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Drama, Thriller, Action, Sci-Fi
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James Mangold
Hugh Jackman as Logan
Dafne Keen as Laura
Al Coronel as Federale Commander
Boyd Holbrook as Pierce
Anthony Escobar as Federale
Frank Gallegos as Federale Lieutenant
Eriq La Salle as Will Munson
Elise Neal as Kathryn Munson
Patrick Stewart as Charles
Richard E. Grant as Dr. Rice
Reynaldo Gallegos as Rey (as Rey Gallegos)
Storyline: In 2029 the mutant population has shrunken significantly and the X-Men have disbanded. Logan, whose power to self-heal is dwindling, has surrendered himself to alcohol and now earns a living as a chauffeur. He takes care of the ailing old Professor X whom he keeps hidden away. One day, a female stranger asks Logan to drive a girl named Laura to the Canadian border. At first he refuses, but the Professor has been waiting for a long time for her to appear. Laura possesses an extraordinary fighting prowess and is in many ways like Wolverine. She is pursued by sinister figures working for a powerful corporation; this is because her DNA contains the secret that connects her to Logan. A relentless pursuit begins - In this third cinematic outing featuring the Marvel comic book character Wolverine we see the superheroes beset by everyday problems. They are aging, ailing and struggling to survive financially. A decrepit Logan is forced to ask himself if he can or even wants to put his ...
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Great Action, Terrible Plot
It's apparent that major studios are bankrupt in the creative department and thus necessitated the need to create an ending to the Wolverine as a crippling old man who can barely help a child and obviously unable to take care of old man Xavier.

The script, plot, and overall story structure is one drawn-out Shakespearian tragedy all the good guys die for a vague and generally unknown outcome and ends up utterly flat on its face.

This film is in contradiction to the Wolverine character who's top ability isn't his talent for rapid healing, but his ability to survive.

The studios have once again failed to deliver a well developed story and instead delivered a rushed and poorly thought out scheme to get fans at the box office through the appeal of "realism" and "rough" language and violence.

Hollywood needs to get their act together otherwise this train wreck of an industry will continue to slide into irrelevant obscurity that is ever present in this movie.
The Last Cut Is The Deepest!
Did we need another X-Men movie? In fact did we need another Wolverine movie? Well the result is there for all to see, with Logan not only showing itself to be undoubtedly the best Wolverine venture by far, but arguably the best X-Men picture as well. If, as expected (and surely to god it's hoped so), this is the last we see of the grumpy metal clawed superhero, then what a fitting and triumphant bow out it is.

James Mangold, the director, has managed to create an adult superhero movie without it really being a superhero pic, for he has created a film noir Western that happens to be about a superhero. Mangold's love of noir and Westerns bursts from the screen, which for those who follow those wonderful stands of cinema, will come as no surprise having seen with notice his Copland and 3:10 To Yuma redux. There's a perpetual grimness to the narrative that belies the quite often stunning surrounding locales, heavy themes such as men out of time - with destinies written (cue a deft comic book movie within a comic book chunk of metaphysics) - surrogates, mental illness, human ignorance, and on it goes, the narrative strong on intelligence as much as it is in wrought emotion. Western fans will also be buoyed by the part that the 1953 classic Western Shane has to play in things, considerably so as its importance narratively, orally and visually is mightily strong.

Logan's Run!

Ah yes, well being "adult" is all well and good, but is Logan thrilling? Do we get pumped up Wolverine action, blood brains, splatter and mucho muscle flexing and pained roars of anger? Oh yes! Action from the off is never far away, and wonderfully staged and choreographed it is. Lots of memorable set-pieces, while also some cleverly constructed sequences such as Xavier's mind seizures hold court and enthral. Yet the kicker with all that is we are clued in to the emotional baggage that the side-burn sporting protag carries with him. With each fight we sense the bigger picture, even as we watch in awe the emergence of Laura (ironic film noir name right there as it happens) - and her part in this very "human" story - the thrills and spills are propelled by a meaningful but battered heart.

Tech credits are superb. Acting honours go to Jackman, who after giving 17 years of his life to the character, gives it his all and this multi faceted performance, in a perfect world, deserves Oscar recognition. Patrick Stewart, also, is immense, playing the nonagenarian Charles Xavier with such class, gracefulness and storming emotion that one can only admire. Film debutante Dafne Keen as Laura is utterly engrossing, quite a debut indeed, whilst Stephen Merchant as albino mutant tracker Caliban is effective to the point we hanker for more. Although the villains fronted by Boyd Holbrook (rote henchman leader) and Richard E. Grant (smarmy scientist git) just about pass muster, there's nothing to damage the piece. Cinematography (John Mathieson) is "A" grade, the filters set on neo-noir, with the splendid film noir black and white version a fillip for the heart of noir lovers. All that is left is for the sound mix to boom and the director to steer with heart, brain and soul, without doubt both come up trumps.

