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King Solomons Mines"
Action, Adventure, Romance
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Compton Bennett, Andrew Marton
Hugo Haas as Van Brun aka Smith
Lowell Gilmore as Eric Masters
Siriaque as Umbopa (as Siriaque of the Watussi Tribe)
Kimursi as Khiva (as Kimursi of the Kipsigi Tribe)
Sekaryongo as Chief Gagool (as Sekaryongo of the Watussi Tribe)
Stewart Granger as Allan Quatermain
Deborah Kerr as Elizabeth Curtis
Richard Carlson as John Goode
Storyline: Guide Allan Quatermain helps a young lady (Beth) find her lost husband somewhere in Africa. It's a spectacular adventure story with romance, because while they fight with wild animals and cannibals, they fall in love. Will they find the lost husband and finish the nice connection?
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Stewart Granger and Deborah Kerr
This colorful outdoor story is great entertainment and has excellent work by Stewart Granger and Deborah Kerr. The spare plot involves a search for a woman's missing husband which leads eventually to a diamond mine in a distant province. The safari braves assorted dangers along the way from wild animals and savage tribesmen, and the film captures the beautiful vistas of the African plains and exotic animals in their natural habitat. Richard Carlson is along as a member of the safari, as are two natives who provide fine characterizations as the plot unfolds. This picture doesn't have a music score but does have instead the drums and chants of the tribesmen that provide an authentic accompaniment to the film. Robert Surtees received an Academy Award for his excellent cinematography for this movie.
A must for film/Hollywood history buffs
This one remains a classic in the history of the adventure film genre. I first saw it in the early 60's. As a child, the scenes of animals in their natural habitat and peoples of African cultures made a big impression. These are still worth seeing today, especially since the film has been restored. I bought the VHS version in the 1980's and the restoration wasn't so good. Too much blue and brown like colorized versions of B&W films. It was on t.v. about a month ago and the color was much better. Although the plot is predictable, the visual effects are still worth it 56 years later. Granger is a bit heavy-handed as the "great white hunter", especially in one scene where he peremptorily waves his hand for the "natives" to fall in and follow when he is not, in fact, in charge of the action being portrayed. Based on this film, I used to think Richard Carlson was British, not from the U.S.! My favorite scenes are of the men dancing in the Watusi village enclosure, and the hand-to-hand combat scene where Umbopa and his usurper cousin fight it out for the throne.

A bit of trivia: The music played at the beginning and end of the film is the exact same music played in the film "Mogambo".
King Solomon's Mines (1950) is the greatest of all USA produced African movies, no exceptions!
King Solomon's Mines (1950 MGM) starring Stewart Granger and Deborah Kerr is the greatest movie about modern day Africa ever filmed, even though it was set in 1898.

It shows the grandeur and perfect culture (and satisfaction) of the local natives....it is not about politics or social revolution, to it's credit.

This movie is about how beautiful, how perfect Africa at the Equator level, but elevated to heights which make it comfortable ("It's like England," states Deborah Kerr!), and about the fact that Africa is where all civilization and human origins occurred.

It is still the perfect place to live, and this movie shows that.

Hooray! The story is a dumb Hollywood version of much more intelligent (but discarded) version of the story written by H. Rider Haggard.

Too expensive to film the Haggard story, so Hollywood in 1950 made a love story out of it, and who cares? The movie still came out perfect, perfect, perfect, and people should see it and reverence it.

Hollywood does the best it can with modest resources, especially mental and intellectual resources.

This movie turned out good.

I loved it. Screen it often. You should also.


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I was so disappointed with this picture
I can't tell you how disappointed I was when I got through this picture. I found it boring and not very epic at all. I was expecting an epic of sorts, more adventurous and daring but what we have is a run of the mill picture with some amazing footage. That amazing footage in capturing the tribes doing their thing but the rest is uninspiring.

The lack of music was a major disappointment, there was nothing. This picture was crying out for a film score!!! Then we have the stereotypical characters, they were so boring, they had nothing to do! There was no adventure feeling at all.

