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Leon: The Professional
Crime, Drama, Thriller
IMDB rating:
Luc Besson
Jean Reno as LΓ©on
Gary Oldman as Stansfield
Natalie Portman as Mathilda
Danny Aiello as Tony
Peter Appel as Malky
Willi One Blood as 1st Stansfield man
Don Creech as 2nd Stansfield man
Keith A. Glascoe as 3rd Stansfield man (Benny)
Randolph Scott as 4th Stansfield man
Michael Badalucco as Mathilda's Father
Ellen Greene as Mathilda's Mother
Elizabeth Regen as Mathilda's Sister
Carl J. Matusovich as Mathilda's Brother
Frank Senger as Fatman
Storyline: After her father, mother, older sister and little brother are killed by her father's employers, the 12-year-old daughter of an abject drug dealer is forced to take refuge in the apartment of a professional hitman who at her request teaches her the methods of his job so she can take her revenge on the corrupt DEA agent who ruined her life by killing her beloved brother.
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A Masterpiece!
This movie is a classic, and I think Besson's best film by far. The casting is perfect, the relationship between Leon and Mathilda is both sweet and heartbreaking. After seeing, actually during, this film I knew little Natalie was on her way. Such a natural presence and delivery is a rare thing. It's as if she had been living this part for her whole 11 yrs. And Reno gave us his best role ever. The King of Badguys has played many great characters, but Oldman is on fire here. The guy could be the best villain to ever hit the screen. I think back to some of his bad guys he's played, and those movies wouldn't be the same if he wasn't a part of them. The soundtrack is also tremendous, and the closing song by Sting really defined the whole film. I have nothing bad to say about this film, and would have done nothing different. Luc needs to get part II started fast! The story lines are endless. Just noticed that Natalie Portman has two 8.6 IMDb scores with Leon and Black Swan. Not too shabby in this day and age
Charming and brutal
IMDb Top 250: 33

I think a big part of why this film was so good is that it could've been so bad. Consider the alternate film this may have been: an icy, one- dimensional hit-man somehow pairs with a bratty young girl to face a drugged police character in this summer's brainmelting blockbuster.

But it's not that. It came out as Leon: The Professional.

Leon is a special film. It channels classics like Taxi Driver, Batman, and many many New York films but has its own unique identity. Part thriller, part drama, the film is touching and exciting, and reels you in from its stellar first scene and takes you for a fantastic adventure.

The story, while having the possibility of being off-putting, works. Sure you can question the relationship between Leon and Mathilda (depending on the cut of the film you saw, I saw the International cut and everything was fine), but I found it more reasonable than say the relationships in Doctor Zhivago and Lolita. Anyway, the story- it's original and takes many turns, but stays on track and never slows without reason.

A story only goes so far: the biggest success of Leon is its 3 main characters. Jean Reno IS Leon, I can't see anyone doing any better. As the cold, solitary hit-man who is handed a very different responsibility, we grow to love Leon with his quirky persona of houseplant caring, movie watching and chair sleeping. He is an iconic character with his sunglasses and low voice. His developed duality is remarkable to behold.

Leon is complimented by the fiery Mathilda played by the extraordinarily young Natalie Portman, the smoking, swearing kid who grew up with a tough life. As unbelievable as her choices may seem on paper, I totally got behind her reasoning and never found her to do anything horribly distasteful. The duo of killer father and eager daughter is one of the greatest in film.

That leaves the sick Stansfield as the target of the duo's revenge. Played by Gary Oldman, one of the greatest actors of all time, the psychotic, pill-popping shady cop is truly despicable, with his scenes of drug consumption and Beethoven rant to be extremely unsettling.

The bread and butter of film is great. There are many shots that I found interesting and unique, and the cinematography and editing is all top notch. The music, decidedly the most French thing about the whole film, is juxtaposed to anything happening on-screen and helps make the film's identity, especially in the bonding scenes between Leon and Mathilda.

