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Kingsman: The Secret Service
Crime, Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Comedy
IMDB rating:
Matthew Vaughn
Samuel L. Jackson as Valentine
Jordan Long as Poodle
Cali as Dean's gang member #3
Neve Gachev as Reporter (rumored)
Paulina Boneva as Shop Customer
Taron Egerton as Gary 'Eggsy' Unwin
Tom Prior as Hugo
Samantha Womack as Michelle Unwin
Alex Nikolov as Little Eggsy
Sofia Boutella as Gazelle
Richard Brake as The Interrogator
Velibor Topic as Big Goon
Mark Hamill as James Arnold
Corey Johnson as Church Leader
Jack Davenport as Lancelot
Colin Firth as Harry Hart
Geoff Bell as Dean
Adrian Quinton as Terrorist
Storyline: Based upon the acclaimed comic book and directed by , Kingsman: The Secret Service tells the story of a super-secret spy organization that recruits an unrefined but promising street kid into the agency's ultra-competitive training program just as a global threat emerges from a twisted tech genius.
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This film is junk, I feel horrible for giving them my 10$ , I feel robbed actually. Worst film I have seen all year
This film is Junk. The trailer is super cool , the first hour of the film is great , and then the twisted mind of the writer/director makes is turn into total garbage.

Killing people in Church? Mother aggressively trying to kill her children? Sending all sort of twisted messages to the audience for no reason whatsoever. I think the people (actors/producers) involved in promoting this message should be ashamed for making this film. Great marketing , the trailer leads you to another place, got my 10$

Don't waste your time!

The sad thing is that the film has excellent reviews on major sites and made allot of money, so once again good job to the ad campaign, but shame on the director for tricking the audience and promoting subliminal violent ideas with no reason.
If you doubt that movies today are made for adolescent boys...
If you doubt that movies today are largely made for adolescent boys (or men who still think like them) then you haven't seen Kingsman: The Secret Service.

And the fact that this film did well at the box office makes me think that the Samuel L. Jackson character, Richmond Valentine, is right about humanity's bleak prospects.

I feel dumber for having seen Kingsman. In particular there is a lecherous- even predatory- interaction at the very end between the lead character "Eggsy" and a Scandinavian princess that is a gratuitous contrivance to denigrate and sexualize a relatively strong female character.

The message in this movie is that the world can only be saved by wealthy white men who have avoided the estate tax and that the true evildoers are those who believe in climate change....oh, and Barack Obama's head explodes - all of which kind of torpedoes the notion of liberal Hollywood.

The film has a promising start in the direction of James Bond for the 8-second attention-span world. Initially the action is so silly and over the top and the characters so absurdly two-dimensional that it's hard to take it as more than mindless popcorn fun.

There's also some witty dialog between Colin Firth's Galahad and Sam Jackson's Valentine that menacingly send up traditional spy-movie tropes. A few bracingly cold-hearted twists occur during the new-agents' training that let you know the movie will not be trafficking in many feel-good clichés.

But then Kingsman devolves into an unimaginative morass of dehumanization and schlock and eventually the film becomes little more than a first-person-shooter video game. Literally, there is a scene in the film's climax where the action briefly switches to Eggsy's perspective as he runs down a corridor shooting henchmen that is indistinguishable from a commercial for a combat shooter video game.

Firth and Jackson are likable. Michael Caine is- well Michael Caine being an Englishman. As Eggsy, Taron Egerton is entirely interchangeable with any other young actor and equally as forgettable.

I have often thought that Hollywood serves as a pretty good counter-argument to the notion of free markets naturally producing the highest quality to meet the public's demand. That Kingsman: Secret Service did well at the Box Office and will no doubt spawn bigger, louder, dumber, more violent and retrograde sequels only serves as a depressing reminder that crap sells and sells well.
Stunningly UNDERWHELMING Stinkeroo
I really really wanted to like this movie. And, while it does have a few positive points, on the whole it was stunningly underwhelming. Don't waste your money on this stinkeroo.

Parents note: This is NOT the movie you want to take your children to see. It is one of the most graphically violent movies I can ever remember seeing. "Comic decapitations" are still decapitations. There is also a scene where a mother tries to murder her innocent toddler with a large ax. One of the characters is literally cut in half from top to bottom, and then shown in graphic detail awkwardly stapled back together.

A large part of these problems can be directly related to inept direction. Director Matthew Vaughn has no ability to reign in the more "Hammish" actors. Samuel L. Jackson pulls out all the stops - and basically ruins every scene he is in. Jackson's performance has to be the worst of his long career. It may well be one of the worst performances of the decade. His character was just stupid and incredibly offensive to so many people on so many different levels. He chose to speak with a cartoonish lisp which might suggest he is effeminate, or perhaps that he has a speech impediment - motivation is not an issue here - don't look for logic or rationality anywhere in this awkward movie.

