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Fight Club
USA, Germany
Drama, Thriller, Mystery
IMDB rating:
David Fincher
Edward Norton as The Narrator
Brad Pitt as Tyler Durden
Helena Bonham Carter as Marla Singer
Meat Loaf as Robert 'Bob' Paulson
Zach Grenier as Richard Chesler
David Andrews as Thomas
George Maguire as Group Leader
Eugenie Bondurant as Weeping Woman
Christina Cabot as Group Leader
Christie Cronenweth as Airline Attendant
Tim De Zarn as Inspector Bird
Storyline: A ticking-time-bomb insomniac and a slippery soap salesman channel primal male aggression into a shocking new form of therapy. Their concept catches on, with underground "fight clubs" forming in every town, until an eccentric gets in the way and ignites an out-of-control spiral toward oblivion.
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Christopeher Nolan is a talented director. With batman begins,he created such a fantastic atmosphere that he brought batman character back in game. With the dark knight, he made not only a great second sequel, but also one of the best movies of the past 10 years. He mixed action, heroism, feeling, literature, colors so well that you feel kind of high when the movie ends. There is no doubt about it.

But i see some people who don't mind to compare this movie with some old masterpieces and say the dark knight is the best movie so far.Haha, this is completely unacceptable.


Let me clear this: If a movie can bring freshness to creativity, If a movie happens to change your insights, If a movie starts a new genre, gives away new techniques and styles, If a movie makes you understand your heart better; then I call that movie a masterpiece. As far as I see, The Dark Knight is far from it.

But I still feel like I have to congratulate Christopher Nolan for making such a good film. Thanks...
tyler durden is joker
In end of book: When Tyler is sorry, all the battles will save a few clubs in the city, and he's beaten so much that one side of her face is completely torn from ear to ear, and in the last scene he says I want to smile, from ear to ear and gun His mouth and the other side also tear his face, which means he is not actually going to die himself, but when that laugh is completed, the evil part of his being is killed.
very good movie 8 out of 10
In David Fincher's 1999 Fight Club Edward Norton's character is a depressed insomniac that is stuck in his boring life but looking for an escape. In an attempt to find his escape he attends support groups, until Marla Singer(Helena Bonham Carter) starts to do the same thing that he is doing. When he see's this he is distraught and doesn't know what to do until he finds Brad Pitt's Tyler Durden. Soon after they move in together and begin fight club, a club for men to get together to relieve there aggression and problems. The club quickly develops in to something very different; They start vandalizing around the city as a means to topple the country's social structure, and fight club becomes project Mayhem. As Edward Norton's Tyler Durden gain's knowledge of the larger plan he begins to hunt down Brad Pitt's Tyler Durden to stop all of this, but he soon realizes that Brad Pitt's Tyler Durden is a figment of his imagination and he is the one that caused all of this. The film ends with Edward Norton's Tyler Durden watching buildings collapse and the social structure topple as he wanted. Although film noir is not a style that has a happy ending we see many elements of film noir through out Fight Club. So is this a film noir or just a film with many film noir elements. Film noir has many key elements to it such as lighting flash backs and voice overs. It also has many key story elements such as loss, nostalgia, lack of priorities. Through out the film we see many of the elements that go into a film noir such as lighting. Lighting has a key importance in this film, it is very expressive and high key used to show the modes of the scenes. The lighting plays a huge role in the scenes where fight club is held in the basement of the bar. The fight scenes are very dark and mysterious only having enough light to show what is happening. When light is put on someones face only half of their face can be seen, this adds to the idea that you are not yourself when your in fight club; By only showing half a face you do not show someone's entire identity but only part of it. Another way lighting is used is in showing dominance in the fights. The scene in which Edward Norton's Tyler Durden is on top of one of the members and punching his head in to the ground we see that his face is light from the bottom this is showing dominance over his opponent. This scene is also interesting because of the camera angle. In this scene a low camera angle is used to show Edward Norton's Tyler Durden's dominance over the other fighter. The camera along with the lighting give him a different type of dominance and power almost making him look sinister. These are two prime examples of very stylized lighting that is used in the film. On top of the fight scenes being dark and mysterious the entire moving tends to be quite dark with only few scenes with actual full lighting. The majority of the light seen through out the film tends to be very dim with the backgrounds tending to be very dark. Other key elements such as flash backs and voice overs are also seen through out the film. Flash backs are a big piece to this film, the entire film is a flash back. In the beginning of the film we see Edward Norton's Tyler Durden tied up and being held by Brad Pitt's Tyler Durden; The film is one large flash back of how he got in to that position. Along with Flash backs you will see voice overs, those two go hand in hand. These are two big elements of film noir and they are seen through the entire movie not just parts of it. Other than the elements of film noir the muse en scene in fight club also stood out. Through out the entire film Edward Norton's and Brad Pitt's Tyler Durden both were in the center of the frame. This showing that they are the center of attention and are the most important characters through out the film. This also shows their dominance over other characters throughout the film being in the center of the screen. Another thing that happens through out the film is that when Edward Norton and Brad Pitt are in the same frame Edward Norton is in the center and Brad Pitt is off to the side a little. This has to do with the plot and how they are related. Brad Pitt's Tyler Durden is made up by the imagination of Edward Norton's character so it makes sense that Edward Norton is in the center and Brad Pitt is off to the side a little. Is this a film noir or just a film with film noir elements; This is a film noir, there are a multitude of film noir elements and themes. So this is a film noir that happens to have a happy ending.
This is a very important movie.
When I first saw the previews for this movie, it had me interested. A movie about guys who fight - it didn't seem to deep, but I thought it would provide entertainment. I had heard buzz about, a few of my friends raved about it for a few days, and I was convinced. I should see this movie. I went to my local video store and picked up the last remaining DVD. I popped it in, sat in amazement until the last credit rolled, and then watched it again. And again. And again.

