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Christopher Nolan
Ellen Page as Ariadne
Tom Hardy as Eames
Ken Watanabe as Saito
Dileep Rao as Yusuf
Cillian Murphy as Robert Fischer
Tom Berenger as Peter Browning
Pete Postlethwaite as Maurice Fischer
Michael Caine as Miles
Lukas Haas as Nash
Tai-Li Lee as Tadashi
Claire Geare as Phillipa (3 years)
Storyline: Dom Cobb is a skilled thief, the absolute best in the dangerous art of extraction, stealing valuable secrets from deep within the subconscious during the dream state, when the mind is at its most vulnerable. Cobb's rare ability has made him a coveted player in this treacherous new world of corporate espionage, but it has also made him an international fugitive and cost him everything he has ever loved. Now Cobb is being offered a chance at redemption. One last job could give him his life back but only if he can accomplish the impossible-inception. Instead of the perfect heist, Cobb and his team of specialists have to pull off the reverse: their task is not to steal an idea but to plant one. If they succeed, it could be the perfect crime. But no amount of careful planning or expertise can prepare the team for the dangerous enemy that seems to predict their every move. An enemy that only Cobb could have seen coming.
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It's absurdity at its best.
Philosophically it was absurd. Here were the main points I gathered from it:

• Faith and doubt are discussed, but the conclusion is that having faith doesn't matter because you can't know what's real anyways. What did the Japanese businessman's non-faith avail him or di Caprio's character's faith avail him? They both ended up having the same destiny, no? So, freewill is an illusion, too.

• Skepticism is the only valid approach to life.

• Existentialism is true; we really do make life to be whatever we want it to be. Top remains spinning at end, or does it eventually topple? Was it dream or reality? Who knows? Does it matter? No, existentialism says we can define our own reality to our liking.

• Relativism of truth: i.e., truth is whatever you make it up to be.

• Subjectivism / idealism / Cartesianism / Kantianism, i.e., ideas are all that are real. If the senses are to be 100% distrusted for determining what is real, we might all be as insane (possessed) as the Dark Knight's Joker.

• Objective reality, for all practical purposes, does not exist. Every subject just makes up his or her own reality. This leads to solipsism and ultimately a suicidal nihilism.

• Murder can be justified as long as the person you are killing is someone's "projection." Di Caprio's character snipes men in the snow scene to the architect girl's surprise; he justifies this by saying they are just another man's "projection."

• Magic potions (i.e., potent drugs) are the solution to anyone's problems.

Christopher Nolan should brush-up on some real, Aristotelean-Thomistic philosophy, but then maybe the movie would not have fooled the audience into thinking it is profound instead of absurd. There were good parts—the importance of fatherhood and family, for example—but they were overshadowed by ambiguity for the sake of ambiguity.