Fans of Colin Firth, Jack Davenport, Mark Hamill, and Michael Caine will be very very disturbed by how these characters are treated.

On a positive note, Taron Egerton is a delight. He has enough skills to overcome the horrible direction and ham handed performances.
When to leave this movie
The first two acts carried the movie brilliantly. I've never laughed harder at more one word dialog lines. The action was incredible and the acting...sublime. Some of Britain's best leading men are on display and their charm and wit are matched only by the twinkling glee that all this is delivered with tongue-firmly-in-cheek.

And then they threw it all away in the third act. What a disaster. Witty banter replaced with canned-catchphrases. Charm replaced with scatological nonsense. Incredible stunts replaced with the same tired line work that grew old during the third Matrix movie.

Many movies disappoint because they never rise. This movie disappoints by how close it came to being truly incredible.

Want to know when to leave? Leave when Colin Firth is out of the picture. Up to that point, its a fun ride. But frankly, the whole picture hits an iceberg and sinks deep into the abyss after that. Smug, cocky, and second-rate, the picture becomes a model of the protagonist before making his journey. One is left hoping that the entire affair does not spawn a sequel.
Needless killing
The problem with "Kingsman: The Secret Service" is that it can't decide whether it's a spy movie, or a movie about violent killers, or a comedy. It tries to do some of all three. It partially succeeds as a spy movie, owing a lot to old James Bond films. (And did anyone catch the reference to "Get Smart?") And granted, there are a few funny moments. But the violence overwhelms everything else. There's plenty of gratuitous killing, and it's not the least bit subtle. If that's your cup of tea, prepare to have a great time. For me, I think the story would be have been better if 90% of the fight scenes had been left on the cutting room floor.

Plot-wise, it's completely predictable. A few minutes into the movie, we can already guess which two characters would end up in a fight to the finish at the end.

Very mild spoiler alert: The movie ends with the audience essentially being mooned. Thanks a lot, guys. I'd gladly return the favor if I knew you were watching.

One last point: Some user reviews have complained that the F-word is used quite a bit. It is, but really, is that the most offensive thing here? The entire premise of the dastardly project, and the implication that almost every world leader mindlessly buys into it, is far worse. Not to mention the almost nonstop display of blood and guts. Some of the killings are presented in an almost comical way and needn't be taken seriously, but most of it is just grossly, and needlessly, excessive.
Total eclipse of the brain
When I see rating of 8.0 for this film, it seems to me that something is wrong with people today. 80% of 150,000 really liked this movie! I'm shocked, I'm confused, I have no words to describe my negative emotions about the level of the modern audience. This movie is boring, dumb and even dumber, jokes are stupid. It's kind of parody, but it fails to be a parody like "naked gun". Again, because the jokes are old and not funny. I even fail to see who is the target audience for this movie, because some jokes should be rated. If the target audience is an American brainless kid of 12, I can understand, but then I question the age of the reviewers here. To sum up, if you don't want to be disappointed, just give a miss to this terrible piece of movie making. This is my sincere advice. Shame on all good actors to participate in this bacchanalia, which I cannot call "movie".
If your a comedy be a comedy....
I had really high hopes for this movie, I wanted to love it.. but it was just a huge disappointment.. before making the film they should have really sat down and asked themselves is this a comedy, an action film or etc... you can tell they never had this conversation before making the film.. they want to be silly but have graphic violence which is just stupid.. pick an audience.. previews for this film even made it seem like a good family movie..but it's rated R.. why?? why did you need to put all the stupid things in the movie that made the R rating possible.. you have heads that explode into rainbows.. if you made this movie pg-13 i would have watched it again and bought the DVD, and watched the sequel.. but you didn't you made it R for no apparent reason.. and ruined it for me and my family...

Now for the story.. it felt rushed and stupid.. Colin Firths character Cares about the kid, has kept an eye on him his whole life, has the means to help him but never does.. oh but as long as he has a stupid necklace and remembers a stupid saying the help will always be there if he needs it.. seriously.. but I guess if he helped the kid and his family we wouldn't have the mom getting beat sub plot of the criminal background.. which they only hint at but you never really feel like he is a criminal other than stealing the car.. so I'm guessing because he never used the stupid necklace and saying before he was never really a criminal... or a pickpocket like the movie suggests he is.. otherwise he would have used the get out of jail necklace a long time ago... also like every movie the main character needs to make a huge change.. from thug to gentleman.. only he never got the training to act like a gentleman, but that doesn't stop him from acting like one out of nowhere.. did they cut that scene from the movie?? was it a little too Mrs congeniality for a R rated movie?

