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Gran Torino
USA, Germany, Australia
Crime, Drama
IMDB rating:
Clint Eastwood
Christopher Carley as Father Janovich
Bee Vang as Thao Vang Lor
Ahney Her as Sue Lor
Brian Haley as Mitch Kowalski
Geraldine Hughes as Karen Kowalski
Dreama Walker as Ashley Kowalski
Brian Howe as Steve Kowalski
John Carroll Lynch as Barber Martin
William Hill as Tim Kennedy
Chee Thao as Grandma
Choua Kue as Youa
Storyline: Walt Kowalski is a widower who holds onto his prejudices despite the changes in his Michigan neighborhood and the world around him. Kowalski is a grumpy, tough-minded, unhappy old man who can't get along with either his kids or his neighbors. He is a Korean War veteran whose prize possession is a 1972 Gran Torino he keeps in mint condition. When his neighbor Thao, a young Hmong teenager under pressure from his gang member cousin, tries to steal his Gran Torino, Kowalski sets out to reform the youth. Drawn against his will into the life of Thao's family, Kowalski is soon taking steps to protect them from the gangs that infest their neighborhood.
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Kowalski meets the Hmongs
This is certainly a likable movie for a plethora of reasons, but unfortunately it isn't all that good. Clint plays a disgruntled elderly WPC (white Polish Catholic) and Korean War veteran who's just lost his wife and who, although he hates to admit it to himself, is at the end of his line. To make things worse, a bunch of "gooks" (Hmong) are bringing down his neighbourhood -- he even catches one of them trying to steal his prized 1972 Gran Torino. When the perp's family sends the li'l rascal over as Kowalski's dogsbody to make amends, the unlikely duo eventually warm to each other. When Kowalski finds out that his neighbours -- gook or not -- are being bullied by a gang of Hmongs gone bad, he decides to settle the affair the old-timey kind of way ...

OK, could've been a showcase for old bone Clint, but the story's just too thin and predictable, the story-telling is far too hammy. For example, when Kowalski decides that his new-found protégé is too meek, he takes him along to a friend to show him how real men talk. The two old fogeys then present a model dialogue along the lines of "What do you want, you cheap Polack SOAB?" -- "A haircut, if your hectic schedule allows it, you lazy Irish MF." &c p. p. Kowalski is also being harried by a puffy-faced Catholic priest, with whom he suddenly makes amends at the end of the movie. And he lets on that he's killed at least 13 Koreans in the war, and that he sees their faces each night. It's just all a bit "seen it before, and better".

It was an OK movie to watch, but it never really goes anywhere.
Looked promising but alas!
Like most others, I like Clint Eastwood as both an actor and a director (at least from around the year 2000 onwards). "Million dollar baby" and "Changeling" were two quite lovely films to give just two examples of him as a director. "Gran Torino" definitely had its strong points, and I enjoyed the themes of misplaced racism, and how it sucks the joy out of life, the unsolvable problem with gangs, and the need to get your problems off your chest instead of keeping them inside. I also liked the pale colours of this film (just like in Changeling), which was perfect for this bleak environment. But the problem for me with this film was simply that it wasn't very credible.

The main character Walt (Eastwood himself) used a lot of foul language, but as he did so in almost every sentence and so overtly, it simply ended up becoming a caricature. At one point his son and daughter in law came to Walt's birthday and suggested that he moved into a nursing home. The camera then filmed a close-up of Eastwood, whose mouth opened and turned downwards more and more in a fit of rage. It just seemed like something from a comic book. Eastwood is one of the archetypical tough guys, but here he simply seemed like a parody of himself. Later, Eastwood dropped a glass of alcohol as he was shocked. It just fell to the ground all too late for it to seem like a believable reaction and not one done by an actor in a poor film (it will make sense if you watch the scene). This is of course a minor detail, but it honestly seemed to suggest that there hadn't been paid enough attention to the editing and the artistic effects used in creating a story that would seem real rather than just a story. This surprised me a bit, as I didn't notice anything like this in the two other Eastwood film mentioned above.

One of the other actors, Bee Vang playing Thao, was even worse. He simply didn't give a very good performance. Especially when he was locked into the basement, his hammering on the door simply didn't seem real.

Lastly, I didn't find it believable that Walt warmed to the Hmong people because of the reasons shown in the film. It seemed credible that he would help the neighbouring girl when she was in trouble with a gang on the street, but he still a bit too easily went from banning all Hmong people from his property to accepting the neighbouring girl's dinner invitation with her entire family simply because they had beer and because the girl was "alright" as he said. Nevertheless, this was something that I could easily have overlooked if the rest of the film had been better – they are after all trying to tell a story, and there has to be some progress.

With better dialogue, better acting and a slightly better script, this film could have made me feel something real rather than make me cringe – which is what it too often did.

