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Drama, Thriller, Action, Sci-Fi
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James Mangold
Hugh Jackman as Logan
Dafne Keen as Laura
Al Coronel as Federale Commander
Boyd Holbrook as Pierce
Anthony Escobar as Federale
Frank Gallegos as Federale Lieutenant
Eriq La Salle as Will Munson
Elise Neal as Kathryn Munson
Patrick Stewart as Charles
Richard E. Grant as Dr. Rice
Reynaldo Gallegos as Rey (as Rey Gallegos)
Storyline: In 2029 the mutant population has shrunken significantly and the X-Men have disbanded. Logan, whose power to self-heal is dwindling, has surrendered himself to alcohol and now earns a living as a chauffeur. He takes care of the ailing old Professor X whom he keeps hidden away. One day, a female stranger asks Logan to drive a girl named Laura to the Canadian border. At first he refuses, but the Professor has been waiting for a long time for her to appear. Laura possesses an extraordinary fighting prowess and is in many ways like Wolverine. She is pursued by sinister figures working for a powerful corporation; this is because her DNA contains the secret that connects her to Logan. A relentless pursuit begins - In this third cinematic outing featuring the Marvel comic book character Wolverine we see the superheroes beset by everyday problems. They are aging, ailing and struggling to survive financially. A decrepit Logan is forced to ask himself if he can or even wants to put his ...
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An all out sh*t movie!
I am absolutely stunned that this film has received so much positive feedback online; when I couldn't be more disappointed! It's by far the worst Marvel film we have seen to date. The story line was incredibly weak – I personal believe it was written by a 12-year-old child – and the movie itself, is set during another random messed up future time line, which completely falls out of sync with the rest of the X-Men (or Marvel) films we have seen to-date.

Once again, this movie failed to capture (or portray) Wolverine's character properly. The closest we've seen so far is: The Wolverine (2013). However, my biggest criticism is: I am so sick to death of seeing Wolverine fight at a disadvantage. It's like he has a permanent piece of Kryptonite rammed so far up his ass, he is incapable of fighting properly. In the first Wolverine film (X-Men Origins: Wolverine), we were forced to watch him fight with the indignity of bone claws; I wasn't very happy when Marvel added bone claws to Wolverine's mutation in 1994, when in the previous 20 years, his claws were always the result of the Weapon X project. Not some bizarre, gross mutation. However, since it was an Origin story, I can bring myself to overlook this. In the second film (The Wolverine), his powers were suppressed by Viper (or that machine attached to his heart), and in this film (Logan), we were forced to watch him: as a tired, broken down, old man. It's so disappointing… You might notice, when we watch all the other Marvel superheros on screen, they're all fighting at full strength (or in their prime); not at 10 or 20 percent of their working capacity. I want to see Wolverine completely cut lose! Is that too much to ask!! In the Avengers (or in the Captain America films), we see Captain America seriously kick ass, he is awesome, and so are all the Avengers. Even Spiderman and Ant-man kicked ass in the last Avengers film. We have never seen Wolverine shown in that light before. Half the time Wolverine is getting his ass kicked by random no bodies, and there is never a mission impossible factor involved. I cannot believe Disney don't get that… God, it's pathetic!! I think we could have seen Wolverine fight at his best if he joined the Avengers, and I would have loved to seen Hugh Jackman join the team. He probably would have stolen the spotlight though.