Also, artistically, it could've done without most of the car-chase and shooting scenes and confronted more head-on the philosophical issue it was raising, i.e., "What is real? What is being, existence? Etc," rather than hiding its ignorance in a silly plot scheme involving "kicks," "inception," and other Freudian, postmodern rubbish. If it were 1 hour shorter, it would have still been the same: absurdity at its best.
The perfect summer blockbuster?
What do we ask for in a summer blockbuster? What is it that incites hysteria this time every year for whatever dross the studios churn out? Epic hugeness? Blowing stuff up? Romance? Action? Heroes? What are we looking for in a blockbuster? I think it all boils down to thrills! Audiences want the thrill of a car chase, the thrill of romance, the thrill of the spectacular! If that is the case, then Inception just might be the greatest summer blockbuster of all time as it also contains something we often don't look for...brains! "What is the most resilient parasite? An idea" says Leonardo Di Caprio's character Cobb. Well, Inception is all about ideas. It's all right there in the title. The film central idea revolves around "Extractors", who are paid to extract secrets from people's subconscious minds by sneaking into their dreams, usually for the purpose of corporate espionage. However, when one client asks them to plant an idea in the mind of their corporate rival, "Inception" is born. The less said about this film the better. It is full of ideas and invention and for each set piece I divulge, a piece of the film's genius is weakened. This is a film that cleverly and intricately brings the audience through several planes of existence simultaneously but never allows the viewer to feel lost. Such is the power of Christopher Nolan's script which, I imagine, is likely to get overlooked due to the sheer visual magnificence of his direction. But everything that makes this film so great is in the script...in the ideas! Everything else is just spectacle. This film bears an uncanny resemblance, thematically, with DiCaprio's other instant classic this year, Shutter Island. Both films investigate in depth the tricks a traumatised mind can play on the individual. Both films are luscious to watch and both films keep the audience firmly outside the realm of reality. However, Inception is an even more layered film than Shutter Island and I believe the sci-fi genre setting will prove to be less alienating for audiences than the prison noir of Scorsese's film. There is not a single dull moment in Nolan's film. There is style, charm and intelligence in every frame of the film. Every performance is pitch-perfect with some strong support by Ellen Page and Joseph Gordon-Levitt particularly who have grown up right before our eyes into undeniable movie stars. Leonardo DiCaprio gives a typically flawless performance as the muddled, grieving man who we never quite trust to be living in the real world. The best part of Inception is the large amount of effects which were done in camera. While the film does make use of CGI, there are some pretty mind-blowing practical effects which are as simple as the camera telling beautiful lies; a rare treat these days. This is a blockbuster that ticks all the boxes; smart, sexy (femme fatale, sexy brainy girl, very beautiful men in very beautiful suits) and magical. Inception is the kind of film that reminds me why cinema will never die. Because anyone who thinks it's OK to watch this film on a laptop or iPad is a fool! This is pure cinema, and proud of it. Not to be missed on the big screen!
Nolan's Inception Steals Idea from Novelist
Inception no more explores dreams and the human mind than Star Wars explores outer space. Inception is a rip-off of the novel Fireflies in the Shadow of the Sun (FSS), published in 2004 but preceded by a web site on dreams (2001-2009), the thrust of which is about how dream experiences are the source of ideas and other changes to waking life, including personality development. The broader point is that like his character Dom Cobb, Nolan himself steals the ideas he needs to create Inception from a novelist and life long dream researcher.

Chapter 7 titled "Journey by Deflection" occurs entirely in a shared dream in which 2 protagonists ascend / descend through "levels of dreaming" in action-oriented sequences and even a "dream within a dream," addressing how intermittent awareness of the dreams affects the dream. But Inception does not (a) intrigue / illuminate as to how these levels are distinct and yet intrinsically related or (b) draw from real dreams and real similarities to waking life. Inception is just an action film set in dream space that neglects the essence of dreaming in dream symbolism. The dream space featured in Inception is fictitious -- a contrivance of both Nolan and of the architect in Nolan's story.

Inception would have benefited by emulating FSS in the one way it did not emulate it. In FSS the characters trapped in the shared dream have to solve the dream's logic in order to wake up. This plot is much more conducive to an education of the language of dreams, which FSS author spent an entire lifetime understanding from the time he started a diary of his own dreams at age 13 to his doctoral dissertation at age 27 exploring the relationship between dream experiences, coping strategies, blood chemistry, and symptoms in terminally ill cancer patients. Like FSS however, and this is yet another coincidental similarity between the two works, in Inception the characters are thwarted by a dream that is plugged into their mental efforts to understand it. Also as in FSS, the dreamers have to deal with the denizens of a dream world that react to periodic episodes of lucid awareness of the dream. In FSS, the whole script, including objects and aspects of the environment, respond to the awareness, but in Inception we get the juvenile and scientifically ignorant development that other characters in the dream respond to Dom Cobb and his team like white blood cells to foreign pathogens. The bottom line is that FSS teaches us things about dreams and Inception will impress only the most psychologically unsophisticated among us or those who have never remembered a dream in their life.

Also like FSS, Inception makes the point that much of the bizarreness of dreams is attributable to a higher-order thinking. It does this using a statement very similar to one from the former FSS web site, which maintained that while dreaming is a whole brain activity, the conscious person uses only about 3-5% of his or her brain. FSS author remarks that experiencing and trying to make sense of a dream is like trying to fit 100% of something into 3-5% of itself -- there will be distortion!

