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Jurassic World
USA, China
Thriller, Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
IMDB rating:
Colin Trevorrow
Irrfan Khan as Masrani
Andy Buckley as Scott
Lauren Lapkus as Vivian
Jake M. Johnson as Lowery
Eddie J. Fernandez as Paddock Worker
Judy Greer as Park Visitor
Chris Pratt as Owen
Eric Edelstein as Paddock Supervisor
Ty Simpkins as Gray
Brian Tee as Hamada
B.D. Wong as Henry Wu
Storyline: 22 years after the original Jurassic Park failed, the new park (also known as Jurassic World) is open for business. After years of studying genetics the scientists on the park genetically engineer a new breed of dinosaur. When everything goes horribly wrong, will our heroes make it off the island?
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excellent..........that is excellent..
The movie was really beautiful..........the main role played by chris pratt was wonderful.......ending was really perfect.........that two brothers are really superb.........overall awesome movie...compared to beginning ,the ending scenes were more awesome........owen played a major role in this movie. Now we have part 4, which is called "Jurassic World" and while it's a major league improvement over the dismal "Jurassic Park 3", its still can't live up to the quality of what Spielberg achieved with the work he did with the first two Jurassic Park films ( The original and it's sequel "The Lost World".) This film takes place 22 years after the original and Jurassic World is fully operational but the mystic of dinosaurs has worn off and the resort needs a new attraction to bring in new customers. So they create a new dinosaur called the Indominus Rex, a leaner, meaner animal that is made to bring in and wow the crowds. At this point of the film for me when they introduce this monster, I can hear what Jurassic Park's mainstay Ian Malcolm would have said during this moment and it would not have been kind. If you remember the character of Ian Malcolm (played wonderfully by Jeff Goldblum) he's pretty much the best character in the Jurassic Park films. The reason being is the fact that he not only represented what the audience was thinking during the films ( Well, the first two movies, not the god awful 3rd one) but was the voice of sarcastic reason and reality to John Hammond's flights of fancy. Too bad he's not around in this movie because he would be pretty much putting down almost every character in this film for their ignorance and stupidity, which was the audience's reaction in my theater through out this entire duration of the film.

Chris Pratt plays pretty much the only likable character in the entire film and pretty much the only character with some brains in his head. That's a good thing considering that we would have no one to root for to at least survive the massacre that comes when the Indominus Rex finally and predictably goes on it's killing rampage. Bryce Dallas Howard really does not have much to do other than be surprised by her character's stupidity, which is a shame cause she really is a good actress and Vincent D"Onofrio is given a one note role which is a crime cause he's a damn fine actor. Throw in two of the most annoying kids ever to be stranded on a dinosaur resort ( (Ty Simpkins and Nick Robinson) and you have a cast of characters who almost deserves to be dino chow. Despite the dumb characters and the leaps in logic and common sense, the movie does work as a entertaining time waster. There are some pockets of excitement to be had and the climax really does deliver the goods but this is all this film is about. It's really a monster movie, not a Jurassic Park film and while Chris Pratt gives us the only character in the film to root for, not even he can cover up the film's huge mistakes in story, logic and characterization.
Finally a Worthy Sequel
I'm really impressed; REALLY IMPRESSED! Being a kid growing up with Jurassic Park, this movie was due a righteous comeback, and this movie did not disappoint. It brought back everything from the original film into modern day as it should; kudos to everyone involved! This movie revitalized Jurassic Park again for the new masses! Chris is great and the story keeps you interested just as the original did the first time around. As a Jurassic fan I love the the film's display to links to the original film. This action flick keeps you on your toes and wanting more, which it does it incremental pieces just as you want them to be. The ending is is just as you want it to be, epic and full of surprises, even from an old foe that you did not expect.
Best Jurassic Park Ever Made and Best 2015 Blockbuster Hands Down!!
I'm so angry Extremely angry at those comments which undermined that great movie to the extent that after reading the reviews here I felt so much this movie will turn up to be a let down and was about to skip it!! The only reason I went to see it after reading those reviews which all pointed that its not all that also said not bad yet not great was that I had nothing else better to do that evening!! and Boy was I so wrong!!!! Seriously at least 70% of the comments out here are so damn faithful to Jurassic 1&2 to the extent they became blinded to anything that could actually be better!! And to be fair to those who dissed this movie they all pointed out that it is better than the 3rd installment which to me meant nothing much because Part 3 was a total waste of time and anything compared to it will be better!! Therefor I seriously considered waiting for it to come on DVD instead of wasting valuable time driving down to me local IMAX to watch it!! Well I went with almost zero expectations which is not good in my case because it makes me see the worst in a movie instead of being optimistic and boy that movie rocked me side way upwards downwards you name it and the strength ultimately came from the amazing extra ordinary story line and the effects combined with some amazing direction and camera work that blow me away!! I immediately went down to memory lane to remind myself how good really Jurassic Park 1&2 actually were?!!However I could not help myself thinking this story line and movie all together is actually better way better than the original Jurassic Park and the reason for this is that this movie is more serious you may say and darker than the first two with a solid captivating story line that I would expect would catch the attention of almost anyone serious about movies. I consider myself one of the world's best movie watchers and if there was an award I would surely run for it because I have seen almost every decent movie that has come out from 1965 till now with a few exceptional ones beyond those dates!! That doesn't mean that my taste in movies would appeal to everyone nor it means I know better than the rest of you may be just a little bit!!!! This movie is world class and by far the best Blockbuster of 2015 Hands both Down!! Go watch it folks and be fair when you rate a movie
It's Back
Jurassic World is the Jurassic Park of this generation. It returns us to the island where it began for an amazing feature presentation with live dinosaurs and one not so real one. Overall the movie was visually stunning and really stood out from movies of this generation. It gives you a chance to see what a true dinosaur theme park would look like. The cast was well cat and both worked off of the chemistry from each other. The dinosaurs were so realistic and it was truly terrifying.? The movie also had a good story to follow. It was able to keep me in my seat for the entire time and demanding more. The dinosaur blockbuster also earned over 1.6 billion in the global box office. People still aren't done with dinosaurs and neither should you. I'd give this movie a shot. You will not regret it.
Its a Jurassic World after all.
The 4th film in the Jurassic Park series and the second sequel that Steven Spielberg did not direct starts off well enough with enough call backs to the first film of the series but quickly turns into a monster movie with a run away super killer dinosaur that was spliced by the DNA of other prehistoric creatures for the sake of selling extra tickets. If my description of the plot Is pretty simplistic,it's because the story is that simple. So forget the dangers of science morality tales that both "Jurassic Park" and "The Lost World" gave to it's stories and just accept that the series has become a standard creature feature that just swaps out it's main monster for every new installment. The last film in the series "Jurassic Park 3" pretty much threw away the whole plot lines of the first two films just to give us a chase film with a dinosaur that was never even seen in "The Lost World" and that film was set on the same island. While "Jurassic Park 3" just went on a painful 90 minutes long montage of talking raptors, horrible scenes of family bonding and an visible annoyed Sam Neill looking like he's about to go postal on the people working on the film set, Jurassic World manages to be a hell of a lot more enjoyable experience for the viewer in terms of just trying to inject a sense of plot and continuity to this other wise creature feature.