One of 2017s best films, a genre splicer that ticks all the boxes of great film making. 10/10
Highly overrated
This movie is really over hyped and overrated. It is depressing and boring and has no real plot. I think it is overrated for two reasons--1) because it is rated R and 2) because it tried to be a "different" type of superhero movie by making the story a Western. Unfortunately, this film, much like that other overrated R-rated X- Men movie, Deadpool, goes overboard with the freedom of the less restrictive rating by loading itself with f-bombs and gory violence. I don't know why Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart agreed to the mediocre script that turns their once heroic characters into pathetic has beens. Logan is now a suicidal drunk and Charles is a decrepit, insane old man. Both men die pointless and violent deaths. The X-Men are decimated and everything they accomplished in the other movies was all for nothing. Logan has to get his female clone to Canada. The clone is a child who loves to dismember and behead grown men. Just really gruesome stuff. There is not hope or joy in this movie at all. The character of Caliban is just there as a plot device so Donald Pierce can use him to track Logan and his creepy clone. And, lastly, the villains are really lackluster and a huge disappointment. The Reavers, X-24, and Dr. Zander Rice are all bland and forgettable villains--some of the worst I have ever seen in any X-Men movie. Zander Rice is particularly awful, being nothing more that a generic mad scientist villain. Just a sad way to close the final chapter on the X-Men--a dark future where all the characters we've loved are doomed.
Riddled with plot holes that ruined the experience
Acting and CGI was great, even the story was great too.

But the HUGE, HUGE, HUGEEEE plot holes killed it for me, making the film unbearable to watch.


1. Why did Logan not kill the Dr, the clone, and Donald Pierce while they were laying defenseless and half dead at the farm?

2. Why did the black farmer attempt to kill Logan after killing the shaved clone Logan? Logan was clearly standing in a non-aggressive manner and even let himself get shot without saying a word???

3. How did Charles Xaivier not detect that the Logan clone was not a mutant or not human? His power is to read minds and detect life... How didn't he realize a robot has just walked into the room and sense he was about to be killed???

4. The year is 2029 and the army has not developed the technology to capture kids safely? Hell even a net gun or taser would have worked better than tackling the kids? WTF. They even had harpoon guns that do not kill and they didn't use them on the kids, instead they just chase them through the forrest...

5. In the final scenes the children take turns using their power on Donald Pierce (just to make a cool montage), while Logan and Laura battle to death with the clone??

6. The children are trained to kill and have no fear, yet they run away (from no one) while letting Logan fight the clone alone? They were 20 to 1 and they decide that it's time to run?

7. Even though they were so pressed for time and had no time to save Logan, they make the time to have a burial for him? Also what the hell is with the cross they made? Were they taught religion while in killing school? Seems legit.

SO yeah these points infuriated me.. Feel free to comment and rebuttal my points as I am keen to find out how nobody else is seeing these loopholes...
'Logan' is the 'Wolverine' film we've always wanted!
For decades now, we have been clamoring for a 'Wolverine' film done right. From his first incarnation in Hulk #181 to his own miniseries in comic book form in the 1980's by Frank Miller, to the amazing Saturday Morning Cartoon, and his first appearance in a feature film in 2000 with 'X-Men', which had the song and dance man Hugh Jackman play the iconic character. He was so good at playing Logan/Wolverine, that fans immediately took a liking to him as that character and he went on to play the 'Snikt-y Snikt' character in almost a dozen more films. Besides the 'X-Men' films, Wolverine got his own set of standalone films, which may or may not have been liked by a lot of people for various reasons. Either the story was too silly or the character Wolverine was to PG for fans.

If anyone knows the Wolverine character, it's that he's a brutal, violent, hardcore rated R character, which is something we haven't seen in cinema form at least. That is until now with James Mangold's new film 'Logan', which is very much an R-rated movie, complete with blood, ultra-violence, nudity, and vulgar language. It's everything we've always wanted in a Wolverine movie – FINALLY! With the past three X-Men films, we've seen our favorite X-Men characters growing up as it served as the prequel to the 2000 film. 'LOGAN' is set in the year 2029 and the world has changed for the worst, at least for a mutant friends. This is a very bleak, dark, and violent film with some flashes of dark humor. Nobody is doing well in 2029 here, particularly Logan (Hugh Jackman) who has crawled inside a whisky bottle and has never came back out, with the exception of driving a limo for cash around town. He's old, mean, and his body is starting to fail him. When he's not driving or killing people, he takes care of Charles Xavier (Sir Patrick Stewart), who is suffering from seizures and dementia, and who lives in a rusted out, abandoned water tower. Life is not good here for anyone.