There is a double-edged sword about the film. We see Leon's killer side, and we see him as an awkward caregiver, like in the dress-up game. This mix keeps the audience guessing and keeps the film entertaining. It all culminates in a poetic ending that couldn't be any better or more satisfying.

From start to finish, Leon is awesome. It has artistic credibility, awesome action scenes, great characters and acting, as well as the brick and mortar that makes film work. I had never heard of it before seeing the Top 250, and I don't know why it isn't bigger. See this film!

a masterpiece with necessary flaws..........................
Leon(the professional) is a very underrated masterpiece.The greatness of this movie lies in its characters,no matter how many flaws story of this movie had you don't look at them as you are so involved and mesmerized from the emotions flowing on the screen.this movie without any doubt is among greatest movie ever made.however,critics rating doesn't justify its greatness and i can understand why first of all no can swallow the fact that a single man can beat the whole company of swat commandos without any automatic weapon and hideout,many would not swallow the learning of 13 year old girl how to be a cleaner by a professional killer,many people would not understand the relationship between Leon and Mathilda and they misjudged their feelings.but i think in the movie these all has been handled with correct moral and very finely.instead of all its flaws you don't care about them because all the emotions and characters conquer all of your attention from these flaws.

As i said the greatness of this movie lies in its characters,they had given such a depth to each character that every character left an profound impact on you.these movie have one of the most beautifully portraited characters.whether it is Mathilda,Leon and each and every character in movie they all have been very influencing and powerful,no matter how small are they. Leon and Mathilda however very peculiar and odd but one of the very lovable and sensitive lead pair ever created.

the character of Mathilda was of emotionally damaged 13 year old girl who behave like a grown up mature girl,do smoking,filled with revenge and love and above all she is innocent and cute.her feelings can be easily understand by looking into her dysfunctional family.She was neglected by her father,elder sister and mother and due to her protective feelings towards her younger brother,she grown herself mentally or we can say she lost her childhood to become habitual with her harshful life.the dialogs of Mathilda was very mature but you also get sympathized with her and also laugh on her innocence and her naive feelings.Her feelings towards Leon can be easily understood as he saved her and she wanted her revenge through Leon.the character of Mathilda played by very talented Natalie portman she give best performance of her career in her debut.

the protagonist Leon is also very complex and hard to understand because instead of being a professional killer, he is very good hearted and sensitive.jean reno played the character of Leon and he did very astonishing job because it was very difficult for audience to grew sympathy for a man whose profession is killing people and jean reno successfully accomplished this.Leon is one of all time favorite character for me and one of my favorite line from a movie "no women no kids".the feelings and love of Leon towards Mathilda was totally platonic and nothing was immoral and absurd in it.

another character of the movie who was highly influencing and impactful was of Stanfield who is the antagonist of movie and was portrayed by Gary old man.you will always feel fear and shivering when he come on screen,a total psychopath,i wondered how did he passed the medical test for being a police officer.you will hate him as much as you never hated anyone before.

also the characters of tony,malky,Mathilda's family and even every small roles in movie were very beautifully and perfectly portrayed.

luc besson directed the movie very well,every thing was perfect with movie.the intensity and tension created during many scenes was unbearable and thrilled us from inside.scenes when Standford murdered the family,the sniper scene at roof,or the shootout scenes at beginning and ending of movie,the scene when Mathilda tried to shoot herself were very thrilling and almost stop my breathing. music of the movie composed by Eric Serra was very pleasant and played very important role for making movie more involving and touching for us.

i really get disappointed when i saw that Leon was not even nominated for any award.i believe that movie should have been nominated for academy for best movie,best director (luc besson)best leading actor(jean reno),actress(Natalie portman) and also for supporting actor(Gary old man) ,soundtrack(eric Serra).it was very unfortunate that movie remained unnoticed due to low publicity among movies like pulp fiction,Forrest gump and the shawshank redemption which was released during the same year of 1994.this movie has every potential to stand along with these movies.
Beautiful, moving film.
When I first saw this movie on TBS it captivated me. How could such an excellent assassin befriend a little wafe girl like Mathilda? And more so how could she love a heartless killer? In actually watching the full length International Uncut Version (Version Integrale) many times over, I feel that I've come to understand Leon's plight, and the love that he feels for the child that he takes in.

