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Kingsman: The Secret Service
Crime, Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Comedy
IMDB rating:
Matthew Vaughn
Samuel L. Jackson as Valentine
Jordan Long as Poodle
Cali as Dean's gang member #3
Neve Gachev as Reporter (rumored)
Paulina Boneva as Shop Customer
Taron Egerton as Gary 'Eggsy' Unwin
Tom Prior as Hugo
Samantha Womack as Michelle Unwin
Alex Nikolov as Little Eggsy
Sofia Boutella as Gazelle
Richard Brake as The Interrogator
Velibor Topic as Big Goon
Mark Hamill as James Arnold
Corey Johnson as Church Leader
Jack Davenport as Lancelot
Colin Firth as Harry Hart
Geoff Bell as Dean
Adrian Quinton as Terrorist
Storyline: Based upon the acclaimed comic book and directed by , Kingsman: The Secret Service tells the story of a super-secret spy organization that recruits an unrefined but promising street kid into the agency's ultra-competitive training program just as a global threat emerges from a twisted tech genius.
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How could top drawer actors produce such garbage?
What to say about Kingsman?, let me put it this way ... If offered a choice between watching Kingsman and bathing in sulphuric acid I would urge you to choose the acid bath - it will be a far less painful experience. How on earth did top drawer actors like Michael Caine, Colin Firth and Samuel L Jackson get dragged into it? We're they drugged or blackmailed ? Those are the only explanations I can think of. The film just doesn't know what it wants to be - should it be a serious, edgy thriller? Should it be a rollicking adventure like Men in Black (which incidentally it shamelessly steals from)? Should it be a modern take on the bond theme. In the end it just turns out to be a steaming pile of ordure - note to the film's director and/or editor - if your movie is in trouble and you're not quite sure which direction to go with it don't, repeat don't, just fill it with expletives and exploding heads in the hope that you make it 'edgy'. It won't save your movie, it really won't. It will just show how bereft of ideas and talent you are.
Stunningly UNDERWHELMING Stinkeroo
I really really wanted to like this movie. And, while it does have a few positive points, on the whole it was stunningly underwhelming. Don't waste your money on this stinkeroo.

Parents note: This is NOT the movie you want to take your children to see. It is one of the most graphically violent movies I can ever remember seeing. "Comic decapitations" are still decapitations. There is also a scene where a mother tries to murder her innocent toddler with a large ax. One of the characters is literally cut in half from top to bottom, and then shown in graphic detail awkwardly stapled back together.

A large part of these problems can be directly related to inept direction. Director Matthew Vaughn has no ability to reign in the more "Hammish" actors. Samuel L. Jackson pulls out all the stops - and basically ruins every scene he is in. Jackson's performance has to be the worst of his long career. It may well be one of the worst performances of the decade. His character was just stupid and incredibly offensive to so many people on so many different levels. He chose to speak with a cartoonish lisp which might suggest he is effeminate, or perhaps that he has a speech impediment - motivation is not an issue here - don't look for logic or rationality anywhere in this awkward movie.

Fans of Colin Firth, Jack Davenport, Mark Hamill, and Michael Caine will be very very disturbed by how these characters are treated.

On a positive note, Taron Egerton is a delight. He has enough skills to overcome the horrible direction and ham handed performances.
A Hard R -- biggest disappointment of the year - KILL BILL meets SCARFACE
This is the biggest disappointment I've had at the theater in a long time, even worse than NOAH. The idea was outstanding, with the flavor of 007 James Bond from LIVE AND LET DIE days with the cool gadgets and the cheeky humor. Everyone I know wanted to see this movie. Then, they put in more cussing than SCARFACE and more blood than KILL BILL and drowned it in a Hard R that left the audience stunned and confused. If this movie had been a PG-13 for the family, it would have been the beginning of a chain of profitable and enjoyable movies for these folks. Instead they made fun of rednecks and Republicans, used the F-word as a conjunction in every sentence in the movie. Had scenes that were so brutal and out-of-place in this funny little movie, that I looked at my wife and mother and they were covering their eyes. They drowned this guaranteed winner in obscenity and blood. If you are an 18 year old Marine or just out of jail, enjoy. If you are a parent or on a date or any other member of the target audience for movies, SKIP THIS sleazy piece of poop!!!!
Not all that great!
An interesting storyline that went from elegant to trashy to sickening to tasteful to distasteful. What kind of people think that exploding heads is a comedy act? Or for that matter, a mother trying to kill her little girl!? Finally, ends with the "requisite" piece of ass that serves absolutely no purpose in the story line and is done in such a trashy way. Very crass and off-putting. Vaughn and Goldman seem to have social issues with sick humor.

