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Man of Steel
USA, UK, Canada
Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
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Zack Snyder
Ayelet Zurer as Lara Lor-Van
Christopher Meloni as Colonel Hardy
Michael Kelly as Steve Lombard
Jadin Gould as Lana Lang
Tahmoh Penikett as Henry Ackerdson
Richard Cetrone as Tor-An
Dylan Sprayberry as Clark Kent at 13
Antje Traue as Faora
Kevin Costner as Jonathan Kent
Michael Shannon as General Zod
Laurence Fishburne as Perry White
Russell Crowe as Jor-El
Henry Cavill as Clark Kent / Superman
Amy Adams as Lois Lane
Diane Lane as Martha Kent
Richard Schiff as Dr. Emil Hamilton
Harry Lennix as General Swanwick
David Paetkau as Threat Analyst
Storyline: A young boy learns that he has extraordinary powers and is not of this Earth. As a young man, he journeys to discover where he came from and what he was sent here to do. But the hero in him must emerge if he is to save the world from annihilation and become the symbol of hope for all mankind.
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Sadly a yawner and not super at all; Pointless reboot (again) of the Superman franchise
MAN OF STEEL (2013) **1/2 Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Michael Shannon, Diane Lane, Russell Crowe, Antje Traue, Harry Lennix, Richard Schiff, Christopher Meloni, Kevin Costner, Ayelet Zurer, Laurence Fishburne. Pointless reboot (again) of the Superman franchise has all the flash and smoke and mirrors of its CGI digital trappings and bloated storyline no thanks to Hack - I mean Zack Snyder's leaden direction - with a passable 'darker' script by David S. Goyer and Christopher Nolan (responsible for the far more successfully bleaker Batman re- imagined trilogy). Again a hodgepodge of the original Christopher Reeve (my money the ONLY Superman; yeah I said it) first two films whereby Kal-El nee Clark Kent (a passable yet somewhat plastic Cavill - um, No Heart; 'nuff said) learns of his Krypton origins and facing the wrath of his late father Jor-El's (Crowe decidedly and welcome low-key turn) frienemy General Zod (Shannon having a field day chewing scenery and gnashing teeth into a hissy fit tantrum; Terence Stamp is eye rolling somewhere) - yadda yadda yadda - if you've seen the aforementioned films that's all you need to know. Adams is miscast as Lois Lane; Costner is the best thing in re: acting (got choked up when he tells Clark, "..You are my son!") ; and a last act that feels cut from "The Avengers" street fight. Sadly a yawner and not super at all.
I wish I could give it a zero
That's because it should not have been made.

I had no use for another Superman film. The Christopher Reeve films are there for us forever. The filmmakers of Superman Returns made a huge error with their storyline and therefore created what turned out to be a bad experience, but I would have given them a second chance. When they announced MOS as a reboot, I did not understand why anyone would bother. But when I heard Christopher Nolan was involved I figured there must be something good about it, since I love every film of his that I've seen.

Well it's apparent that the only reason for this film was to make money. The ONLY reason. Sears, IHOP, 7-ELeven, and U-Haul logos are shoved into your face during one of the "climactic" action scenes. And I mean you could see the washing machines at Sears. It was that bad. Beyond that those action scenes were just smashing scenes. Smashing buildings, smashing cars, smashing asphalt. The Hulk would have gotten sick of all the smashing. Just debris everywhere for a good half an hour. It literally made me tired. And the effects looked bad. People are tolerating this in movies lately for some reason but nothing about Superman flying or the explosions or the debris looked real. I don't understand how in 2013 the effects are looking faker/worse but they are. I guess to the video game crowd it doesn't matter, but my eyes want to believe what they're seeing even if it's a fantastical story.

