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In Time
Thriller, Action, Sci-Fi
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Andrew Niccol
Cillian Murphy as Timekeeper Raymond Leon
Will Harris as Ulysse
Rachel Roberts as Carrera
Aaron Perilo as Bell
Elena Satine as Jasmine
Alex Pettyfer as Fortis
William Peltz as Pierre
Ethan Peck as Constantin
Colin McGurk as Citizen
Justin Timberlake as Will Salas
Toby Hemingway as Timekeeper Kors
Amanda Seyfried as Sylvia Weis
Matthew Bomer as Henry Hamilton (as Matthew Bomer)
Olivia Wilde as Rachel Salas
Vincent Kartheiser as Philippe Weis
Bella Heathcote as Michele Weis
Ray Santiago as Victa
Yaya DaCosta as Greta
Storyline: Welcome to a world where time has become the ultimate currency. You stop aging at 25, but there's a catch: you're genetically-engineered to live only one more year, unless you can buy your way out of it. The rich "earn" decades at a time (remaining at age 25), becoming essentially immortal, while the rest beg, borrow or steal enough hours to make it through the day. When a man from the wrong side of the tracks is falsely accused of murder, he is forced to go on the run with a beautiful hostage. Living minute to minute, the duo's love becomes a powerful tool in their war against the system.
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Best Movie of 2011
I've been watching a lot of movies lately and this one is by far my favorite of 2011. I enjoyed how the currency was time and how it all makes a great story. I've never seen a movie so exciting this year that I was kept on the edge of my seat the whole time. The sad part is when Will Salas's mum died, I knew it was coming but there was still that little bit of chance of life since Will was on standby with 116 years on him. It was laid out properly, unlike most movies I watch that just are to predictable. I absolutely love how the richest girl there hooked up with Will and how her kidnap became her adventure. I love Will's reactions to all the new things that he never got from when he was poor too. It was an amazing movie and I'm happy that I went to see it, can't wait to purchase it on DVD! THANK YOU for the wonderful experience! :)
This science fiction thriller is set in the year 2169 and people are genetically engineered to stop aging at 25 with one year allotted after that.
This science fiction thriller is set in the year 2169 and people are genetically engineered to stop aging at 25 with one year allotted after that. If they don't keep their time replenished, they are susceptible to "time out" after they use up all their time. Time is used as a means of currency for the world. The main character is Will Salas, played by Justin Timberlake, and he works in a factory as a way to earn a living in the ghetto, literally. He comes in contact with a girl named Sylvia Wise, played by Amanda Seyfried who lives in a rich neighborhood called New Greenwich, and they run off together. They are up against time and struggle to stay alive. Both have come to the understanding that the rich is stealing time from the poor. The basis of the movie becomes: only the strong will survive.

The theme for In Time focuses on ideas. Will and Sylvia represent figures from two different aspects of life but still, in time, come to trust, need, and help one another as well as others in the film. In a particular scene, Will asks Sylvia to give allow him to borrow some time and she refuses. Fast forward a few scenes, Sylvia becomes the one who is almost out of time and asks Will for some time and he obliges. The mood in the film which the director is trying to display is compassion and understanding for those around us who are from different social classes. The film also displays the struggle for human dignity because Will truly does believe that everyone should be given the opportunity to survive, regardless of their status in life. Through his determination to emphasize this he displays courage, sensitivity, intelligence, and strong individualism as mentioned in The Art of Watching Films written by Joseph M. Boggs and Dennis W. Petrie. (p. 27) The movie is similar to another sci-fi flick, After Earth. The main character was given a few skills to survive, but beyond those skills he had to figure it out to make sure that the rest of the world didn't die as a result of his mistake. He portrayed many of the same characteristics as Will Salas.

The movie had a few other plot points within the man plot. One in particular involves the fact that the ghetto is always being watched by video surveillance. This is true in modern day society. The ghetto represents people who will steal from one another which are represented by the Minutemen; they will kill each other, and go to great lengths to survive. Due to this fact there are always police, represented as Time Keepers, lurking around to catch criminals. The separation of time zones between the ghetto and New Greenwich is also a reality. Such as the rich are separated from those who are poor by different suburbs, housing communities, lifestyles, and social classes. Deep into the movie we come to an understanding of why prices are steadily increasing on a daily basis. The rich are trying to kill off the poor to make space for themselves. The movie also weaves in a romance between Sylvia and Will to show that they are human and have emotions that don't rely on the time they have allotted.

