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Crime, Drama, Thriller, Mystery
IMDB rating:
Christopher Nolan
Guy Pearce as Leonard
Carrie-Anne Moss as Natalie
Joe Pantoliano as Teddy Gammell
Russ Fega as Waiter
Jorja Fox as Leonard's Wife
Storyline: Memento chronicles two separate stories of Leonard, an ex-insurance investigator who can no longer build new memories, as he attempts to find the murderer of his wife, which is the last thing he remembers. One story line moves forward in time while the other tells the story backwards revealing more each time.
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Memento sees Guy Pearce play Leonard Shelby, a man with no short term memory, on a search for his wife's killer in a film which is intelligent, engaging, well thought out, and sometimes, even funny.

Memento demands your full concentration, and its backwards development is a stroke of genius, placing you in the same situation as Leonard; you see what he sees, and aside from small clues, very little else. This way of engaging its audience is what makes Memento special, as it draws you into the plot and Leonard's complex situation without leaving you lost amidst the chronology or bogged down in little clues. This is also helped by Guy Pearce's performance; he remains likable for most of the film, his little jokes and his honesty helping you side with him, but he also shows evidence of a darker side, especially towards the end (the beginning?), as Teddy (Pantoliano) plants the seed of doubt in his mind.

Basically, Memento is a very good film, an intelligent, engaging storyline that keeps you interested even after it ends.
Like An Ipod on Shuffle But only containing 6 songs playing for 2 hours
I really hate to discredit art when credit is due. But in the case of memento if you like to watch a barrage of continuously replayed and ominously boring clips and a truly not so thrilling movie with a has been leading actor who would sadly do better on a lifetime movie rather than this. This is sad to see what is becoming of America or rather the world when this kind of a movie gets such a good rating. This movie was a blundering piece of reverse psychology that a 6 month old child could have guessed from the beginning. However if you feel like watching an almost 2 hour movie with only 45 minutes of film love going from color to black and white with no intentional purpose and like to feel like your mind is stuck in an ipod shuffle with bad 80s music for what feels like hours be my guest and watch this boring pile of garbage just remember i told you so.
Mediocre story saved by cinematographic contrivance
Perhaps because this movie was rated SO HIGHLY, my viewing was tainted by unrealistically bolstered expectations. Maybe...

There was a strange twist of irony at work here: the more I watched this film the less I liked it. What began as a wonderfully, refreshing look at (reverse) story-telling, became less entertaining and more tedious with each passing (and re-passing) flash-back (or is that flash-forward?)

Part of this film played like an old Twilight Zone episode I recall seeing many years ago. And that's not a bad thing. I enjoyed piecing together the "why" of the plot, since we already knew the "what." However, generally uninteresting and unappealing characters mar the performances, and while our hero may be unaware of time, as a viewer I was painfully aware of how his film seemed to drag, lacking a good sense of timing. As for the ending, it too could have been given the same delicious touches as the beginning sequence, but alas, it does nothing to reward the viewer for having endured the bulk of the film.

One reviewer commented how well this HIGHLY RATED film will hold up in another few years when compared to the classics. Others have asked how on earth it could have rated so high to begin with. The former will be answered on its own, and I believe time will not be too kind. The answer to the latter is akin to the McDonald's Syndrome: Those who grew up eating Big Macs on a regular basis erroneously come to believe it's actually good food. Perhaps compared to what Hollywood is offering these days, Memento is indeed gourmet fare. To me, it's still just a hamburger. (6 out of 10).

Good plot but scenes are out of sequence
Good plot but the scenes are out of sequence making it hard to follow. Other out of sequence films include Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs (both directed by Quentin Tarantino. I thought this was a Tarantino movie until I checked). Abrupt and unsatisfying ending.

Memento or how to make an insipid story seem intricate
As for the story: throw in the usual wrongfully deceased wife/daughter. Add a formula, like memory loss, also a proved recipe. Now throw in a little gimmick, lets write it backwards in time, or half of it forward and printed backwards so you need to read it using a mirror.. Something like that. Great idea! Really, after I managed to recompose the story from its fragments, all I had was an incredibly thin story. With entirely one- dimensional characters, all equally unlikeable. This one I can spoil in a single line. Guy suffers from memory loss from a head injury, and tries to get revenge, but is used time after time because of his memory loss. Give or take a handful of unimportant and uninteresting details. Top ten movie? Apparently people can be bought cheaply, and they take chaos for complexity when given the chance.
Backwards story line, overrated in general...
Granted this movie is out of the ordinary. But since this movie is #9(?) overall here on imdb, my expectations was high. So I was very disappointed when I had seen the movie through. The film lacks attention to detail, and thus has lots of problems where you, as audience, begin wondering why the director/writer ( unknowingly? ) has made so many errors with regards to conditions of the mind and realistic human behaviour. Id say that if you are fan of well worked and really intriguing storytelling, go watch a David Lynch movie. His movies doesn't pretend to be something they are not.

