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King Arthur Was a Gentleman
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Marcel Varnel
Jack Train as Jack
Peter Graves as Lance Elliott
Max Bacon as Maxie
Al Burnett as Slim
Evelyn Dall as Susan Ashley
Anne Shelton as Gwen Duncannon
Brefni O'Rorke as Colonel Duncannon
Arthur Askey as Arthur King
Ronald Shiner as Sergeant
Vera Frances as Vera
Storyline: Arthur King joins the army, and soon starts fantasising about King Arthur and his knights.
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Shouldn't a comedy be funny?!
This is a WWII propaganda comedy starring Arthur Askey. However, while it is supposed to be a comedy, it really isn't very funny. Plus, like many comedies of the era, it suffers from unnecessary songs.

The film begins with Arthur King (Askey) working as a mousy cartographer. However, he wants to join the military and fight—something quite unlikely in light of his very small size. But, when an officer feels indebted towards him, Arthur convinces him to let him join the army. There, Arthur is assigned to drive a Byrn carrier (sort of like an ultra-mini tank). Again and again, he wrecks things and performs like a boob—yet, oddly, they don't transfer him to another unit or just shoot him! Later, some of his friends find an old prop sword and decide to have fun at Arthur's expense. They tell him it's Excalibur (King Arthur's famous sword)and convince him it has magical powers. And, believing he's now invincible, Arthur has some minor adventures and somehow isn't mustered out of the army.

Throughout this movie, there just aren't any laughs. Askey is likable but just not funny in this film—and his boob routine is not enough to carry the film. To make it worse, again and again, the film is interrupted by songs that just seem to get in the way and seem to be filler. Not a terrible movie, "King Arthur Was a Gentleman" should have been a lot better.
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