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Kingsman: The Golden Circle
Action, Adventure, Comedy
IMDB rating:
Matthew Vaughn
Hanna Alström as Princess Tilde
Calvin Demba as Brandon
Taron Egerton as Eggsy
Edward Holcroft as Charlie
Gordon Alexander as Kingsman Cab Driver
Björn Granath as The King of Sweden
Michael Gambon as Arthur
Keith Allen as Charles
Colin Firth as Harry Hart
Mark Strong as Merlin
Storyline: After the Kingsman headquarters are blown up by a psychotic criminal named Poppy Adams, the surviving agents find their way to an allied secret organisation based in Kentucky, named Statesman. The two agencies must now work together in order to save the world and take down the so called 'Golden Circle'.
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A terrible f***ing movie!!
This movie was AWFUL and a complete waste of $30! Such a disappointment! I feel let down by the IMDb rating; I feel duped as movies of this caliber are usually rated around a 4-5 star...not 7 star. Do yourselves a favour and don't pay to see this movie. Stream for free if you're really interested and I guarantee you won't last more than 10 mins. Or wait until you can rent it for $4 but even then I'd see that as a complete waste of snack money.Honestly one of the worst movies I've seen in recent history, alongside Zoolander 2 and Eye In The Sky.
wtf happened
The makers of this film just took a potentially amazing franchise and killed it. The film just goes nowhere, most of the characters have nothing to do, there are no arcs. The story has no impact, it tries to be political but has no message. The action is serviceable as is the acting. The entire film is predictable and unfunny. The first film was a near satirical masterpiece, this film is just nothing.
Totally hilarious, fast paced humorous action-comedy and a guest star that takes it to eleven!
After reading initial poor reviews of Kingsman: The Golden Circle I decided to wait and see it until later, and now I'm writing this review in pain... ...after laughing so hard I thought I'd snap a rib or two!

The movie itself isn't your typical Oscars flick, nor is it supposed to. There's no complex dialog or character development, but it's a "slap in your face" type of comedy with one crazy thing after the other and it takes things a few steps further than the first instalment. The big hero of the film isn't Taron Egerton as Eggsy, nor is it Edward Holcroft as Charlie or Mark Strong as Merlin, or any of their American counterparts. The biggest hero - and the culprit of my almost broken ribs from laughing too hard, is Elton John himself!!! Putting one of the most flamboyant and colourful artists in a shabby track suit, cursing like a shav and giving the middle finger to the left and right - and then delivering a hilarious fight scene that would make Jackie Chan proud - that's a winner for me 7 days a week, and the reason why I'm scoring this movie the highest ever possible score - a 10! I've only ever done this once before but Kingsman: The Golden Circle deserves it for almost sending me to the hospital tonight!

Matthew Vaughn did a splendid job here and he developed his skills producing and directing movies like Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Snatch, Harry Brown, Kick-Ass 1 & 2, Kingsmen: The Secret Service and Eddie the Eagle, and now he was given the task to direct this sequel which he did very well!.

This is British humor at its best if you ask me and if you're after a big laugh rather than something complex and deep, this is the one for you!
Almost puked
Two things I still can not believe after making myself sit through 2 hours of pain: 1) How can they manage to screw so bad with cast so good ? 2) How come this has so much high rating at this site ? This movie believes people have low standards themselves and even lower expectations from sequels and they are so blindly going to watch no matter what junk is piled up in the name of a sequel. I kept believing may be the show will improve as it progresses, but it kept going downhill from the get go. What is wrong with this movie ? Almost Everything except may be a few good expressions by Mark Strong. But even then every character seems misplaced, just delivering lines for the sake of working in a sequel. Bruce Greenwood as a president of USA ? Jeff bridges as chief ? Pedro pascal as cowboy ? None of the actors seems to have put any effort towards their role. And If I did not mention about the role and performances of other characters it was mostly because it is not even worth talking about, yes that includes Julianne's. I think the writer of the movie is a 3rd grader or may be 2nd.

