helps in the violent scenes.

As a portrait of Michael Collins, it's missing a few shades, though Liam Neeson is quite good as Collins. Admittedly, it's been a while since I studied this, but from what I remember from my Irish history classes in college, Collins was a better orator and politician than the movie gives him credit for, and I mean the last part in a good way. It's understandable, given the tenor of the times, that people like Collins need to be portrayed as being above politics, but that was part of his shrewdness. Also, though Kitty Kiernan may have been a real person, and Julia Roberts certainly tries, one can't help feeling that her part is superfluous. It's not her fault, of course.

Still, this is quite a powerful movie, and one of the nice things is how Jordan doesn't romanticize the IRA, but confronts it soberly. Also, the spy stuff is well done, and Stephen Rea is terrific as the policeman who spies for Collins. Alan Rickman also does well as de Valera, and while the movie is clearly unsympathetic towards him, Rickman does give him enough so that we don't completely dismiss him.
Movies Are Not History Classes!

Michael Collins is a powerful and emotional cinematic experience that creates memorable scenes of dramatic power and human nature. And that's what I look for in movies: drama, the stuff of life after all the boring bits of life are taken out; drama is the essence of life, and this movie has it in spades. Neil Jordan has crafted an enjoyable story about a man's struggle for his dream, the overwhelming odds he faced and ultimately his failure. This is not an unlifting story like Midnight Express or The Shawshank Redemption: these movies are great to watch because it's also about ordinary fighting extraordinary circumstances... and triumphing. In the end, good fiction is just about that: conflict, and there's only two possible conclusions: a happy or unhappy ending. Michael Collins has the latter.

I didn't watch this movie expecting education - there's non-fiction books for that - but just a good story about human nature. Liam Neeson was very good in the leading role of Collins, the man who reorganises the IRA into its modern shape: an invisible army of plain-clothes soldiers who fight with unorthodox methods; he was a pioneer in guerrilla warfare, for better or for worse, and that was all born out of his desire to see his country free.

The movie also counts with excellent suppoorting roles by Aidan Quinn, Alan Rickman, Brendan Gleeson and my favourite Stephen Rea. My only complaint is Julia Robert: her character was, to me, very futile. I'd have expected Jordan to focus on Collins the fighter, but it seems he saw the need to include a boring, out of place romantic subplot. I wonder if to flesh out Collins' personality? Jordan should know characterisation is not akin to love, but to emotions and actions: the foormer two do not need love to be expressed. There were two instances where I enjoyed Julia, though: when she and Michael discuss in a room while at the same time the IRA is systematically killing British detectives; when she's picking up her wedding dress and we see simultaneously Collins being assassinated. But this was more due to good editing than anything else.

Otherwise, Michael Collins is a fine movie with great cinematography and a beautiful score. Elliot Goldenthal is a great composer and I admire his work very much.

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