Leon - The Professional is beautiful. The film, in its gritty, dark, back room kind of feel moves those who watch it. Its almost like seeing a baby born, as you will see both main characters (Mathilda and Leon) be almost reborn into the world with something that they've never experienced before: binding love.

This sounds sappy, and frankly if I had read this I would think that it was a pitiful cliché. It's not. Take it for what it is--a beautiful, moving film. You cannot grasp its depth until you experience it in full.
Cleaners need love, too
It is easy to praise the father-daughter relationship that Leon (Jean Reno) and Mathilda (Natalie Portman) display in this dark and compelling film, but I feel that would be superficial.

The relationship appeared to be much deeper - almost sexual - as the two tried to find some meaning in their lives.

Leon was just slouching through life doing his job and not caring about much else. A wired cop (Gary Oldman) thrust Mathilda into his arms, and he became her protector and trainer. This relationship unfolded slowly and beautifully and was truly a joy to watch.

Sure, there was action, but it framed the story, which was really about Leon and Mathilda. Reno and Portman were brilliant and aptly supported by Oldman and Danny Aiello.
A thrilling crime film, in deep touch and care with the characters- Besson and Portman's best work to date
I sensed that Luc Besson (director of The Fifth Element and La Femme Nikita) was, like Tarantino and many, many others before him, borrowed elements from various films and genres to create their own voice in the film. With Leon, I sensed him alluding to the crime films of France (i.e. Melville), Hong-Kong (i.e. Woo), and America (i.e. Scorsese), and making it into his own special brand for the story and characters. That his style visually is as compelling helps a great deal. The international version (which is the one I saw) is a little grittier, and more suggestive, than the version most American audiences saw in 1994 and on cable. But it is also a must-see if you are planning to see the film. It's not a long movie, though it gives a good many details in its story.

Jean Reno has his star-making turn (at least for what he's worth) in Leon- he's ruthless contract killer who will kill just about anyone for the right price. He lives out of an apartment by himself, trying his best to ignore his noisy neighbors. One of the daughters is Mathilda (Natalie Portman, also a major breakthrough performance), abused by her whole family to no end. When a corrupt cop (Gary Oldman, one of the key villain performances of his career along with Dracula and Drexl in True Romance) goes and kills off her family while she's away, she has no one else to turn to besides the reclusive killer. She knows what he does, and she wants in. The rest of the film is about their relationship, as it unfolds professionally and emotionally, leading to a tremendous, bloody climax.

One thing that struck me most about Leon is the fact that the film was more disturbing than I expected. The idea of a killer getting a pupil in a young teenage girl is unusual enough, but the way it unfolds I felt so much for her plight got to me at times. this doesn't make Leon a tear-jerker (maybe for some, I'm not sure), but because of Portman's dead-on portrayal, it makes the story work somehow, and is in a way as fantastical as it is naturalistic. There are also a few scenes that stuck out as being little masterpieces of all the elements coming together. The first is a brief scene, and crucial to showing the character of Leon early on- he takes a break after his contract, and sees a movie, a musical with Gene Kelly. He's the only one in the theater, and he is completely in the grasp of what he sees on the screen. It's the perfect touch of humanity and shows his only escape is into complete fantasy.