I am also getting a bit sick and tired of seeing Marvel (or Disney now) releasing a X-Men film with no concept of who the X-Men are, what the series is all about, and what the characters are all capable of. In the first X-Men movie for example, Mystique and Rogue are mortal enemies, when in the comic book series, Mystique is actually Rogues adopted mother, so they would never harm one another, and their relationship is critical to the Rogues eventual story. In X2 and X-Men 3, Jean was given the power of the Phoenix Force, when the Phoenix's abilities were never part of her natural mutation. In X-Men 3, Professor X and Juggernaut weren't even step brothers, and in the final X-Men film: Apocalypse, Mystique and Nightcrawler were roughly the same age, when Mystique is Nightcrawlers biological mother, and there are errors or inconsistencies like this throughout the entire X-Men (film) series. With this film for example, Laura has the exact same mutation (or powers) as Wolverine; that isn't how mutations work, identical powers aren't passed from father to son. I can provide 1000 examples on this point but I won't. God!! Does anyone actually read the comic books over there at Disney?! Just imagine tuning into a random episode of Game of Thrones and none of the Lannisters are related, the Tyrion Lannister (the Imp) is a Giant (and is as dump as a box of hair) and Winterfell is in the South rather than the North, which is completely being run by the White Walkers under the blistering sun. You would think: if Hollywood was going to make a movie based on Games of Thrones, they could at least get these facts right – or is that asking too much? Apparently so… I feel that's what the X-Men (film) series has become now. I feel it's become nothing more than a jumbled mess of random crap, and we're supposed to praise Marvel (or Disney) for their work. This movie was nothing more than another messed up alternate future, where mutates have largely been wiped out. So in the next X-Men film, are we going to see another time traveler go back in time and fixes thing because Marvel (or Disney) are incapable of producing a decent X-Men film. That's going to get, real old real fast. Whoever wrote this film has no concept of who Wolverine is or what the X-Men is all about! They came close in X- Men: First Class, X- Men: Days of Future Past and The Wolverine. I know these movies have inconsistencies compared to the comics but at least they came close to capturing what the X-Men is all about. However, this movie (Logan) was a complete mess, and only encourages me NOT to see anymore X-Men films at the movies! And, I won't be ever again! The X-Men has so much potential on the big screen but Disney seems determine to screw it all up! You know, get your sh*t together people, we deserve much better…
Surprisingly good
Take out fighting and killing - slaughtering and you get a pretty descent drama. I was actually very surprised that the movie had a story frame. Of course it is a fictional movie but has much more real elements that makes in more believable, much more grown up and mature. The Logan character was deeper, more life like and the whole story has some neat details which makes it a good movie. Of course Patrick Stewart was very good. The movie itself is very well directed and has plenty things going on and it leaves you with a feeling that movie is very long. Which it actually is with over 2h and 10m long. There could have been less fighting, but the director probably had to follow guidelines to make it more action like. Besides X-Men: First class which was great and X-Men: Days of Future Past which fell somehow behind the first one, Logan is the only X-men movie I like. All others were mostly story-less and dumb and childish.
It's okay, but ordinary, not clever.
Bleak, depressing, and average, with occasional entertaining moments and action.

Not as good as previous X-Men movies. Writing is simple and predictable. Very early it becomes obvious the story is about how "down and out" Logan will beat the odds and save the day.

The little girl is good, and does provide some needed unique action. She's a copy in some ways of hit-girl from Kick-Ass, similar age and similar level of violence. So it's not that shocking to see.

Fight scenes were mostly about "killing anonymous bad guys" with various styles of stabbing blades through different entry points. Much like a video game, bad guys never learn that approaching a mutant with only a gun is not the best strategy, but they keep coming in a conga-line of stupidity.

Writers applied a cliché formula to most scenes and characters.

No doubt there's entertainment here, and a keen fan base will lap it up. Many will be happy enough with what's on offer. But the story is ordinary, and the deaths of both Logan and Charles are quite the anti-climax. Last scene with Logan's grave with rocks and a cross was very cheesy.

No explanation is offered for what happened to other mutants. The whole narrative is forced, designed to send off two iconic X-Men characters, (because the actors are too old). Fair enough, but a better movie could have been written to achieve this objective.

Anyone who rates this movie greater than 7 is lacking imagination, happy to take whatever is given.

