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King Solomons Mines"
Action, Adventure, Romance
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Compton Bennett, Andrew Marton
Hugo Haas as Van Brun aka Smith
Lowell Gilmore as Eric Masters
Siriaque as Umbopa (as Siriaque of the Watussi Tribe)
Kimursi as Khiva (as Kimursi of the Kipsigi Tribe)
Sekaryongo as Chief Gagool (as Sekaryongo of the Watussi Tribe)
Stewart Granger as Allan Quatermain
Deborah Kerr as Elizabeth Curtis
Richard Carlson as John Goode
Storyline: Guide Allan Quatermain helps a young lady (Beth) find her lost husband somewhere in Africa. It's a spectacular adventure story with romance, because while they fight with wild animals and cannibals, they fall in love. Will they find the lost husband and finish the nice connection?
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A terrific film...
This is a fine film, which won Oscars for Best Cinematography & Best Film Editing, it was also nominated for Best Picture. Filmed in spectacular locations/panoramas in an Africa that likely no longer exists with excellent actors and native tribepersons, there is much to appreciate. But despite its story and thrilling moments, it's likely to be a bit slow for the MTV/Attention Deficit Disorder generation/s. The only thing that bothers me about this film -- and it's significant -- is that it does NOT follow the book, which is actually more exciting and interesting even though (or because it's) sans the obligatory formulaic Hollywood-added love interest, which was for purposes of revenue-enhancing demographics, I assume!? It is an excellent family film! But will a writer/director like Peter Jackson PLEASE a film of this BOOK (and its excellent sequel, which has grand dramatic battle sequences, btw!) please!??? Someone mentioned it seemed almost like a documentary. H. Rider Haggard was a British Gov't official in Africa for *many* years, so he knew that of which he wrote, although he obviously romanticized some elements and/or stories (such as "She"). He did for adventure novels what Edgar Allan Poe did for detective novels! And if you do get/choose to read his books, get the UNabridged versions by HIM; some of the editions are truly horrible "translations"!
The Grandeur of Africa
This film is a Valentine to the beauty of Africa where the majority of it was filmed. A trip through jungle, desert and snow-capped mountains....it's a virtual travelogue. Adding to the joy of this film is a strong cast and a rousing story that keeps your attention.

Stewart Granger is perfect as the somewhat jaded "great white hunter" who is talked into what seems to him a fruitless trip to uncharted territory in search of the lost husband of Deborah Kerr. Along for the ride is Richard Carlson as her brother, although he doesn't have a lot to do. Deborah of the flaming hair seems a little out of place in the beginning of the film but toughens up as the search continues.

One of the joys of the film is the magnificence of the African players....they have great dignity and unusual beauty. The scenario in the Watusi village is a highlight of the story.

Needless to say, the missing husband is found but can no longer prove a threat to the happiness of Granger and Kerr who have fallen in love on the trek. Richard Carlson is still around and still has nothing to do but I guess he made a good chaperone.

This is a do-not-miss film which offers a look at the "dark continent" and plenty of thrills for the adventure fan. It deserves a little more attention than it has gotten over the years.
They Shoot Elephants Don't They?
Deborah Kerr has a hideous wig through the first part of "Solomon's Mines." You know by the time they find the diamonds the wig will be gone. At one point Deborah takes a scissors to it and gives herself a perfect haircut. That was my favorite scene. People in movies can always cut their own hair without it looking like a disaster. I also liked how whenever Deborah screamed Stewart Granger would come running into her tent with his shirt off. Her brother, played Richard Carlson, always had his shirt on, but then he wasn't the romantic lead. Carlson, who was born in Albert Lea Minnesota, didn't attempt to sound the least bit British too. I guess he figured he'd let Granger and Kerr do their thing and stay out of their way. The movie sort of fizzles to a conclusion. It's like everyone forgot that King Solomon's Mines were filled with diamonds.
One of the best films of the '50s.
The film follows an excellent hunter (Granger) who is payed to go on a safari to find the lost husband of Deborah Kerr and Richard Carlson. He reluctantly agrees. Along the way they run into different perils. Including many tribes that want the group dead.

The film is very exciting. And you feel for the characters when they come into contact with danger. I wish more action films could make you do that. The performances are the reason behind this. It's too bad that the actors and actresses in the film weren't nominated for Oscars. I doubt they deserved to win, but they deserved to be up.

The script is also very good. It strays away from the book just a little bit. But I have no problem with that because the film, by itself, is very good.

The cinematography and editing are flawless. And they rightly won Oscars. The film was also nominated for Best Picture. It's one of the better adventure films.
What About the MInes? A Special Place for Trash *
This film makes my special list: One of the worst pictures ever nominated for best picture. Obviously, it didn't win. "All About Eve" was in a totally different superior class.

To say that this film is dull is to put in mildly. We are subjected to all kinds of animals and Deborah Kerr spends most of the film fainting, falling and gradually coming to love Stuart Granger.

The premise is good. Kerr and brother, Richard Carlson, go to Africa to locate her missing husband. He ran off to explore and hasn't been heard from in over 2 years. Wait until you discover his fate! Kerr had to find out the very hard way. Of course, there is animosity between Kerr and Granger at first. She had hired him to lead the way.

