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Hard Rain
USA, UK, Japan, New Zealand, Germany, France, Australia, Denmark
Crime, Drama, Thriller, Action
IMDB rating:
Mikael Salomon
Betty White as Doreen Sears
Edward Asner as Uncle Charlie
Ray Baker as Mayor
Dann Florek as Mr. Mehlor
Peter Murnik as Phil
Michael A. Goorjian as Kenny (as Michael Goorjian)
Randy Quaid as Sheriff Mike Collins
Wayne Duvall as Hank
Richard Dysart as Henry Sears
Minnie Driver as Karen
Mark Rolston as Wayne Bryce
Storyline: In Huntingburg, the armored truck with three million dollars driven by Tom and his Uncle Charlie gets stuck in the flooding and realizes that the town has been evacuated since the dam does not have capacity to hold the storm. While waiting for the National Guard, they are attacked by Jim and his gang formed by Kenny, Mr. Mehlor and Ray and the clumsy Kenny kills Charlie. Tom flees with the bags of money and hides them in the cemetery. Then he is hunted down by Jim and his gang and he hides in a church. Out of the blue, he is knocked out and awakes locked in a cell. Soon he learns that the restorer Karen believed he was a looter and hit him. Sheriff Mike Collins and Deputy Wayne Bryce go to investigate Tom' story while Officer Phil takes Karen out of the town by boat. However she escapes with the boat and goes to the church. Meanwhile Tom is trapped in the cell full of water and Karen rescues him. He decides to return to the armored truck to retrieve a shotgun but he is captured by Jim... Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
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Let's Get Wet!
In rain-drenched Huntingburg, Indiana, "Armored Transport" guard Christian Slater (as Tom) loads over $3 million dollars in his truck. While trying to transport the money out of town during a particularly wicked storm, Mr. Slater's truck gets stuck in rising rain waters. This makes the money an easy target for crooked Morgan Freeman (as Jim) and his gang; they move to rob the truck, but Slater escapes with the cash. Slater stashes the money and is picked up by sheriff Randy Quaid (as Mike) and his deputies. Everyone wants the money, but the entire town is flooding fast...

"Hard Rain" is presented by the successful "Speed" driven (1994) team of Mark Gordon and Graham Yost, and it features even more of the same non-stop high energy. Mikael Salomon makes the action look good. Characterization is secondary. You don't care about the leading men (and woman) - although, there must be some points given to Slater trying to escape from a jail cell while flood waters rise, and love interest Minnie Driver (as Karen) suffering through an attempted rape by "Penthouse" forum reader Mark Rolston (as Wayne) while she is handcuffed to a banister...

Otherwise, the only thing noteworthy about the bigger cast names is their various levels of profanity. As you might expect, Betty White (as Doreen) comes out swinging, but Mr. Quaid finishes strong. Unfortunately, Ms. White and Edward "Ed" Asner (as Charlie) share no scenes; it would have been nice to see the two "Mary Tyler Moore" alumni together. More impressive are the lesser-known players, like trigger-happy Michael Goorjian (as Kenny) and distinctly featured Peter Murnik (as Phil). Action is more exciting when accompanied by strong characterization.

***** Hard Rain (1/16/98) Mikael Salomon ~ Christian Slater, Morgan Freeman, Minnie Driver, Randy Quaid
Too much action, for nothing
Too much water in there, and too much action. Action is good I think but the whole movie is pointless, ie. with no real point, or message if you prefer. Simply waste of time!
Pretty good with a lot of twists.
I like movies with a lot of twists and this is one of them. It's a good movie if you don't want to think a lot. There are a lot of things that are wrong with the movie but it doesn't matter at all it's still a fun watch.
Pan, Pan, Pan, I'm shooting in the rain, I'm shooting in the rain, ... (DVD)
I discovered this movie because there is Minnie Driver in it and i must say that this is a great one! Except "War of worlds" by Spielberg, i don't know a movie with such an apocalyptic setting: Mother Nature is set loose and threatens to flood everything. But instead of focusing with megalopolises (NY, LA) and calling for the President, this realistic movie happens in a little town of Indiana. Thus, it is closes to our every day life and we can better understand the threat.

I don't know if it's intentional or not, but there is a Gothic feeling here that enhances everything. It's the night, the town is surrounded by forest, and a lot of action happens on the cemetery and the church. And if it's an action / thriller movie, actually, some shoots reminds me of the best horror movies.

