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Great Balls of Fire!
Drama, Biography, Music
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Jim McBride
Stephen Tobolowsky as Jud Phillips
Jimmie Vaughan as Roland Janes
David Ferguson as Jack Clement
Joshua Sheffield as Rusty Brown
Paula Person as Sam's Secratary
Robert Lesser as Alan Freed
Trey Wilson as Sam Phillips
Mojo Nixon as James Van Eaton
John Doe as J.W. Brown
Lisa Blount as Lois Brown
Dennis Quaid as Jerry Lee Lewis
Winona Ryder as Myra Gale Brown
Alec Baldwin as Jimmy Swaggart
Storyline: The story of Jerry Lee Lewis, arguably the greatest and certainly one of the wildest musicians of the 1950s. His arrogance, remarkable talent, and unconventional lifestyle often brought him into conflict with others in the industry, and even earned him the scorn and condemnation of the public.
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Dennis Quaid Good As Lewis
Jerry Lee Lewis (Quaid) was a wild young man who moved to Memphis in 1957 to start his musical career he moved in with his cousin J.W. Brown (Doe) and his family. It was there that he met 13 year old Myra (Ryder) who back then loved Elvis Presley. After having his first song Crazy Arms played on the radio by Sam Phillips (Wilson) Jerry became a sensation with other hits such as Whole Lotta Shaking Going On, Great Balls Of Fire and High School Confidential. A romance developed between Jerry Lee & Myra they were so much in love that they got married in secret, however controversy struck when on a tour in England a reporter found out about the marriage causing fans to accuse him of being a cradle robber, child molester and pervert. His career went downhill after that. In real life Jerry Lee Lewis's career would not start again until six years later in 1970 after thirteen years of marriage Jerry Lee Lewis divorced Myra Gale Brown. Great Balls Of Fire is a good biography that depicts the life of a tortured singer who had numerous loves and losses 8/10 Stars
This movie easily falls into the category of laughable, if not beyond that to actually insulting. I mean in what alternate universe did the filmmakers and studios think that this film would play? From beginning to end we bombarded with Quaids overacting and ridiculous facial expressions, laying on the "im a loose cannon" act a little thick. Another picking point I had with the movie was the lack of a realistic story of events that would make you grow to connect to a character. I mean in one scene where Lewis is playing in a bar before making it big there is this over the top, just completely absurd bar fight that every citizen in town is apparently a part of. Then Lewis begins to play his rendition of "A whole lot of shaking'" and everyone immediately forgets their differences and begins dancing wildly as if its the most normal thing in the world. These kind of scenes, of which there are numerous, coupled with the lack of depth in any of the characters led me to actual laughter. So all in all this film is not worth viewing for anyone not interested in mocking a filmmaker and his actors decisions for an hour and a half.
Spoilers herein.

Here's what I like about this: it is a story about a quirky performer, who lives life as if it were one of his quirky shows. At the same time, Quaid's performance is itself quirky - along the lines of Depp's `Fear and Loathing.' The whole thing is a Punch and Judy doing a Punch and Judy.

It gets my appreciation for that. But at root, it just isn't a very interesting story: part rock history, part trailer trash romance, and part holy/nasty metaphor. But then, that's pop music I guess.

There is a scene that sticks: Jerry Lee opening for Chuck Berry. Chuck is an ordinary guy, someone whose life is not his performance. Music is just a job, and he would never get the whole reflexive passion thang. Jerry goes nuts, literally setting the piano on fire. Then he marches off with `Follow that, Killer!`

The actor's expression is priceless. Almost worth the admission by itself. He is supposed to be the surrogate anchor for us, watching from the sidelines.

There's another image worth keeping. Our vulnerable Winona packs up to move in with her new `husband.' Her luggage is a dollhouse. That's a sweet keeper, just like Julia Style's little box of `needful things' in `Hamlet.' And for the same reasons.

Ted's Evaluation -- 2 of 3: Has some interesting elements.
It can get worse than this, but not by much
Great Balls of Fire is the movie you show to someone you really, really hate. It is absolute torture of the highest rank and is probably used by minions of a foreign power to extract info from captured intelligence agents. I've enjoyed some of Dennis Quaid's performances in the past, but he goes totally over the top in this film. He doesn't so much cross the line, he pole vaults over it, then comes back to jump over and over again. He struts and mugs as if on some incredibly bad acid trip. It's one of those rare performances where you wish you could enter the film and beat the man within an inch of his life for doing something so truly awful. Was he desperate to win a Golden Raspberry or some other award for bad acting? That's the only conclusion I can come up with. Thank you Dennis, you gave us a bad performance for the ages. Where was the director to reign in this guy?