The second is when Leon and Mathilda are in a restaurant, after she has just gone through a day of training (there's a hilarious montage that follows this scene). Mathilda is getting drunk off of champagne, rambling with words she may or may not mean. Suddenly, she starts laughing, and she laughs more, and harder. People in the restaurant look at her like she's nuts. Leon is, of course, embarrassed. However, I thought this was just the right touch to this scene, where the kind of father-daughter relationship going on between Leon and Mathilda is revealed. It's not exactly funny, not even really cringe worthy. It just is. The third scene is when Mathilda decides to pay a visit to the man who murdered her family. She follows the man into the bathroom, and waits. Suddenly, he (Oldman) appears out from behind a door. The language used, the tenseness of the two off of one another, it's simply the most terrifying scene in the picture (aside from the first violent turning point).

So, basically, when Leon finished, I think I realized that my reaction was this: if I had seen this film when I was younger, be it in high school or even middle school, I would've responded to it even more strongly than I do now. There's something very visceral about the nature of violence and killing, as well as the mentor/pupil relationship, that Besson really gets down pat. While some of the situations have the chance of slipping into clichés, it doesn't happen very often. Leon: The Professional, is hard-hitting when it has to be, soft and funny when it can, and does stay with the viewer a few days after it's over.
A beautiful and disturbing piece of cinema
This is an extraordinary film, one of the rarities that successfully straddles the action and drama genres. A young girl from an abusive drug-dealing family approaches the smashed-in door of her apartment. Instinctively she realises that everyone has been murdered by the corrupt drug-squad officers standing at the door. Stifling her terror, she walks past to the door of another apartment and knocks on it as though it is her own home, praying that the strange neighbour will open the door and let her in… Luc Besson explores with great skill the unlikely relationship between Mathilde the 12-year old orphan and Leon: professional killer, immature loner and psychopath. Despite their apparent differences, the similarities are greater: Leon is childlike in many ways, whereas Mathilde (perhaps through necessity) demonstrates a ruthlessness that will give hardened criminals pause.

There is action a-plenty. At times it defies reality, although no more so than the action scenes in Lethal Weapon or Die Hard, and the character juxtaposition is way beyond what such films usually achieve.

Some of the negative reviews on this site are hard to believe: some don't like it because it depicts corrupt DEA agents (reality check people – every police agency has bad apples); others don't like it because it is said to push pedophilia (yet Besson goes out of his way to show that, despite having every opportunity, Leon firmly rejects any sexual relationship with Mathilde); others are disturbed by the thought that a 12-year old girl could contemplate revenge or seriously want to kill the men who murdered her little brother (again, sorry for the dose of reality but in some parts of the world children younger than this are soldiers, drug-dealers or worse); some reviewers are clearly disturbed by the "European" feel to the film (personal taste – I liked it).

The movie ends on a surprisingly optimistic note: Mathilde's wild proposal to work as an assassin is rejected by a horrified mafioso. Despite his amorality (and the obvious uses that someone in his position could find for her) he produces the money for her school fees and sends her packing. At school, she plants Leon's pet plant so that it can "put down roots" – a symbol that she herself is now going to do that, instead of the rootless life she has been living since the slaughter of her family.

Despite the violence and gore, the themes of the film are love (in the non-sexual sense), companionship and human need.
State-of-the Art movie
Absolutely loved every bit of it. A true classic surprisingly underrated and overlooked in history. It is in full swing every way you look at it, it’s flawless. I call it perfection. The pinnacle of Luc Besson film-making career. Direction was superb as well as the soundtracks and scores (by Eric Serra). The scores was one of the pivotal element of the movie which add to the depth and dense atmosphere to the movie. Besides the movie is highly stylish and original. All these finishes off with one of the greatest, breath taking ending to a movie I’ve ever seen and that without using excessive special effects.

The movie carefully drew the picture of the characters in the opening 25 min. In the art of killing, Léon is a Pro. But in real life, he is a loner. Like DeNiro in Taxi Driver. His best friend is his plant. Deep down, he is a child. He is mentally slow and do not know how to read nor write. Then there is Mathilda, a 12 years old girl who lives in a dysfunctional family, on the verge of committing suicide. She has endured the hardships of life that had made her mature at her young age. Her entire family was wiped out by a corrupt DEA Officer and his men because of drug problems. She had no other place to turn to except his next door neighbor, Léon.