Judging from the average rating here on IMDb most people love this film, but I've also seen several people here on IMDb say exactly the same things as I have done in this review (acting, dialogue, etc.), so it seems to be a film that splits the viewers in two camps. I find that if I don't like an otherwise celebrated film it's simply because I didn't become engaged in the story or the characters. But usually I just find films like that mediocre and I can see why other people might like them, and usually I can see that they are well-made and well-acted. Two examples could be Crash or Magnolia. They simply didn't do anything for me. They were well-made, well-acted, and I understand why people like them. But calling them poor films or even poorly made? Certainly not! It's rare that I find an otherwise celebrated film poor, but Gran Torino seems to be a film that people either find excellent or poor. I'm standing on the edge of saying poor (which is 3/10 for me), but due to it's good points I will give it 4/10.
Thats unquestionably the best word to describe Clint Eastwood. If this is indeed Clint's last hurrah, then its the way to go. Films don't often get to me like this did, but i had something in my eye at numerous points in the proceedings.

Seeing Clint taking care of business one last time was just superb and although the ending may be jarring to long time Clint fans, with a bit of thought it all makes sense.

Clint's character is an unapologetic racist and thats that, i fully understand that some people just cannot accept this, but the film doesn't apologise for it and neither should it. You either accept this aspect of the character and in doing so accept that he's not supposed to be a hero, so why is he talking like that ?

Or realise that in real life people like this exist, who can be good and bad in the same day, but are not solely defined by either behaviour.

There is plenty of warmth in this film and humour, but at its centre is an actor and director who has enjoyed critical and commercial success for nearly 40 years, has redefined genres and broken new ground and has brought me more pleasure than i could have ever thought possible.
Predictable and Cliché, enjoyable only for the sheep.
If there's a handbook out there on how to make an award worthy movie, Eastwood not only has it, but lives by it. For most people Gran Torino will be on their top list of the year, but Gran Torino is chalked full of content that screams "award worthy" that it has the opposite effect. And the mistakes in this film are too obvious to ignore. At least for me they are.

Despite the praise this movie is getting, this is nowhere near the best of the year, or any best list altogether. This is a 2 hour instructional on how to make a movie with little to no budget that gets people talking about awards for it. So let me prove why that is.

Cookie cutter characters, and Grand Torino is full of them. From Walt ( Eastwood ), to Thao, Thao's sister, the entire Hmong family next door, the gangsta cousin, and the Priest. When you start with generic characters you're going to have a generic story. But wait, if it's generic ( AND IT IS ) why are people talking awards? Why was the screenplay so honored? Simple, you add in the "choker scene".

Despite being a generic story with generic characters there is one scene in the movie people will get choked up on. And I'm going to spoil that. Thao's sister gets raped. OMG HOW POWERFUL WAS THAT!! There I just listed what everyone talking about how they felt when they saw her. At this point in the movie the story already changed gears twice. Now this is the third change and its the gripper. Its the one that makes people say how powerful this movie is ( it isn't ) If anything it was a joke, when she came walking through the door I laughed cause I thought " OH here's the award moment right here." But people eat this stuff up and Eastwood knows it. Cause they did.

With the rape scene being the third story change I want to recap what happened before it. At first you see Walt hates his family, his neighborhood, the priest, and his neighbors. This goes on for a while. THEN SOMETHING HAPPENS!! Walt is liked by his neighbors, and in standard Hollywood fashion he learns more about the Hmong's which is basically a homage to any movie made where a foreigner is taught the customs and heritage of another race through an intelligent interpreter. That intelligent interpreter being Thao's sister ( SEE SO THE RAPE SCENE IS MORE POWERFUL LATER ) Add in something Walt does to SHOCK THE HMONG FAMILY, a mysterious Hmong shaman reads his fortune, Walt having a good time, and a conversation with Thao and end scene. Good to go to the next story change.

From that point on the movie is Walt warming up to Thao and the rest of the Hmongs. Now these guys are good pals. But there's a lot missing in this I feel. Thao goes from Forrest Gump quiet to "won't shut the hell up" in the course of a montage of him doing yard work in the neighborhood. I liked quiet Thao. But no-so-quiet Thao was annoying. From this point on I had a hard time figuring out what the point of this movie was.

And the lack of any really message left me thinking this movie served only one purpose. To win awards. And the screenplay did win one. And I think Clint won one as well. So as far as that end goes the movie was a success.

But for me its more than just about the awards. I've watched a lot of critically acclaimed and award winning movies over the years and for the majority of them they suck. They suck cause they all follow the same sort of pattern. They go to the play book on how to put scenes together and what to do in them that make it predictable. And your award winning moment is always something that shocks people. So Thao's sister being raped is that scene, how it played out was predictable, and what happened after it was uneventful. And in the end your left with a movie that doesn't change anything that you perceive or thought before you saw it.

There's no real emotion being had in this movie. Mostly cause the characters aren't likable. Thao's sister, annoying. Thao, interesting, then became annoying. Walt, funny, but too predictable to even care about. Walt could've have been likable but I had a problem when it was over. He liked the Hmongs who he befriended that summer more than his own family of 50 years. What a dork. I mean he couldn't even open up to them. But Thao was like the son he never had. But the catch is Thao wasn't any better a person than Walt's sons. Thao was better than his grand-kids, but the sons weren't worthy of so much hatred from the old man, at least not from what I saw.