The opposite end of the extreme is Winona Ryder, she of the plastic features and plastic acting. I came across a review of her acting style that compared her to a wax dummy. That was of course an insult to wax dummies all over the earth, all of whom could have brough more humanity to the role of Jerry's underage cousin/wife. This brings up the film's mixed up message, that being it is 100% okay to marry your own cousin and have a child by the union. I fail to see what is so "okay" about that, but it looks as though Hollywood thinks that underage incest is hunky dory. Talk about "family values."

Another problem is the format. Is it a stright forward re telling of Lewis' life, or is it a musical? I'm not talking about the music, I'm talking about the truly weird scene where Jerry drives up to the school, starts to belt out a tune and everyone starts to dance like it was Broadway musical in search of a Tony. Fantasy and reality are thrown together in a mix that does not work. But who really cares? I don't. And neither should you. You can't get back the minutes of life you would waste on this film. So don't waste your time, it's too precious for something this misguided and poor.
You had to be there
to understand this film. I'd be watching Bandstand and I would hear my Dad getting out of the car. If Jerry Lee, or Little Richard for that matter, were playing I turn it off so I did not have to hear my Father rant about the music.

Dennis Quaid as Jerry Lee looks like he was dragged out of an audition for Amadeus, with that pompadour on his head; and his acting is over the top, but Jerry Lee was the same person as a performer. Oddly, in my recollection, the only song in the film that is permitted to be sung to completion is "Lucky Old Sun" which Jerry Lee belts at this home as his world is caving in about him.

It's not the movie I have to have in a collection, but if it is on cable when I am surfing, I will stop and watch every time.
Memorable performance
As a child in rural Louisiana, Jerry Lee Lewis is entranced by black music. In 1956 Memphis, Jerry (Dennis Quaid) moves in with his cousin Rusty Brown's family including his daughter Myra Gale Brown (Winona Ryder). Sam Phillips of Sun Records, who signed Elvis, signs Jerry. His cousin Jimmy Swaggart (Alec Baldwin) tries to get him to serve God. He marries 13-year-old Myra after already married twice. It becomes a scandal during a 1958 British tour.

This is a fun light rock-and-roll movie with a great manic performance by Dennis Quaid. The drama is backloaded with the scandal well into the second half. This has great music. A more dramatic story could be done concentrating not on his music but on his personal life and marriages. This is nevertheless a fun rock biopic and a memorable performance.
Pretty great!
This movie, starring Winona Ryder and Dennis Quaid, was a huge surprise to me. I've followed Winona Ryder's movie career and was completely blown away by the great acting in this movie. Though the mood swings of Jerry Lee Lewis depressed me momentarily, the wonderful portrayals of both main characters impressed my to no end. The flighty and totally fitting thirteen-year old character was BRILLIANTLY acted out by Ryder, and Quaid delivered and absolutely captivating performance. I don't find this movie lacking anything required in a movie about a music genius' life, and in fact, it goes positively overboard with the tremendous depiction of Jerry Lee's and Myra's lives. The music video is wonderful as well. Alec Baldwin also delivers to add a little religious drama to this "rocking" flick, portraying Jimmy Swaggart, Jerry Lee's cousin.

The movie drags you in and makes you feel unbelievable apathy for the couple who married for love, and start to even hate the British press for "ruining" Lewis' career. Anyway, the movie, I think, is nearly perfect. If you want an amusing movie, I strongly suggest you rent this, also if you are a fan of Ryder or Quaid, this should not be missed.
A Terribly Acted Joke of a Film.
If you're looking for something the quality of La Bamba, The Buddy Holly Story or I Walk the Line you'll be extremely disappointed. The acting in this film isn't just over the top it's painfully awful to watch. The fake Southern Accents make it even worse if that were possible. I suppose one could find a modicum of entertainment in this disaster if you were looking for a good laugh but that's about all it will provide you.
A Must See!
Dennis Quaid was magnificent as Jerry Lee Lewis. He had everything spot on -Lewis' mannerisms, walk, energy, voice, etc. What a performance! I truly believe he should have won an award. Winona Ryder and Alec Baldwin were also excellent. Ryder was so young and so expressive. Baldwin nailed it as the preacher although I hardly recognized him. It was so much fun hearing Lewis' songs again. A must see movie for those who love singer bio pictures.
Great movie
Great Balls of Fire! is beyond a doubt one of the best movies I have ever seen. It's entertaining, funny, and gives an up close and personal look at the greatest rock star of the 50s. No, not Elvis, I'm talking about Jerry Lee Lewis! Before the movie I had never even heard of him, now he is one of my all-time favorite performers. Trust me, I was 9 years old when this movie came out, and if a movie is so good a 9 year old will pipe-down and watch, then you know its a excellent movie. So do yourself a favor and rent or buy this fantastic movie.

ciao bella!
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