Channing Tatum opens with heavy southern accent but then drops to typical mid western in next line. I think if you cant create a proper character, don't use a live actor, just use puppets. His dance was funny though. Clichéd dialogues, poor action, crappy gadgets, worst use of the worst cgi, hurriedly enacted script, and almost no plot. Well actually, my apologies, I would like to omit 'almost', there is really no plot. The forced reincarnation of Harry is very childish at the best. Again I have no idea why the scientific community does not stir up a protest when they see all kind of cooked up fancies in the name of science in a movie ? And the method of planting a nanite in a particular character is such an ugly attempt to James-Bondifying this movie that Albert R broccoli could be seen turning in his grave.

Go watch this movie and come back with a feeling of confusion as why do majority of sequels are so wretchedly bad and why we even hope them to be good.
What a load of Sh1t
from start to finish..CRAP Very poor Direction... A total Waste of my time.

Who was the idiot who decided to give this story to someone who decided to Destroy the franchise. The first One was brilliant.. This one was just god awful.. No story line, poor direction, total SH1T.
Generic, Boring, Fake action spy movie.
What a bad movie, we have here.

Everything about this movie sounds false, the cinematography is completely saturated, which at the beginning of the film, all the action sequences look like false and consequently all the excitement and adrenaline goes down the drain.

I say sewers. Sorry. After all, the main character at the beginning of the movie will stop at the sewers to go to see his girlfriend. Yes, that's where this movie belongs.

In other words, an annoying and boring action movie, we have here. Because of that, the film changes from set piece to set piece, yet the scenes are poorly structured, the scenes are saturated, with the pace to be slow as a turtle, which makes the scenes that should be fun to see, in empty action scenes without any impact, example each punch that a character gives to another character does not have any impact, so does not have emotion or excitement.

Not only that, as the characters have such exaggerated action scenes, these action scenes make the action sequences of the superheroes films tiny in comparison. Remember, they are not beings with superpowers, but simple humans. The feeling of danger or death ends up completely disappearing. And in the end, we end up not caring about the fate of the characters which are in the movie itself. Or better, the characters who had nothing interesting to connect with the audience since the beginning of the film. The characters are generics and poorly executed and written.

If an action movie, can not produce good sequences of action, for what purpose this movie exists, anyway?

This movie also does not convince anyone as a spy movie because the film is not serious enough and as a comedy movie, the elements of comedy are too bad to laugh, that is, the film still fails because the movie itself has no definite tone, so, is this a action movie? a comedy or a traditional spy movie? Apparently nobody knows, not even the filmmakers themselves.

Not to mention, the acting sucks too. Halle berry, should have stopped acting since the last 10 years. Julianne Moore, why are you here? You also do not convince anyone in an action movie. Stay in your dramas. I do not remember, the acting of the other actors. This movie so passable and generic. A film to avoid totally, to speak the truth.
This film is pandering nonsense. The first was better
Kingsman golden circle is a hot steaming pile of pandering nonsense. The plot is all over the place, characters are stilted whilst others are not utilised properly. The music is terrible, the camera work passable and the whole feel of this movie is BLEH. A far cry from the first one and has none of the charm or wit.

The plot revolves around this woman who wants to make drugs that kill people and bribes the president with an antidote in return for fame. The president is an evil man who gets impeached and replaced with a "strong, truthful" woman who is his vice president (VP). This is strongly prevalent during the film and is obviously a poor analogy for the Donald Trump situation at the moment.

The fact that the VP looks like Hillary Clinton as well is majorly pandering to the audience and this part of the plot is so rammed down our gobs that we choke on this pretentiousness. It adds nothing to the movie and is just a sad attempt at getting political in what was meant to be a goofy, fun spy movie.

The rest of the plot is disjointed at best with Colin Firths character getting a downturn. In the first film he was a master spy with great reflexes and a charm that left us all rooting for him. In this film he is such a wimp that he needs help from Elton John (of all people!!?) to kill a robot dog. Even his "manners maketh man" scene is done again for no reason. In the first that fight made sense and had a point to the plot. In this the fight happens for no reason other than the studio wanted to rehash it.

The villain in this film is poor as she has no real personality and is so dull. She also spends all of her time in a 50s diner and never leaves. Not even when she knows the Kingsmen are coming for her does she run out or try to escape. She is so removed from valentine who was a great goofy villain. In fact she is so boring that I even forget what she is called and I saw the movie 1 hour ago….That is how forgettable she is!