As a standard creature feature, the movie works well and gives you your money's worth of dinosaurs doing collateral damage to property and personnel with the occasional park visitor being killed for good measure. Throw in your slack jaw good guy ( Chris Pratt) who feels that the creatures are misunderstood and works with good guy dinosaurs(I Kidd you not) to help stop the super killer dinosaur. Throw in an human adversary for our hero to fight with ( Vincent D"Onofrio) who would blow the whole island up to get this monster and add an human element like two lost children who are related to a employee at this crazy theme park who by the way has the hots for our hero and you have the entire story right there.

It's hard enough to keep a franchise going, especially when you're dealing with dinosaurs walking the earth. You will eventually hit a wall in terms of storytelling if your primary goal is to keep turning these films out with out any care what so ever. We saw that with "Jurassic Park 3" where all the plot points from the previous two films were abandon for a B Movie creature feature. "Jurassic World" tries hard to correct that by having the movie be about something a little more and try to connect itself to the first film of the series. And Its much better film for it but it still ends up a creature feature all the same.
Best one so far!
Personally think this is the best of all four movies so far with the hybrid and, of course, the Raptors. This movie, regardless of what others say, is definitely worth the cinema ticket price and I would watch it time and time again.

So, as a die hard Jurassic Park fan, I was really looking forward to this sequel and was not let down at all! The second a hybrid dinosaur plot was revealed, I was all in; hoping for a Tyrannosaurus-Velociraptor mix (let's face it, everyone who is a fan would be wishing for that). Wish granted, minus a few other dinosaurs apparently added to that already remarkable mix. The Indominus keeps the movie freshly updated and brings something new and exciting but my favourite thing about Jurassic World is easily the Velociraptors! Blue being the main object of my affection; how can you not love her? Charlie, Delta and Echo are cute too, but as you'll see bear the end, Blue is awesome!
Great movie
This was a great movie. I recommend it for older viewers. There are parts that can scare younger kids, so if you have younger kids might not be the best movie to watch with them. Other then that it had lots of action, lots of dinosaurs, and some mystery in the movie. The plot was pretty good with the old dinosaurs and some newer dinosaurs. I really enjoyed this movie and think that people that liked the Jurassic park movies should give this movie a try. This movie is definitely worth going to see in the theater. I hope that they make more movies in this series. I like the addition of the fact that they added some newer dinosaurs to this movie. I helps to make the movie more of a fresh movie. I also like that the raptors actually help out the humans that live on the island. Some of the newer attractions and transportation also help to make the movie a more modern feeling. I would recommend this to all my friends and family with old enough kids or if they liked Jurassic park.
If you're looking to sit on the edge of your seat for two hours, welcome!
First of all I think people need to understand that film is a lot like music, you can't listen to a new Justin Bieber song and complain because it's not a Mozart masterpiece. And you definitely can't watch Jurassic World expecting a mind-boggling, emotional Inception type film. I would put Jurassic World in the same category as most Michael Bay films, the story line won't make you think, the characters won't go through any psychological changes but you will be thoroughly entertained by the special effects. I think it's fairly obvious throughout the original trilogy and this film that we are the visitors to the attractions, Steven Spielberg gave the parallel Earth a new unimaginable attraction, one which surprised the audience so much, it's rated as one of the best films ever. Period. Fast forward twenty two years past the films of Interstellar, Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter, we as a human race have seen a lot of original, unique things, a plain old dinosaur film will not bring us the same thrills as it did in 1993. Therefore we are once again, the visitors to the attraction. We will never feel the same buzz as first seeing that T-Rex crashing the gates over, or the same chill down