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L.A. Confidential
Crime, Drama, Thriller, Mystery
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Curtis Hanson
Kevin Spacey as Jack Vincennes
Russell Crowe as Bud White
Guy Pearce as Ed Exley
James Cromwell as Dudley Smith
Kim Basinger as Lynn Bracken
Danny DeVito as Sid Hudgens
David Strathairn as Pierce Patchett
Ron Rifkin as Deputy DA Ellis Loew
Matt McCoy as 'Badge of Honor' Star Brett Chase
Paul Guilfoyle as Mickey Cohen
Paolo Seganti as Johnny Stompanato
Elisabeth Granli as Mickey Cohen's Mambo Partner
Sandra Taylor as Mickey Cohen's Mambo Partner
Steve Rankin as Officer Arresting Mickey Cohen
Storyline: 1950's Los Angeles is the seedy backdrop for this intricate noir-ish tale of police corruption and Hollywood sleaze. Three very different cops are all after the truth, each in their own style: Ed Exley, the golden boy of the police force, willing to do almost anything to get ahead, except sell out; Bud White, ready to break the rules to seek justice, but barely able to keep his raging violence under control; and Jack Vincennes, always looking for celebrity and a quick buck until his conscience drives him to join Exley and White down the one-way path to find the truth behind the dark world of L.A. crime.
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Two Words: Lackluster and Mediocrity
How does a potentially good movie - jam-packed with excellent talent – manage to stumble into forgettable mediocrity? It seemed the cast was tight and firing on all cylinders, the director was doing his thing superbly, and production (whatever they do) was more than adequate (I guess) – so – what happened? Did it seem like there were some major character-disconnects? It felt that a bit - there were moments in the story when the plot was more like a disorganized smattering of unruly lice than some kind of a storyline. Was it too long? Again – time is relative and – for me – this show was relatively too long. Predictable? Oh please – this was your typical bad cop vs. badder cop vs. baddest cop. I might be too hard on this flick – I don't know. I am probably spoiled by some of the quality TV crime drama (you know – the ones that have good writers and last an hour). LA Confidential was just not a spectacular tale, it was almost boring. Don't get me wrong – this is not a bad movie – it is actually pretty good – it's just not great. To put it another way, L.A. Confidential, is like a Chevy Corvette outfitted with a Vespa engine all flash and no guts. I apologize to those who loved the movie, but I won't lose sleep over it. This story needs to be re-buried in that woman's smelly basement – at least for me.
Acivement in world class
L.A. Confidential is perhaps, one of the best and most intriguing pieces of moving picture in the past few decades. The brilliancy of the script itself, deserves a standing ovation, because it is in my opinion, one of the most thought-out and nerve wrecking of its time. The direction by Curtis Hanson gives this intense and complex movie softness and makes a gentle approach to the audience, because none of the material is forced through, but instead it rests quietly in the subconsciousness of the audience the whole time. The plot is just awesome and stands out from any of the former (and later) police/criminal movies, because we get to experience the action behind the curtain, from a passive point of view. The plot has a great balance between tossing us into the action, and gently luring us through one mystery after another, trying to find the answers. The actors give the ideas of the script and the characters faces, and gives us a chance to relate and identify with the characters involved. Each of them delivers great performances: Spacey as always smart, sly and above all believable, though he does not exceed his brilliant performance in "The Usual Suspects". Crowe with his, so far, best performance in my opinion, with temper and depth. Pearce with an OK performance without really reaching the top, but fills out his character nicely. Devito is amusing and cool and does everything he can to contribute to this movie. Basinger with her Oscar-winning role, plays the beautiful blond convincingly and spices up the last aspect of the movie, with splendor and depth as well. Alltogehter this makes one hell of a good movie. Fast, smart, complicated, exciting, raw and above all believable and entertaining. Well done by the creators of L.A. Confidential.
The best major studio release of the 90s.
Just to claim a title. Usually (not in all cases) the ´big´ Hollywood films are technically superior, but suffer from flat characters, an uninteresting story and overall dumbness (to say it in a simplistic and maybe overly harsh way). L.A. Confidential is different AND technically flawless. The screenwriters, among them director Hanson, did a very good job to translate Ellroys masterpiece to the screen. The book is better, the characters deeper, their stories darker and the whole thing is more convincing, but this would`nt fit into a 10 hour movie at all. L.A. Confidential proves that there is hope for Hollywood. 9/10
A Totally, I Mean TOTALLY Overrated Movie!
This movie is full of too many negative messages, inconsistencies and stereotypes to be rated anywhere near being a 'classic.' Two police officers are awarded at the end of the film - one gets the beautiful girl, and the other gets his second police medal - and you are left wondering, "huh?" The officer who gets the girl is a complete thug of a police officer with complete disdain for proper police procedures and due process. His method of choice when seeking information and dealing with disappointing situations is to get physical or to abuse and threaten whomever he is dealing with - citizens, his girlfriend or even fellow cops. The film awards him the girl (a high-class hooker) after he established a 'relationship' with her while he was working on a murder case in which she is significantly involved.

The other officer who receives the police medals is suppose to be the films moral compass. During the film he speaks up on the transgressions and immorality in the LAPD, but we too find him later making intense physical sexual advances (he actually literally rapes her)at the high-class hooker who has already been sleeping with his thug cop coworker. At the end of the film, Mr Moral Compass then proceeds,in summary judgement style, to kill another officer -unnecessarily shooting him in the back - after the latter cop had been apprehended for murdering other police officers and aligning himself with the local MOB drug trade. This repeated issuance of summary judgments at the barrel of a gun in this film with no retribution is disturbing.

