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Great Balls of Fire!
Drama, Biography, Music
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Jim McBride
Stephen Tobolowsky as Jud Phillips
Jimmie Vaughan as Roland Janes
David Ferguson as Jack Clement
Joshua Sheffield as Rusty Brown
Paula Person as Sam's Secratary
Robert Lesser as Alan Freed
Trey Wilson as Sam Phillips
Mojo Nixon as James Van Eaton
John Doe as J.W. Brown
Lisa Blount as Lois Brown
Dennis Quaid as Jerry Lee Lewis
Winona Ryder as Myra Gale Brown
Alec Baldwin as Jimmy Swaggart
Storyline: The story of Jerry Lee Lewis, arguably the greatest and certainly one of the wildest musicians of the 1950s. His arrogance, remarkable talent, and unconventional lifestyle often brought him into conflict with others in the industry, and even earned him the scorn and condemnation of the public.
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This movie has some of the worst acting I've ever seen. Dennis Quaid's performance was high school caliber. While it's difficult to portray an off-the-wall character like Jerry Lee Lewis, it can be done. Just ask Jamie Foxx (although Ray Charles had more depth to his personality and musicianship than Lewis ever dreamed of possessing). The Phillips brothers portrayal belonged in The Dukes of Hazzard, and Alec Baldwin playing Jimmy Swaggart is a bit like Donald Duck performing Shakespeare. When Robert Duvall played a country preacher, I bought it. Baldwin never made me believe a single word. Wynona Ryder's part was the best, and she was mediocre. (And can anyone figure out how she was 13 when Lewis met her and still 13 more than a year later?) Some checking on the Internet reveals the essential facts presented by the film were true, at least no more fouled-up than most Hollywood bio pics. This film did badly at the box office, and it should have.
An unrestrained talent gets the performance it requires...
Speaking in hindsight, Dennis Quaid has recently gone on record as saying he should've taken the filmmakers' advice and brought his portrayal of real-life hell-raising singer/piano player Jerry Lee Lewis down a notch or two. However, it's precisely Quaid's energy (and the accomplished 1950's period flavor) that keeps this otherwise undistinguished movie going. It's one-half rollicking musical-bio, and the other half an unsteady riches-to-rags tale. Jerry Lee finds his bombastic stage presence hard to shake off in life, rising to the top of the charts--and about to steal the rock 'n roll mantle from Elvis P.--until a marriage to his under-aged second cousin causes a backlash that lasted many years. Fashioned like a live-action cartoon, it's something of a drag when the filmmakers eventually pull out all the usual tried-and-tired clichés, boozy depression and angry rebellion. Winona Ryder, as Quaid's teen bride, struggles with a sketchy role; in fact, all the supporting characters are one-dimensional compared to Lewis. Quaid (who lip-syncs to the vocals but played his own piano) rides roughshod over the whole shaky enterprise. ** from ****
Worst acting I have ever seen
It's really just terrible. Quaid overacts more than Shatner. The part where Elvis walks in and says "You can have it all" just kills anything that might have been good in this movie that's bad enough as it is. Drug use was completely snow coated, the only thing that had anything to do with his life was the bit about him wedding his cousin. Quaid also looks nothing like Lewis and has dark roots and eyebrows. I wish this could be re-made in the future with someone who doesn't try so hard. A bigger budget wouldn't hurt and maybe more about his actual life. I was very, very disappointed in Quaid. Don't watch this movie or you will be too.
A Truly Bizarre Film Experience
This is a movie that, if it came out today, I would hate. As it stands, I have distance on it and I love it because it is unlike any other film ever made.

Jim McBride as a director treats the material as a straight rock and roll fairy tale. That's why, if the characters in the movie were fictitious, the film would be a minor stylistic classic among film buffs. Akin to "Dick Tracy" for its production design or "Moulin Rouge" for its weaving of pop hits into a broadly stroked love story. It would be beloved if only for the few scenes between Dennis Quaid and Alec Baldwin (as Lewis' cousin, Jimmy Swaggart) playing polar archetypes.

As it stands, however, "the people and events depicted herein are real." Even on a script level, the movie knows that Jerry Lee is a much worse person than depicted in the film. Where the film alludes to Jerry Lee being a general cheating womanizer and, at times, even a specifically cruel individual to his young wife, the script points it out more evidently. That the script largely demurs from the sometimes horrific moments that Lewis instigated in his true life romance with Myra Gale Brown is enough to turn off most viewers. That the film itself almost completely ignores Lewis' uglier traits (even while the script is acknowledging them) is why it is considered so uneven and, thus, unsuccessful. However, completely detached from those detestable facts, the film does offer some of the greatest rock music ever recorded, an appropriately rebellious, true lovin' rocker to record it, and a soft-focus, easily-quotable rock and roll fantasy romance for a screenplay. Combine those things with the unfortunate, incontrovertible truth and you have an exceptionally odd amalgam of a movie.