The actors can't be blamed. They wanted to be a part of Superman. I get that. The fact is there wasn't anything they could have done to improve or make this movie worse. It was always going to be utter garbage. The story is stupid, the dialog is atrocious. I really sat there for about two hours wanting to slap someone, anyone. I haven't written a comment here in so long, but I had to. It was just that bad.
This movie has no soul
I was really excited to see this movie considering all the creative and successful names that were attached to it. However I came out of it more frustrated than anything else. I really wanted to like this movie but I couldn't, and here are some reasons why:

Straight from the beginning, I couldn't help but notice that the movie was trying too hard to be similar to recently successful sci fi films rather than trying to find its own style (Avatar, The Avengers, Batman Begins and the Matrix come to mind). Then there were the minor plot holes, inconsistencies and lack of believability or followthrough that would have brought that extra touch of realism. But the real downfall of the film was the matter-of-fact and detached style by which it was presented to the audience. This left the movie emotionally empty and with no one to identify with. As the movie continued it became more of the same going through the motions (ok now this happened, and now this happened, oh and now this is happening) to the point where I didn't really care about the movie or characters any more, I just wanted the monotony to be over. This is the reason it felt rushed and long at the same time, like key elements were underdeveloped and missing. This is a great example of how you can have the most massive, amazing grandiose scale special effects and world altering events on screen but without the proper build up and audience investment I didn't really care about the characters, and continued to grow bored until I just wanted it to end. The trailers were more suspenseful than the actual movie for crying out loud.

I'm not sure whose fault it was- the editor, the director, the script, post production but a little more than half way through it started to feel like it was dragging. You can walk out of a really enjoyable film after 3 hours and not realize how much time has gone by. I would not have minded if the movie was 15 minutes longer but had the slightest bit of suspense, emotion or character development in it. It felt like it was cut down to its bare bones- you cant omit that stuff to make room for more special effects, if that is in fact what they were doing. No amount of action can ever replace good story telling. Instead what we got was clichéd one liners and characters going through the motions interacting with themselves so to speak instead of playing off each other, like in a bad video game. Even great acting from Michael Shannon and Russel Crowe wasn't enough to elevate their characters from appearing as one-dimensional cliff notes. It's not being too picky when you want something essential and basic that every movie should have and when many people didn't like the movie for the exact same reasons. I also found the writing to be lazy, and without giving too much away, certain plot elements could have been used to show that Superman was not just all brawn but brains as well. Plus, Lois knows and thats just boring.

It seems to be a growing trend in blockbuster movies these days, while trying to make the movie more modern, technologically up to date and fit for a younger audience, story telling takes a back seat to cheap thrills and special effects to get more people into the theater. It's a shame then that this movie feels like an attempt to mash together as many unoriginal blockbuster genres with as much mindless action special effects as humanly possible, most likely in an attempt to compete in the 'how big can we make this' superhero franchise. I like special effects and I know its good for business, but does the movie making process have to suffer to such an extent as a consequence? Even the Avengers with its multitude of characters was able to pull of an engaging thrill ride compared to this.

To those trying to undermine the critics I have a few things to say. I like Snyder's previous films and particularly enjoyed Watchmen, so I would have had no problem with a darker of more serious version of Superman, except this movie was none of those things. I feel a lot of people who will defend the movie don't have much to say besides 'superman was a badass compared to other movies' and 'it was visually impressive'. They refuse to see the whole picture and realize that a shiny toy is just a shiny toy. The critics didn't rate this movie poorly because it was serious, dark or they didn't like Snyder's style- it was because the movie didn't have a unique character, or any style Snyder is famous for. While that 'satisfied feeling' you had at the end of the movie instead of the 'wanting more' feeling really shows how mundane it really was. A movie of this magnitude should leave you wanting more, for a sequel or at least for a second viewing. After watching this movie I had no desire for either of those things. Just because a film has amazing special effects does not automatically make it a good movie.

What this movie did was ironically give me a new appreciation for Superman Returns. While Bryan Singer's approach to the character and story was somewhat dated, it was a polished work that (while it didn't appeal to everybody) was executed very well in all aspects, especially story telling. The difference is that people didn't like MOS not because it had a unique style, but because it wasn't a complete film, and the difference shows. An ideal Superman movie in my opinion would combine the best aspects of both films. A modern approach with exciting and relatable character development and story telling that Superman deserves. Just felt like I needed to express my disappointment and frustrations at this squandered potential.
Just an all around unpleasant experience
This movie is jaw dropping at how bad it is. How could they mess up a Superman movie this badly? It's borderline comedy. I'm half expecting Snyder to just come out and say "We were joking, the real Superman movie is here." But no, this is the final product. This is the movie many are giving 10 out of 10s. And for what? A stupid and ugly film with no value of worth.

