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Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain
Germany, France
Fantasy, Romance, Comedy
IMDB rating:
Jean-Pierre Jeunet
Audrey Tautou as Amélie Poulain
Mathieu Kassovitz as Nino Quincampoix
Rufus as Raphaël Poulain
Lorella Cravotta as Amandine Poulain
Serge Merlin as Raymond Dufayel
Jamel Debbouze as Lucien
Claire Maurier as Madame Suzanne - la patronne du café
Isabelle Nanty as Georgette
Dominique Pinon as Joseph
Artus de Penguern as Hipolito
Yolande Moreau as Madeleine Wallace
Urbain Cancelier as Collignon
Maurice Bénichou as Dominique Bretodeau
Storyline: Amélie is a story about a girl named Amélie whose childhood was suppressed by her Father's mistaken concerns of a heart defect. With these concerns Amélie gets hardly any real life contact with other people. This leads Amélie to resort to her own fantastical world and dreams of love and beauty. She later on becomes a young woman and moves to the central part of Paris as a waitress. After finding a lost treasure belonging to the former occupant of her apartment, she decides to return it to him. After seeing his reaction and his new found perspective - she decides to devote her life to the people around her. Such as, her father who is obsessed with his garden-gnome, a failed writer, a hypochondriac, a man who stalks his ex girlfriends, the "ghost", a suppressed young soul, the love of her life and a man whose bones are as brittle as glass. But after consuming herself with these escapades - she finds out that she is disregarding her own life and damaging her quest for love. Amélie then ...
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A strange mixture of genius and...
... I don't really know what the other ingredient of the mixture is, but it is annoying.

I must say, "Amelie" was one of the most unexpected disappointments in my life as a cinemaphile.

I love French cinema in general (as opposed to Hollywood films - even the most acclaimed ones have at least one corny moment that makes me cringe). And the basic premise of this film was so much to my taste that I couldn't wait to see it.

And sure enough: the photography and the overall cinematic "style" are gorgeous; so is the sense of humour of the first 30 minutes or so.

But then, halfway through the film, "Amelie" simply lost me. I am not sure why. Maybe it was the overexerted "fairy tale" style which put me off it. (And that could be because the implicit message of "fairy tales" is that they are just that: fairy tales.)

Perhaps the people who rave about it are starved for fairy tales in their lives. (No offence intended - please!) If this film made someone look at their life in a different light - good for them! I am glad.

To me, it looked too far removed from the magic of true life to really make an impact - or even keep me in front of the screen.

I feel "Amelie" is a missed opportunity for something that could have been truly, amazingly great.
Merde du Merde, not Crême de la CRËME !
So I am not French, don't judge the summary above. But to make it short, this is the worst movie I have ever watched, no exaggeration, but sincere judgment. It's terribly awful, so much that I want my 2 hours back !

Now let's make it clear, I have never rated a movie (1 star, or under 6 stars) like this one ever before, actually I am easy-pleased by things, movies, and stuff, but this one went too far beyond Sh*t.

I watched this with my friend, neither me nor him had enjoyed it so far, it was so awkward and unfunny, the narrator was so annoying. Giving every character a special persona ? That didn't work out, it was so shitty, it made a lot of jokes about sex and stuff, and that didn't work out as well. The main character was lovely during the first 4 minutes but the plot ruined her for good.

I wished the movie had ended so soon, I felt like I am torturing my friend along with his time. If this was horribly rated I'd not blame myself... But...18th... seriously ?!

This howsoever has no point at all, you finish watching it then you be like :"What have I just watched? What's the point?" the only winner of the movie is Amélie who hung out with a porn-shop guy, seriously...

Charlie Chaplin would have murdered himself if he had heard the lame jokes in this movie. They don't even fit a kid's sense of humour, let alone this movie is rated for Mature people.

It doesn't deserve a 10, a 9, but a negative rating. Mince ! I know I am 15 years late, but a legendary movie never dies. This one lasted so long not enough, it shouldn't have.

Let us all pray to God that we don't witness another Merde, Amen.
A nice little film
Rating: ***1/2 out of ****

What a fun film! From the moment it begins, "Amelie" bursts with joy and energy. It's a fable of sorts, a love letter to a Paris fondly dreamt of by many. It may not be the real world, but it is such a delightful fantasy that it doesn't matter how unbelievable some of it may be. "Amelie" is the rare romantic comedy that has both the romance and the comedy. It isn't very surprising that this has been a hit in France for a while now, and I have no doubt it will find the audience it needs in the States as well.

Amelie Poulain (Audrey Tautou) is a nave girl working at the Two Windmills Caf. When she was a child her mother and teacher was an innocent victim of a suicide gone awry. Amelie stayed with her father until she was old enough to leave and lead a life of her own. One day she finds a small box of treasures behind a tile in her wall, she decides to return it to her owner and become a natural do-gooder. Later on, she catches a man groping for lost photos under a photo booth (Nino Quincampoix, played by Mathieu Kassovitz), and it's love at first sight. She decides to go on a quest to find this man and help anyone she can along the way (including her father and co-workers).

