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Leon: The Professional
Crime, Drama, Thriller
IMDB rating:
Luc Besson
Jean Reno as LΓ©on
Gary Oldman as Stansfield
Natalie Portman as Mathilda
Danny Aiello as Tony
Peter Appel as Malky
Willi One Blood as 1st Stansfield man
Don Creech as 2nd Stansfield man
Keith A. Glascoe as 3rd Stansfield man (Benny)
Randolph Scott as 4th Stansfield man
Michael Badalucco as Mathilda's Father
Ellen Greene as Mathilda's Mother
Elizabeth Regen as Mathilda's Sister
Carl J. Matusovich as Mathilda's Brother
Frank Senger as Fatman
Storyline: After her father, mother, older sister and little brother are killed by her father's employers, the 12-year-old daughter of an abject drug dealer is forced to take refuge in the apartment of a professional hitman who at her request teaches her the methods of his job so she can take her revenge on the corrupt DEA agent who ruined her life by killing her beloved brother.
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I have long thought that owning films on DVD or video is a waste of money - you watch them once and after that they are left to fester at the back of a cupboard. Occasionally I make an exception - some films simply cannot be fully appreciated on just one viewing. Every time I watch Leon is as gripping and enjoyable as the first. Sad, funny, violent, incredibly touching - few films manage to tick all the boxes and even fewer are about hitmen.

It obviously helps when your leading man has as much screen presence as Jean Reno. Thin and wiry with toilet brush hair and a face like a bag of spanners, he is hardly your typical gun-toting action hero, but he has an innocence and compassion that makes you fall for him instantly. Leon's life is as simple as a small child's: TV, lashings of milk and the odd gangland assassination. He cannot read, he doesn't sleep, he hasn't the trappings of family or wealth (the fees for his hits are habitually trousered by his `benefactor': sleazy small-time Italian gangster Tony (Danny Aiello)) - In short, he lives like a robot. And then he meets Mathilda.

Normally I can't stand Hollywood kids. They are all doey-eyed, bouffant-haired brats who can cry on cue and are always ready with a cutesy, smart-alec comment that will cause their adult co-stars to tinkle with laughter or tousle their hair playfully. Often they are kidnapped and huge ransoms demanded while their parents go demented with worry. I for one am usually rooting for the kidnappers.

Natalie Portman's Mathilda is the antithesis of these namby-pamby Dawson's Creek actors-in-waiting. For starters, she has something justifiable to gripe about, in that her entire family has just been slaughtered by Gary Oldman and his gang of crooked DEA officers. This is a bit of a blow, to say the least, but Mathilda takes it all in her stride and teams up with Leon in a bid for revenge. So begins one of the stranger relationships in silver screen history, but one of the most memorable.

On the face of it, a love story between a twelve year old girl and a hairy French hitman would raise a few eyebrows among more conservative movie-goers, but director Luc Besson handles it so beautifully, it seems like the most natural thing on earth. They are united in being totally alone in the world - indeed, the scene where Mathilda walks quietly down the corridor past the carnage in her apartment and knocks on Leon's door, imploring him in a tearful whisper to let her in is as breathtaking as it is heartbreaking. Leon is wary at first, but she soon wins him round and starts to gently bring him out of the shell.

Portman is truly astonishing - one can almost forgive her for being a part of the appalling Star Wars prequels on the strength of this one performance. The iconic image of this tiny, grubby little girl clutching Leon's beloved plant and trotting to keep up with her lanky hero's giant strides is one that will live long in the memory.

Aiello and Oldman (at his sadistic, malevolent best) provide predictably excellent support, there is a wonderfully suspenseful yet satisfying ending - heck, there's even a decent Sting song playing over the credits - for this (if nothing else) it would be remiss of me to give Leon anything other than top marks.

Modern Crime Classic
This is really two films in one. Let me explain.

A movie was released in 1994 called "The Professional". Two years later a longer version with an additional 25 minutes appeared. This was called the International version. The shorter original version is what director Luc Besson refers to as his directors cut. Both are English language, but have a very strong French influence. Lovers of European crime films and thrillers will love this film.

