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Kingsman: The Golden Circle
Action, Adventure, Comedy
IMDB rating:
Matthew Vaughn
Hanna Alström as Princess Tilde
Calvin Demba as Brandon
Taron Egerton as Eggsy
Edward Holcroft as Charlie
Gordon Alexander as Kingsman Cab Driver
Björn Granath as The King of Sweden
Michael Gambon as Arthur
Keith Allen as Charles
Colin Firth as Harry Hart
Mark Strong as Merlin
Storyline: After the Kingsman headquarters are blown up by a psychotic criminal named Poppy Adams, the surviving agents find their way to an allied secret organisation based in Kentucky, named Statesman. The two agencies must now work together in order to save the world and take down the so called 'Golden Circle'.
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Just as good as the First!
After seeing the trailers for the sequel, I was worried that it would not be able to hold a candle to the first film, which I thought was superb. The long running time also had me slightly concerned.

As it turned out, there was no need to worry, as I really enjoyed the film. Time flew by and the story line kept me hooked the whole way through! Eggsy is a brilliant character and is for me personally, the star of the show, with Merlin coming a close second. Elton John's cameo was also brilliant and provided much laughter.

If you looking for a film that will keep you entertained, provide plenty of action and a barrel of laughs then give this a go.
An insult to movie goers. Hollywood thinks we are all Homer Simpsons
This is a truly awful movie. It is so far fetched that within 10 minutes of the film you are wondering if this was written by a 10 year old. This movie is not "fun" as other reviewers with obviously half a brain, have said. It is just an ongoing, relentless insult of your intelligence. The movie is designed to PROVOKE any one with a semblance of intelligence. Yes, it is just a wind up. It is smarmy, insulting, and offensive on all levels. The WHORES of Hollywood churn out another CGI ridden STINKER. Hollywood think we are all Homer Simpsons. A bunch of morons who like loud noises, flashing lights, and over-the-top Left Wing Political cruelty. Avoid like the Plague or prepare to have you intelligence thoroughly insulted. Just like so many recent Hollywood crapfests, this movie too makes normal, conscious people just want to punch the producers, directors and actors in the face.
Kingsman: The Golden Circle is one of the worst movies of the year so far.
What I thought of Kingsman: The Golden Circle The humor was predictable and cringe worthy, the plot minus well be nonexistent, they barely develop/use the villain. All the characters that were cool in the first movie were given nothing to do. And the new characters that they do introduce are so irrelevant that they minus well not be there. There is only one new character that is given anything to do, but he is so obviously a secondary villain waiting to be revealed that he should just have been a secondary villain to begin with. There was also a bunch of attempts at shock humour attempt, but those were just more obnoxious than actually shocking. The action is also not really well done, because there are times where you just can't really tell what's happening. The movie keeps zooming in unnecessarily because I guess the director thought that looked cool. I basically hated almost everything about this movie, and what I didn't hate, I was completely indifferent towards it
This film is pandering nonsense. The first was better
Kingsman golden circle is a hot steaming pile of pandering nonsense. The plot is all over the place, characters are stilted whilst others are not utilised properly. The music is terrible, the camera work passable and the whole feel of this movie is BLEH. A far cry from the first one and has none of the charm or wit.

The plot revolves around this woman who wants to make drugs that kill people and bribes the president with an antidote in return for fame. The president is an evil man who gets impeached and replaced with a "strong, truthful" woman who is his vice president (VP). This is strongly prevalent during the film and is obviously a poor analogy for the Donald Trump situation at the moment.

The fact that the VP looks like Hillary Clinton as well is majorly pandering to the audience and this part of the plot is so rammed down our gobs that we choke on this pretentiousness. It adds nothing to the movie and is just a sad attempt at getting political in what was meant to be a goofy, fun spy movie.

The rest of the plot is disjointed at best with Colin Firths character getting a downturn. In the first film he was a master spy with great reflexes and a charm that left us all rooting for him. In this film he is such a wimp that he needs help from Elton John (of all people!!?) to kill a robot dog. Even his "manners maketh man" scene is done again for no reason. In the first that fight made sense and had a point to the plot. In this the fight happens for no reason other than the studio wanted to rehash it.