the neck when first hearing that Raptor shriek. However, we can still be entertained. Which is what happens throughout the film. The characters are fairly bland, there are only a couple likable ones, but they all seem to grow on you near the end, the bloodbath that is left by the new Dino is quite emotional and gives you a side to pick fairly easily, the surprises throughout the film keep it exciting and the special effects, well we are in 2015 and they did have a lot of money to spend so lets just say they are incredible as expected. If you're looking to be on the edge of your seat for two hours and trust the film to not bore you, then you have nothing to worry about, the line graph representing excitement just climbs up and up, if you're expecting another Shawshank Redemption, well please don't slate the film when it doesn't satisfy your needs. I think that films should have two ratings, one for overall, and another for it's main sub-category, for example as an overall film I'd give it a 7.5-8, it's sub-category of excitement I'd give a solid 10, a comparison to the first Transformers which I'd give an 8 for excitement and a 5 overall. Therefore I really do recommend this film for anyone who like me, enjoys special effects, good excitement and two hours to just sit on the edge of my seat and thoroughly enjoy my time. I can only say I can't wait for the second one and I'm sure you will too after you watch it.
Megacraptor Rex
Two decades after the original Jurassic Park, the company behind it is overcome with greed and decides to capitalise on the dinos once again, but since everyone has seen Whatevertheirnameis-sauruses by now, they need to create new monsters to keep the "Wow" factor up.

So it decides to produce the movie Jurassic World, in which, two decades after the original Jurassic Park, the company behind it is overcome with greed and decides to capitalise on the dinos once again, but since everyone has seen Whatevertheirnameis-sauruses by now, they need to create new monsters to keep the "Wow" factor up.

It's either an irony of fate or a sly jab at the ever-fossilising motion picture industry that the storyline of the film and the narrative of its conception are so strikingly similar. And I'm afraid I'm not inclined to thinking it was intentional.

As ridiculous as the premise of the film is – fill Dino Island with people, let a number of scary ones loose, and then indulge in blood and screams and make sure the obligatory two lead kids get away in the end, where on Earth have we seen that before? – as poorly written the script is. Apparently, the first draft only took three weeks to throw together. I'm surprised it didn't happen in three hours. Loose ends are dangling all over the place like severed sinews from consumed tourists, the archetypal characters are nothing but a poor joke of the ones in the original trilogy (geeky and untidy computer nerd, lone hero scientist who understands that life doesn't follow spreadsheets, greedy business execs who want to make money from the monsters, and lo and behold, the Nasty Military Man who wants to weaponise them, et cetera ad nauseam), and when characters actually have to TELL each other to "RUUUUUUUN!" instead of standing still, waiting to become a quick snack, palm goes firmly on face, at least for this reviewer.

You're-a-sick World indeed. Could someone please apply a suitably large nuclear bomb onto Isla Nublar, so that we won't have to endure a Jurassic 5.
Looks like we are housefull of superhero fans
First thing first , Book your tickets now . You just don't wanna miss this because of some avengers or furious fans feeling offended of jurassic world shattering their records .

First 30mins somewhat resembles with jurassic park 1993 but everything changed after that . Previous two sequels gave up pretty quick to catch up with JP 1993 but this one didn't .

Chris Pratt was awesome . Howard , Ty and nick were good too .

Maybe Irrfan's addon was pointless but overall well executed movie .

For Technical Guys , Below Comparison may help :-

Jurassic Park 1993 >= Jurassic World >> The Lost World >> Jurassic Park 3

For Story :- 9/10 For Acting :- 9/10 For Direction :- 9/10 For Cast :- 8.5/10 Effects :- 10/10 Climax :- 15/10

Overall 10/10
📹 Jurassic World full movie HD download 2015 - Irrfan Khan, Andy Buckley, Omar Sy, Nick Robinson, Lauren Lapkus, Jake M. Johnson, Eddie J. Fernandez, Vincent D'Onofrio, Bryce Dallas Howard, Judy Greer, Chris Pratt, Eric Edelstein, Ty Simpkins, Brian Tee, Katie McGrath, B.D. Wong, Chloe Perrin - USA, China. 📀