Let's start with the characters shall we. All of them are bland. All of them. First off, Cavill. I liked him. He seems to be doing the best of what the poor script will give him. He's tall, handsome, has a good voice and could have made a great Superman. Too bad he wasn't given one. I don't mind a movie that shows the darker side of being Superman, but at the end of the day, I want to be uplifted by his presence. Compare him to Reeve, who swoops us off our feet just as easily as he does to Lois the moment they meet. He shines charisma. Cavill on the other hand just mopes throughout the entire movie, punches things and...I think that's about it.

Lois Lane played by Adams. Starts off well enough with her being tough, wily, etc. But unfortunately her role goes downhill the moment Zod and his buddies arrive. Why did Zod want her on his ship? Was it just for exposition? Screen writing 101 guys, characters actions should make sense. Then towards the end, the military have her on the plane or something. What is she doing there? She's a reporter, not a military adviser. It's like they wrote the story and then someone said "Oh, you forgot to put Lois Lane in." So the screeenwriter just put her into a bunch of scenes without it making any sense. She even has the power of teleportation as shown at the end where she appears just to be the shoulder that Superman cries on when he kills Zod. The rest of the characters, aren't worth mentioning because I forgot them already, except for Zod. Zod is angry...NEXT!

Let's talk about the dumb stuff, particually Pa Kent's death. Talk about not getting it. In the original film, his death is done in such a heart wrenching manner. The point of it being, with all Superman's powers, he still couldn't stop something natural like a heart attack. But here, there's no excuse. It was borderline parody how silly it was. I would have laughed if I wasn't so shocked about how bad the movie was.

Why is everything in this movie super realistic. Superman is an alien with God-like powers who flies around in a cape and tights. You don't try and make that realistic, because then it becomes silly. The cinematography reflects this and it's some of the worst I've ever seen. Shaky cam is terrible. I hate it with a passion. And not only do we have shaky cam where we can't tell what's happening during the boring action but also everything is super PALE. Why is everything either white or blue? EVERYTHING. This is the whitest and coldest movie I've ever seen. It's like they found the film in a block of ice. Even when they're in the desert everything is cold. Where's the COLOUR?!

And finally, the action. Oh boy, could they have made this any more boring? If you enjoy CG explosions and people punching things for 2 hours, then this movie is for you. And this is coming from someone who's favourite movie is Die Hard. News flash guys, action only works in two ways. It can be either tension filled, where we cheer on our vulnerable hero and hope he survives and saves the day. Or is can be done in a way that attempts to impress and entertain you through effects, choreography and stunts. Man of Steel is obviously going for the latter, but the problem is, that kind of action only works in small proportion. Take the original Matrix (another one of my favourite movies). Everyone remembers the amazing 'bullet-time' action scenes. But when you watch the movie, the action only makes up a small portion of the film. The limited amount of action, made the action scenes all the more exciting. It's one of the reasons why Matrix Reloaded didn't work for me, because it had too much action. Man of Steel has the same problem. How many times do we have to see someone being punched in the face? It's ridiculous how violent this movie is. Isn't Superman for family audience? Well not anymore. Step up comic book nerds, here's a movie that's so dark and moody that no one is going to call you a loser for watching it. Except the people who know what a good movie is...(whisper) don't worry though, those people generally don't appear on IMDb message boards.

I wrote too much didn't I? And I didn't even talk about the cliché and cringe-worthy 'movie trailer' dialogue or the forgettable soundtrack. Oh well, I think I've got my point across. Superman shouldn't be dark and realistic. Trying something different is a good thing, but this was just the wrong way to do it. At least this movie wasn't shot on real film, because that would have been such a waste. 1/10
Yawn.... Lets blow up another building
This film had the potential to be great, but I found it boring, repetitive and was just wanting it to end. WHY? OK we get around 30 minutes of life on Krypton, totally pointless to show us computer robots, strange flying crafts, how they give birth, swimming through seas to pick up pointless objects, strange computers doing strange things, we already get that Zod was bad, and Krypton was doomed.