This movie is dark and disturbing, however, it is equally smart and stylistic. I found it hard to watch at points, but I couldn't turn my eyes away. Fight Club makes many bold statements against the modern consumer-driven society, and produces Norton's best performance and Pitt's second best (12 Monkeys).

Norton plays an average-Joe who is living a dead-end life. He needs something to change his life. Tyler and Marla will take care of this, and that is all I want to give away. Other comments will tell you more, but I suggest you let it all sink in while watching. As for it's ending, it doesn't rival 'The Sixth Sense' - it blows it away. One of the best movie endings I've seen. Even better if you're a Pixies fan.

As for it being important, don't worry. You will be hearing about this movie. When 'A Clockwork Orange' came out, it was met with mixed reviews, deemed too dark and violent, and is now considered a classic. These two movies share quite a bit in common - both were based on great books. If you haven't read either, get to it. Politicians will use this movie as a demonstration of careless and consequenceless violence in movies, and as a perfect example of what today's youth are being influenced by.

Watch this movie, and watch it again with some of your more intelligent friends. 10 out of 10.
A story about an emotionless man who changes his life after meeting a man named Tyler and a woman named Marla
Fight Club Review

Fight Club is a bizarre film. It has a weird sense of pacing, the plot is extremely lucid and seemly has no overarching goal, the main character is extremely off-putting and doesn't even have a name, and many other elements of the film are strangely put together. Fight Club is an extremely experimental film that tries to break a majority of the set-rules of cinema, but does this leave it a shallow stylistic mess? Absolutely not! Despite its very odd presentation Fight Club is an extremely brilliant film, that holds a tremendous amount of depth.

Fight Club is a black-noir film, which means the story is narrated from the point of view of the main character. Being a black-noir film is also carries a few noir flavored troupes, being that the movie has a mysterious atmosphere, contains many twists and turns, depicts a cynical view of the modern world, and of course contains a whole lot of gritty violence and sex! What I found funny about this film is how it can shift from being dark and violent, to hilariously immature, to deep and intellectual. I love these types of juxtapositions sense they do a great job of keeping the audience off kilter.