Both version are modern crime classics, inspired by a medieval French ballad about a knight that was in danger of losing his land through battle, until he mounts one last heroic effort and with a blood curdling battle cry (as seen in the end of the film) he hurls himself once more at the enemy and wins the day. This is one of the many spiritually profound things in this film that lift it from a generic crime film, augmented by a timeless soundtrack by Eric Serra.

The plot: A lethal foreign hit-man befriends a young girl after sparing her from the same bloody fate that befalls her family, gunned down by a vicious corrupt cop and his merry band of killers. One of whom in real life would later die on September 11 (he played "Benny").

The young girl is Mathilda (Natalie Portman in a very early role). Mathilda demands to stay with her savior, the recalcitrant hermit hit-man, Leon. This sets up a nice role reversal. The older Man should be the one that calls the shots, but he's a helpless foreigner that cannot read English and so it falls to the younger vivacious Matilda to save him right back.

The socially awkward man child Leon wears ill fitting clothes made for a teenager not an adult. He really is just half a man. He spends his time between hits drinking enough milk to raise a brood of orphans, just in case the child motif wasn't established enough already. He also trains and trains his body and mind to be the sort of lethal weapon that negates the need to fully integrate into this new foreign world. Half man half child.

Leon is bewildered by Matilda and doesn't know how to handle her. Mathilda eventually becomes infatuated with Leon, mistaking his paternal protective mechanism as mutual love. Some Narrow minded film critics see more to that than what it is.

As soon as Matilda realizes what Leon does for a living, she demands that he teach her how to kill, hoping to learn the skills required to get revenge on those that made her an orphan. Leon flatly refuses. He also rejects her naive romantic overtures. Ashamed and rejected She runs off alone toward a bloody showdown with the corrupt cop Stansfield (Gary Oldman in his psychotically brilliant career defining role), who murdered her entire family at the start.

Talk of a sequel has been bubbling along for years. Director Luc Besson has written a screenplay, but having left Gaumont (the company that produced this film) it appears they are withholding the screenplay from him as well as the rights to make said sequel, so it may never happen.
That was an excellent one.
I have a quite specific criteria for rating a movie. It is by how memorable it is. It is by how much it shows you moments, dialogs, situations that get into your mind and which you think over and over again after the movie, without necessarily finding a deep philosophical meaning in them. Moments that left you enough of an impression to force you review and analyze them thoroughly. This film gives me what I am looking for. Leon and Mathilda are excellent characters and you really embrace their personalities, their spirit, their hardships, you watch their actions with agony and feel their will for carrying on in a cruel,unforgiving world. Stansfield is also excellent as the villain and shows the other side of the coin, that is how easy it is to fall into immorality and how much power that can give you in the system we live today. Go and watch that movie. I promise it will be memorable.
State-of-the Art movie
Absolutely loved every bit of it. A true classic surprisingly underrated and overlooked in history. It is in full swing every way you look at it, it’s flawless. I call it perfection. The pinnacle of Luc Besson film-making career. Direction was superb as well as the soundtracks and scores (by Eric Serra). The scores was one of the pivotal element of the movie which add to the depth and dense atmosphere to the movie. Besides the movie is highly stylish and original. All these finishes off with one of the greatest, breath taking ending to a movie I’ve ever seen and that without using excessive special effects.

The movie carefully drew the picture of the characters in the opening 25 min. In the art of killing, Léon is a Pro. But in real life, he is a loner. Like DeNiro in Taxi Driver. His best friend is his plant. Deep down, he is a child. He is mentally slow and do not know how to read nor write. Then there is Mathilda, a 12 years old girl who lives in a dysfunctional family, on the verge of committing suicide. She has endured the hardships of life that had made her mature at her young age. Her entire family was wiped out by a corrupt DEA Officer and his men because of drug problems. She had no other place to turn to except his next door neighbor, Léon.

Then the tone of the movie changes completely which breaks the stereotypes of other action movies. This is where the movie caught me by surprise. I thought it will become just another boring movie and how wrong was I! Prepare yourself for awesomeness! This is something I never experienced before in any other movie. It was that exceptional. The way it’s constructed & layered or in short put together was a work of genius. Arty like. There was this fascination and perfect chemistry between the two characters. It looked so freaking real and deep that you are taken away in the skin of the characters.