In the end, it's just a movie, so who cares. It's a solid 5 or 6 out of 10.
Worst X-Men movie.
Only 2 X-Men are alive at the movie's beginning: Logan (Wolverine) and Charles Xavier. Xavier had inadvertently killed all other X-Men because of a "telepathic seizure" he had years prior.

Cyclops, Jean and Xavier-seemingly were all killed in "The Last Stand", which made a lot of people unhappy including me. But the timeline changing in "Days of Future Past" and all X-Men becoming alive again was a happy ending. The sadness of the deaths in "The Last Stand" was no longer there.

But now this ending with all X-Men dead (that too, in a such a bad fashion) has made these same people infuriated.

What was the point of the movie makers making the X-Men alive again in "Days of Future Past", when in the end they wanted to kill everybody?

At the conclusion of this movie, Logan and Xavier also killed.

This is the worst X-Men movie.
When destiny calls
Film Review: "Logan" (2017)

I could not recall that there has been any film series as the story of the character of Wolverine, performed by always flourishing actor Hugh Jackman, who in 1999 at the age of 30 found his signature role in a mutant man, who has been able to heal in real-time in order to endure the most severe injuries imaginable and receive a metal polishing of his inner skeleton to become the ultimate weapon in modern warfare.

The journey of the character of Wolverine, created for the Marvel X-Men universe, finds his conclusion in this finally R-rated movie directed by James Mangold, who since season 2011/2012 indulged into the previously published graphic novel material on the character of Logan/Wolverine and substituted stepping-down Director Darren Aronofsky, who has not been willing spend two or more years of his life to build the atmosphere for a Finale Furioso, which in case of the Wolverine story needed to be two films directed by James Mangold in order to release "Logan" from all restraint, which had been build up over 17 years since the first "X-Men" movie directed by Bryan Singer released on July 14th 2000, which already subconsciously awakened the dream to visualize the emotional state of Logan through extreme acts of violence, due to his traumatized past of been changed into a running weapon, never still always seeking, which has been an essentially catch by the screenplay co-written by director James Mangold and Scott Frank, who put the character of Logan as Limousine driver at night and male nurse for Professor Charles Xavier, portrayed by Patrick Stewart in delirium-fading pin-pointed beats, on a road trip to find his destiny with a 10-year-old mutant girl named Laura, cloned from Wolverine's DNA in a lab in Mexico City, impressively acted by newcomer-actress Dafne Keen at his side in order to handover the torch of lively wisdom and fulfill his lifetime dream to feel compassion, tendering care toward love for Logan's character out of constant repeating conflicts of full frontal confrontation between Logan and Laura over ripping backpacks, food and nose-punching final destination calls.

Actor Hugh Jackman has holding the performer's ingredients and further indulges the anger, rage, control complexity in the otherwise beaten close to broken role of Old Man Logan in a setting of year 2029, where he guides his self-declared daughter Laura to a better life in a minor nature-embracing community of new mutants. As "Logan" marks the second installment directed by James Mangold after "The Wolverine" releasing in Summer 2013, which led the character of Logan to Japan to a much higher-action scaled picture of knife fights on speeding train advancing with 300mph and an 90-years-old Japanese entrepreneurs building metal Samurai Suits up to 12 feet high in order to confront ant extract Wolverine's bone gray matter; there finds "Logan" more intimate beats for 20% less the budget as on "The Wolverine", which had been rated with 120 Millions U.S. Dollars of initial production costs; "Logan" shows scene-involved characters mainly as humanized appearances, the mutant factors are skillfully integrated to such an extent of urgent violence in an given fight scene that the film becomes easily the most entertaining part of all three stand-alone Wolverine movies since 2009.