The storyline is fun, clever, whimsical, unexpected, and very 'James Bond' as intended. It was a delightful--except for the "comic touches" that ruin it and are distasteful. The actors were very appealing -- and elegant. It was not Oscar/BAFTA-worthy, but was fun. Except for the parts that kick you in the gut. And if my review makes you feel like a yo-yo going upper, downer, upper, downer...that is the way the movie feels.
Crazy, over-the-top ultra violent fun!!!
I just came back from a pre-screening of 'Kingsman' and let me tell you: if you liked the first Kick-Ass, you are going to LOOOVE this film! I would never have thought that a stiff Brit like Colin Firth could pull off action - but boy, does he whoop ass in this one. I thought the story was rather original (don't know the Comic), it's a bit like an ultra violent James Bond parody. Or better: a crossbreed of Bond and Kick-Ass. Finally an action movie that doesn't use kiddie-gloves. The kid who plays the recruit is also worth mentioning. I've never seen him before but he really nails it. There's a lot of humor in this film, it really doesn't take itself too seriously, but it's not overdone. And Sam Jackson finally found something he hasn't done yet. I guess his role was already spoiled a bit in the trailer, but believe me: you haven't seen Jackson in this kind of part before. This is an excellent, over-the-top bloody and sexy film for fans of old-school action films. I give it 10 stars. Highly recommended!
Terrible, gruesome and wish I could unsee it.
It started out funny like the previews showed with only a little graphic violence. I'll give it that. Then it started getting extremely graphic. Mass murders, heads exploding, our whole family of 5 adults were so disturbed we couldn't even talk all the way home. We all wish we could unsee it. I felt it was a terrible movie even with the few chuckles we got in the earlier parts. This movie taught me a lesson, I will not be seeing any more movies in the theater without reading every review I can get my hands on, this isn't the first time I have been blind sighted by gore, and disturbing content. If you see this movie, I beg you not to take your kids, even if they are adults. I wish I could go back and NOT have gone to this one. Frankly, I am disappointed that movie makers feel Americans have sunk so low as to find this entertaining.
As bad as "The Intervivew"...American style
This is a stupid, revolting movie. It contains constant and gross violence, stupid dialogue, and BBC type slapstick humor. The only thing I'm thankful for is that I didn't pay to see it. I did however, lose almost two hours of my life I will never get back. The review doesn't even deserve more lines of text. But apparently I have to fill a minimum of 10 lines. So, I'll continue with saying that it sucked. Sucked. Sucked! It was so bad that I chose to play solitaire on my tablet during much of the movie. It was so bad that I plan to break the DVD and throw it in the trash. It was so bad that I'll attempt to get drunk and black out as much of my memory of the movie as possible.
Kingsman: The Secret Service
Kingsman: The Secret Service

What a dreadful film, I cannot believe 20th Century Fox put money into this crap...what on earth were they thinking?? Jane Goldman's brilliant writing in Kick Ass 1 & 2 is definitely not echoed here in any way, shape or form...unbelievable! What were Colin Firth & Michael Caine thinking of appearing in this epic fail??? Matthew Vaughan is much, much better than this...

I was absolutely gob-smacked just sitting there watching it with its gratuitous cartoon violence with unnecessary stabbings, etc Probably one of the worst films I have seen in the past 20 years
Best Action Film I've Seen Yet
Kingsman: The Secret Service is such a silly film, but it embraces that and, out of that, creates one of the most fun and entertaining action films yet.