The cast & acting was perfect:

- Luc Besson wrote the script with Jean Reno as Léon in mind and no one else. The role was crafted for him and he delivers the goods. He played on his facial expressions more than words actually throughout the movie. He portrayed the character as exactly Luc wished it to be. This is his breakthrough and famous movie.

- Nathalie Portman was so versatile in her role as Mathilda. She pulled up into a complex and difficult role. She was wonderful and prolific considering her age (12). She shifted between different moods seamlessly (An uncontrollable burst of laughter in the Restaurant scene and a burst of tears in the ending moments of the movie). She is lovable, cute, touching and has a lovely innocent voice. Still her best acting to date.

- Then there is Gary Oldman as Stansfield with one of the most memorable and iconic negative role ever played. You will love to hate him. I won’t hesitate to say that he was on par with the great Heath Ledger’s Joker. His lines were a killer. He’s acting was scary and funny at the same time. He's a freak. He is definitely amazing. Danny Aiello role as Tony was excellent in a minor role.

Verdict: 10/10.

Perfect. Memorable. Repeated viewings recommended & watch the uncut edition to enjoy the true potential of the movie. It still holds as my favorite movie after 14 years of existence. Never gets old. Glad to see it is gaining its due respect with time and still climbing the ladder in IMDb Top 250 ;)
It's NOEL for Natalie (DVD)
Funny but Natalie comes from natale, thus the birth of Christ, thus Christmas or Noel in french!

Seriously, for her first feature, she got a wonderful gift and was able to give in return a tremendous acting! I don't know for others stars but at her age of 13, she shows that she can cry and laugh and express all the feelings between with an evident talent! That's the kind of interpretation that hooked me for life. Her Mathilda character is very valuable because i find "beauty" in compassion, fragility and funny spirit. Those give us great moments of movies: the ring at the gateway, the disguise game, ... It was great to see how she can lead Reno (who isn't a soft man), how he can lead her on the final battle and how she is dismissed by Aiello.

I think the movie owes a lot to Reno as well and also to Besson. For the legend, it was him who found Natalie and gave her a chance, it was him who nurtured the cast with such grace (and that was him who directed the movie. If i like American movies in France, french movie in America are scarcer and indubitably, Besson has brought his French touch: i have never seen New York like this and his camera is alive, wide open, a mix between De Palma and Lynch! The opening credit is an homage to this "Big Blue" with the shock of civilization (we even saw the Twin Towers).

I don't know if a "Lolita" vision is acute here but i think that an

lecture that links unconsciously the flower as a feminine womb and the milk as a male semen add very powerful sense to the relationship!

A unique masterpiece in conclusion all the worth that a sequel seems highly unlikely.
Monumental piece of cinema
*****Classic ****Excellent ***Good **Fair *Tragic


Leon is fast, lively, dark and magnificent all the way. At running just over 2 hours, Leon tells the story of a 12 year-old orphan girl who is taken in by a ruthless assassin who -at her request - trains her in the art of the hit man. At the heart of this masterpiece lies substance and ferocity that is done in such style and flair you would be blown away.

Beeson, who, previously had directed such films as Nikita and The Big Blue has simply crafted a film that no other director in Hollywood could have crafted. The music, acting, direction and story all pay off brilliantly and shed a light that hadn't been seen before. Take for example the acting, genuinely moving and emotionally charged. Jean Reno, Gary Oldman and Natalie Portman all excel with dynamic and star powered performances. Gary Oldman is as brilliant as ever before making Stansfeild a corrupt and violent character one wouldn't want to cross. As for Reno's and Portman's performances they remain unchallenged.

Beeson delights when coming to the big action sequences. Fast, brutal and stylish in approach are the Beeson payoffs. The music plays like a self taught orchestra, scene after scene has a meandering and thoughtful score.


Leon is full of memorable scenes and characters. Beesons direction is top class and the front running performances are perfect.
Very good movie!
This is a very good drama/action movie. It stars Jean Reno a great french actor who is very good in this movie. It also stars a young Natalie Portman who does an outstanding job opposite Jean.