An aspect I love about Fight Club is the excessive amount of theming and symbolism used. Almost every object, location, or person represents an important aspect of the character or of an overall theme. (Spoiler warning!) For example when the main characters fancy apartment is a representation of his personality. The apartment has all of the essential things for living and looks very presentable, but it has nothing with sentimental value and looks as if no one has even been living there. The main character focuses on being presentable and having the appearance of a whole person, but in reality lacks substance and emotional attachments. This metaphor is pushed further when the main characters house is burned down and he describes seeing his destroyed fridge as "embarrassing, fridge full of condiments and with no food". This further represents the idea that main character is the same way, full of ornamentation and with no substance. (Spoiler end). Personally I'm a sucker for clever symbolism and theming as it adds a deeper meaning to the actions of each character and of each scene. I wouldn't say it's any substitute for a good plot, but it definitely adds to the overall quality of the film, especially when it's done as subtle as this film.

The cinematography of this film is spot on! Each scene's lighting and camera angle is manipulated in such a way that it forces the viewer to feel a plethora of emotions. Many fight scenes brilliantly use the lighting to only show the highlights of the characters bodies, and keeps their faces in the dark. This is done to intensify each blow that dealt between fighters and to help portray just how gruesome it is. Many scenes are filmed indoors and are set-up with a very claustrophobic feeling. This is to heightened the theme of entrapment that a majority of the characters feel within their lives. There are many other cinematography ticks used throughout the film, some being extremely connected to the films major plot twist. To catch some of these subtle foreshadows sprinkled throughout the film, I highly suggest watching the film multiple times to try.

The last thing to talk about is the plot. I've been avoiding touching this since this film is best watched with as little information as possible. The key things I want to address is despite the film seemingly like it has little main goal or plot, there is a rather hidden main point of the film. The film overall is a story about a man who meets a man named Tyler and a woman named Marla, and it shows how the friendships he made with the two ultimately push the main character to change his life, for better or for worse. The film breaks a lot of rules about narrative progression but it still feels like a solid and well thought out story that's definitely worth a watch!

Overall Fight Club is a fantastic story with a lot of depth and I definitely recommend it to those who enjoy thrillers, and mysteries.
In Tyler we trust
"...Advertising has us chasing cars and clothes, working jobs we hate so we can buy things we don't need. We're the middle children of history, man. No purpose or place. We have no Great War. No Great Depression. Our Great War's a spiritual war... our Great Depression is our lives. We've all been raised on television to believe that one day we'd all be millionaires, and movie gods, and rock stars. But we won't. And we're slowly learning that fact. And we're very, very.........." David Fincher has created a masterpiece based on Chuck Palahniuk's novel.This movie photographs our entire generation,analyzing the dead- ends of our society.The narrator(Edward Norton) has become a person who basically has everything,but nothing.Subconsciously,he tries to find an alternative way to go on with his life but this is not possible cause he has already a wrong perspective.Therefore,he invents Tyler's character as a defensive mechanism.Nobody can realize that they are the same person,until the story shows who Tyler really is and the plot follows a different direction.A great thing about this movie is that Fincher keeps a neutral perspective as the movie ends concerning what is right or wrong.Bombing large buildings is a solution to our society's economic problems?Inventing an alter-ego character is a solution for everybody's personal issues?Creating a fight club is really a way to solve your daily problems?It's up to everyone to make his/her own conclusions at the end of the movie.The director does not preach,he just presents both sides of the same coin. I have read that Brad Pitt has become the only choice for Tyler.I totally agree.This movie would be different with another actor playing this character.It's a brilliant performance.I also think that it wouldn't be among the 10 best movies,if the director was a different one.David Fincher has this ability to deeply analyze a situation and all movie characters.All scenes have his own perspective and the plot never reveals the double character.Norton also gives a unique performance and becomes completely his character which is quite difficult considering that he grows a psychotic behavior. In general,fight club is definitely one of the best movies ever made.It demands more than one viewing in order to be understood completely,but after that it creates lot of discussion.A real masterpiece.
Mind Rush of Honesty
Fight Club will forever be a realistic and honest portrayal of mans attempt to adapt with animalistic tendencies to battle on a daily basis. The main character's fight to understand his true nature, then what to do when that nature grows beyond a one's control. It's such a deep trip you cannot possibly watch it just once.
Life-changing Fight Club
I am, unfortunately, not one of the faithful Chuck Palahniuk readers who had read the book BEFORE they saw the movie. I, however, couldn't wait to read the book after seeing this film. I've read the book 5 times since and seen the movie more times than I can remember.