The villain in this film is poor as she has no real personality and is so dull. She also spends all of her time in a 50s diner and never leaves. Not even when she knows the Kingsmen are coming for her does she run out or try to escape. She is so removed from valentine who was a great goofy villain. In fact she is so boring that I even forget what she is called and I saw the movie 1 hour ago….That is how forgettable she is!

The Swedish woman, who was barely in the first film, is very prevalent in this one for some reason?? I thought she was just in the first one for comic relief and so Eggsy could fuc* her in the a*s. I don't know why they killed off Lancelot (Roxy) and kept the Swedish woman in the film. Roxy was very prevalent in the first one and she gets killed off in this for no real reason and it's such a lacklustre, boring death as well that leads me to believe that she wasn't really important in the first film after all.

The statesmen are a really stupid idea. They all have southern accents and wear denim jackets and cowboy hats. I don't know if the writers have actually been to the US but that is not how all Americans act and dress. You don't see the Kingsmen pandering to English stereotypes like drinking Tea all the time and having fish and chips. So why then do we get this from the statesmen? It seems too stereotypical and just a dumb thing to throw into a plot.

Channing Tatum got a huge portion of trailer time however he is hardly in the film at all. He has one 30 second fight scene and that's it. I think he was just put in so women who get wet at Channing Tatum and will go see it. Sorry girls but he ain't in it….but the sexy Mexican guy from Narcos is…..Not Pablo Escobar! the other one.

To cap it all off the technical parts are terrible, especially the music. First that dam "country road" song by John Denver plays in this film which is becoming a standard for films in 2017. It was used in Alien Covenant AND Logan Lucky AS WELL AS this film. Maybe that's a mark if a film is sh*t now. If country road is playing you know the film is garbage! All the action scenes for the last half of the movie have country songs in the background which just takes away so much from the scenes that you feel bored watching them.

The good stuff is few and far between. The taxi chase at the start is great and sets the movie off well and the camera angles and shots are competent. Mark Strong is okay and is trying his best with what he is given. The comedy is okay in bits but is let down by all the rubbish and painfully unfunny Elton John scenes which kill the comedy dead.

All in all this has been a rubbish sequel to a great first movie. I liked the first one and was going to give this one a chance however so many things fell short. The characters were boring and in Harry's case were turned into wimps. The Statesmen where caricatures of what people think Americans look and act like and to cap it all off the political pandering this film does if just so BLEH!

I hate Donald Trump as much as everyone but having an analogy in a fun spy movie about his politics is completely boring and takes the heart away from this film series. The main thing this film is missing is the fun and goofiness the first had and it is just sad to watch if I'm honest.
What a crock
I quite enjoyed the first outing of Kingsman, it was in parts coherent and amusing, unfortunately the same cannot be said for this CGI laden embarrassment of a film. From the first action packed CGI laden opening to the end, this film was such a disappointment, the only highlight was a rather amusing cameo performance by Elton John apart from that it was all a bit of a disappointment and a mere shadow of the original. The CGI really did spoil this film and for me made it instantly forgettable.
I loved the first one as it was fun and fresh and had the right touch of humour. However, this followup film feels really contrived and all of the attempts to contextualise the film to the first with characters, fight scenes and plot were just constant let-downs. The villains were less quirky and threatening, and the unraveling plot was rather preposterous. Even the funniest concept of a kidnapping of a superstar couldn't save the film, although it had its moments of hilarity.

More to the point, the detail of the film was annoying, like everything seemed to fit together like someone had written it, which of course they have, but it's just all a little too contrived to enjoy. I never felt lost in this film at all.
doesn't really add up
It sure has a lot of swearing and violence for a kids movie. Complete lack of story, character development and acting is mildly redeemed by some good to watch - yet completely unbelievable - action sequences. Honestly can't believe it gets a 7 on IMDb, hopefully time will revise this.
In top of the most awful movies seen
I am still wondering how I could resist 2 hours and half watching this piece of s...think that because of my girlfriend who chose the movie. Usually, I don't have much requirements but this was a so big waste of time...there are so many crimes and the story is so simple and not funny that any person with a little bit of intelligence will choose more wisely next time when they go to a movie.
Worse than the first one, but no by much
First of all, I'm going to have spoilers galore in this one, so beware.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle is quite similar to the original in its vibrant color palette, good action with active camera and long takes, brutality and crude humor. Unlike the first movie, this one does have a pace drop in the middle, but in my view it wasn't too bad. Another difference is that the degree of absurdity has been elevated, and basically all scenes with Elton John are a prime example of that.