Part of the reason why I'm giving this film 10 stars is that it contains perhaps the greatest action sequence I've ever seen in any film. I'm still absolutely stunned by how the scene was executed, and I saw the film more than three months ago; I assure anyone that the action sequences are unlike anything they've ever seen before. The careful camera-work, the choreography, the high-octane music, EVERYTHING fits so well to create the ultimate violent action sequence. I mustn't spoil it.

The other reasons I enjoyed the film follows: Colin Firth takes on the role as Harry Hart, a member of an international spy organization dedicated to protecting peace in the world. Firth takes on the role with enough seriousness and heart (Hart) to make the film engaging and fun. He steals every scene he is in, and his action sequences are the best ones in the film, but I'll get to that later.

Newcomer Taron Egerton plays the new recruit Eggsy, a rebel with a lot of heart and dedication to his family and friends. Egerton makes him instantly likable as the lead and spawns the right emotions to help the audience almost instantly know his feelings and the tone of the film.

The story overall is a typical formulaic spy plot, though Vaughn adds some more contemporary and ideological elements and twists (that have taken popularity with superhero films lately) into it to make the film more different and exciting from the stereotype James Bond films.

Overall, Kingsman: The Secret Service is a roller coaster of a film, that seems to pick up and slow down at the perfect moments. The story is fun and dynamic, and the action is impeccable.
The Vaughn Supremacy
It's strange when you consider it, how much the Spy thriller genre has changed and grown because of James Bond, there is not a single Spy movie that is made that isn't and won't be compared to double 'O' seven himself. So I suppose it's no surprise that a film like Kingsman had to be made eventually, so I suppose the reel question is will this make the Sky fall or just be a quantum of nonsense?

Say what you like about Mathew Vaughn the man likes his comics. So far out of the 5 films he has directed, 3 were graphic novels first. Kingsman is one of them. The man's like the anti-Zack Snyder, he directs films based off of comics and brings out real issues in them, as opposed to Snyder who directs films based off of graphic novels and ignores any merit or comment on the wider world the books make and just makes HIS movies. I'm happy to say that Kingsman is probably the most fun I will have in a cinema screen this year.

As I've already said Spy films get compared to James Bond, so let's begin with that shall we? Kingsman is a film that is both totally unique and its own movie whilst fully embracing its British heritage, the films marketing campaign drew strong comparisons to For Your Eyes Only artwork. The film acknowledges all of those stupid spy clichés in a way which is both knowing and clever, and then it ditches them all. The best example of this I can give is in the opening sequence of the film, there is a glass of whisky, a lot of people die and there isn't a drop of said whiskey spilt, and at that moment Kingsman sticks two fingers up at the past and says "we're the future" and from that second onwards Kingsman is its own movie. The film successfully reinvents just about every stereotype imaginable in a spy film.

The villain, who is always central in a spy movie, is Valentine (played by Samuel L. Jackson). Valentine is a megalomaniac who wants world domination, all standard stuff so far, he also has a lisp and is terrified of blood. That's the kind of thing Kingsman does really well, it sets us up with the standard and transforms it to be unique.

The film is of course preposterous in the extreme, but I don't care. It was funny, clever, brilliant and unique. Kingsman has so many pro's to it that you can easily overlook the minor short comings, because in the end the film has a baddie who has blades for legs, I mean who doesn't love that?

What I like most about Kingsman is that even with all its madness it still manages to have some kind of heart; the entire movie is kind of a think piece on class war and the importance of legacy. The movie has a brain and a soul and it has no problem expressing either, the finale to the parachute problem proves this most for me.

I would be remised if I didn't mention something about the cast, let get over the whole "the obvious people are amazing thing" and look forward to the new comers Taron Egerton (playing "Eggsy") and Sophie Cookson (playing Roxy). These two talents have come from nowhere and broken through the glass ceiling, Cookson and Egerton are stars with one film to their names, and they deserve every single piece of praise that comes to them. Taron is such an unbelievably versatile young man, he can be funny, clever, cool, cocky, brash, physical, confident and insecure all without saying a word or moving a muscle. Also, I loved seeing Jack Davenport on screen again.

Kingsman is the film this country needed; it's confident and fun, without being disrespectful or full of nasty. In short, Sic.
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