The subject matter notwithstanding, Nolan's storytelling and direction are designed to give artificial weight to the real value of plot twists. In Nolan we have a director who conceals and compensates for second-rate thinking with CGI and high-octane action that detracts from the story without getting the blood flowing. The action in the film was supposed to create a sense of time-sensitive suspense, but came across more like the dull dishwater backing up in my sink than a raging river.

There are also inconsistencies in the film. Nolan wants us to invest in the idea that everything that happens in a dream has an effect on the waking life of the dreamer. It works -- until Dom Cobb dismisses out of hand his shooting of all these dream characters like they were throngs of disposable orcs or storm troopers, claiming its OK because they are "merely projections of the subconscious." Suddenly, what happens in dream Vegas stays in dream Vegas. And where did the idea of "limbo" come from -- introduced as a patchwork device for a poorly articulated plot.

And much of the film's premise is contradicted by real research which shows that the relationship between perceived and actual dream time is roughly 1:1.
Most Overrated Movie of All time!! or Not Very Original
After reading all the amazing reviews and seeing a score of 9.3...3rd best movie of all time, I had to go watch Inception. Also I really like Memento...it was such a cool, original movie..so I was looking forward to this.

I went to see this movie last weekend. It was an 11:00pm showing on Sunday night, 3 weeks after opening night and the theatre was packed! We had to sit in the second row...something I don't mind at all.

Epic Fail The movie is about corporate (not even government) spies, that enter people's dreams through some unexplained technology. Once in the dream, they trick the victim into giving up his/her secrets. Pretty simple premise, and one that can be taken into many directions (after all we're in dreamland). Well the direction is down the crapper.

The whole premise of the movie is so shallow, Saito, a corporate CEO hires Cobb (Leo) to go into another CEO's dream and plant an idea of breaking up his fathers empire (upon his father's death), so that Saito can have a monopoly. How's that for a story?? What a joke.

Well the movie starts slow and drags on and on, besides that there are so many plot holes and explaining of everything that happens..like they manipulate the victim by having a dream, within a dream, within a dream. When you are falling in the first dream, the second layer has no gravity, but the third and forth layer has gravity?? WHAAAA??? Also even though you are in a dream, you have no super powers..you use boring guns? How about shooting lighting bolts out your you know what?? BOOORRING.

To add to the boredom, Cobb's wife Mal killed herself because she thought she was dreaming. And appears regularly to bore us to death, you get the sense that she's supposed to be evil, but it never pans out.

This was interesting on one level only...there was no antagonist. But then again there was no love interest either, and on top of that no danger, cause if you get killed in a dream, all you do is wake up.

This movie is amoral tripe with no imagination..eg. you are in a dream world, instead of driving around in a VAN, why not fly? Instead of shooting guns, why not freeze them in their tracks? Also, there are many people (I assume teenagers) who are saying how original this movie is. The Dream within a Dream thing has been done before...it's called "A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 3: Dream Warriors"..also don't EVER compare this tripe to the "Matrix". Matrix was original, it was filled with clever allegory, it was truly awe inspiring, but there was NOTHING clever about Inceptipon.

The climax was okay, but just because after 2 hours I couldn't wait to get out of there.

Now the anti-climax, is an entirely different animal, like the viewer hasn't been insulted enough...we are left to ponder weather it was "all a dream" (again not very original). The answer is yes, it was all a dream, and Cobb is still in a dream..his kids look exactly the same, even wearing the same clothes as his other dreams.

Please do yourself a favour and do not pay to see this garbage. So far the best movie this summer has been Predators...how sad. People think this movie is clever and original because they are teenagers..it probably is clever and original to them, but any adult will find this movie dull and boring.

Inception = Fail

IMDb for having Inception in your top 3 movies = EPIC FAIL.

If I was the credibility Nazi, I'd say to IMDb "NO CREDIBILITY FOR YOU!"

2/10 for exploiting a big budget.
Inception; Christopher Nolan's masterpiece?
Dom Cobb leads a highly skilled team, specializing in stealing secrets from people's minds by entering their dreams. When they are hired by a mysterious businessman, Cobb finally has a shot at redemption, but not before achieving the near impossible. Rather than stealing an idea, they must do the complete opposite: Inception. Planting the seed of an idea.