Sorry to all the people who feel this is a really brilliant movie, but it is not up there to me. It is a sad story told backwards, with an uninteresting philosophical twist about what people will believe when they cant distinguish between truth and lie.
Not Bad...but not OKAY either...
My take, omg i don't know wtf this movies about. It lost me at the end. What if teddy ended up being the murderer and like the guy he was chasing the cop. May be solve the problem with the non-sequential themes. Harder to read then a frank miller comic book without the rest of the series imho.

These are one of those movies that could be good, if they do it right. Is there a book or guide to this movie? The reason why it failed is because in my book the characters got all mixed up. They lost coordination on how to make the movie interesting. If you were to watch 12 monkeys, it would be interesting because the key points, if you watch pulp fiction it would be interesting. This movie would be an interesting comic orientated mobster movie thriller full of suspense or thought provoking if they didn't add sooo many characters. Jesus, who is the guy at the end?!? Why isn't Teddy the killer? I figured the doctor was in his position as an amnesiac, okay. But umm did he just fly into France from Hollywood is my question. The movie is way too thought provoking with too many characters, and some people don't have the time to watch a guy try and remember something until the quarter end of the movie where it takes a back seat in interest. Its as if the user is tricked into actually liking the movie. Horrible. TBH no one would care about a throw in character who is suddenly the killer of his wife, who is now....alive. Whom he kills cus hes an idiot. Okay. Maybe they grew old together. Makes sense, except it would be more interesting if i knew his wife was diabetic, and he kills his wife while in the hospital after the accident. Maybe he could have killed his wife, or maybe he could have had like a son or daughter instead whom he killed. Maybe his wife should have survived and his daughter was the unfortunate casualty. Maybe he went to the town of his killer and made friends with the residence, true...okay but then his killer shows up and the guy he was chasing or chasing him is out of the picture. I would expect even, teddy to actually be lying, while the guy he was chasing be a cop. Sure, throw in the obvious...but what if teddy had a motive to kill him at the end. What if teddy was insured and had him kill the cop, whom he finally realized he killed. What if Teddy was the 'second' guy. Maybe cripple his mind a little psychologically. Was the movie trying to be like funny or something? I don't think so. I like the mood of the film though, it was very light so they went in that direction but i would like to see a light funny comedy thriller with dark humor, very artsy makes you feel really small in a big world. Except this comedy thriller needs murder, it just does..and lots of it. Good idea, not so good outcome. What exactly were they trying to do here is my question. Need's work.
A cerebral puzzle without passion
Fragmented, disjointed, unsequential story and screenplay, is innovative and certainly attention-getting, but ultimately mutes the emotional impact of film. Too few moments when the viewers here could connect, possibly because you have to work so hard continuously to figure out what is going on. An intricate cerebral puzzle but without passion.
Snazzy editing doesn't make an amazing film
The majority of people on this comments board attribute this film's success to its very original editing style. The film is built upon this style, showing you a present-time snippet of the main character which leaves you wondering about why he got there and what he's doing. The film then continues showing you a snippet of the immediate preceding past of the main character, and so on backwards in time helping you understand the beginning of the film. That's where the movie's originality stops. The plot itself is filled with huge holes. While the premise is interesting, it is hardly plausible that someone with no short-term memory would not be 'assisted' by society in any way, nor that he could not have a notebook handcuffed to him or something rather than all the tattoos. I found the movie rather predictable and did not really care about the movie after about halfway through.

Still, an interesting and innovative movie-making style with a neat, if unplausible, situation for the main character. This coupled with sometimes very unconvincing acting by the main actor (although it is a hard role, he never really pulls it off) and a wholly boring plot earns this movie a 7 in my book.

If you want to see a real whodunnit type movie that will haunt you for a long time to come, try Thesis by Spanish director Almenabar which I saw last night and save Memento for a day you want to study film rather than enjoy it.
was it THAT good?
if you are interested to explore another film about the

subjectiveness of 'memory'', check out this brilliant film from

China, Yangguang Canlan de Rizi (aka In the Heat of the Sun).

i tried to rewind the film and see how it would be like to watch a

film from the end to the beginning, i saw repetition, jumping editing

and this covers the incomplete storyline underneath. it left with me

a terrible headache. it is a hollow story, with shallow characters

which come from nowhere.

i do not have a clue why it can be ranked #12 of the list.
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