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Great Balls of Fire!
Drama, Biography, Music
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Jim McBride
Stephen Tobolowsky as Jud Phillips
Jimmie Vaughan as Roland Janes
David Ferguson as Jack Clement
Joshua Sheffield as Rusty Brown
Paula Person as Sam's Secratary
Robert Lesser as Alan Freed
Trey Wilson as Sam Phillips
Mojo Nixon as James Van Eaton
John Doe as J.W. Brown
Lisa Blount as Lois Brown
Dennis Quaid as Jerry Lee Lewis
Winona Ryder as Myra Gale Brown
Alec Baldwin as Jimmy Swaggart
Storyline: The story of Jerry Lee Lewis, arguably the greatest and certainly one of the wildest musicians of the 1950s. His arrogance, remarkable talent, and unconventional lifestyle often brought him into conflict with others in the industry, and even earned him the scorn and condemnation of the public.
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Great music, good movie
I am usually too lazy to put in my review comments. But when I read some of the negative comments about this movie, I ad to make a stand. I came across this movie accidentally and I'm glad I did. I think it is one of the unsung great films on music and musicians. Based on the true life of Jerry Lee Lewis, the somewhat eccentric rock and roll genius from the 50s this movie has got soul. Most of the movies about artists end up portraying them as somewhat crazy, egomaniacs, always on the edge of a break down. But this movie has a very warm and light hearted take on Jerry's life. Throughout his ups and down his character comes out as a likable one whom you want to fall in love with. There's not a moment in the film where you would feel sad or annoyed by Jerry. And for this the kudos go to both Dennis Quaid and the director. For the reviewers who have labeled Dennis's portrayal as over the top, you guys don't have a clue who and what Jerry was. Dennis has nailed the spirited and buoyant soul that Jerry Lee Lewis was. I think the people who didn't like this film wanted to see a more serious and toned down film. But this is a film about rock and roll, and there's no better way to make it then it has been donw here. I give it a 9 out of 10. Go watch this immensely entertaining film!
Quaid over the top...young Ryder exceptional
Well, I liked this movie a lot more when I saw it the first time some years ago. It is good to go back and see some of Winona Ryder's work as a child actress. She really was good here. Dennis Quaid played Jerry Lee Lewis waaaay over the top. Quaid is a good actor, so I know that this was intentional. I wasn't around in the Fifties, and so missed all of the events portrayed here. Anyway, it's a pretty decent flick, and, of course, the music rocks.
The Lewis Boogie
The events that stopped the first wave of Rock n' Roll......Elvis went into the army...Buddy Holly died...Chuck Berry got arrested...Little Richard quit and became a man of the cloth...and Jerry Lee Lewis married his 13 year old cousin.

This film is a fun-filled, rocking, over-the-top, snazzy, story of the "Killer". It never lets up on the music (all original performances by Jerry Lee) and the cast is doing nothing more than having a good time with it all. A few 50's style insertions of some "song and dance" numbers work magnificently.

During the downfall, which is presented honestly and somberly we understand the devastation and effect on all involved. But just like Lewis himself, it rebounds with guts and gusto and never misses a color saturated beat.

No one ever put out those great balls of fire, he played it hard and he played it forever.

"I can play anything, anytime, anywhere" says Jerry......ain't it the truth.
Dennis Quaid Good As Lewis
Jerry Lee Lewis (Quaid) was a wild young man who moved to Memphis in 1957 to start his musical career he moved in with his cousin J.W. Brown (Doe) and his family. It was there that he met 13 year old Myra (Ryder) who back then loved Elvis Presley. After having his first song Crazy Arms played on the radio by Sam Phillips (Wilson) Jerry became a sensation with other hits such as Whole Lotta Shaking Going On, Great Balls Of Fire and High School Confidential. A romance developed between Jerry Lee & Myra they were so much in love that they got married in secret, however controversy struck when on a tour in England a reporter found out about the marriage causing fans to accuse him of being a cradle robber, child molester and pervert. His career went downhill after that. In real life Jerry Lee Lewis's career would not start again until six years later in 1970 after thirteen years of marriage Jerry Lee Lewis divorced Myra Gale Brown. Great Balls Of Fire is a good biography that depicts the life of a tortured singer who had numerous loves and losses 8/10 Stars
Fantastic music, shame about the film!
Jerry Lee Lewis' life is a most fascinating one. Unfortunately this film doesn't address any facets of it in a mature way. However as light entertainment it just passes the mark. However this man's actual life could never be described as light entertainment.