all in all this movie was just terrible.. graphic violence while trying to make it seem playful and funny can be done.. but you weren't even close.. it seems like Matthew Vaughn has a huge Tarantino crush and he was trying to get his attention by butchering his style..

if you're not a nerd that loves ridiculous violence you won't like this film.. you'll especially hate it if you're a feminist.. or a woman in general.. unless you like women basically being portrayed as whores who's only purpose is to give anal sex after being rescued..
No, A total embarrassment
Not that funny at all. It was a total embarrassment. This was one of those movies in which I wish I could have put a bag over my head while walking out the theater because I was too embarrassed for people to see that I had gone to this movie. The good ol "F" word seems to make up most of the script. The movie was filled with stupid scenes. Very little of anything original came out of this film. I thought the scene with Freebird blasting would never end. This was just plain embarrassing. Tell the writers and producers to please make some better movies than this. I'm really trying to forget I went to this movie. So this gets two thumbs down.
Didn't work for me on any level
I went into this movie with decent hopes given the high rating it had, but it's not like I was over expecting or anything. In the end I found this thing a total a mess. I think for me it tried to ride too many lines and as a result failed in most aspects. It tried to take itself serious as a spy movie, yet it also tried to be this weird comedy, and while I think movies are capable of doing both, this one just didn't do it well or right to the point where it just bounced me out of the movie completely. Far as it taking itself seriously I found it to be way over the top unbelievable and unrealistic to the point of being stupid. Far as the comedy, I just didn't think the nuclear head explosions or the McDonalds being served on a silver platter was funny at all.

Granted I'm American and I get that English humor is a bit different, but I love Monty Python, Snatch, Mr. Bean, even most of the Bond films. Yet most of the funny moments in this movie I just found remarkably unfunny to the point where rather than it being a quick laugh it just completely bounced me out of the movie. And the few comical moments that were actually funny were already covered in the trailers, so for me this movie totally fell flat on the comedy scale to the point of actually hurting the movie.

Now on the taking itself seriously aspect, the whole spy gig, the young recruit, it just failed on that level for me as well. Certain aspects of the action scenes were done well and some of the bullet time action was good, but I thought the editing needed a lot of work. The massacre in the church I just thought was way over done and too long. I find it amazing in movies like this how fight scenes go on for many minutes and when it's all done, people are barely winded, breathing normally. Give me a break, go watch professional boxers or MMA fighters and see how they look after just one round, and they are real athletes who train vigorously. So while some of the action was okay, it was so over the top that again it bounced me out of the movie. So between the bad comedy and overcooked action I was constantly being reminded that I was watching a movie rather than be swept up into one.

My last beef is with the main kid and the whole "recruitment / training camp". Probably what bounced me out of the movie the most was here we have some reckless rebellious kid who's training to this point has been gymnastics, so okay he's flexible, has good balance, etc... Yet with little to no further training at all he's the biggest bad ass? The recruitment / initiation program was a joke. It wasn't a training program of any kind, it was basically "lets throw these kids in a no win situation and see how the fend and who comes out on top." I get the idea was they were trying to weed through all the recruits to get the best one, but the whole while I kept thinking "So this kid is just a natural born bad ass because he did gymnastics and has daddy issues?" Then once he's out and starts real life spy work he's untouchable and better than all the worlds master assassins. It's like her Mom's bf who bullies him early in the movie, who he confronts in the end, and I'm thinking "So other than being this super spy what has he done to actually improve his skills as a fighter?"

Overall I thought the action was decent, but very over the edge of what you'd consider to be believable "movie believability I mean." The black comedy was pretty flat and did very little in making me laugh or enjoy myself. Finally the believability of this kid taking over for his dad and his quasi predecessor was just absurd. I give it a 3 / 10. One point on principle and because I liked the main spy girl, a 2nd point because some of the action was decent, and a 3rd point for the best part of the movie which was the bare ass scene at the end, which shocked me enough to yell out "HELLO!"
If You're A Gamer
It's a comic book shooter with a great story. It runs a bit too long because of its over the top violent content. There's a good strain of political irony involved here too. In the name of saving the planet from global warming, the evil villain seeks to cull the herd by turning everyone into a homicidal maniac. But Samuel L. Jackson's aside to the camera says it all, "It isn't that kind of movie." Truly my I can say my head nearly exploded over the preceding scene, and stopped only because I realized it was indeed a comic book shooter. If you're going to enjoy a movie like this you have to give yourself up to the experience.

Otherwise, I agree it's revolting.
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