The Swedish woman, who was barely in the first film, is very prevalent in this one for some reason?? I thought she was just in the first one for comic relief and so Eggsy could fuc* her in the a*s. I don't know why they killed off Lancelot (Roxy) and kept the Swedish woman in the film. Roxy was very prevalent in the first one and she gets killed off in this for no real reason and it's such a lacklustre, boring death as well that leads me to believe that she wasn't really important in the first film after all.

The statesmen are a really stupid idea. They all have southern accents and wear denim jackets and cowboy hats. I don't know if the writers have actually been to the US but that is not how all Americans act and dress. You don't see the Kingsmen pandering to English stereotypes like drinking Tea all the time and having fish and chips. So why then do we get this from the statesmen? It seems too stereotypical and just a dumb thing to throw into a plot.

Channing Tatum got a huge portion of trailer time however he is hardly in the film at all. He has one 30 second fight scene and that's it. I think he was just put in so women who get wet at Channing Tatum and will go see it. Sorry girls but he ain't in it….but the sexy Mexican guy from Narcos is…..Not Pablo Escobar! the other one.

To cap it all off the technical parts are terrible, especially the music. First that dam "country road" song by John Denver plays in this film which is becoming a standard for films in 2017. It was used in Alien Covenant AND Logan Lucky AS WELL AS this film. Maybe that's a mark if a film is sh*t now. If country road is playing you know the film is garbage! All the action scenes for the last half of the movie have country songs in the background which just takes away so much from the scenes that you feel bored watching them.

The good stuff is few and far between. The taxi chase at the start is great and sets the movie off well and the camera angles and shots are competent. Mark Strong is okay and is trying his best with what he is given. The comedy is okay in bits but is let down by all the rubbish and painfully unfunny Elton John scenes which kill the comedy dead.

All in all this has been a rubbish sequel to a great first movie. I liked the first one and was going to give this one a chance however so many things fell short. The characters were boring and in Harry's case were turned into wimps. The Statesmen where caricatures of what people think Americans look and act like and to cap it all off the political pandering this film does if just so BLEH!

I hate Donald Trump as much as everyone but having an analogy in a fun spy movie about his politics is completely boring and takes the heart away from this film series. The main thing this film is missing is the fun and goofiness the first had and it is just sad to watch if I'm honest.
After the first Kingsman I was expecting a good movie, sorry but this isn't. Lots of special effects but terrible story line, unbelievable characters, travel to places and back which can only have been at the speed of light and.....oh.....I'm sorry but WTF is the Elton John thing? it's nothing but embarrassing. A couple of chuckles along the way (hence the 2 rating but, I would have had more sitting at my local bar.

Maybe if Samuel L. Jackson had made an unbelievable come back instead of.... (well, that would be telling too much) it would have been better! Sorry, very disappointed :(
Unnecessary Politics
The first Kingsman was subtle with Obama's head exploding. This here is just pandering and irritating. 2016 and 2017 are the years Trump gets bashed a bunch by angry voters and celebrities. At this point, it's real old and it's not funny anymore. It is so ham fisted in your face in this film that you just want to die. Basically, Trump is an evil man who wants to kill all the druggies so that no more drugs will be distributed. Then, they have Hillary Clinton who is the vice president. By the end you know it all, Trump's impeached. Hillary becomes the president of the United States.
SILLY SEQUEL: Here are the 10 Top Reasons to watch this crap:
SILLY SEQUEL: Here are the 10 Top Reasons to go and watch this crap:

(1). You want to see 5 Oscar winning people to the lowest point of their career.

(2). You want to hear Elton John saying constantly "F-ck You".

(3). You want to see a girl telling to a guy that she wants to pee on her.

(4). You want to see 2 people turn to ground meat.

(5). You want to see a man eating a hamburger made from human meat.

(6). You are enjoying lame green screen effects and CGI.

(7). You want to see another spy plot based on a deadly virus.

(8). You are enjoying silly, kindergarten jokes.

(9). You want to experience first hand the "Curse of the Sequels".

(10). You like fake butterflies.

Anyway, despite the (manipulated from the studio?) 7.2 here in IMDb, the consensus is that this movie is terrible.

It has nothing to do with the original, and is just a generic and forgettable action movie, that should probably wait to see on TV, next year.
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