The climax is boring too, it just died, the director seemed bored. Where was the excitement?

Technically, the film was shot well but the screenplay was the initial problem, it wasn't very good.

Obviously, people will compare this with Raiders of the Lost Ark. I prefer Raiders, which was a near perfect picture, it had a sense of adventure.

What a disappointment!
Nice safari but weak adventure
This is a run-of-the-mill Hollywood production where the emphasis is on the colourful trip to inner Africa. The most interesting parts are clearly the tribes choreographies and the safari shots, which makes King Solomon's Mines OK as family entertainment, but makes the movie dull on the action side.

With the difficulty to shoot on location most of the scenes it was a real challenge to do better than this flat continuity of talky scenes interspersed with beautiful shots of the African wildlife and local people. The story results quite boring: being a family movie it can't stem away from its clean line and thus you are only waiting for the prize in the title to materialise. And even then it is far from climactic since most of the movie has long before been let to tell a African story of its own.
I watched this movie expecting a great adventure. Instead, I got a movie with great scenery but the movie goes nowhere. The movie look like it was so in love with filming Africa that they didn't bother to come up with an interesting story. It starts out well, but a journey has to have an interesting destination. King Soloman's Mines doesn't. Spoiler alert: When they finally get to the mines, they spend all of five minutes there and seem to shrug off all the diamonds. Huh? You go to all that trouble to journey to this place and you seem not interested when you do. This movie needed more action, thrills, and bruised forearm moments. Scenes involving one wild animal after another, including two straight scenes with snakes in it. Maybe I come from a different generation from this movie (I grew up in the 80s) but I think this movie should have tried harder. Go with the recent version with Patrick Swayze or the underrated Richard Chamberlain version instead.
Rousing adaptation lavishly produced by Sam Zimbalist about H. Rider Haggard's classic adventure novel
The screenplay follows the British version by Robert Stevenson but the screenwriter Helen Deutsch changed the plot, as introducing a female character, the brotherhood relationship for matrimonial relation and eliminating the fantastic elements. Two English actors starred, Stewart Granger as the famous Allan Quatermain and Deborah Kerr as Elizabeth Curtis, hiring the great white hunter and accompanied by her brother John performed by Richard Carlson. At the time was announced as starring Errol Flynn , though he renounced for performing 'Kim' by Victor Saville. The safari led by Stewart Granger set out in search for her husband and the king Salomon's treasure mines. The brave hunter and the elegant lady become fast friends, confronting risks and danger in search of legendary diamonds mines.The African native is played by a real Watusi ethnic, Sinaque, reclaiming his rights over throne.In 1937 version was the supreme role performed by the singer Paul Robeson who proved his singing faculties.

The filming started in Africa 1949, running time five months. The crew travelled by hundred miles in planes and trucks across Kenia, Uganda, Congo Belgian, Lagoon Victory, Falls of Murchisin and north of lagoon Tanganika where live the Watusi. Polished and coloristic production design by the veteran Cedric Gibbons. Heat and ills affected the crew and main actors but Deborah Kerr surprised for her resistance. There had confronting between Stewart Granger and Compton Bennett and Andrew Marton directed the second unity. Then, Metro Goldwyn Mayer dismissed Compton and Marton finished the picture. It was nominated for best movie and won Academy Award for cinematography by Robert Surtees and edition. Had several take-out with no use and later Metro Goldwyn Mayer utilized for its follow-up.

The picture is followed by a sequel, rapidly made, created with excess footage previous, titled 'Watusi'(1959) by Kurt Neumann with George Montgomery and David Farrar. An inferior version directed by J.Lee Thompson(1985) with Richard Chamberlain and Sharon Stone; and a TV adaptation directed by Steven Boyum with Patrick Swayze and Alison Doody, among others.
The only way out of this is... suffocation.
H. Rider Haggard's classic story about African adventurer/guide Allan Quartermain, who after agreeing to search for Elizabeth Curtis' missing husband. Finds himself on the trail of the fabled diamond mines of King Solomon.