P.S.: I'll add that I am a huge fan of Jerry Lee Lewis' music, so I admit that I have one up on a viewer who is either uninitiated or is just plain not a fan.
It's NOT the life of Jerry Lee Lewis 2-3 years in his life.
It's not a good movie at all not just because it's full of non facts. Dennis Quaid portrays JLL as a buffoon, hillbilly bumpkin who is an adult throwing spoiled child tantrums. His accent is so phony and sounds like he is mentally challenged. Parts of the movie made me wonder if the director realized they come off as parody.
Not a "Bio Pic" but an homage... to an era and the widest figure to come out of it!
The reviews and comments looking for a level headed and even keeled depiction of the Jerry Lee phenomenon (talk about oxymorons)would probably have been happier with a ploddingly sincere and safe little movie like "La Bamba" or "The Buddy Holly Story".

Number one, Jerry Lee Lewis was not a "died too young" legend who can function as a convenient hook upon which to hang a sanitized and idealized (and "survivor approved") portrait of their too brief rise and tragic fall.

Jerry Lee was an incredibly talented, vibrant, egotistical, foolhardy, sexy, and trouble prone MAN. He seemed poised and perfectly placed to fill the void left by "The King" when he was drafted...but life, love, and the prudishness of the era all intervened.

Please do NOT blame this wonderful, and wonderfully well made film for the discomfort it's romance might STILL cause (It DOES NOT glorify taking a child bride...please watch Winona Ryder's astonishing, heartbreaking, brilliantly funny, utterly tragic perf...her best EVER)....

Please don't slam it for capturing the broad, funny, sexy, and infuriating "Killer" so well that Jerry Lee flinched from the resemblance.

This is an unrecognized classic...

It deserves rediscovery...and should have made Ryder and the magnificent Quaid superstars!
Dennis channels Jerry Lee
From some of the reviews here, I get the feeling many viewers of this film have never seen a Jerry Lee Lewis performance, much less have ever seen him offstage. Well, I can tell you, Dennis Quaid has the man down to pitch perfect. But it isn't just a great impersonation. Beneath every nuance and gesture is the frenzied heart and mind that probably would never have been able to function outside of the venue of rock and roll. Jerry Lee was the white man's Little Richard. He had rock and roll in his blood and he was BORN outrageous! He also made Elvis Presley look like a wind-up doll. `Great Balls of Fire' captures the essence of Jerry Lee's music, especially in the ‘musical' scene with the kids outside the high school. Rock and Roll breaks the rules, so why not have a film that breaks the rules by throwing in a musical number that obviously has no backup band? Those who have seen the high school rock and roll movies like `High School Confidential' and `Rock Rock Rock' will appreciate this spirited ode to them. Winona Ryder does a pretty good job for Winona Ryder, and it's fun to see John Doe (of the L.A. punk band `X') playing the somewhat stymied father of little Myra Gale. This film is not a biopic, it's a rock and roll movie, which is what the King of rock and roll (as far as I'm concerned) deserves. Is he a bad, bad man for marrying his thirteen-year-old cousin? Is it anyone's business? The marriage lasted longer then most marriages these days do. Even if it hadn't, I think people can be capable of respecting the artist and his music even if that artist's lifestyle offends them. That's this film's point of view, so no doubt, there will be viewers who will take offense. But to set the record straight, the whole world did not turn their back on Jerry Lee when the news got out about his marriage to his cousin. There were thousands of fans who actually embraced him more BECAUSE their parents and authorities hated him. And then there were just the fans (like myself) who will always love his music and audacious energy at the piano, and have decided to leave judgment of his personal life to whatever entity is in charge of such things.
Sequel being planned!
The Title is "Middle Age Crazy". Dennis Quaid and Winona Ryder are on board along with the rest of the original cast. Unfortunately we have lost the great Trey Wilson and Lisa Blount, but Alec Baldwin will play Jimmy Swaggart again, which should be great because this will be during the years leading up to his scandal. Rumor has it that John Travolta will play Mickey Gilley (a little wink to Urban Cowboy) and Sean Penn as Lewis' guitar player Kenny Lovelace.

The movie starts with Jerry Lee Lewis' Live at the Star Club in Hamburg concert in 1964 and I believe ends in 1986 when he gets inducted into the Rock n' Roll Hall of fame. This is going to be a treat for real fans of Lewis who enjoy his country music. We are going to get his 1968 top ten single "Another Place, Another Time" along with "What's Made Milwaukee Famous, "She Still Comes Around (To Love What's Left of Me)", "Me & Bobby McGee" and of course 1977's "Middle Age Crazy". The scenes of Quaid as Lewis in North Hollywood's Palomino Club, Country Music's most important West Coast club during the 70's and 80's is going to be epic. This should be in production by 2012.
The Lewis Boogie
The events that stopped the first wave of Rock n' Roll......Elvis went into the army...Buddy Holly died...Chuck Berry got arrested...Little Richard quit and became a man of the cloth...and Jerry Lee Lewis married his 13 year old cousin.

This film is a fun-filled, rocking, over-the-top, snazzy, story of the "Killer". It never lets up on the music (all original performances by Jerry Lee) and the cast is doing nothing more than having a good time with it all. A few 50's style insertions of some "song and dance" numbers work magnificently.

During the downfall, which is presented honestly and somberly we understand the devastation and effect on all involved. But just like Lewis himself, it rebounds with guts and gusto and never misses a color saturated beat.

No one ever put out those great balls of fire, he played it hard and he played it forever.

"I can play anything, anytime, anywhere" says Jerry......ain't it the truth.
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