Meanwhile, a little girl named Laura (Dafne Keen) crosses paths with Logan who seems to have the same abilities as the Wolverine himself. Logan is now charged with the task of transporting this little girl to a safe haven with Charles in tow, as a group of bad guys are after her, led by Dr. Zander Rice (Richard E. Grant). It's a fairly straight forward story and it takes its time setting up these older, dying characters, as well as its new ones. 'LOGAN' doesn't mess about with side tangent plot lines or love interests here. It's balls-to-the-wall, heart breaking action and drama, which is something we've wanted for a long time now with the Wolverine character. The script is written by Scott Frank ('Get Shorty, 'Minority Report') and Michael Green ('Heroes', 'Gotham'), which these two writers have expertly added in a fair dose of emotion into these characters, but never back pedal into past films. It was a breath of fresh air. James Mangold certainly was influenced by some of his favorite old western films, as can be seen in some of camera shots, which are just fantastic.

Also, if you ever wanted to see Wolverine go berserk, you'll finally get that here on more than one occasion, complete with some long shots of Wolverine slicing and dicing the bad guys without any cuts. Simply amazing. In the past films, we've seen the characters Professor Xavier and Wolverine rather smart, witty, and put together for the most part. That's not the case here. These two characters are very sick and are not doing well mentally and physically. Jackman and Stewart give award worthy performances here, which might bring a tear or two down your face. It's that good. Newcomer Dafne Keen as Laura was also fantastic and very believable in every second she's on film. 'LOGAN' runs at about 135 minutes, which can seem a bit long, but everything is necessary here and for good reason. 'LOGAN' is the Wolverine film we've always wanted and it deserves some high recognition.
Yet another empty, depressing failure of an X-Men movie
This movie takes place in an alternate universe, where somebody (probably Apocalypse) has unleashed a terrible radiation on planet Earth, turning all of its inhabitants into total morons and losers. So, if you're interested in seeing your favorite X-Men heroes totally humiliate themselves and literally act like they are mentally retarded, then go ahead and watch this movie.

You will see the incredible X-Men reduced to swearing, bickering, tantrum-throwing teenagers, shopping in an indoor mall, then sitting around in their hotel room and watching crappy reruns on TV. No joke, that all really happens in this movie.

As usual, it hurts me very deeply to see my favorite childhood heroes utterly humiliated and destroyed by Hollywood. The underlying message of this movie seems to be that the Age of Heroes is dead. There is no beauty left in the world, no hope, no shining intelligent ideas or dreams. That has all been replaced by shallow, empty scriptwriters and greedy, ruthless movie producers. So watch this movie and say goodbye to your childhood heroes on more time, because (as usual in these terrible X-Men movies) they all die.
A Gritty & Emotional Adventure Into The Vulnerability Of Superheroes
In a time when Marvel continues to churn out the same superhero film time- and-time again ('Deadpool' and 'Guardians' aside due to their fresh take on the genre), it's refreshing when something as intricate and beautifully- executed as 'Logan' is made, and on the extremely rare occasion I have given a superhero film a "masterpiece" rating. I mean let's face it, that first trailer was a dead giveaway of how damn good it was going to be.

I understand that Marvel has made the attempt to build characters through a series of films previously, such as they have tried with the Avengers films, but never have I seen a film that treats character development as seriously, and pulls it off with such precision, as they did here in 'Logan', a film that focuses more on the "humane" aspect of the character and how vulnerable he is as a superhero, instead of the over-the-top execution that's usually featured ('X- Men Origins' I'm looking at you).

Two characters that we've come to know and love, James "Wolverine" Howlett (aka Logan) and Charles "Professor X" Xavier, are put to the test of time as we see them in their new state, once characters that resembled strength and power, are now withering and vulnerable. And the gut-punching, adrenaline- pumping action has been swapped out for slow-moving, emotional drama and character development. Does it work? You bet! From start to finish we are led on a journey of discovery and empathy, with James Mangold more than making up for his previous effort that is 'The Wolverine'.

