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Kingsman: The Golden Circle
Action, Adventure, Comedy
IMDB rating:
Matthew Vaughn
Hanna Alström as Princess Tilde
Calvin Demba as Brandon
Taron Egerton as Eggsy
Edward Holcroft as Charlie
Gordon Alexander as Kingsman Cab Driver
Björn Granath as The King of Sweden
Michael Gambon as Arthur
Keith Allen as Charles
Colin Firth as Harry Hart
Mark Strong as Merlin
Storyline: After the Kingsman headquarters are blown up by a psychotic criminal named Poppy Adams, the surviving agents find their way to an allied secret organisation based in Kentucky, named Statesman. The two agencies must now work together in order to save the world and take down the so called 'Golden Circle'.
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How to ruin a movie in the first 5 seconds
Play prince lets go crazy.

Really? Is this the best you drunk cocaine addicted pedophiles can do? I have to write more, but I never watched more. Garbage, trash, waste of time blah blah blah.

Jesus how much more can I say this sucks?
Leave out Politics
Did not appreciate the blatant political representation in this movie. Many movies have subtle political undertones, but this film goes too far and divides its audience which takes away from the story. Advertise as a political movie otherwise leave politics out of it. Also they bottled a bunch of American stereotypes and pinned them to Kentucky which is a misrepresentation of the state.
A boring movie, no where near as good as the first
A boring movie that had me yawning all the way through. The main character keeps popping in and out of accents. Harry makes a weird comeback around an hour into the movie. A soulless, unfunny movie that could have been a lot better after the first hit.

Save your money and see something else unless you're on Limitless.
I must admit I kinda waited for this movie because I liked the approach in the first movie and I thought they will stick to their flow and come up with something newer and greater but their sequel failed to deliver. The movie was just a chaotic.

In the beginning they flushed bunch of characters with useless bombs and left in the characters who, they thought, will entertain audience the most. Did they? Not really. Jokes were mostly worn-out and characters lacked of depth and stayed very one-dimensional. I can't even name one character who stood out because they developed NONE. The movie was also lacking of pressure and bad guys having power over everything making good guys having really hard time.

What were those action scenes? There were no impressive and new moves which i was kinda waiting for and even their technology seemed very "i have seen this somewhere".

Also, cinematography had some issues- I kinda noticed that the image was more shaky and blurry that it should have been. For this budget I expect better quality.

Honesty, I have no idea where my 3 stars come from. It just feels wrong to give it lower rating as I see the average is kind of high.
What a load of Sh1t
from start to finish..CRAP Very poor Direction... A total Waste of my time.

Who was the idiot who decided to give this story to someone who decided to Destroy the franchise. The first One was brilliant.. This one was just god awful.. No story line, poor direction, total SH1T.
Fun and entertaining sequel
Like many others I'm sure, I went into Kingsman 2 apprehensively.As a massive fan of the first I was concerned that like many other sequels, it would disappoint.I left entertained and pleasantly surprised HOWEVER it is not without its flaws .

The story briefly- Eggsy (a brilliant again Taron Egerton)and Merlin have to team up with the American Kingsman 'The Statesmen' to get to the bottom of a virus being spread by Poppy, our films 'bad guy' played by a wonderfully evil Julianne Moore. There are some twists and turns along the way (the trailers already spoil the surprise return of Harry Hart but I will not give details of how this happens)some of which you wont expect (others are pretty obvious but more on that in a minute!)

What I liked- For me it was great to revisit loved characters from the first and there are some interesting new characters. It is a fun film that is very reflective of the fact it is comic book material.It entertains with some great OTT action sequences and some real laugh out loud moments.The acting is strong and this helps to carry the story which somewhat engages. What will surprise many (as it did me) is the emotion to the film. It delivers some real emotionally charged moments and one scene delivers a particularly powerful gut punch.

Where it does fall down-as already mentioned the story isn't the strongest and at points falls apart from too many players and some obvious plot twists.This creates a longer run time than the film can carry so it does lag at points. A good 20 minutes shorter would have made for a higher rating from myself. The action scenes whilst great also are very apparently CGI heavy which might bother some. It also does that cheeky thing of selling on some certain big stars which whilst this wasn't a particular draw for me, it might disappoint some to find they are actually only in the film for a few short scenes (those who see it will get exactly who I am talking about!!) To me it is comparable to Guardians of the Galaxy 2- some great moments that make you glad you decided to return, but it doesn't quite deliver on the story. That being said I would still recommend Kingsman 2 and would revisit this film again in the future as well as hope for a further installment.
Extreme Violence
I was absolutely disappointed by the severe violence the 2nd Kinsman movie showed. I know I can't mention the scene, because it can spoil the movie. But I am sure the directors and the writers can figure out which scenes I am taking about. I understand that people like some excitement, cool fight scenes and modern fighting gadgets and tools, but these violent scenes didn't have anything to do with that.

We are all aware that movie industry has a huge huge impact on people's thoughts, mental patterns and how they live and view the world. And it is sad to see that the cool Kingsman 1, turned to this movie that implants severe violence in people's minds.

I hope we are all responsible for what impact we have on each other on this planet.
Disastrous sequel.
Yeah, it's bad.

and Elton John's cameo is embarrassing.

Lets just hope there isn't a Kingsman 3, for the sake of the audience and more importantly, for the sake of the hugely talented actors that were wasted on this rubbish which was obviously thrown together for the sake of making money.

Don't waste your time watching it. Seriously.

I enjoyed "Kingsman - the secret service". It was quirky and shocking which worked brilliantly.

"Kingsman - the Golden Circle" was a goddamn mess.
Great cast, pretty awful movie
I hated to see such great actors coming together in a pretty bad movie. The plot was silly and some of the characters were overdone and equally silly (Poppy). The Elton cameo was good for the first scene then was way over done. So many things wrong after a pretty good first movie. Please don't make another one.
Generic, Boring, Fake action spy movie.
What a bad movie, we have here.

Everything about this movie sounds false, the cinematography is completely saturated, which at the beginning of the film, all the action sequences look like false and consequently all the excitement and adrenaline goes down the drain.

I say sewers. Sorry. After all, the main character at the beginning of the movie will stop at the sewers to go to see his girlfriend. Yes, that's where this movie belongs.

In other words, an annoying and boring action movie, we have here. Because of that, the film changes from set piece to set piece, yet the scenes are poorly structured, the scenes are saturated, with the pace to be slow as a turtle, which makes the scenes that should be fun to see, in empty action scenes without any impact, example each punch that a character gives to another character does not have any impact, so does not have emotion or excitement.

Not only that, as the characters have such exaggerated action scenes, these action scenes make the action sequences of the superheroes films tiny in comparison. Remember, they are not beings with superpowers, but simple humans. The feeling of danger or death ends up completely disappearing. And in the end, we end up not caring about the fate of the characters which are in the movie itself. Or better, the characters who had nothing interesting to connect with the audience since the beginning of the film. The characters are generics and poorly executed and written.

If an action movie, can not produce good sequences of action, for what purpose this movie exists, anyway?

This movie also does not convince anyone as a spy movie because the film is not serious enough and as a comedy movie, the elements of comedy are too bad to laugh, that is, the film still fails because the movie itself has no definite tone, so, is this a action movie? a comedy or a traditional spy movie? Apparently nobody knows, not even the filmmakers themselves.

Not to mention, the acting sucks too. Halle berry, should have stopped acting since the last 10 years. Julianne Moore, why are you here? You also do not convince anyone in an action movie. Stay in your dramas. I do not remember, the acting of the other actors. This movie so passable and generic. A film to avoid totally, to speak the truth.
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