Then the tone of the movie changes completely which breaks the stereotypes of other action movies. This is where the movie caught me by surprise. I thought it will become just another boring movie and how wrong was I! Prepare yourself for awesomeness! This is something I never experienced before in any other movie. It was that exceptional. The way it’s constructed & layered or in short put together was a work of genius. Arty like. There was this fascination and perfect chemistry between the two characters. It looked so freaking real and deep that you are taken away in the skin of the characters.

The cast & acting was perfect:

- Luc Besson wrote the script with Jean Reno as Léon in mind and no one else. The role was crafted for him and he delivers the goods. He played on his facial expressions more than words actually throughout the movie. He portrayed the character as exactly Luc wished it to be. This is his breakthrough and famous movie.

- Nathalie Portman was so versatile in her role as Mathilda. She pulled up into a complex and difficult role. She was wonderful and prolific considering her age (12). She shifted between different moods seamlessly (An uncontrollable burst of laughter in the Restaurant scene and a burst of tears in the ending moments of the movie). She is lovable, cute, touching and has a lovely innocent voice. Still her best acting to date.

- Then there is Gary Oldman as Stansfield with one of the most memorable and iconic negative role ever played. You will love to hate him. I won’t hesitate to say that he was on par with the great Heath Ledger’s Joker. His lines were a killer. He’s acting was scary and funny at the same time. He's a freak. He is definitely amazing. Danny Aiello role as Tony was excellent in a minor role.

Verdict: 10/10.

Perfect. Memorable. Repeated viewings recommended & watch the uncut edition to enjoy the true potential of the movie. It still holds as my favorite movie after 14 years of existence. Never gets old. Glad to see it is gaining its due respect with time and still climbing the ladder in IMDb Top 250 ;)
"Leon: The Professional" is a great film.
"Leon: The Professional" is a great movie from 1994. The director and the writer is Luc Besson. It is currently on NetFlix Instant Download Streaming. Luc Besson's movie Léon (The Professional) gives us an intense story which is maximized in potential by the casting of the movie done by Todd Thaler. Every aspect of the movie delivers to the audience and makes an impressive overall package. Jean Reno plays a character named Léon who has learned to repress his emotions in order to perform his job as a "cleaner", or hit-man. His secluded world is shattered by the young girl named Mathilda who lives on the same floor as he does in an apartment building. When she turns to him for help, he learns about living a normal life, even if the circumstances which unite them are far from normal. The performance delivered by then twelve-year old Natalie Portman as Mathilda is nothing short of brilliant. Her ability to relate to others with body movement and facial gestures is matched by few, she really brings raw emotion and believability to a difficult role. Mathilda and Léon are unexpectedly thrown together, but learn to value life from their chance encounter, and how valuable a friendship can be. Jean Reno as Léon gives us a solemn and calculated character who sets all of his energy on his assignments until her is given something else to care about. Mathilda gives him the daughter that he never had, while Léon serves as a father and friend to her. Gary Oldman, as the corrupt DEA Agent Norman Stansfield, offers the viewers an amazingly wired and electrical performance which pushes the envelope. He moves the story along by his actions. Oldman offers us a memorable portrait of a sadistically obsessed man who stops short of nothing to get what he wants. The Professional is what movie-making is all about. Without the overuse of special effects, a large shooting location, or a commercially star studded cast, we are given all that could possibly be asked for in a movie. Portman, Oldman, and Reno, along with Danny Aiello as the hit-contractor Tony remind us that there is no substitute for great acting. There are elements of comedy, drama, and action, and great original music by Eric Serra adds to the energy the film already encapsulates. The most impressive thing about the movie is its story which is basic but is maximized by all the other elements which go into the making of the movie. Simply put, an intense and impressive movie. I gave it 10 stars. Dale Haufrect
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