Also disturbing is the fact that in this film of 1952 Los Angeles, the only Black faces seen in the entire film are three criminal youths who, after being rounded up and interrogated, admit to the senseless rape of a Mexican girl. With aid from an unverified and false police statement from the rape victim, the three youth then are also charged with conducting the multiple diner murders which are at the heart of the movie's story. After somehow escaping police custody, the three youths are later summarily gunned down in a violent police raid at their residence. A fourth unnamed older black man is found watching TV in one of the rooms in the house where the rape occurred, but he is for no reason summarily murdered by the thug cop before he is even questioned on the extent of his involvement. Of course, there is no accountability for this murder, as the officer is later seen riding off in the sunset with the pretty girl at movies end.

Sure its "only a movie," and after all, 'LA Confidential' is all about corruption and vice rampant in the LAPD during this period. However, no "classic" presents all these inexplicable, incongruous and unresolved issues without even attempting to address them. The oversight is too obvious. The 1950's nostalgia, slick production values and sharp wardrobes can't hide these missing elements of the film. It's about as visible as the Grand Canyon.
A Well Written, Intense Film that Screams 'Forgettable'
L.A. Confidential follows three cops in L.A. as they attempt to crack a murder case that is more than it seems.

The three main characters, excellently played by Kevin Spacey, Russell Crowe, and Guy Pearce, are also well written. Yes, their characters are generally built around one major character trait, but they still manage to branch out from just that. The characters all have motivations that are laid out in expository fashion, but said exposition isn't so drawn out that it derails the film's momentum. It's quick, and it works to flesh out the characters. Not only that, but the characters go through arcs. They get over things, move on from ideas they once indulged, act out rashly like people do. They're flawed in more ways that just being dirty cops, and I think that's one of the best selling points about them and the movie as a whole.

I'm a sucker for a good crime story, no matter whose side it takes. Here, L.A. Confidential manages to forge a complex, yet largely easy to follow story. Sure, I got confused with some of the names and such, but the dirty cop formula is one that is often easier to follow than police politics. The movie mixes both, and it actually works. The crime itself is engaging to see as the detectives find more clues and discover more along with the audience. It's a lot of fun, and often creates some stellar tension.

If I have but one real issue with the movie, it's how forgettable it is. With poster art as bad as it has, it's no wonder I never paid attention to it until I saw the ratings. It's not a movie that would jump to my mind when someone brings up great movies, or even crime movies for that matter. Maybe later into the conversation I'd start raving about how good it was, but it'd take a bit to get there.

Overall L.A. Confidential is a really solid crime drama with great characters and writing. Sure it's pretty forgettable, and I probably won't see it again for quite some time, but it's a solid watch for sure, and in the end I'd definitely recommend it.
One of my all time favorites
Wow, where do I start? I saw this film before reading the novel and loved it. I thought it was well written, directed and acted, and of course it's visually stunning. After reading the book I was even more impressed by it - amazing that someone actually managed to put together such a great film out of a very complex novel. Sure, some of the storylines and characters were left out, and it's not as dark, but the movie stays true to the spirit and atmosphere of its source. The casting was superb, and the entire ensemble is excellent, with Crowe, and obviously Spacey, the best of the bunch. I've since recommended it to many of my friends, all of whom really liked it. The best movie of 1997, and against some very good competition.
The ultimate old-fashioned crime story
A great film from start to finish, "L.A. Confidential" is a

film-noir fan's utopia. It's got all the trimmings for a flashy

cops-and-robbers movie: cops (good and bad), gangsters, pretty

women, suspenseful tactics, and exciting action scenes. All of

the players were great, especially by the leads. Kevin Spacey

was charming as ever as Jack Vincennes, the brash vice cop,

while Russel Crowe makes a good career move as he portrays Bud

White, the maverick detective who hates wife-beaters with a

passion. Guy Pearce is also good as the by-the-book, butt-kissing lieutenant Ed Exeley, and Kim Basinger is great as

Lynn, the prostitute who wins Bud's heart. Basinger garnered a

best supporting actress award for her role here (I bet her

hubbie Alec Baldwin was extremely proud!).

With a breakneck pace and a smooth screenplay to top off with

the rest of the good signs this movie displays, "L.A. Confidential" is the epitome of films that are action-packed and

smart at
Absolutely great
LA Confidential is the best detective movie I've ever seen in my life. The screenplay is so powerful and well written. It deserved to gain the Oscar. You can find everything needed for a good a screenplay in this movie. Players are great. Specially, Kevin Spacy who acts very good in most of his movies. A chance for R.Crow to prove his talent in acting.
Interesting criminal movie
LA Confidential is one of the most intelligent and most interesting movies I've ever seen. The film has about 10 subplots which will be gradually integrated into the main plot. What I found really good was the fact that the individual persons aren't classifiable as good or bad, but they coexist with each other in a special zone between good and bad. I think the main question of this movie is: What does justice really mean?

Evaluation 9/10
A Masterpiece!
L.A. Confidential isn't "Chinatown" and it doesn't want to be. It's another terrific film in the neo-noir tradition unto itself. The story is incredibly intelligent, and the only critique I've heard about the movie is that the story is TOO complex. well, don't dislike it because you don't understand it. It's exquisitely photographed and put together. Every line of dialogue sizzles off the screen in this great telling of Ellroy's even better novel.

And oh, that Lana Turner.....
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