Then switching to earth, strange way to one minute show Clark as a man, then the next minute as a boy, then a man then boy etc, no real development to watch him starting to get his super powers or even saving cats in trees.

The love story between Superman and Lois developed in 5 minutes instead of throughout the film Then the biggest problem was the main core of the film which consisted of...

Superman fights bad guy, in a skyscraper filled area superman throws bad guys into buildings, buildings collapse, bad guys throw superman into another building, building collapses, etc etc etc etc...

Bad guys get away, 5 minutes later, superman throws bad guy into building, building collapses... Bad guy throws superman into building....You get the picture...

That really is all there is to the story.

Think Transformers 3 Optimus is Superman, Megatron is Zod and his cronies.

Blowing up buildings at one time was considered great wow look at that the whole building collapsed... But now its more... been there done that, got the t-shirt. and if you've sat through this film you'll have many many t-shirts I found myself thinking just hurry up and kill him.

Watch it, and take away all the destruction of buildings then think what is there left of the plot...


Incidentally For a man who was supposed care for earth people and want to protect the planet, why didn't superman fly somewhere less populated than a busy skyscraper packed area to do all his fighting..
Meh of feels
I remember the day this film came out like it was yesterday. Because it literally was. It only came out three years ago. Me and a buddy skipped school to see this film opening day. We were so excited for this film and we were not even Superman fans. The trailer where Zod's menacing voice over told Kal El to turn himself in or watch earth suffer the consequences was chilling and a stroke of advertising genius. Easily one of the best trailers ever made. Our combined hype for this film was like the hype I had experienced for The Dark Knight Rises. I guess I should have got a clue as the mixed feelings I had for that film were multiplied ten fold in this film. Man of steel is a mess. The pacing is off with the film cutting back and forth too much in time at the beginning leaving adult Clark Kent a half baked husk of a character. Speaking of characters, where is the character development in this film? I had almost zero attachment to any of the characters presented. Which is either a symptom of me not really knowing the characters of the comics as a converting superman fan, or is a result of poor writing. The film did have some interesting ideas when it came to the visual design of the costumes and technology. The Cgi became a mixed bag of untextured and obvious Cgi men punching each other, which certainly disappointed me as I found some of the action scenes to be otherwise terrific. And then the action scenes went on,and on, and then I got quite bored and by the time the best fight started between Zod and Superman, I didn't care anymore because I knew Superman had to win. I mean it would have been cool if I was not so exhausted by the previous thirty minutes of mind numbing and repetitive violence inflicted on extremely fake looking Cgi people. The film felt longer than it was and is, sadly, not re-watchable at all with it's drab, miserable, tone and inconsistent pacing. A very low 5 out of 10 for this bloated bore.
Wow, what a super-mess.
The biggest question going into "Man of Steel," is whether or not Christopher Nolan can bring the same down-to-Earth psychology to Superman that he did to Batman. The quick answer: not entirely. Yes, he and director Zack Snyder have created a well-mounted action picture – they get the fight scenes just right – but in trying to deal with the deep scars of Superman's origins, they have put together a movie that sometimes feels choppy and more than a bit hurried.

The movie opens beautifully on the Planet Krypton wherein Superman's father Jor-El (Russell Crowe) is dealing with two problems at the same time. First, his planet is dying and no one will listen. Second, Krypton's military leader General Zod (Michael Shannon) has organized a coup against the planet's elders and intends to overthrow them. As you already know, Jor-El's plan is to send his son, named Kal-El, to Earth where he will be safe. Zod, who learns of his plan, vows revenge. These scenes work well. Krypton looks appropriately apocalyptic and the movie establishes some information (unspoiled here) about little Kal-El that we haven't seen before.

Then for the next hour, or so, the movie becomes a chaotic mess. Scenes of Superman's origins as a child are intercut with scenes of Superman as an adult so that we never have a clear story to sink our teeth into. One minute he's an adult working as a crab fisherman, and the next minute he's a little boy saving kids on a school bus. We never get the great homages to Americana. We don't get scenes of Clark's Kansas upbringing where he discovers his powers. Scenes are so hurried that you feel as if you are just watchng highlights, rather than completed scenes. The movie is in such a hurry to move things along that we never feel that we're getting to know the man of steel. Diane Lane and Kevin Costner play his Earth parents who dispatch home-spun advice, but they pop up almost as cameos.