Inception has a multi-layered plot, quite literally in fact. It focuses on the emotional journey of its lead character, Cobb, but at the same time thrusts the audience into multiple levels of action packed story- telling, very distinct from one another, but all finely connected. It has been described by critics as "a film that rewards intellect", and I can assure you that it is exactly that. Director Christopher Nolan challenges the audience to keep up, and rewards those who can with a breathtaking spectacle, one that has the capability to leave you awestruck. The best part about it is that while you may feel you need to watch it again to be able to fully absorb the experience, chances are, you will probably want to.

Christopher Nolan brings his unique vision to the screen with the help of a star-studded cast, including the likes of Leonardo Dicaprio (The Departed), Joseph Gordon-Levitt (500 Days Of Summer), Ellen Page (Juno), Marion Cotillard (Public Enemies), Cillian Murphy (Batman Begins), and Michael Caine (The Dark Knight), as well some amazing photography by long time collaborator Wally Pfister. The thrilling music in the film is provided by none other than Hans Zimmer, who was also set the mood for Nolan's previous film, The Dark Knight.

While it may seem simple at its outset, Inception is an extremely complex film, delving deep into the subconscious of the human mind. Technical brilliance and visual splendor have rarely blended together as beautifully. The emotional depth and explosive action complement each other perfectly, delivering a film that is at the same time both heart- wrenching and heart-pounding. It's a film that manages to engross you with its complexities, yet comes together seamlessly, and will have you at the edge of your seat, quite literally from start to finish.

Inception is magnificent.
Incredibly Overrated!!!
Well, first of all, I have to absolutely clearly admit that I'm writing this review to lower the rating of this movie, since it was one of the biggest movie disappointments of my life. Currently 9.1 for this thing is unbelievably high. But I guess I get why the rating of this movie is so high. It makes the people feel good about themselves because they understood the "complicated" plot. Yes, thats it! Inception actually managed to plant the idea to the people that it was a good movie. At best its an average action movie with too long boring action scenes with the "added value" of a "smart" story. However the story is not smart at all. Its about people that somehow are able to get into people's dreams and do stuff there, or even go to dreams in dreams, and dreams in dreams in dreams, and limbo... Wow, you get it? You are really smart, and should rate this movie 10!!! But seriously, this story is really stupid. Why should I care that the Japanese guy wants to destroy the other guy's (the scarecrow from Batman) company? How did the architect girl become expert on dreams and psychology after two dream sessions? How are they even able to get into the dreams? I guess the acting overall is not bad, but who cares if the plot is so annoying. And finally, the twist at the end is really predictable. Yay, the spinning thing stops to spin: he might be dreaming! Really original. You might say that I did not get the message of the movie. Well, I did get it, but it was too stupid to care about it.
Insipid – The pointless film.
I have to say to make such an impressive trailer and such an uninteresting film, takes some doing.

Here you have most of the elements that would make a very good film. You have great special effects, a sci-fi conundrum, beautiful visuals and good sound. Yet the most important part of the film is missing. There is no plot, character or soul to this film. It's like having a beautiful building on the outside with no paint or decoration on the inside.

It's an empty shell of a film. There is no tension; you couldn't care less about any of the characters, why were they even motivated to do what they did. Helping a corporation get "one over" on another corporation is hardly saving the human race.

When you operate in a dream environment, where you can't die or be injured really it means there is nothing to worry about, who cares what happens. All the explosions and actions sequences are just meaningless. By the way, why does Hollywood still keep filming action scene's an inch away from every characters nose? It's impossible to see what's going on, so many films are ruined by this. Watch and learn from the Matrix, take the camera backwards a couple of feet and we can actually work out what's going on.

So 2 and half hours of looking at my watch waiting for the very predictable ending, is a million miles from being a good film. How anyone in their right mind can give this 10/10, it's boring and pointless. A film has stir the soul, has to grab you, you need to feel for the characters. Can anyone, honestly say, they cared about anyone on show here.

By the way, here's an idea, why don't you bring the children (who haven't aged a minutes since you last saw them) to you, if you can't go to the US.