Technically flawlessly and surprisingly agile-captured cinematography by John Mathieson, who using combining tracking shots with shifting vertical and horizontal planes to provide any angle necessary, keeping the tension screw on through the film. Production Design by Francois Audouy presents itself solid, close to timeless, yet can hardly surprise by making distinguished notion in the scenery, despite Professor X's home domicile in the Mexican desert. All action within a given environment in "Logan", ranging from exterior parking spaces in shady blacks, abandoned desert factory in day-light striking yellows and grey-green hues within the concluding 12-minutes sequence of a nothing-to-ask-for showdown in the Northwest Woods of Northern American, benefiting the main character's progression toward the end as before when a sticky-cliché-loaded dinner scene at a farmer's family home turn into full scale body-counting blood-bath raid under well infused sound design and soundtrack elements by composer Marco Beltrami, leaves me asking that tent-pole productions at some time in the upcoming installments for "The Avengers" for Buena Vista International (Disney Enterprises) and "Justice League" at Warner Bros. Pictures need the final cuts to be allowed to do such stunt work of full contact proportions too.

© 2017 Felix Alexander Dausend (Cinemajesty Entertainments LLC)
Great Action, Terrible Plot
It's apparent that major studios are bankrupt in the creative department and thus necessitated the need to create an ending to the Wolverine as a crippling old man who can barely help a child and obviously unable to take care of old man Xavier.

The script, plot, and overall story structure is one drawn-out Shakespearian tragedy all the good guys die for a vague and generally unknown outcome and ends up utterly flat on its face.

This film is in contradiction to the Wolverine character who's top ability isn't his talent for rapid healing, but his ability to survive.

The studios have once again failed to deliver a well developed story and instead delivered a rushed and poorly thought out scheme to get fans at the box office through the appeal of "realism" and "rough" language and violence.

Hollywood needs to get their act together otherwise this train wreck of an industry will continue to slide into irrelevant obscurity that is ever present in this movie.
An Exquisite, Character & Story Driven Film
A Superhero/Action/Drama Film which is story & character driven rather than spectacle/effects & Action driven. A feature film filled with believable supernatural beings each with believable empathetic plot lines. Logan is not your stereotypical superhero film, in fact a person who doesn't like the genre would like this film as its so structurally sound. Its Flawless.


A film that had me & my dad shedding tears. We are both people who do not. Not often at all. As the films characters are so flawed & believable that each & every character particularly the main, & supporting actors are sure to hit a deep dark, raw emotions buried in all of us. A film inspired by Old man Logan & the Old Western films.
How is this movie so highly rated?
I created an IMDb account solely for the purpose of reviewing this movie and to give it a more honest and accurate rating. It says it has an 8.5 rating, but really it should be more like a 1 or 1.5, seriously. What happened to people? Is this really the standard for a good movie nowadays?

I will spare you the suffering of going into great detail about every little flaw in this movie. With that said, here are some of the reasons why this movie sucks:

1. No explanation of the events that have transpired to get to this point. Logan has apparently decided to become a limo driver to make money so that he and Charles can go live on a boat somewhere in the middle of the ocean? Really? And what happened to the other mutants? Supposedly there was some kind of "event" that I guess killed off all the mutants and also stopped them from breeding more mutants. It's hard to say because the movie makes no attempt to clue you in on what has happened.

2. No plot. Besides being lost from the very beginning, nothing really happens throughout the entire movie to progress the story. Logan just drives this little girl and Charles cross country while being chased by some random bad guys who eventually catch up with them -- there's a fight -- more driving -- they get caught again -- rinse and repeat.

3. Who is this Wolverine clone? Where did he come from? how was he made? what is he doing here? Want answers? You get none. He's just there.

4. Both Charles and Logan die in the most anticlimactic and meaningless ways.

The positives:

1. Hugh Jackman
I look at "Logan" as the "Alien 3" of the X-Men franchise. It basically gives a gigantic middle finger to everything that came before it. It destroys everything the movie that proceeded it ("Days of Future Past") accomplished. In "DOFP", all of mutant kind are about to be destroyed, but by the heroic actions of Logan himself, they survive. Then, according to the film "Logan", they all get killed off a few years later anyways. It has been said that one of the big themes of "Logan" was disappointment. I agree. I was very disappointed in this film.

