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L.A. Confidential
Crime, Drama, Thriller, Mystery
IMDB rating:
Curtis Hanson
Kevin Spacey as Jack Vincennes
Russell Crowe as Bud White
Guy Pearce as Ed Exley
James Cromwell as Dudley Smith
Kim Basinger as Lynn Bracken
Danny DeVito as Sid Hudgens
David Strathairn as Pierce Patchett
Ron Rifkin as Deputy DA Ellis Loew
Matt McCoy as 'Badge of Honor' Star Brett Chase
Paul Guilfoyle as Mickey Cohen
Paolo Seganti as Johnny Stompanato
Elisabeth Granli as Mickey Cohen's Mambo Partner
Sandra Taylor as Mickey Cohen's Mambo Partner
Steve Rankin as Officer Arresting Mickey Cohen
Storyline: 1950's Los Angeles is the seedy backdrop for this intricate noir-ish tale of police corruption and Hollywood sleaze. Three very different cops are all after the truth, each in their own style: Ed Exley, the golden boy of the police force, willing to do almost anything to get ahead, except sell out; Bud White, ready to break the rules to seek justice, but barely able to keep his raging violence under control; and Jack Vincennes, always looking for celebrity and a quick buck until his conscience drives him to join Exley and White down the one-way path to find the truth behind the dark world of L.A. crime.
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Two Words: Lackluster and Mediocrity
How does a potentially good movie - jam-packed with excellent talent – manage to stumble into forgettable mediocrity? It seemed the cast was tight and firing on all cylinders, the director was doing his thing superbly, and production (whatever they do) was more than adequate (I guess) – so – what happened? Did it seem like there were some major character-disconnects? It felt that a bit - there were moments in the story when the plot was more like a disorganized smattering of unruly lice than some kind of a storyline. Was it too long? Again – time is relative and – for me – this show was relatively too long. Predictable? Oh please – this was your typical bad cop vs. badder cop vs. baddest cop. I might be too hard on this flick – I don't know. I am probably spoiled by some of the quality TV crime drama (you know – the ones that have good writers and last an hour). LA Confidential was just not a spectacular tale, it was almost boring. Don't get me wrong – this is not a bad movie – it is actually pretty good – it's just not great. To put it another way, L.A. Confidential, is like a Chevy Corvette outfitted with a Vespa engine all flash and no guts. I apologize to those who loved the movie, but I won't lose sleep over it. This story needs to be re-buried in that woman's smelly basement – at least for me.
Breathtaking, Gets better with every viewing
L.A. Confidential is definitely one of the greatest films of all time. The cast is perfect, the dialogue is amazing, as are the costumes. Even the setting seems perfect. Now, step deeper into the film. I see this film is dependent on media for the film. The media appears to be everywhere you look in L.A. Confidential. Had this film been made at the time of The Maltese Falcon (1942), the media wouldn't have been as omniprescent. It is interesting to note the similarities between the two films, as both are examples of the classical Hollywood narration. I am not going into too much detail on this because my disseration on this thesis will be soon posted on my website. Email me, thisisaj@yahoo.com if you would like to know when it is up.

Oh, the grade for this film, A. Hands down a winner, almost as good as The Shawshank Redemption and A Few Good Men.

A gripping, modern film noir
Idealistic and clever, but vain, police officer Edmund Exley (Guy Pearce) clashes with tough, unorthodox detective Bud White (Russell Crowe) over police conduct and a celebrity lookalike prostitute (Kim Basinger). After a shooting incident at the Night Owl Cafe, both begin to realise that something isn't quite right and start to unravel a seedy underworld of sex, murder and organised crime.

All the performances are almost faultless and the pace rockets along dragging you deeper and deeper. There are some marvellous twists in the plot and no character can be easily outlined as good or bad. Add to the cast James Cromwell as Captain Dudley Smith and Kevin Spacey as Jack Vincenz and you're definitely on to a winner.

I consider this film to be the best I've ever seen, it's that good. Go watch now! 10/10
Kept me guessing
As a general rule I guess the endings of mystery/suspense movies well before the end, which is why I don't like them. But I rented this because of the very handsome and capable Russell Crowe, and was impressed by all the actors and actresses in the movie, including Kim Basinger, who has come a long way, and Kevin Spacey, who is amazing in everything (though I will always see him as Lester Burnham). I didn't even begin to guess the villain until he was revealed and was very surprised. I would highly recommend this movie to anyone, even mystery-haters like myself.
Best Movie of 1997 - One of Top 10 Cop Films of All Time
Barbara Stanwyck and Claude Rains give the lie to the Academy's claim as arbiter of "Best Actor/Actress".

Likewise, L. A. Confidential proves the Academy's corruption, or at least incompetence, in the "Best Film" category. It is clear that L.A.C. is the best picture of 1997. To vote the mediocre Titanic over it, simply because Titanic didn't turn out as bad as was feared, is more a reflection on the Academy than on anything that bunch of groupies says about "Best Film".
Only half GREAT!
Reviewers have been far too generous in praise of La Confidential. The script is a perfect example of Hollywood once again dropping the ball. The first half of the film is GREAT, as good or better than I wanted it to be: a juicy plot (plus various sub plots) of just the right complexity, a seductively delicious milieu, and fascinating characters.


Suddenly without warning, the story switches to the favorite action movie plot used by every other Hollywood hack – THE BIG CHEESE VILLAIN. You know this one, the evil authority figure symbolizing the corrupt establishment (such as a CEO, superior military officer, high government official, football coach, etc.) that no one would ever suspect turns out to be the criminal mastermind behind all the movie's mischief and mayhem. That worked in This Gun For Hire with Alan Ladd, but has been beat to death since Viet Nam and Watergate.