I know the end scene was trying to be ambiguous, but the fact his father, who lives in Paris, is bizarrely there in the US to meet him (how did he know) and the children look identical to every dream sequence they appeared in, means there wasn't much doubt.

In the end there is nothing at stake for anyone, so a pointless movie. I suspect Nolan will continue to get praise, but I can't really say I've got excited about any of his movies. They all leave me cold. They are not terrible, just there's nothing really there, no substance.
Overrated because it makes people "feel" smart...
Christopher Nolan has done some great work.

His ideas and direction singlehandedly gave new life to the beloved superhero Batman.

While the film Dark Knight will always be recognized to the new dimensions it added to the classic Batman series of movies and comics, Inception was nothing more than a dull and linear plot, surrounded by and an even duller and more linear plot.

The centerpiece of this movie was supposed to be its convoluted storyline which was scattered across multiple levels, in essence puzzle that forces the viewer to think through the movie and decipher the ending.

The concept of "levels" and or "interconnected plots" worked very well for such great films such as the Matrix, 2001 A Space Odyssey, Logan's Run, or Total Recall. Inception not only miserably fails at this but it also lacks in other places as well.

-Characters: Great actors, whom have all done great work in many movies spanning decades. However the characters in this movie came off as neutered eunuchs who lacked sense, emotion, and any sort of cohesiveness. (Sir Michael Caine and Tom Berenger's performances were appalling and the "team" of dreamers lacked screen dynamics and chemistry.)

-Action: For a dream world, the action in this movie is very unimaginative and is well within the typical Hollywood bounds. Car cash scenes where the heroes drive and shoot, building shootouts, and melodramatic bullet wounds (as always one character is wounded critically, the team must save him; however the character can still "fight".)

-Plot: This movie could have easily been over within 1 hour of rolling. Not only was Inception's "puzzle ending" blatantly obvious 40 mins into the film, but the storyline it self lacked any substance or draw. The overly complicated "puzzle piece" effect which Nolan was trying to achieve, was nothing more than the main story line being surrounded by excessive fluff and whimsical bullplop.

*I will credit the movie with one notable mention. Nolan managed to work a Matrix style fight scene (which have been overdone by Hollywood since the early 2000s) into the small confines of an elevator.

In the ending, Inception is not the great rave that many make it out to be. While the movie takes place in a "dream world", where bounds are limitless, the movie itself is sterile, cliché, repetitive, and unimaginative. This is even further compounded by one dimensional characters, and a drawn out storyline that pretends to be an enigma.

Perhaps Christopher Nolan's true intent was to make a sterile and lack luster movie aimed strictly at making today's self-absorbed and obtuse Facebook-hipster generation feel "smart".

Inception can be compared to a class presentation where the student is unprepared. To hide this, the student uses convoluted and circular logic to stammer through the presentation and pass the time. It is obvious that the student knows nothing and has wasted several minutes talking about a subject that could have been explained in seconds. Nonetheless, since the student used "big words", talked excessively, and is deemed to be in the "mainstream" the class gives a standing ovation regardless...
The thinking person's movie…For people not use to thinking
Everyone has been telling me how this movie is so complex, so confusing. That you really need to pay attention or you'll get lost.

I dosed off in the middle and still knew exactly what was happening.

This movie is nothing but a cross between The Matix, Dreamscape, Mission Impossible and about 3 other movies and anime films that have been coming out since the mid 1980's. The ending was the most obvious outcome it could be, you already know he doesn't except the dream version of his wife so she would be gone. But the kids…getting home to see their faces again, they were the real focus. If you missed that in the beginning then seeing his father-in-law pick him up at the airport should have been the final tip off.

Most people I ask about that missed it all; they couldn't even tell which dream was which. I think that's what scares me the most, people think this takes real intelligence to follow.

Maybe if your attention deficit…Oh wait I am and I still had no trouble following this over rated boring movie.