The third act of the movie, when Superman and Zod square off is where the movie picks up. Zod, now a Kryptonian prisoner, wants to turn the Earth into a new version of Krypton at the expense of the population already residing there. That idea comes to life mostly due in part to the performance of Michael Shannon. Shannon is one of our best and most intense actors – check him out sometime in the great "Take Shelter." Here he brings General Zod down to Earth, so to speak. He wants a planet to rule but there's nothing flashy or erudite about his personality. Shannon plays the role pretty close to the bone and that's appropriate.

British actor Henry Cavill in the title role has a great screen presence, but as you watch him, you sense that he will grow into the role if given another chance. He's not given a lot to say.

And his relationship with Lois Lane? What relationship? Her role (played by Amy Adams) is to be a nosy journalist, follow her leads and smoke out the identity of Superman, but there is nothing resembling a romance here. Except for one chaste kiss, they almost seem like just good buddies. There is a suggestion that their love affair is being held over for the sequel, but why not deal with it here? Of course, the standard for the man of steel lies is Richard Donner's 1978 classic with Christopher Reeve. That film was a beautiful four act play, laying out Superman's origins from Krypton to Smallville to Metropolis and to his adventure in California. Some of that energy is here, but in trying to give the movie the same tone as Nolan's Batman pictures, it's often wobby. It's a good movie at its best moments but, in truth, it needed some work.
Nothing new here to see
Because Superman 78 was a success in the past, all Superman movies after that movie have to live in the shadow of such an event?

Superman Returns was basically a remake of the first, done in a stupid way (apparently director Bryan Singer was more interested in the physical aspect of the previous Superman, than creating a good movie).

This new Superman movie basically has the same premise as Returns, the big difference is instead making a pseudo remake of the first one, Man of Steel is a remake of the first two movies. The big difference between them, is Superman 06, Lois Lane has an illegitimate child (but Lois walks with another man, to take advantage of his financial condition - When the real parent is not present). In this new Superman movie, Superman is a psychopath, who by influence of the earthly father, he lets people die or in the fights he has, the collateral damage has to be in the millions. Both movies are stupid, by the way.

The first half of the movie, in which Clark has his origin revealed (same with Superman 78), he learns how to deal with his powers and find Lois. And he becomes the protector of the earth. The second half, he confronts the Kryptonian general, whose aim is to turn the earth into New Kryton (same with Superman 2, 1980) wonderful, the filmmakers, are not even try anything new this time, differently from what happened 30 years ago in theaters. Pure laziness or project completely controlled by the studio, choose the worst option.

If there is no desire to create something unique, innovative or at least interesting, what is a massive budget of 225 millions for? What they will do? Exactly, create a project as hollow as a jar. The special effects for the great battles of destruction, in which the characters are close to indestructible and invincible, fighting each other until the duration of the film reaches the end and the plot needs a conclusion.

You can start saying goodbye to all the suspense in the action scenes, without that there was not much already, because this is a super hero movie and the hero has to win and be alive at the end (and Warner and the producers have to make a profit on selling toys and action figures to children and adults who refuse to grow).

This movie is not much different from the Superman movie released in 2006, the only difference is that this movie is full of destruction scenes to appeal to Transformers fans. We have the same casting mistakes here (Henry Cavill, more like a dummy, or better Super Wooden man - only with two expressions the whole movie), Michael Shannon as General, just screams and does not nothing in the story, Any Adams is completely lost in the script.

At least in Superman '78, the filmmakers knew what they wanted and how they wanted to do it. Here the filmmakers are just doing the job in the pipeline (or the studio sends it), because this franchise is famous, and it is a great opportunity to make money and fame faster. The people here are not making art, they're here to do factory work. This movie here, even fails as Blockbuster of entertainment, this movie even fails even as a mere fun movie. (Back to the Future and Jaws, examples, movies that have been successful in this area of course).