Overall this movie is a disaster. Sure you get wisecracking Eastwood, but you also get feed a lot mixed messages and movie cliché's that make your eyes roll. And to top it off you get Eastwood singing at the end while the credits roll.
Inaccurate portrayal of the Hmong and their culture.
Sure, there are Hmong gangs in the community but the number declining over the years due to higher education and being able to adjust to the mainstream culture. However, there are inaccurate portrayals of the Hmong and their culture in this film. The Hmong don't hu plig in front of a table, it is supposed to be at the front door. They don't butcher the chickens by cutting their heads off completely and elderly Hmong people don't chew on tobacco, that portrayal portrays another ethnic group in Laos who chews on tobacco. And the Hmong do not eat dumplings. That is a Chinese thing! Once again the dumpling scene just lumps all Asians into the Chinese category. The ignorance of the film is unbearable. Overall, I am disappointed that the Hmong people in this film didn't speak up nor educate the producers about depicting the culture in an accurate manner.
Another minority opinion from me
If you combined the very worst qualities of Archie Bunker and Al Bundy, he still would be a better person than Walt Kowalsky.

That is how I feel about Clint Eastward's character in Gran Torino.

Clint portrays a bigot without one real likable characteristic.

If this were a comedy like 'All In The Family' or 'Married With Children', I could have at least had a few laughs. GRAN TORINO purports to be a serious drama.

What this film has is about every cliché imaginable.

including this one.


In the tradition of older Warner Bothers films where the star dies a a martyr's death,he is spread out on the lawn as if crucified.

This however is not the ending one,more clichés follow & many before.

Scenes in this movie have been done so many times over the years,it almost is a comedy.

Clint does his usual fine direction in the awful script. The acting by mostly actors from Television or in debut performances are all what you expect. The production credits are good as well.

Bee Vang is quite good in his first role as the put upon teen ager. Christopher Corley in his first major film role is the kindly likable priest, Combine Pat O'Brien & Bing Crosby priestly roles. He is the only really likable character besides Bee's Thao.

There are nasty villains. we have seen them too many times by now.

Now one more thing, Whats the deal with this auto. I never was able to figure out peoples desires and love for cars. Yes, when I drove I liked & took good care of my cars, They were expensive even then so you were supposed to take good care of them.


In closing, I now can see why this movie was so overlooked during award season, It deserved NONE.

Ratings: ** (out of 4) 64 points (out of 100) IMDb 5 (out of 10)
This is going to sound politically incorrect...
I'm sorry if this sounds politically incorrect, but I cannot get on the merry-go-round and give this movie the acclamation it has received. If this was a made-for-TV movie then I'd give this a higher rating. And I'm not giving this a low rating because of Clint's talking chair rant at the 2012 GOP Convention that nominated Mitt Romney.

I can think of numerous Eastwood movies that contained more insight but Gran Torino was pretty much by the numbers, and rather grossly stereotypical. Walt was stereotypical, the Hmong community stereotypical. I even read that the Hmong cast weren't even invited to a cast and crew baseball match, because it was assumed they wouldn't be interested in baseball even though all were born in the USA to paraphrase Bruce Springsteen. Really, does Walt hate all Asians because of his Korean War experience? Following that chilling line of thought, if Walt had fought the Germans in World War 2, he'd end up hating every European person he came across!!!!
About as good as Hollywood gets
The current average rating of this film is a joke. Top 100 of all time? Wow... I have to say IMDb ratings are usually quite alright. Even if they may be dead wrong in placing films in the top list, they do give a decent indication of whether the film is lousy or good. But when a film like Gran Torino get's 8.4, it just reminds you how the merely good Shawshank Redemption is supposed to be the best film of all time according to the voters.

GT is not a bad film. It's juts mediocre. It's really promising at the start, but once you realize where it's going, with Walt and Tao, the Asian kid, well... It won't disappoint you. It does exactly what you'd expect from a mediocre Hollywood flick and thereby it's very predictable. Clint's acting is not terrible at first, but becomes very clichéd... The storyline itself isn't very believable as it develops. But I suppose it could have been a lot worse.

And by the way, it's pretty funny how every other person of polish descent in Hollywood is a "Kowalski". You'd think there'd be millions of them in present day Poland, but obviously that's not really true.
Amazing Film...Eastwood deserves an Oscar!!!
I saw the film and it was unbelievable. Clint Eastwood will have you laughing so hard you almost pee yourself while at the same time breaking your heart and making you want to cry. The movie takes you on a roller-coaster ride and the entire theater stood up in applause afterward. I highly recommend this film and if Eastwood doesn't get nominated for an Oscar something is truly wrong!!! The screening I saw was held at the Writer's Guild, so the room was filled with SAG, WGA, DGA, and other industry related people who I would wage know their movies. At points the entire room was laughing so loud I couldn't hear, and then minutes later all you could hear were the sniffles from people crying. The film has drama, comedy, and action and Clint Eastwood really creates a character that you care about and cheer for...again!
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