I gave this movie 4 out of 10 stars for special effects only, for story line and acting I give it only 2 stars
Didactic, but nonetheless a good movie.
Inception has a problem that I cannot bear: the constant that someone comes to explain the laws and how that world works. The creation of the character of Ellen Page (Ariadne) was for the sole purpose of explaining that to moviegoers. Not that it's bad, but at certain moments it seems like the movie becomes more class at school, to know how that universe works, instead of the characters in this movie live the adventure for themselves. In this aspect the film is didactic. And the space for the imagination is limited. In this aspect everything in this film is chewed, everything explained, where are the possibilities? I do not want someone to explain the universe, I want to see the characters live and react in this universe.

Yes the ending leaves open the question whether that is a dream or reality, but it is a cheap gimmick instead of letting them our imaginations fly. If at the end of the movie the experience of the characters was a dream, so it was waste of two and a half hour, at least the Matrix shows the characters in the real world, and that it was not a dream inside a dream. The tension and time invested would not be a waste of time

Not that it spoils the experience of the film, but it disturbs in some parts, mainly in the middle of the film, when the group is preparing for the assault. The concept is good, but it should be presented in a simpler way. Clearly Nolan was very ambitious in the concept of this film. But Nolan is quite integral in the proposal of his films, and he tries to put unknown concepts to the general public in such a cohesive way, even with the problem of trying to explain everything and other problems of pace are easily forgiven. Nolan tries to do his best in each of his films as if his movie was his last, as if his life depends on it. A great honesty on the part of Nolan, and this I can and I want to enjoy. Nolan is such an honest guy and scores points with me. It's the difference between the lousy movie director and an excellent director. The bad elements of Inception are not enough to spoil its qualities. The ambitious ideas of the filmmaker and the great sequences in parallel assembly that characterize his works.

Not that the idea of Inception is innovative, this idea has been copied many times in other works (Paprika, Synecdoche New York and The Matrix are the most practical and common examples). But it's the way Nolan puts these ideas in the big budget blockbuster. Let's be honest here. Smaller or lower budget films are not seen by the general public due to the absence of of large production values (a great soundtrack, great locations for filming or great special effects, etc). See these ideas or concepts in a great Hollywood blockbuster made with such quality and care, it is amazing. And these ideas are embedded in the drama of the film in such a cohesive and exemplary way; it is applauding Nolan's professional integrity. This is why Nolan movies are so well received, he tries to put in these Hollywood blockbusters something more, something common in indie or smaller films, but with the financial aspect of the great studios to provide a better technical quality.

Obviously there is quality on this movie; the large parallel sequences are exemplary. The parallel between the Van sequences, the hotel with the Joseph Gordon-Levitt (when character is awake in the elevator), the peak at the military base in the snow and the desolate city of Cobb and Mal is almost perfectly made with an all- encompassing soundtrack. Of course the sequences of action are lousy . And many dialogues are very weak. Two weaknesses in Nolan's movies.Bad things come with the good things. I suspect that the bad action scenes of Inception and Dark Knight were the reason why Nolan turned DKR into an action movie instead of trying to tell a good story, Nolan's ego should have been hurt by the criticism as he directs his action scenes in these two films. Particularly Inception and the action sequence in the snow with Tom Hardy. Too bad, sorry.

But the performances are amazing, particularly Marion Cotillard as Mal. There are many layers in the various characters which Nolan conducts with mastery and the way they are inserted into the film is almost perfectly. Particularly in the initial sequence (which I thought would be a scene to showcase special effects, and Nolan proved me wrong). Or in the scene between Ariadne and Cobb, when Cobb tries to explain how his wife dies, and then discovered new layers of the character to reveal that in fact, he did have to do with the death of his wife. Of course this will be important to the outcome of the film. It is this ability to put the scenes and the flashbacks in certain key moments of the plot that Nolan shows much quality, and one of his long lists of virtues.

Inception is a movie like any movie; it has its flaws, but also its virtues. But, for me the qualities overlap the defects, and in the end the movie is well worth watching. But is its legendary statute being worthy? If Inception was released in the 1980's would it have the same impact in that decade, as it had in 2010? Currently the commercial movies in Hollywood are in crisis. We live in an era of remakes, superhero movies and franchise fatigue without the studios or directors making an effort to improve with originality or at least with a little more original concepts. Inception's credit could be lower if today's Hollywood was not in such a decadent state. But nonetheless, Inception is still a good movie.
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