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Gran Torino
USA, Germany, Australia
Crime, Drama
IMDB rating:
Clint Eastwood
Christopher Carley as Father Janovich
Bee Vang as Thao Vang Lor
Ahney Her as Sue Lor
Brian Haley as Mitch Kowalski
Geraldine Hughes as Karen Kowalski
Dreama Walker as Ashley Kowalski
Brian Howe as Steve Kowalski
John Carroll Lynch as Barber Martin
William Hill as Tim Kennedy
Chee Thao as Grandma
Choua Kue as Youa
Storyline: Walt Kowalski is a widower who holds onto his prejudices despite the changes in his Michigan neighborhood and the world around him. Kowalski is a grumpy, tough-minded, unhappy old man who can't get along with either his kids or his neighbors. He is a Korean War veteran whose prize possession is a 1972 Gran Torino he keeps in mint condition. When his neighbor Thao, a young Hmong teenager under pressure from his gang member cousin, tries to steal his Gran Torino, Kowalski sets out to reform the youth. Drawn against his will into the life of Thao's family, Kowalski is soon taking steps to protect them from the gangs that infest their neighborhood.
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The acting was TERRIBLE!!!!! The ending was terrible!!!! LMAO. And you even get to hear Clint singing at the end.....I died laughing at how pathetic it was.

And his car was NEVER stolen......

This was like watching a bad version of the Karate Kid, only Clint didn't teach the kid anything but how to do a bit of work and how to get your sister raped.

Seriously, I reckon the whole movie was about that Asian kid getting Clint involved in the gang crap just so he could get his car in the end. It was a calculated ploy. And it worked!!!! I'm writing this review weeks after I saw the movie so I've forgotten most of it, but I remember it being really $hit.

Honestly, the ending is pure comedy gold. Was there supposed to be some irony to it? I.e he regrettably killed some Koreans in the war so its only fitting that he gets blown away by younger Korean kids at the end to make things even? LMAO. The movie was lame.
how is this ranked so high
I had no intention of watching this, but my friend called me up and asked me if I wanted to watch it. I must say that I do not know why people love Eastwood's movies so much. I felt as if it was just not put together well. Maybe that is not the best way of putting it, but I would definitely say that he has no originality and does not bring anything new to the table as a director. To me it seems as cookie cutter as one can get with movies of this type. I felt as if the acting was terrible, but there were moments when I thought Eastwood was good, but not enough for me to think that he did a good job with the movie. I do not think that the script was all that strong to begin with and the dialog was a weak as it could get. I know the movie is about breaking views about stereo-types and prejudice and crap like that, but it did not resonate at all. I found myself laughing at a lot of racial slurs and I do not know if that was intentional, but it took away from the seriousness of the movie for me. Being a minority growing up with a lot of racists in my life might have skewed my view on this, but I do not think this was a realistic progression for any of the characters. This movie is as formulaic as it gets from the script to the music choices to the acting. Nothing unique about this movie to make me want to rate it any higher.
Predictable and Cliché, enjoyable only for the sheep.
If there's a handbook out there on how to make an award worthy movie, Eastwood not only has it, but lives by it. For most people Gran Torino will be on their top list of the year, but Gran Torino is chalked full of content that screams "award worthy" that it has the opposite effect. And the mistakes in this film are too obvious to ignore. At least for me they are.

Despite the praise this movie is getting, this is nowhere near the best of the year, or any best list altogether. This is a 2 hour instructional on how to make a movie with little to no budget that gets people talking about awards for it. So let me prove why that is.

Cookie cutter characters, and Grand Torino is full of them. From Walt ( Eastwood ), to Thao, Thao's sister, the entire Hmong family next door, the gangsta cousin, and the Priest. When you start with generic characters you're going to have a generic story. But wait, if it's generic ( AND IT IS ) why are people talking awards? Why was the screenplay so honored? Simple, you add in the "choker scene".

Despite being a generic story with generic characters there is one scene in the movie people will get choked up on. And I'm going to spoil that. Thao's sister gets raped. OMG HOW POWERFUL WAS THAT!! There I just listed what everyone talking about how they felt when they saw her. At this point in the movie the story already changed gears twice. Now this is the third change and its the gripper. Its the one that makes people say how powerful this movie is ( it isn't ) If anything it was a joke, when she came walking through the door I laughed cause I thought " OH here's the award moment right here." But people eat this stuff up and Eastwood knows it. Cause they did.