I said before that this film was a love letter to Paris, it is also a love letter to Amelie herself. Jean-Pierre Jeunet (director and co-screenwriter) conjured the film like a dream, as if Amelie is his dream girl and he is trying to save her and bring her to a happy ending. It's not hard to want everything to work out for her and her friends. Amelie Poulain is the kind of person who you wish was your best friend, your neighbor or your sister. She bounces along with good grace and whimsy living life to its fullest, yet keeping a mischievous grin. She has her own idea of justice that isn't very disagreeable. The tormentors must in turn be tormented; the lifeless must be brought to life. The film is like a non-musical "Bells Are Ringing", with our heroine bringing so much life to those around her but neglecting her wants and needs.

After seeing Audrey Tautou as Amelie, I can't possibly imagine anyone else in that role. She embodies Amelie like no one else could, she is a rare find that pulls off the job of breathing life into Amelie in spades. Wait, I take that back. She does not just breathe life into Amelie, Tautou makes her jump off the screen and pull the audience into the story. It would be a crime for her not to get a Best Actress nomination for her role.

Magical is the world that Amelie lives in, where photos and lamps come alive to aid her quest, where TV shows are showing nothing but her story. The story this setting surrounds is pretty standard, and presented plainly could have just been another machine-processed romantic comedy. Is it too sappy? No. On the contrary, the film takes quite a few steps to make sure it doesn't become tacky or conventional. The rich, storybook setting and a witty screenplay (asides are taken to deepen our connection each character, little things that each likes and dislikes) make the film all the more a delight to watch. The cinematography, crafted by Bruno Delbonnel, does wonders for "Amelie". The camera captures the action with an eye of a child in a candy store, beautifully bringing about each shot as a new discovery.

With films like "The Widow of Saint-Pierre", "With a Friend Like Harry" and box-office hit "Brotherhood of the Wold", French cinema has had quite a year. It's a delight that we round off the year with "Amelie", a fresh, funny journey that could have easily just been more Meg Ryan-esque romantic comedy fodder. If not for anything else, see it for Tautou's performance, but prepare to be smothered in a dream world.
Not a fan
It is very possible that I don't have the intellect or the ability to appreciate cinematic masterpieces. However, free speech enables me to voice my less than enthuasitic endorsement of Jeunet's "Amelie".

Jenuet's "Amelie" is one of those feel-good movies that makes people dream into believing anything is possible. Its very "nice" and a commendable deed indeed; however, Jenuet fails to deliver ... I would have much appreciated subtelty in depicting the everyday Parisians ... not an aggressive, preachy, in your face romanticism that seems to lack genuine warmth.

I was not a huge fan of Jeunet's style - his love for hurried camerawork, frequent character zoomins and other visual imagery (the key in her pocket when she makes a duplicate) was distracting and served to just underline the lack of genuine warmth.

The saving grace of the movie is the obviously talented Audrey Tautou who plays the role of the outsider to the T. Her understanding of the role prevents the movie from becoming another fuzzy role of a girl we root for as she changes the world.

I am not a cynic - but I did get bored with the method employed by Jeunet. After a while, the movie just kept on dragging. Tautou does a good job; and, I did like the colours used in each frame which gave the movie more life than it really had.

Let me start off by saying this movie could possibly have a completely different effect on people whose main language is English, compared to somebody who can comprehend the French language fluently.

For me, not knowing any French, there is something beautiful about the language, the accents, the words which you pick up on because you like the sound of yet you don't know quite what they mean, that makes this movie special. It's not just because the words are French, it's how they are spoken in this movie. They are spoken by most of the important characters in such a mesmerising and subtle manner that really entices and intrigues you. This alone will make the movie very watchable even if you can't bear subtitles.

Audrey Tautou is adorable in this movie, so sweet and charming that you just can't help but think "I wish more people like her were out there." To me, there is no significant plot in this movie; it doesn't feel like the creators of this movie were intending to write a plot at all. Instead, it feels as if they are trying to get a strong message across which is portrayed through Amelie and her innocence (or non-innocence?). This message is one of real morals, the feeling and power of true love and the beauty of the simple things in life.

Personally I am not a huge fan of romantic films. I certainly don't go out of my way to watch very many of them, usually because they appear to me as cliché and over-exaggerated. Ignorantly, I thought this was going to be similar. I could not have been more wrong. This movie portrays true romance in a way you haven't seen before.

