🎦 Inhumane full movie HD download (Ryan Smithee) - Thriller. 🎬
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Ryan Smithee
Michelle Money as Dr. Rachel Moreno
Trisha Zarate as Alyssa
Krishna Smitha as Beverly
Farron Whitefield as Christian's Girlfriend
Roxie Blum as Maggie (as Roxie Daisy Blum)
Chase Austin as Gavin Demy
Brady McInnes as Christian
Dimitrius Pulido as Nikolai
Jason James Richter as Dr. Aaron Graybor
Storyline: Everybody has a dark side, and Criminal Behavior Analyst Rachel Moreno has created an experimental, yet controversial, drug trial to expose it. After suffering the loss of her fiancé to a violent crime, Rachel goes full force with the project, finding funding from a shadowy group of figures who represent a branch of the government. Rachel is set up at a top secret facility in Texas with her hand picked staff, including her fiancé's old partner, Aaron Graybor, her overzealous assistant Maggie Richards, and physician Beverly Gail. For the project, six violent inmates are chosen to participate as live, human test subjects that will be put under surveillance for two months to see the effects of VEX 555, a psychoactive untested drug that will help Rachel prove her theory that she can expose a person's darkest depths. But when Rachel falls too deep into the project, ignoring the moral and ethical repercussions, she begins to show her own darkness, putting in jeopardy the project, and the ...
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📹 Inhumane full movie HD download 2018 - Michelle Money, James Burleson, Trisha Zarate, Krishna Smitha, Farron Whitefield, Ana'Leese Provau, Roxie Blum, Matt Martin, Chase Austin, Brady McInnes, Stephen Brodie, Justin Armstrong, Dimitrius Pulido, Jason James Richter, Mason Jendel - USA. 📀