"Logan" is annoyingly low on information. We are thrown into this terribly depressing future without a whole lot of explaining as to how we got here. As I watched, I kept waiting for a scene where things were laid down for the audience. It never came. The best we got were a few vague references here and there. There was something called "The Westchester Incident", but the reference was so fleeting that I barely caught it. There was also another part near the end where the main villain claims that he had something to do with the lack of new mutants being born and that he is Striker's son? I think? It wasn't very clear plus the dude's last name wasn't actually Striker, which further confused the issue. Later on, I hopped online and had a few things clarified (such as the "Westchester Incident"), but why weren't they clearer in the film in the first place?

Another issue I have with this film is how it treats the deaths of its two main characters. First, with Xavier, he is stabbed unceremoniously by a clone of Logan about two-thirds the way through the movie. There are no heroics in this death, no greater purpose, no meaning. He's just stabbed and then dies. What a disservice to such an incredible and important character to this franchise.

Then there is Logan's death. Logan is impaled by a chunk of wood from a dead tree. The dude literally has a skeleton made out of adamantium, which is the world's most indestructible metal, but yet wood cuts right through it. What? Now, we are shown through the film that Logan is sick and his ability to heal is getting worse, but that shouldn't affect his crazy metal ribcage! They even go to great lengths to explain that the only thing that can really kill him is an adamantium bullet, but in the end a hunk of wood does just as well.

Then there is the "R" rating. Once again, if this were a true stand-alone movie and not part of a larger narrative, I'd mostly be OK with it. But of course it isn't. Everything that we got with the "R" rating was unnecessary. What we got was far more blood and gore (there was more than one decapitation), a dump truck full of f-bombs and even one scene where a woman in a bridal shower flashed her boobs. All of this could have been edited out and the film would have been fine.

Don't get me wrong, I am no prude. I've seen plenty of violent movies, heard plenty of f- bombs and seen plenty of nakedness on film. I'm fine with it, but it has to be there for a good reason. I didn't see a whole lot of good reason here. What really did it for me, though, was seeing a 10-11 year old girl running around slashing off people's body parts. That got to be a bit much for my taste and I began to wonder for whom that kind of stuff didn't bother? Once again, does our society have a bit of a violence fetish, one that has gotten so bad that watching children tear people to shreds is OK?

I think the reason for the rating has more to do with a popular trend in movies (especially comic book movies) nowadays than it does with serving this particular story. With the success of "Deadpool" last year, film studios realized that an R-rated super hero film is not only possible, but profitable. But as Malcolm hinted at in the movie "Jurassic Park", just because you CAN do a thing doesn't mean that you SHOULD. For "Deadpool" it works. You can't do "Deadpool" without all that R-rated stuff. That is who "Deadpool" is and that's fine. With Wolverine, however, he's already been established throughout the previous 8 X-Men films. All of these R-rated "upgrades" now don't make a whole lot of sense.

When I read positive reviews for this film, the main point that is made is how good the dramatic performances are, especially from the two leads, Patrick Stewart and Hugh Jackman. In this case, I completely agree. They did a fantastic job. Even the little girl was amazing, I thought. That can be quite a rarity when you think about how hit and miss child actors are. However, even though most of the performances here are top notch, great performances do not a great film make. If the story sucks, what does it matter?

It is hard for me to imagine why Patrick Stewart or Hugh Jackman would be excited to work on a project like "Logan" once they read the script. Were they excited to basically negate all of the great work they did (and others did) in the previous X-Men films? They, better than anyone else, should understand what this whole series has been about since the beginning. Yes, "Logan" is unique and absolutely gave these actors something different to do with their characters. And yes, they gave stellar performances. However, there needs to be at least a little bit of respect for the source material (and its fans) than this. Much like the season premier of "The Walking Dead" this past fall, this seemed more like a kick in the pants for viewers than anything else.
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