This movie is about a hit-man (Reno) who lives down the hall from a young girl named Matilda (Portman). The young girls family is in some trouble with drug dealers . The drug dealers send people to kill them, Luckily Matilda is not home at the time. She sees the intruders in her apartment and passses right by to the apartment at the end of the hall Leons apartment (Reno). He opens the door lets her in and they start an unlikely friendship.

This movie was really good. It had a great story line really good acting and a lot of action mixed with drama. It is a great watch for pretty much anybody.
I have been dying to buy Leon for years now and when i saw it on the top shelf at my local music store (why it was there i don't know) i bought it straight away, went home and watched it and it was awesome. The directing was as smooth as a circle, the writing inventive, the action was limited but awesome when it was there, the acting holds up mostly and then there is the greatest villain of them all, Gary Oldman. Starting with the acting, Jean Reno aced his performance and really did portray the 'cleaner' profession, i really do wish all films based around hit-men could be like this, i really do. The writing, it sustained a brisk pace throughout the movie and plotted twists and turns in different places creating this fantastic film. But there is one character who i find unusually disturbing and this was Matilda played by Natalie Portman, Matilda was weird, disturbing and a little bit looney, but on the other hand she is still a innocent kid who loves to copycat and play games, yet she acts like an adult to lure Leon into her trap where who knows what would have happened. Matilda disturbed me yet showed me the innocence of childhood and that is exactly what a charterer like her should do, divide your opinion and question their every move. Then there is Gary Oldman, and he honestly was more disturbing, you could see the insanity in his eyes, yet he could be disturbingly calm or the complete opposite and we never actually get to know his character which i love to see, every film needs a character like this, i think it just keeps the audience on the edge of their seat just connecting the dots. To conclude i feel as if Leon has made it into my top 10 favourite films of all time so i award it with a 9/10.
This movie will grab you by the throat and will not let go.
Léon is one of my favorite movies of all time although I'm not a fan of action movies at all. I've seen it already so many times and still I can't get enough of it. I don't know what it is that makes this movie so attractive. I guess it is because of the great acting by all actors and the fact that Besson has made a really surprising movie with characters who aren't what you would expect.

Léon is a professional hit man, but he isn't cold hearted as you might think. He's a nice man who doesn't know how to read, who only drinks milk and who's best friend is a plant... Admit it, that's not what you would expect from a hit man. The same for Matilda, the 12-year old girl that he protects since her family was blown to pieces by a crazy Beethoven-loving drug lord. She's only 12, but she already acts like an adult and she wants to become a "cleaner" like Léon so she can take revenge on her little brother's murderers.

This movie isn't just an action movie or a thriller. It's also a drama with a lot of comedy. You might think this wouldn't work out well, but it does. Don't ask me how, but Besson has made a solid movie out of it that will grab you by the throat from the first minute on, not to let you go until hours after it finished... This is what people call a masterpiece I guess. 10/10.
Great movie
Greetings from Lithuania.

"Léon" (1994) is essentially a movie with everything working so well that you might forgive it's lunatic plot and enjoy for what it is - a movie. The plot is like a fairytale for adults, that would never happen in real life, and there aren't people who live like Leon, nor there are 12 years old girls who can come armed with two weapons into police headquarters with main goal to kill a detective. But this is a movie for god-sake, and a great one it is.

It is very sentimental, but that is just one of the parts that makes it's unique and unforgettable. Character are drawn very sharp in here and we start to care for both lead from the opening sequence of them together - that is because of performances, great and simple script and wonderful chemistry between two leads - this is still i think one of the very best performances by Natalie Portman. Directing, cinematography are great, with some clearly visible style and mood trough the film, which makes it feel like a unique - still.

Overall, "Léon" is great action film with lots of well made sentiments. Performances are amazing by all three actors (Oldman including), but it's Natalie who steals the show. Add craftsmanship which creates this unique style, simple but sharp script and tons of sentimental moments (but not to much) and a bit coming of age story and you will get a mix of superb motion picture, a true fairytale for adults. This is a great picture. Still.
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