A crooked film, the same thing seen dozens of times, without ambition, meaningless to give innovation, and especially without confidence in the project itself. Twenty years from now, when the special effects of destruction get old, someone will come here to see this stupid movie, And he will understand why this "movie" is more raunchy than a Pyrex. This is why the filmmakers want to make a product and not a film centered on the story and characters. And of course there are innumerable opportunities, If they would go that way, but they chose the first path. They chose the path what countless other products that make successful on the box-office, because of that the result was this tripe.

What a waste of time.For any intelligent person except the fanboys. But who can be a fan of Superman, Why? Because in the last 35 years, all the movies have been crap.
Can be Summed up in a Word: Bland!
After the all-round disappointment of Superman Returns, it was decided that a reboot was the best way to go for the iconic superhero following the success of the Dark Knight trilogy. Director Zack Snyder was brought on board, best known for his adaptions of the comics 300 and Watchmen (the former being overwhelmingly style over substance and the latter surprisingly good if uneven). Added to that the cast featured many excellent actors who could bring weight to their roles. However, for all the films potential it is just as dull and uninteresting as Superman Returns was despite its greatest efforts to avoid any comparison.

Story: A baby named Kal-El is sent to Earth from the planet Krypton just before it is destroyed. He grows up as Clark Kent and quickly learns that he is not part of the human race. But a general from Krypton comes to conquer Earth and Clark is the only person who can stop him. The general plot line is fine but it is told in such a messy manner that it pretty much ruins the film on its own. The entire set-up can be summed up as rushed. We see fragments of Clark's life as a teenager but learn next to nothing about his predicament or his relationship with his adopted parents, why should care about anything when these characters are as one-dimensional as it gets? Clark actually becoming Superman comes out of nowhere because there's none of the build-up needed, no questions are asked and there's no curiosity to what he really is. Once Zod arrives the film descends into scenes solely containing clunky dialogue and hectic headache-inducing action scenes.

Hero: Superman is painfully dull and that is because he has no personality. He isn't intelligent, witty, charming, tough or reflective. This 'Superman' has none of the traits or complexities needed for the character to work, there isn't a second within the film where we get inside the characters head. He just walks around with the blank expression of a confused puppy or smashes other extra-terrestrials through large buildings. Adding to the poor character writing is Henry Cavill who is as wooden as a shed and I don't find anything he says remotely believable because of that.

Villains: Michael Shannon is usually great screen presence, but he is playing a truly terrible character here. They don't even try to give dimensions to Zod or make us see his dilemma, he's just a raging lunatic from the get go. Sadly that isn't remotely interesting. Shannon doesn't help matters as he goes for the insane bug-eyed look throughout, delivers most of the dialogue like he's chewing on marbles and most of his over-the-top rambling are just hilarious for all the wrong reasons.

Support: Amy Adams' Lois Lane is just as dull as Superman is. Adams is just a boring actress (and I think there were much better candidates for the role) and Lois herself is never defined as a character. She isn't the no-nonsense, charismatic reporter most people think of because even though she acts all tough she has to constantly be bailed out of situations and she's a charisma vacuum. Elsewhere Kevin Costner and Diane Lane bring respectability to the Kent's, while Russell Crowe does a solid job as Jor-El.

Action: The action scenes are made up of people being slammed through buildings or getting launched hundreds of feet. They are truly terrible. You know none of this will harm Superman or Zod unless they literally kill each other so it makes it all pointless. The climax goes on for what feels like an eternity (I feel like I had a birthday watching it), taking up the entire last third and it is just overkill on another level. From a technical standpoint they're filmed horribly and edited to within an inch of their life, meaning it's extremely difficult to tell what's happening half the time.

Music: Hans Zimmer's score is one of the most forgettable superhero scores of all time. I seriously cannot recall what the main theme sounded like, it was that bland. He provides the usual big trumpet sound, but nothing we haven't heard him do before and it's not remotely memorable.