Two techniques that were used in the movie are motifs and lighting. Throughout the film we see each character look at a digital clock on their forearm. The clock represents how much time they have. We see and hear the clock as time adds up, is taken away, or is cleared off and becomes the end of a person's life. There is great emphasis put on the clock because it allows us to see what that person is worth and we see how precious it is to each character. The lighting in this film is great in the fact that there are great scenes when the low-key lighting helps us to understand the mood of the scene. During these moments there is usually a struggle or fight and we only see the defining moments needed to interpret what is happening.
Ironicaly 99% have to see this projection cos 1% made it. Even without buying ticket.
Too many people are missing point in splitting hair looking for plot holes. And movie IS full of that, but thats not why this movie is worth to watch.

Point is world is *beep* place with 100 billionaires and 7 billion poor people who live just like protagonist in this movie, from day to day struggling every day for food, clothes, mortgage... Life.

Movie is about injustice and poverty imposed by parallel "Time (life) owners" which in real world would be : Bilderberg group, FED, EU, USA, G8, IMF, Banksters, WTO, WB, London Club and other global institution whose purpose is to indirectly kill as many as they need just to make few people immortal. Just like in movie.

This film is pure reality, obviously written and produced in a hurry to support "Occupy movement".

Never the less I gave it 10.

I didn't watched just to find some plot holes, or to say Justin is bad actor, which i think he is. I watched cos it was interesting and true.
A very thought provoking Movie
Watched this interesting movie called "in Time " with Justin Timberlake ,good performance by him ! The story tells of people getting a life clock and dying when they run out of time...then I realized why the Tea Party and Republicans don't want Obamacare , if people can live longer and get pre-existing illnesses treated by Obamacare ,the insurance companies they own won't make as much money ,plus they don't want us getting older ,the poor at least , and Obamacare will help many of us poorer folk put a drain on the cheap so and so's. Instead of raising the minimum wage so people can spend more at their companies ,they would rather we not live too long in the first place. I haven't seen election results as yet ,but I hope America wakes up , TEA & REP. Parties lie to us all and FOX News swears to it !!!
Time is money
This sci-fi thriller is set in a future where people have been genetically engineered to stop aging when they reach the age of twenty five. After that they have one year left on a clock which displays how much time they have left. They can earn more time but everything they need to buy costs time. This means that the rich can live forever if they avoid danger but the poor don't live long at all. It is also frighteningly easy to steal time some any ghetto-dweller with more than a few days on their clock is likely to be robbed.

The story starts with a wealthy man, with over a century left, going into a bar in a poor area and buying everybody a drink. Local man Will Salas warns him that he is likely to attract the wrong sort of attention and have all his remaining time stolen. It turns out that was his plan; not everybody wants to live forever. The two escape together and later on, as Will sleeps, he gives him almost all of his time before heading off to die. Will wakes but as he when he goes to share some of his luck with his mother he is too late; her clock runs out just before they meet. He determines to overthrow the system so uses his new found time to head to the rich area. Here he gains much more time in a poker game. The authorities have noticed his sudden increase in wealth, and suspect he must have stolen it, so the 'Time Keepers' are sent to arrest him. He manages to escape, taking Sylvia Weis, the daughter of one of the wealthiest men, with him. With the Time Keepers in pursuit they flee to the ghetto where most of their time is soon stolen. They must find a way to gain more before Will, with his new accessory, can set about destabilising the system. There are unexpected consequences though; as he gives time away thefts rise and not everybody can deal with their newfound wealth.