Then, i found all the characters very attractive: you either care for them or despise them at once. And, they aren't one-sided characters because along the movie, their polarity changes: good guys become bad, and bad guys become good. Thus, it is very interesting to see that and the cast does have mention because they make that happen. As a fan of Minnie, i found that she has truly something because she is 100% believable in this action / comedy part whereas other actress would have failed.

I never heard of the director before but he knows how to deliver great sequences: the opening credits give the mood for the entire movie and you will find all the threats from flooding.

In conclusion, this upside down "Abyss" is an excellent tale and if you can find it, dive in it !
Just a decent saturday night's entertainment.
Hard Rain rates alongside most average 90's action flicks. Though, Speed, Face/Off and The Matrix are miles better, there are a few points that make Hard Rain more watchable than most. First off, you've got Morgan Freeman; not an amazing performance but good enough! Christian Slater plays the same role in Broken Arrow, which is fine. But what makes this film better than average is the action! The church scene is very good, slightly John Woo (ish) but isn't over violent or stupid. The production employed this neat trick of when ever a gun is fired, the camera shakes for a moment - this might not seem much, but adds a bit of realism and adrenaline to the action. Above all, a very solid 7/10 film.
I loved it!
I loved this movie. I am a big Christian Slater fan, even though his latest work is crappy. This movie was very entertaining and enjoyable with action, drama, and some wit. It is what I look for when watching a video. Besides, it did have somewhat of a different plot/backdrop plot than most movies. The rain causing the floods were an original idea. Most flicks just have a robbery on the streets and a chase. This one was original and contained some twist and turns. There was a hint of a little romance involved between the strangers with no real action. Betty White was a real pistol and her husband was quite funny. The whole idea of watching a flick is to enjoy it, escape for an hour and a 1/2- 2 hours. This will definitely let you do that.
Well-Made Action Movie
All I can say about Hard Rain is awesome. There were plenty of action sequences. I could watch it over and over and it won't get boring. Betty White and Richard A. Dysart had hilarious roles as the old couple. Overall I say 8 out of 10.
Original and Enjoyable
We enjoyed this movie. It was original and the flood scenes (all of the movie) were well made. It's not for those looking for more than just light entertainment on a Saturday evening but worth a look.
Give me a towel, please.
Hard Rain is all wet. Literally! Too much water and too little attention to telling a believable story. Since all but four characters are crooks, 'who shot who' quickly becomes unimportant amidst non-stop boat chases, chin -deep wading and a water level that never stops rising.

If you decide to watch this klinker, pack extra towels and don't be surprised if you skin turns a bit prune-like.
Not bad if you know what to expect beforehand
What's with all the bad reviews? Sure, this film is completely unbelievable. The acting is good, but not great from all involved. You can't help wondering if Ed Asner, Betty White and Minnie Driver were cast just to keep them from reaching oblivion in Hollywood. Although, while doing an admirable job, Morgan Freeman appears to be rather bored playing the part of bad-guy "Jim". Christian Slater fares better as the guy who's caught in the middle of everything but he always looks on the verge of busting out in laughter due to the unbelievability of it all. Taking this into consideration, Hard Rain was obviously DESIGNED to be a mindless action flick, on par with original television series's such as Batman or The Six Million Dollar Man. When was the last time you saw Adam West or Lee Majors put on an Oscar winning performance? You didn't, but that never kept you from tuning in each week or running off to make a peanut butter sandwich when all the "ZAM!" "POWIE!" animations were flashed on the screen. Or when Steve Austin was ripping through solid steel with his bare hands. It's the same premise, total mindless fun, nothing more. But I can understand how some may feel ripped-off with the talents of Freeman and Slater being wasted on nearly one dimensional character roles.

Honestly, I have a hard time giving this movie a rating of six because it's completely dependent upon what I'm in the mood for watching at any given time, and that could vary it up or down a point or two. If you're looking for non-stop action from start to finish, not to be taken seriously with the best elements of spaghetti westerns, disasters, bad guys, corruption and chase scenes -- get some beer, order a pizza and invite your buddies over. I guarantee you'll laugh at the absurdity, be entertained, and awestruck attempting to comprehend how much water was used for its filming.
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