Production: Visually the film is not very impressive. It's not as notably stylish as Snyder's previous efforts and although the Watchman style wouldn't suit the film, it would at least make what we're seeing look exciting. The film just has an overly drab colour scheme and would be best described as gloomy. None of the colours standout or pop, none of the locations look anything special and the film has a surprisingly low-budget look to it. As mentioned the editing is a complete mess, with the action scenes looking like they were edited by a maniac and certain scenes playing out like they were racing to the finish line to get them over with. The script and writing is by far the biggest issue however. Everything about the plot and characters feels either rushed, incomplete or as if it was written by a child. The film literally leaps from one scene to the next whilst never explaining anything and increasingly piles on the mindless action when it seems at a loss for what to do next.

Conclusion: For me Man of Steel is a massive disaster. For all Superman Returns' faults it had its heart in the right place, whereas this film seems clueless from the get and the fact people have given it so much acclaim baffles me beyond belief. It's literally half a film of boring scenes with no motivation, then another half of endless dumb action scenes. It's impossible to care about where the film is going or what the outcome will be when the key elements are such a complete mess. As a result Man of Steel becomes overly depressing and too action- heavy, which simply doesn't work for the character and sucks any out any possible enjoyment.
Defiles everything that Superman stands for.... sad... pathetic
Guys... I'll be honest here... This movie does not do justice to Superman. I mean, for a person who doesn't know anything about Superman except that he flies around in a blue suit, will find the movie exceptionally good. But for a person who has ever tried to read Superman or watched Superman stuff before, this movie is going to be a disappointment.

The movie doesn't portray what Superman stands for. For the last 75 years, Superman has been a pacifist. He JUST DOESN'T KILL...NO MATTER WHAT.. HE JUST DOESN'T KILL....

SPOILER ALERT: 1. The movie shows that the blue suit was given to Superman by Jor-El. But this hasn't appeared in any version of Superman so far. In fact, its Martha Kent, who gave the suit to him.

2. Clark finds the suit on an abandoned Kryptonian Scout Ship. Now the point to be noted is... the ice around the ship was found to be over 3000 years old... So the ship must have landed there over 3000 years ago... While Clark's age is shown to be only 33 years... Does that mean Jor-El sent a ship to Earth 3000 years ago, with a suit that he wanted to give as a gift to his son 3000 years later??? 3. Jonathan Kent didn't die in a tornado... he died of a heart attack in all versions of Superman ever published...

4. The Genetic data of all kryptonians was never a part of Superman's body cells.. In fact, there were only a handful of survivors which escaped in the bottled city of Kandor.

5. Clark Kent grows up on Earth and spends 33 years of his life adjusting to his powers... Zod does that in minutes?????? 6. The much awaited Superman's Rippled Shield of the house of El which was much advertised... I didn't see in on Superman's suit... I saw it at the end-credits...

7. Superman goes super-sonic??? Blasphemy.... He is the guy who can travel faster than the speed of light... and they only manage to make him go super-sonic??? 8. Superman never lets innocent civilians get hurt... NEVER... He will give up his own life to protect them... Yet in the entire fight sequence he never tries to take the fight away from Metropolis. Instead he keeps on ramming Zod into buildings and brings down half the city...killing God know how many...

9. Helicopter sequence... Superman saves the guy who fell from the Helicopter which has gone out of control... But he lets the pilot and remaining crew perish and crash to the ground.

10. Superman coughs up in smoke... as shown in the movie itself... when he was a kid... he saved a bus from drowning... and then saved Pete Ross too... He is able to hold his breath under water... In the oil- rig scene... he stays under water when the oil rig explodes... When he takes flight for the first time he goes in the orbit in the outer space... all of that... and amidst a little smoke... he stars coughing like he has contracted Tuberculosis??? 11. Superman collapses and "BLEEDS" from the mouth when he enters Zod's ship... Dude.. seriously... Kryptonite makes him weak... and he becomes like an ordinary human in presence of a Red Sun like Krypton had... But never does he BLEED...

12. And the best one of all of them... Zod is trying to kill a few people with his heat vision... Superman has Zod in a vice and he is holding Zod's head... perfectly capable of directing Zod's heat vision wherever he pleases... or he could have covered up Zod's eyes with his hand... But instead... He chose to break his neck... Wow Superman... way to stand by everything to symbolized for the last 75 years...

Believe me when I say this... the movie was good.. but it just wasn't Superman... it was some random guy in a blue suit who flies around killing people.
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