This is an unusual thing; a dystopian sci-fi that is more thrilling that depressing. That isn't to say that the central premise isn't quite dark. The idea of time literally being money is quite dark; the poor are literally living day to day; if they don't get more they will die. Also they aren't depicted as the 'noble poor'; they are desperate and many will resort to theft or can't deal with unexpected wealth. Of course the rich come across as worse as they live potentially endless but boring lives at the expense of the poor. In this setting we get an exciting thriller; Justin Timberlake does a solid job as Will Salas and Amanda Seyfried is fun as Sylvia; the rich girl who joins his cause faster than you can say 'Patty Hearst'; they have a good chemistry. Cillian Murphy also impresses as the Time Keeper leading the operation to catch Salas. There is a fair amount of impressive action and there is plenty of tension as we can literally see peoples' final seconds ticking away. Overall I enjoyed this far more than I expected and would definitely recommend it to fans of the genre.
Great start, decent follow-through.
As others have said, the idea of this movie was excellent. You could call it a skeptical analogy of what is happening in some parts of the world – the richest people of the planet abusing poor.

What I liked about the movie, especially in the early stages, was how much the movie made me think. It was also bizarre to think of what things would be like if nobody looked older than 25. The movie played upon the possibility of multiple generations would look the same age – at least for those rich enough to afford to purchase the additional years. The story was also well thought out in relation to how people would act within the differing classes of society: the rich would take their time and take few risks. The poor would treasure their time, moving quickly, and, with less to lose, would be less risk adverse.

Great premise, great start to the movie, decent follow-through. Although I wish the strong start was able to be carried throughout the movie, I found this movie quite enjoyable to watch.
Such an Intriguing Idea Gone (for the most part) to Waste
What an intriguing idea. This is the type of SC-FI that I usually tend to like over just another film with space battles. SC-Fi films that make you think and make parallels to real life. Once I saw the previews to this film I thought this film would be something special. Not only did the film have an intriguing idea but only draw from mythic arc types like Robin Hood and numinous of great themes but the film falls short on such a great idea with a failure to really understand what type of scope there really could have been with this story along with a less than stellar cast the film is entertaining but only a footnote of what it could have been.

The film's concept is a future where humans have been genetically engineered to stop ageing after age 25 but after that you have only one more year to live. Time is the currency of the time, no such thing as money. You work to get more time but it is a bleak future where the rich have all the power and all the time. Meanwhile the rest live in the ghettos where almost everyone has only has 24 hours to live and they live by the clock.

While the story opens with a man in the ghetto named Will Salas is given the gift of time from a man who doesn't care to live anymore from the rich-infected lifestyle. Will is then accused of murder and on the run from a police force known as "timekeepers." With a rich man's daughter at his side he hopes to effect change in the system.

The film's story should have been one of the best of the decade. I mean the idea is so good it feels awful that it was a bit wasted. The film story does a good job on laying out the ground rules of the universe they live in. This was great about it a short speech in the beginning and then you are trusted into the life of Will Salas. You get a pretty good picture on how he lives just from the first 10 min. You learn a lot about the world and the film starts to set up some story lines but that's where a lot of the film's really strong points end.

The film starts up several story lines and just never delivers. Some just seems abandoned by the end and others that kept building and never got the final "crescendo" or pay off. It seems like not only that with these great ideas and scary parallels to real life class warfare the idea could have been bigger than it ended up being, It hard to say exactly what it was missing. I feel like the film could have been even bigger with its ideas and themes. It fact with this idea the film could have been a great long SC-FI epic. Maybe my expectations for the film was just too high but I feel I was let down by story because of the potential it had and that's just aside from the plot holes and incompletion of certain story lines. There were also some scenes I honestly thought could make for some classic scenes like when we finally get to see what "a fighter" is and how they fight. The scene was too short and was a number of others felt a little short in fact the film overall felt a bit short without a real good conclusion.

The film seems to leave the possibility of having a strong story oriented film instead opting for an action fueled story. The film has no shortage of action sequences and that is properly the saving grace to the film. It does keep the viewer entertained and it does keep the story moving. Without this factor the film would unsalvageable. There are some good car crashes and also on foot chases. A good number of gun battles to be boot. Even with the PG-13 rating it is able to have some real action and violence. However I think I could have done without a couple of these so we would have a stronger story.