A road movie in African locations? Well yes it is, but if exotic locations and jungle japery is your thing? Then King Solomon's Mines is the film for you. MGM shelled out a then staggering $3.5 million to make this piece, and not a penny is wasted as it's one of the finest productions from the adventure genre. Robert Surtees rightly bagged the Academy Award for his cinematography, the jungle, mountains and swamps all brought vividly to life by the adroit Surtees. Yet as good as it is technically, and as epic as Haggard's source is, the film still doesn't quite reach the heights to compliment the other aspects.

It's not so much the cast, who had to contend with searing heat and numerous jungle infections, it's just the characters they play are plain and uninteresting. The burgeoning romance between Stewart Granger's Quartermain and Debora Kerr's Curtis is fine, and helps the trip zip along, but they are devoid of expression, secondary to the scenery around them. Granger {stepping in after Errol Flynn dropped out} does look the part of an adventurer, but a hint of heroism is badly missing, while Kerr plays the prim mistress act as if in her sleep. It's almost as if the technical aspects of the film took precedence over character substance, and that's a shame because this should have been a total benchmark for the action/adventure genre.

Unusually for films around this era, the African tribes are afforded respect, and actually are the most interesting characters on show, and although a whiff of imperialism is hard to ignore, it never suffocates the actual story, mainly because of the air of daftness that is driving it all along. It's basically a technically excellent film {fake creatures aside} that sadly underachieves on its human characterisations. But with that said, now comes my disclaimer that it's a film I have constantly revisited over the years, I get a kick out of it, as I'm sure many others do. If only they had..........well I can't go on about it can I? 6.5/10
A National Geographic special + a predictable romance
The problem I had with this film is that it can't seem to make up its mind whether it's an adventure story or a travelogue. The director pads the film with pictures of every conceivable African beast, and some glorious scenery, but the story is weak, and the romantic development is of the highest cliché factor imaginable. (And unfortunately, many of the spliced-in animal scenes were obviously filmed by different crews or just borrowed from someone else's film.)

Anyone who has sat through INDIANA JONES or even ROMANCING THE STONE will be asleep by the third reel. And of course, critics who lean toward the PETA crowd, or dislike imperialism and paternalism, will be offended about once every five minutes by the slaughter of animals and the male>female interaction. (Brave man repeatedly saves screaming, helpless woman.)

Granger reminded me so much of Steve Coogan, that I couldn't help but wish they'd remake this as a spoof.

If you want an glimpse into what Africa looked like 60 years ago, this would be a wonderful way to spend an hour. Unfortunately, it goes on much longer than an hour, with its paper- thin plot. Read the book if you want real adventure.
Scarier scares in this than you find in a horror movie.
I have to say about King Solomon's Mines is that it has some scary bits that you wouldn't find in a film, because, when suspense builds the event that is taking place is scary without any suspense music, because, you must just watch.

Here are a few examples of the scary parts:

The first one was when everyone was asleep and a leopard came out of nowhere and there was at least 10 seconds of it lurking at the side of the woman's tent.And then, it tries to rip through the side of the tent and the woman woke up and screamed and someone came to here rescue. Sheesh! When I saw that leopard, I could feel my heart thumping in my head!

The second one was when the woman was sleeping again BUT she was sleeping somewhere else on the adventure.And suddenly, a rock python came slithering down a broken branch ans slithered towards the women's dress. The women woke up and screamed. Her scream was so loud , I jumped.

The third one , was a stupid one. The woman was so angry she went behind a bush to take off her coat and this toy spider crept into her coat (it was suppose to be real, but I could see it wasn't).And when she came back, one of the men she was with saw the spider on her dress and whipped it off. Then the woman saw the spider and she fainted.

The fifth one was when they were all in a cave and got trapped by the a rock slide that covered the entrance of the cave when they saw someone's skeleton.

These were all the parts that scared me, especially the woman's scream.

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