From the moment that Kevin Spacey is killed, the movie runs on automatic scriptwriter. As always the case with THE BIG CHEESE VILLAIN FORMULA, the major plot conflict and all sub plots can be conveniently resolved with an action packed ending where the hero (or heroes in this case) confront the villain and an army of evil henchmen in a setting reminiscent of the OK Corral. In the end, countless bad guys are blown away, yet THE BIG CHEESE is left to kill. As we've seen many times before, the crafty arch villain almost kills our heroes. And just when you've given up all hope, those physically and emotionally wounded good guys manage some last minute gunplay neatly dispatching old Mr. Corruption. And the world is right again.

As a bonus, the filmmakers of LA Confidential tacked on a schmaltzy epilogue with some cornball lines and long pathetic stares. This is a painfully obvious attempt to dupe us into thinking we experienced something profound. Oh yes, our heroes are a little more cynical, but they are much wiser, caring men, and their tarnished honor is still intact. Reminds me of Nancy Olson's line in Sunset Boulevard, `...just a rehash of something that wasn't very good to begin with.'

If you award flawed films like LA Confidential a top rating, what about noir classics like The Big Sleep, Out Of The Past, and Chinatown -- twenty stars at least? Personally, I would have enjoyed seeing more of Kevin Spacey and the ‘50s TV angle – as that's something different. I guess the filmmakers were constrained by the book, which I haven't read. But that doesn't excuse throwing out creative license, taking the easy way out, and opting for THE BIG CHEESE VILLAIN FORMULA, even if it's in the book.

A good solid movie...............
L.A. Confidential

DIRECTION †% Film noir style.

ACTING ‘% All the characters are great except for perhaps the female support.


PLOT •% The strongest part of the movie. Deception, love, intrigue and much much more dropped into the storyline to great effect..

STRONG WORDS AND VIOLENCE ETC % Does anyone want to question me about that!

MUSIC ‚% Good and it fits the period well.

SOUND †% Guns and sounds from the 1950's

HOOKABILITY u% Seemed to take a while to get into with flashing newspaper reports get into the way which makes it look like another fast mvoie with substance however.......

LASTABILITY '%..........as soon as you feel part of the investigating team and is beginning to find your feet you will want to solve this puzzle.

OVERALL ˆ% A good solid movie that is well worth seeing until the end!
Everything in this film is fantastic.
L.A. Confidential is, without a doubt, the best film of the 1990s, and quite possibly one of the best films ever made.

As with any great film, it all starts with the writing. The story is riveting, the dialogue is smart and quite funny, and the characters are written in three dimensions.

The acting is phenomenal. Perhaps a bigger tragedy than L.A. Confidential's loss to Titanic in the Best Picture race is that none of the three lead actors even garnered nominations. Russell Crowe, Guy Pearce, and Kevin Spacey are absolutely phenomenal; it is their characters that drive this fascinating story about police corruption in 1950s Los Angeles. We get to know these people, to understand who they are and why they do what they do, and to root for them to overcome their imperfections.

The directing is fantastic. Curtis Hanson doesn't shove anything in the audience's face; instead, he allows the audience to discover the film's nuances on their own. (That makes this an excellent film for repeat viewings, you truly catch something new every time). 1950s Los Angeles is reproduced beautifully. The editing is quick and seamless, the music is perfect for the film (Hanson should teach other directors how to do a montage effectively), and the cinematography is great.

I can't find a negative thing to say about this film. It's truly a masterpiece.
One of the best films of the nineties
LA Confidential is a fascinating crime thriller that keeps you riveted right till the end. The plot is outlandishly complicated with lots of twists. The story of how two cops, with different value systems, follow leads-some false, some accurate-that ultimately lead them to the truth, is told with panache. The film has first rate performances from all the lead actors. In my opinion this is one of the best films of the nineties.
Rollo Tomasi, do you still remember?
"Rollo Tomasi" is a name that anyone had seen this movie should remember for the rest of his life or at least be aware of the existence of the name, because this is the key to the spirit of this whole story. Due to the setting of this clue, there is no doubt one great movie had become a classic!

As a Taiwanese, I saw a lot of Hong Kong movies about police and gangsters while I was a child, and they were all very impressive. Therefore, the particularly genre has been promoted to such high levels in my mind that I can hardly be pleased. Fortunately, "L.A. Confidential" satisfies me not only with its thoughtful scenario, but also with several great actors' performances. More specifically, the story is not just about justice versus evil, there are also many elements such as passion, wisdom, greed, friendship and of course love which all made this movie more than fun to watch. In other words, you might feel angry at this moment, shocked latter, and finally moved by their insistence on doing the right things which made us believe there are still several police worth our trust.

Guy Pearce was one big surprise in the movie not because he played the leading role of the movie, but for his courage and wisdom, and most important of all, his slightly pride that caused admiration accompanied by hostility at the same time. Because the complexity he showed, we couldn't help but be deeply attracted, and that's when we built connections with the character inside the frame. Secondly, Kevin Spacey was not the one who would gain our trust at first, but no one ought to disagree with his contribution after the shocked "Rollo Tomasi" scene. Likewise, Russell Crowe twisted his role impressions only after his cooperation with Guy Pearce, but he really needed to adjust his tempers for his own sake. Such a crew made this great movie never out-of-date, not even after similar stories keep brainwashing our minds.

How lucky I am to see such a classical film. As a matter of fact, I haven't found one movie that reaches the same level as it did, at least not in the genre. Thus, I just have to repeat watching the film again and again, and I believe many people are doing the same thing I do.
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