The music is superb. The music was re-recorded by Jerry Lee for the film and surpasses the already fantastic original music from the fifties. If you can, get the soundtrack. 7/10
A Must See!
Dennis Quaid was magnificent as Jerry Lee Lewis. He had everything spot on -Lewis' mannerisms, walk, energy, voice, etc. What a performance! I truly believe he should have won an award. Winona Ryder and Alec Baldwin were also excellent. Ryder was so young and so expressive. Baldwin nailed it as the preacher although I hardly recognized him. It was so much fun hearing Lewis' songs again. A must see movie for those who love singer bio pictures.
Great fun - if probably not very true to life
This comic book like biopic about singer Jerry Lee Lewis (Dennis Quaid) rise to fame and subsequent fall from grace after his marriage with his 13 years old cousin Myra (a very young and very good Winona Ryder) was discovered, is probably not terribly true to life, but it is still very entertaining. Quaid happily hams it up in an over the top performance that has to do more with caricature than with acting. Alec Baldwin adds to the fun in his cameo as Jerry Lee's cousin, preacher Jimmy Swaggart. There is a nifty, idealized pop reconstruction of small town America in the 1950s. And the music, of course, is great. Best scene: staid English journalists raising a scandal when the singer and his teen wife arrive.
Great 2 - for - 1 film
For me, this movie really provided a "2 - for 1" enjoyment, and I suspect others as well: one of my very favorite actors portraying one of my very favorite entertainers. Quaid delivers his usual fine performance, and Winona Ryder is engaging, as she has been each time I've seen her. If one views a movie about a favorite musician, it is inevitable you'll enjoy the music, unless the director and/or performers screw-up royally. Such is not the case here - it's great! If someone pointed a gun at me and demanded I make a critical remark about this film - it would be that, at times, Dennis exaggerated the mannerisms and speech of Jerry Lee in some scenes. However, this is purely minor - actually it rather added a touch of amusement, somewhat like Billy Crystal's doing Fernando Lamas - accurate and a bit "over-the-top" at the same time. And with the music, you can watch this picture again and again, just to enjoy the songs.
I completely disagree, I really loved this movie..
Personally I disagree with the other user's comments as I saw this movie on TV a while ago and really enjoyed it. What makes it so interesting is the fact that someone would actually go ahead and marry their cousin who was only 13 years old.

This movie is pretty accurate and the acting and music is great.

Dennis Quaid's portrayal of the Killer is definitely one to watch.

His accent and facial expressions are priceless and Winona Ryder's Myra is sweet and believable. This movie offers a great insight into the personal life, music and career of J.L.L. A really enjoyable film I would highly recommend :-D
Big and great and scary
A story about the early days of rock and roll. Add the user comments here, a wide mixture of views and detail that sometimes even support each other's views, and there is stuff here for me to piece together bits and pieces of further understandings about those early days.

Get to watch it more, it also helps appreciation of that early music.

A useful feature, it has legs, others help to give it more useful legs, it even has great balls of fire.


I purchased this as it is early Winona and that is a greater puzzle to me.

I had thought that this was her at age 15, playing a 13, yet the feature date says age 17 to 18 and other comments say 18. Yet her look, coupled with her 14ish look in Lucas (1986), make 15 feel real. I would like to get to know production dates for this early stuff. In 1969 (1988) she looks so 18ish to me, In Heathers (1989) so 17ish, in Beatle Juice (1988) so 16ish.

A fast-ish browse of fan sites did not uncover any reason to doubt the dates as the order in which these features were made. Some sites also include early reviews and what I have read goes along with that. Guess that I just have to accept that actors are actors, inhabiting different worlds and realities than what is obvious to me.


Sympathies to those growing up in Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, etc in those days. It is very different to 50's England in many respects, but not so different in others. Lewis and Jimmy and the others will have found it to be going against the grain to actually find any worthwhile sense. Oh so different to now, oh so very much the same. Nothing like the tit for tat worlds shown by the Lizzie McGuire series 2001+, which is also big and great and scary if deliberately a trifle unreal.
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