There are quite a few things in the storyline that I would have done differently, though.

First, Roxy is just not done justice - she is basically killed off- screen despite being a prominent character in the original, and is only mentioned like twice afterwards. I thought that this means that she would reappear closer to the end, but unfortunately it was not the case. Next movie, maybe?

Second, Merlin was also laid off quite needlessly, even without letting him have a proper fight scene. Could he not just wait in the bushes on the mine for a few hours? They weren't spotted when they stepped on it.

Third, Firth's return was a mistake, in my opinion. The first movie boldly broke some stereotypes and killed one of the protagonists and it was memorable. Now all that has been reduced to an implausible resurrection and return to the same stereotypes the first movie managed to break - we have an amnesiac mentor, who at first doesn't remember his old self, but then comes to his senses. You know, like in Men In Black 2, for instance.

Among other things: there is no mention of Eggsy's little sister; the entire love line with the Swedish princess is completely useless; the American agents were underused; the new villain is similar to the old one but more boring; Whiskey's endgame motivation was really stupid. Oh, and if you want to implant a tracker into the mucous membrane of a woman, you'd think it would be easier to put the finger with it into her drink rather than her vagina.

Sounds like a lot, doesn't it? True, but most of that comes to mind in some time after seeing the movie, while my overall impression upon watching was favorable. It's still a good movie, only without the same freshness the original brought and with some disproportions between the film's elements. I would be interested in a third part, though.
Kingsman: The Golden Circle
It is ironic that when a writer concocts so many sub-plots which take the audience off the Hero's main goal/desire, the main story line gets lost in the shuffle. This was what was happening in the first 10 minutes, until we got to the change of venue at Poppy's hang-out. We are introduced to the psychopathic opponent, Poppy, who does not flinch when one of her "soldiers" is committed into a meat grinder. She calmly makes a "humanburger" out of the hapless sub- opponent; dares her next "soldier" to eat the thing, while the audience tries to avoid vomiting. Not necessarily because of the disgusting concept of grinding a human being and then filming the "humanburger" for all to see, but because of just plain grossly overplayed attempts at humor with a classless script.

Billed as action/comedy, this script continued to exacerbate the patience of an audience that actually was relieved by the special effects/blood/carnage/ destruction/body parts flying - I noticed the audience turning on their hand-held devices and catching up on e-mails, which was even more obnoxious than this script.

The Hero, a young recent recruit into the secret service, simply did not have a believable story line. As with the genre of Mythology, this Hero set out to smite the dragons, one after another, using tools, weapons, impromptu devices, sci-fi gadgets, etc. This type of writing is predictable because after slaying one dragon, the rest are ho-hum going to be slain. There are no surprises in this script, other than a vast array of curious characters who enter and then depart.

The Opponent, Poppy, is not particularly opposed to the Hero for any particular reason. She is not blocking what the Hero attempts to do because so many other unrelated characters march in and out of the script, as if they were tacked on to increase the Narrative Drive. This technique did not work. The audience attention was not on the Hero's character arc because the vast character displays with no significant web to speak of kept taking the audience OFF of the Narrative Drive - the exact opposite desired effect.

The dialogue was in your face, with very little subtext. Predictable character development, to the point where except for the British crew and the British accents vs. the southern characters and the whiskey drinkers and down home brawls - The characters could have been interchangeable they were drawn in such a surface manner. Colin Firth, with temporary memory loss, did a superb job as usual because he is a fine actor. Jeff Bridges also did what he could with his whiskey saturated good old' boy routine leading a crew of men who all want to fight on the side for good vs. the evil "out there."

Poppy, the opponent, was so ridiculous, the attempt at parody was lost. A good opponent works punch-counter-punch with a good Hero - back and forth, constantly giving the audience Reveals. This was not the case with this script. The result - Very boring, predictable, and clichéd.
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