With the rape scene being the third story change I want to recap what happened before it. At first you see Walt hates his family, his neighborhood, the priest, and his neighbors. This goes on for a while. THEN SOMETHING HAPPENS!! Walt is liked by his neighbors, and in standard Hollywood fashion he learns more about the Hmong's which is basically a homage to any movie made where a foreigner is taught the customs and heritage of another race through an intelligent interpreter. That intelligent interpreter being Thao's sister ( SEE SO THE RAPE SCENE IS MORE POWERFUL LATER ) Add in something Walt does to SHOCK THE HMONG FAMILY, a mysterious Hmong shaman reads his fortune, Walt having a good time, and a conversation with Thao and end scene. Good to go to the next story change.

From that point on the movie is Walt warming up to Thao and the rest of the Hmongs. Now these guys are good pals. But there's a lot missing in this I feel. Thao goes from Forrest Gump quiet to "won't shut the hell up" in the course of a montage of him doing yard work in the neighborhood. I liked quiet Thao. But no-so-quiet Thao was annoying. From this point on I had a hard time figuring out what the point of this movie was.

And the lack of any really message left me thinking this movie served only one purpose. To win awards. And the screenplay did win one. And I think Clint won one as well. So as far as that end goes the movie was a success.

But for me its more than just about the awards. I've watched a lot of critically acclaimed and award winning movies over the years and for the majority of them they suck. They suck cause they all follow the same sort of pattern. They go to the play book on how to put scenes together and what to do in them that make it predictable. And your award winning moment is always something that shocks people. So Thao's sister being raped is that scene, how it played out was predictable, and what happened after it was uneventful. And in the end your left with a movie that doesn't change anything that you perceive or thought before you saw it.

There's no real emotion being had in this movie. Mostly cause the characters aren't likable. Thao's sister, annoying. Thao, interesting, then became annoying. Walt, funny, but too predictable to even care about. Walt could've have been likable but I had a problem when it was over. He liked the Hmongs who he befriended that summer more than his own family of 50 years. What a dork. I mean he couldn't even open up to them. But Thao was like the son he never had. But the catch is Thao wasn't any better a person than Walt's sons. Thao was better than his grand-kids, but the sons weren't worthy of so much hatred from the old man, at least not from what I saw.

Overall this movie is a disaster. Sure you get wisecracking Eastwood, but you also get feed a lot mixed messages and movie cliché's that make your eyes roll. And to top it off you get Eastwood singing at the end while the credits roll.
Stinking pile
I'll be honest, I slightly enjoyed this movie as it was playing. And I was touched by the ending. But thats it.

This movie is another in a long line of Clint Eastwood directed/acted movies where it is just another opportunity to further Eastwood's narcissism. I don't have a problem with redemption stories or flawed main characters, but its the fact that his movies are always about Eastwood. This is why a director who is acting in his own movies is no good. Its just no good at all.

I thought back to the other Eastwood movies. Million Dollar Baby is about Eastwood as the trainer, not the boxer. This movie is about an old war vet, not the community he lives in. On surface you would probably tell me that this is fine, but I think its very degrading. Eastwood had a family's house shot up, a young girl raped, another burned with a cigarette and almost killed JUST so he could go out and save the day. Million Dollar Baby is the same way where the movie is about the decision of a trainer, not the heartbreaking story of the boxer.

Now, a one off isn't bad. Even a two off. But every movie that Eastwood acts/directs, you end up with everyone falling into the background while Eastwood's ugly mug comes to the foreground.

Now I completely understand why the acting community loves him. Not only is he an actor turned director, but he has developed a manner to take an actor's ego to a new level. With this backing, the public supports him no matter what. I wish Eastwood would pick one or the other as I really enjoyed mystic river. But skip any movie that is the Eastwood combo.
Well, I have seen much better from Clint
Clint Eastwood is one of my all time heroes both as an actor and as a director so I was really looking forward to watching this film in which he does both jobs. He also has a knack for depicting the crack in the American dream as illustrated by Million Dollar Baby, Mystic River, The Unforgiven, and so forth -- but this time the whole thing appeared to be more about racist Paleface Clint becoming a better person than anything else, so I came away somewhat disappointed.

In what might well be Clint's final acting performance (he is beginning to look old and creaky) I witnessed a rehash of all the Dirty Harry and man with no name stuff under the guise of an old man who seemingly cares for no one and is tough as nails but underneath is a real softy. He retains all his well established celluloid courage as an old dog of war that keeps the young and fit criminals in their place.

The way he wins over the Asian neighbors that he keeps insulting and turning away really stretches your imagination. But at least the intention is good and it is refreshing to see his exchanges with the untiring Catholic priest who does his utmost to get him to confess and save his soul.