Why? It's simple: because each romance that exists in this world is unique to the person experiencing it. You cannot generalise, because only that individual knows what they feel like... unless they meet their soul-mate. The oddness of Amelie's way of thinking and her road to finding her soul-mate is what makes you feel 'warm' when the credits start to roll.

To sum this masterpiece up: An often humorous, eccentric and delicate story about a girl who is 'different'.
Outstanding direction in an average romantic drama
possible spoilers, may not be significant..

The narrative:.

Is fairly consistent but is often confusing and many scenes are unnecessary. I followed the story with the French subtitles and it seemed like the film was trying to be a love story of wanting and thinking about life, but the majority of the time felt uncomfortable into the genre. The acting is average. Tautou (The Da Vinci code) is engaging and presents a stereotypical view of someone missing something in life. Her character falls well into the story. However the story is always interesting. Audiences are thrust deep within Amelie's mind to introduce her thoughts and feelings. The narration by the narrator is engaging and is very simplistic. Overdone but still an interesting technique. 'This is…he likes…' When the film states 'this was the day her life changed forever' I was expecting something huge when it turned out to be pretty much insignificant, it wasn't as spectacular as I assumed it would be. Regardless the mystery behind the whole plot is enough to keep audiences hooked. The film was nominated for 5 Oscars and deserved the nominations for direction and cinematography which were outstanding throughout. Many stories are encoded, and different issues but personally I couldn't really follow the film because it tried to do too much at once, perhaps after a few watches then it might be fantastic.

The direction.

The editing, camera angles and shots are outstanding in this drama. Amelie often has flashbacks or visions and the direction is breathtaking. Sometimes the film is sped up extraordinarily fast to capture a fast shocking scene where as some scenes are slowed right down to capture the different moods of the characters. There is one particular shot I found outstanding which was when Amelie was standing alone at a train station. The camera is in a bird's eye view position and is looking at length towards the central protagonist which gives such a deep meaningful sense of loneliness, a fantastic moment I the film.

watch it if...you like different camera shots, paced scenes and a possibley predictable love story.

Obnoxious film about a woman-child who can't find a man.
Let's be honest: is this film really worthy of being in the Top 250? What with all the psychotic behavior and the annoying, creepy smiles Amélie cracks from time to time while she's trying to be cryptic and heroic, this film is easily one of the worst I've seen. The worst part is when people go on trying to defend it, saying that the character is simply misunderstood and that since the film is french, it offers a different perspective. Do we have to remind people that foreign films also have the ability to suck as much as American films? And I tried to give this movie a chance but the more I tried, the easier it was to find things that I didn't like about it. So go ahead, defend it as much as you like, but it doesn't change the fact that it's one of the most annoying films of the decade.
What is left to say about this glorious joy ride?
I had heard superlative comments on this film and it does not disappoint.

Paris is the backdrop and what a Paris, A Paris of La Boheme and the Merry Widow. Audrey is brilliant in the role of Amelie, projecting a true joie de vivre.

The film is full of surprises in both plot and characters. I left the theatre feeling lighter. It is truly one of a kind, eccentric, unusual and uplifting. I will not say more on it as it would spoil the fun.

I gave it a 10 out of 10 for something so completely out of the ordinary and so very unhollywood.
One of my "10 best films ever"
This is one of those French movies where complications accrue until you just can't figure out how things can be resolved yet you just -know- (based upon the exquisite performance by Audrey Tautou and spot-on direction by Jeneut) that the ending will satisfy.

The first time I saw this film, I turned to my wife and said "I know I'm going to love this movie" and that was about 30 seconds into the film.

I cannot write enough good things about Amelie. All the actors and actresses are perfect, the story has you smiling and rooting for Amelie, the direction is flawless, the mystery of the guy who has his picture taken at every photo-booth in the city (only to throw away the photos) had me stumped.

Frankly, if you want to know how to make a great film, study this movie.
The Best Fairy Tale In Years, The Best Film Of 2001
If you've gotten to my review at this point, you've either seen it or are considering seeing it. What more can I say about this cinematic-candy-store-shopping-spree that hasn't already been said? This is the definitive ROMANTIC-COMEDY. It is actually funny, as in hilarious, as in split-sides and slap-knees-humorous. It is indeed romantic, as in hold-them-close, heart-aflame, the world is a beautiful place-romance. This movie is magical, and if you need me to define magic, then you need to watch a movie like Amelie to have it restored in you. Welcome to the best fairy tale in years (sorry Shrek) and its for adults no less.

Warning, this film is not for everyone in that, lets face it, its a French flick, and some conservatives may find it a tad "risquee", but its more than that. Amelie is a beautiful gem that made me smile more in two hours than I have for 2 month stretches. My palms are sweaty in anticipation of this DVD, so I can invite my friends into the magical world that Jean-Pierre Jeunet has so masterfully created and handed us the keys to.

Once again, the best film of 2001 (sorry Memento.)
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