The acting is also questionable. I would have made different choices. Justin Timberlake stars a Will Salas and Justin is good here for the action sequences but he isn't the greatest with the dramatic scenes. This is a shame because I thought he would because I really liked his performance in The Social Network (2010). Amanda Seyfried's performance falls flat in my eyes even though she had some nice chemistry with Justin. Cillian Murphy is amazing as the timekeeper Raymond Leon. This is an outstanding performance from Murphy as he usually delivers. The rest are decent but nothing special. Shyloh Oostwald is okay; I liked Johnny Galecki as Borel. I didn't love Olivia Wilde even if she didn't have a big part. Alex Pettyfer is finally getting better roles since his role in Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker (2006). He is good here as Fortis the "minutemen" which a "gangster of the future."

Andrew Niccol is a great talent behind the camera and I don't doubt that either. His look to the film to perfect for this film. Also his of practical effects over CGI heavy effects is defiantly noticeable in a good way. The music by Craig Armstrong fits perfectly.

Really with this type of idea it really could have been something special. The acting hurt the film a bit with the exception of Cillian Murphy. But with a talented director behind the camera and talent behind the scenes also with some really entertaining action sequences makes the film watchable but you can't help but feel it could be so much more. If there was a film that I would like to see remade, this would be it.

Final Score

A awesome idea wasted
I honestly didn't know what to give this movie. The idea is truly awesome and the movie is actually entertaining, which for me is perhaps the most important thing. But at the same time it could have been so much better.

The main problem is simply that it is insanely unrealistic. For example: why has the CELLPHONE been uninvented? They don't exist in the movie. Only phonebooths :/ The death of the mother could have been easily prevented with a simple phone call or SMS. And why on earth is the security in general so weak? It is WAY too easy for them to rob banks and do whatever they want. Just one guy and one girl with handguns. Why hasn't someone done it before? If I knew I was going to die in a few hours unless I robbed a bank or something I think I would at least TRY it. Would you? Doesn't make any sense at all! So in the end I'll give it 6 because the idea was great and the movie kept me entertained. But besides that I think it was a waste of a really good idea...
Good idea ruined by undeveloped premise.
Too many glaring plot holes really screws this movie out of any enjoyment value for me. I can't stand it when the reasons for a characters actions aren't adequately explained. (Perhaps if the story was better I wouldn't have had time to pick it apart.)

IN TIME posits that time is now the world's currency. Everyone carries around their life's savings displayed as a digital clock in their arm. Anyone can take or give you 'life' by merely clasping your arm. If this was the case, I think murders and muggings wouldn't be restricted to a couple of 'minutemen' (hoodlums) driving around in a car. Every single street corner would have someone who, about to run out of time, was primed to steal your time.

The premise states that all people born are immortal; genetically engineered to stop aging at 25. This sounds great until we're told that this age marker initiates a countdown starting at 1 year worth of time. If your counter reaches zero you die, instantly and painlessly.

All income and payments for goods and services in this new world are applied in time units. The ultra-rich have thousands of hours on their clocks and the corporation they run manipulate what time is worth in order to control the population of workers.

Several things really bothered me about this premise. How do people live until they are 25 if their clock doesn't start until then? How do they perform the transactions needed to purchase food or receive wages? I saw one child begging for money (time) using a 'cassette', but that scene only opened up more questions. I can see why the film glossed over the problem.

With only a few Timekeepers wandering around, crime would have been rampant. Look how easily 2 people could take what they wanted from the time loan banks and even from the Greenwich ultra-rich.

What could have made this film better? I would have had Will download the million years into his arm which would make his clock malfunction. He would then download his malfunction to every person he could, and ask them to do the same, starting a chain reaction. This would be the start of a revolution. That's as far as I want to go without rewriting the book but it would have been a more satisfying ending in my opinion.
Overall Liked It
I liked this movie, for the most part. I guess I felt like something more could have been done with the concept, but in the end it was neat and fascinating and a fun sort of sci-fi crime movie.

I like Amanda Seyfried in it! And Justin is pretty good too. The rest of the actors sort of fade into the background for me, not bad but not that memorable either. I guess that's a good sign of a good movie.

The effects worked well too, the numbers on the arms look great. The practical futuristic locations aren't exactly mind blowing, but they don't need to be for this story to work.

I would probably recommend waiting for this on DVD / VOD, rather than seeing it in the theater, but I certainly wouldn't tell anyone to avoid it. Especially if you like sci-fi!
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