In a finale reminiscent of John Wayne in "The Shootist," Clint commits public suicide and apparently places his faith with a number of witnesses that had up to that point been very wary to report anything on the criminal gangs for fear of retribution. Personally, I thought it a pointless suicide. I'd much rather have seen Clint go out blasting away and taking with him a few bad eggs. But that is my obviously very subjective viewpoint.

I am giving this film a 7 but 6.5 would be closer to the mark. May Clint live many more years and direct many more great films. This one and The Changeling have provided blips on the lower side of the quality graph but they are still well worth admission price.

And - I'm sure Clint will bounce back with more quality films in the near future!
This unusual Eastwood drama turns out to be one of his very best films
Once rumoured to be another film in the DIRTY HARRY saga, GRAN TORINO is actually much, much more than a crime film. It's not even an action film, or a thriller, despite containing elements from those genres: in actual fact, it's a solid human drama about human relationships, along with ruminations on plenty of issues affecting today's world: immigration, integration into society, crime, violence, friendship, life and death, regret. I can't imagine anyone but Clint Eastwood starring in this film. Eastwood plays his usual character, except older, more frail than more; perhaps the word I'm thinking of is 'more human'. Whatever, he's absolutely astounding in this film, giving a brilliant performance as Walt Kowalski, a foul-mouthed, irritable old racist who gradually uncovers his humanity as the story progresses.

Eastwood surrounds himself with a cast of unknowns, and these actors are also triumphant. Bee Vang, as Thao, Eastwood's initial enemy and then friend, has to be singled out as giving one of the best turns, and he's matched by Ahney Her who plays his sister, Sue. I loved the performances of these two actors, who successfully manage to hold their own against Clint.

GRAN TORINO is a film firmly rooted in reality, which is why there are no gung-ho heroics here, no scenes of grandeur. The ending is particularly true to life, a neat twist that defies audience expectations. The script is sparkling and witty, never losing focus of the main themes, and also particularly moving without being sentimental. It's a difficult line to walk, but this film manages it. In all, a delight and one of the best Eastwood movies I've watched. This one's a keeper.
predictable. terribly predictable.
clint eastwood... we get it... you're a bad ass. sadly it couldn't save this ubelievably predictable movie. all the characters were totally fake. it was like watching a high school PSA commercial from the 1980s. I can't for the life of me understand why anyone liked this. they could have just called this million dollar baby 2. clint eastwood has a cold heart and it thaws, sort of, in the end to reveal a real person in the end. all the points this movie tried to make were painfully obvious and clichéd. I have never taken the time to write anything like this in my life, but it was so bad i couldn't believe it. you could predict every single thing that would happen just from watching the previews. i'm sorry to all the clint eastwood fans out there, but, damn.... maybe i'm not sorry. he should stick to acting... in westerns...
Crotchety Korean war veteran is racist and remains racist and an asshole and then gets to be a good guy.
Look, I have absolutely no idea why this movie got such amazing reviews and why it has been the pleasure of viewers to make this THE HIGHEST GROSSING MOVIE OF CLINT EASTWOOD'S CAREER, but let me tell you right now that it was absolutely HORRIBLE. The acting is abysmal and even though Eastwood is usually great or at the very least watchable, his crucial acting choice concerning the tortured nature of his character was to speak for the entire movie through his teeth. I'm pretty sure he didn't unclench his teeth even once. Moreover, the script was just disgusting and the dialogue was stiff and stilted. Finally, the ultimate message of the movie seemed to be that this immigrant community was only able to save itself because the white man was willing to die for them. HE ACTUALLY DIES WITH HIS ARMS SPREAD OUT IN THE SHAPE OF A CROSS. YES, YES, AS IN Jesus. Christ, THAT IS. Let's not even get into the fact that Clint Eastwood's character never actually stops being racist and so his redemption is contained in this totally contrived death, despite the fact that he, as a person, never really undergoes any substantial or worthwhile change.

All in all...this might be the worst movie that I've seen in a really long time.
Uneven movie
I saw this film a couple of days ago. Clint Eastwood does (as always) an amazing job on the screen. Sadly he is also almost the only one with a major part doing a good job. Most of the conversations are awkward and very stiff. I actually had to turn away a few times because the situation became so very embarrassing. Sadly, Clint Eastwood is the only one on screen that keeps you from not walking away from it. Bee Wang and Ahney Her ,who are both totally unknown to me, both have major parts in this film. They are both doing among the worst acting jobs ever and should take acting classes before going on screen with one of the greatest. The story line does not come with any surprises, and you can pretty much figure out most of the twists and turns as the film goes on.
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