Suddenly, we're into a civil war between the tribes. Luckily, it was a very brief one.

The cinematography is nice. I guess the Academy needed this film to round out the 5 required at that time. Come to think of it, there had to be something out there that was better than this junk.
The only way out of this is... suffocation.
H. Rider Haggard's classic story about African adventurer/guide Allan Quartermain, who after agreeing to search for Elizabeth Curtis' missing husband. Finds himself on the trail of the fabled diamond mines of King Solomon.

A road movie in African locations? Well yes it is, but if exotic locations and jungle japery is your thing? Then King Solomon's Mines is the film for you. MGM shelled out a then staggering $3.5 million to make this piece, and not a penny is wasted as it's one of the finest productions from the adventure genre. Robert Surtees rightly bagged the Academy Award for his cinematography, the jungle, mountains and swamps all brought vividly to life by the adroit Surtees. Yet as good as it is technically, and as epic as Haggard's source is, the film still doesn't quite reach the heights to compliment the other aspects.

It's not so much the cast, who had to contend with searing heat and numerous jungle infections, it's just the characters they play are plain and uninteresting. The burgeoning romance between Stewart Granger's Quartermain and Debora Kerr's Curtis is fine, and helps the trip zip along, but they are devoid of expression, secondary to the scenery around them. Granger {stepping in after Errol Flynn dropped out} does look the part of an adventurer, but a hint of heroism is badly missing, while Kerr plays the prim mistress act as if in her sleep. It's almost as if the technical aspects of the film took precedence over character substance, and that's a shame because this should have been a total benchmark for the action/adventure genre.

Unusually for films around this era, the African tribes are afforded respect, and actually are the most interesting characters on show, and although a whiff of imperialism is hard to ignore, it never suffocates the actual story, mainly because of the air of daftness that is driving it all along. It's basically a technically excellent film {fake creatures aside} that sadly underachieves on its human characterisations. But with that said, now comes my disclaimer that it's a film I have constantly revisited over the years, I get a kick out of it, as I'm sure many others do. If only they had..........well I can't go on about it can I? 6.5/10
Lively and beautifully photographed film
While it could have done with more characterisation, King Solomon's Mines is a lively and beautifully photographed film. The cinematography and scenery is fabulous and the editing is crisp and Mischa Spolainsky's score is rousing and beautiful. The film goes along at a good pace, has a good script and has an engaging story full of animal action, frenzied tribesmen and sentimental love scenes. The direction from Compton Bennett and Andrew Marton is strong, while Stewart Granger is very likable and the lovely Deborah Kerr is watchable as she always was. In conclusion, a very good film worth seeing for the leads and the visuals. 8/10 Bethany Cox
King Solomon's Mines (1950) is the greatest of all USA produced African movies, no exceptions!
King Solomon's Mines (1950 MGM) starring Stewart Granger and Deborah Kerr is the greatest movie about modern day Africa ever filmed, even though it was set in 1898.

It shows the grandeur and perfect culture (and satisfaction) of the local natives....it is not about politics or social revolution, to it's credit.

This movie is about how beautiful, how perfect Africa at the Equator level, but elevated to heights which make it comfortable ("It's like England," states Deborah Kerr!), and about the fact that Africa is where all civilization and human origins occurred.

It is still the perfect place to live, and this movie shows that.

Hooray! The story is a dumb Hollywood version of much more intelligent (but discarded) version of the story written by H. Rider Haggard.

Too expensive to film the Haggard story, so Hollywood in 1950 made a love story out of it, and who cares? The movie still came out perfect, perfect, perfect, and people should see it and reverence it.

Hollywood does the best it can with modest resources, especially mental and intellectual resources.

This movie turned out good.

I loved it. Screen it often. You should also.


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Timeless Classic
Stewert Granger was never more imposing as a leading man, Deborah Kerr was never more beautiful as she was under the African sky and Africa was never more scenic or more deadly . This was like something out of the Boys Own annual and while connoisseurs of the book might complain about the total lack of similarity between this film and H Rider Haggard's classic, to us lesser mortals this film has the ability to take us to a different world.A world of sun ,sand and deadly creatures. So some of the animals may not have even been from Africa and the deadly spider was obviously straight out of the prop cupboard but seeing a lot of the animals in their natural habitat made up for this and the stampede scene literally took my breath away. I spent a large part of my life in Africa and this film made me quite homesick and the African music before the credits actually bought tears to my eyes. I caught this film on TCM in their weekend matinée slot and I just want to conclude by saying thank you TCM for another bit of marvellous movie magic

. King Solomans Mines 9/10
A Unique Film is Some Aspects
The MGM 1950 version of King Solomon's Mines is unusual in that it is an adventure story with no musical score whatever, other than some background drums and singing. Having seen it perhaps 15 times in the 1950s, I can say that it was always fresh, and just as scary in the tense parts every time seen on the big screen. The photography is just exceptional. The scenes of unspoiled African countryside in color should be cherished. An unfortunate part is the early scene with the actual shooting of a bull African elephant; but folks didn't know better then. I am pleased that the picture is now available on DVD, though the quality of image isn't perfect.
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