I think it's the uncertainty throughout that gives the film that powerful punch. In the other X-Men films (and most other Marvel films for that), we are faced with a plethora of superheroes each fighting a seemingly impossible army, but no matter what, there is always a general feeling that the good guys will win, and this usually happens. So when attending a superhero film, you sit back in ease, knowing the protagonists will succeed, however in 'Logan' that never happens, there is never that sense of safety, we can't be certain of their outcomes. Every step of the way, Wolverine looks tired, he looks sick, he's dying gradually, and due to his weakened form, we are left worrying for the character, there is that emotional attachment that most other superhero films lack. This is the harrowing truth throughout, we are emotionally-concerned from start to finish.

With utterly stunning cinematography, a hard-hitting score, fantastic direction and a superhero performance that might just be the first Oscar- deserving one ever. Wolverine's outing makes for the best Marvel film to date, a gritty and vulnerable adventure into the vulnerability of superheroes.
Horrible X-Men Movie period ...
I went in with an expectation of a "typical" X-Men movie, without reading the reviews here ... Just saw the "Star" ratings. I don't know who these people are give 10 stars, for sure either they had very a very low expectations from this or are paid raters. My problem with this movie is that you cannot take a total fictional Sci-Fi character and put him in a real life situation, where he is a beat up limo driver, fighting the Mexican thugs trying to steel his Limo's "Chrome plated rims" ... from the start I lost interest in it, after that it just drags, extra long scenes and not to mention that this movie happened in future, where all the mutants are gone/hunted down, yet no real advancements, people still shooting with 12 gauge shotguns ...There are No Mountain Range North Dakota bordering Canada .... Guys if you wanna make a movie about reality ... it should have some reality for a fictional Character ... It Just Sucked
Wolverine's story comes to a close in this dark, gritty masterpiece.
Welp, this is it, ladies and gentlemen. Wolverine's story has come to an end. Last time Hugh Jackman plays Wolverine ever in a movie. This is the masterpiece he decided to go out on.

James Mangold's direction was fantastic in this, really like his style and that he decided to do this less light and more gritty than 2013's okay-ish The Wolverine. This is a great move because this is what Wolverine deserves. A gritty, dirty, R-rated movie. And Jackman took a pay cut to ensure this was R-rated.

And hoo boy, does Mangold and Jackman use this to good effect. This film is extremely brutally violent. BUT THIS IS WHAT WE NEEDED FROM A WOLVERINE MOVIE!!! Bloodless carnage in the X-Men films was simply just not acceptable now that Logan is out.

The acting is phenomenal. From Hugh Jackman's grumpy, old, weak, down-on-his-luck Logan, to Patrick Stewart's old, crusty, senile Professor X, to the insane, crazy debut performance by Dafne Keen. All played masterfully.

The action is awesome, still has that Wolverine edge to it. Just with more blood. The action is spread out throughout the film, so obviously as to not miss out on any plot details.

The ending is something to remember for a long time. (I won't spoil it)

THE VERDICT: If you are a fan of X-Men or the Old Man Logan comic books, or just a fan of R-rated comic book movies in general, see it. You'll be glad you did.
Spoilers Included - Horrible, a major disappointment. This movie is riddled with plot holes like Swiss cheese!!!
Of all the X-Men, X-Men Origin and X-Men prequel movies, this movie is the worst, and separate from that - it is a bad movie, standing alone. Unlike the effective - in (X-Men director) Brian Singer's paraphrased words "I would want my favorite comic book universe, if made into a movie, to be taken seriously" - other X-Men movies, this movie is filled with gratuitous violence, bizarre levels of cursing and a one-dimensional villain. I can't even remember the villain's name, that is how forgettable he was. Unlike Magneto or Colonel Striker, who were instantly memorable. We are told the movie takes place in the year 2029, but that makes no sense, since they keep repeating there have been no new mutants born in 25 years. Since 2004. But Prof. X's school was - I quote - taking place in the "not too distant future" - and was filled with kids in all the prior movies!!! Which were clearly taking place during, before and after 25 years ago, by any clear judgment. It made no sense. We were informed that Prof. X and Logan were among the last alive, that all the other X-Men from the newly resurrected Jean Grey to Scott. But with no explanation, they are all now dead. The entire pantheon of the X-Men, dead, when in the last movie with them - Days Of Future Past - they were all at the top of their game. We never found out what happened to Rogue - who was alive - or Bobby or even flipping Beast! And for some bizarre, entirely inexplicable reason, in this movie the mighty Wolverine is trying to get by ... as a chauffeur. With a chauffeur's permit and everything. IMPLAUSIBLE, MUCH? This movie is riddled with plot holes like Swiss cheese!!! The movie has a double tragic death ending unbefitting the glory of these excellent characters. What a shame!!!
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