Simply put, this movie changed my life. Not just on a personal level (on which I will not comment here except to say I'm now a major Palahniuk fan) but also as a movie-watcher. I view movies differently after seeing this movie, because it broke down doors.

This movie is literally the first time I ever came upon something that, at first sight seemed incredibly stylish, sophisticated and entertaining. The plot lured you in before turning you upside down, the acting was nothing short of perfect (has there ever been a more memorable character than Brad Pitt as Tyler Durden?), the music, the screenplay (based on what is now my all-time favorite book), the lighting, the pacing, the everything! Virtually everything about this movie took my by surprise, save for one man.

David Fincher, director, was probably the only reason I went to see this movie in the first place. His work on 'Seven' and 'The Game' had me excited to see what he would do next, but I came to this movie expecting a stylish flick that offered a good plot and hopefully some good acting but what I got was so much, much more.

Honestly, how many times have you seen a movie that, with every viewing, gets even more complicated yet so simple that you can't help but laugh. Every time I watch this movie I notice something new about it, such is the depth of what is on the screen. Then there's the tiny issue of the story of Fight Club, penned by Chuck Palahniuk (who has one of the most fertile imaginations around. Don't believe me? Read 'Survivor' and weep!) the story is nothing short of incredible, a pure shock-value social commentary on the state of the world at the end of the century. You'll cry, you'll laugh, you'll do all the clichés but most importantly you'll identify with every single thing on the screen.

This movie rates as one of my all-time favorite movies and, simply put, if you haven't seen it yet then quit wasting your time OnLine and get to the nearest videostore!

Film elements used In Fight Club
Fight Club was used many aspects of filming in order to give the film a real life feel with you actually feeling like you were there with the characters. David Fincher was able to accomplish this while using lighting, camera movement and camera angles as well as cinematography, using closed shots and the unknown element of Tyler's character. Without these elements of filming the audience would not have been as attached or felt like they were there and the film would not be nearly as popular as it was and still is today Lighting was carefully chosen throughout the entirety of the film to give a darker feel to the shots. Most scenes were located in darker locations as well as taken after dark to help give this feel to the film. The darker lighting made it easier for the viewer to make them feel like they were there with Tyler and the Narrator. Also the lighting in the basement during the fights was focused on the characters actually fighting while the background of the people watching and rest of the room remained darker to draw your eyes to the fight itself rather than drifting off.

The movement of the camera and the angles of the camera shot during Fight Club also added an aspect to the film. During the fights the camera was constantly switching from moving like you were fighting the guy across the ring, then switching make it seem like someone was on top of you punching you in the face, to the reactions and cheering of the audience. All of these camera angles and movements like the camera shooting down on a fighter on the ground or shooting across the ring and the angle focused on the faces being emphasised added to the real life feel of the film.

On top of this cinephotography was used to add a real life feel in the film and to capture the emotions of the characters. The cinematographer choose to use close ups for many of the scenes to accomplish this. These close up shots were able to give you an up close look on the reactions and feelings of the characters. Also the closeups were used to make it feel like you were standing in front of the character being filmed and experiencing their actions first hand.

The director also used closed shots in the film because David Fincher decided to use the constant movement of the camera. Not needing everything in the shot or not seeing everything that was going on at any given time allowed the director to show only what he wanted you to see. This then allowed him to make you feel a certain way whether that be by showing just Bob dead on the kitchen table, or focussing on someone beat up after a fight with blood dripping down their face rather than showing just the room as a whole.

Having the narrator not know that he was also Tyler until the end of the film rather than using being told this when Tyler's character was introduced also added an element to the film. This made you want to know more about Tyler's character and figure out where he always is and figure out she shadowy element about him. This element draws you in and makes you feel like you're joining the narrator's search for Tyler's character.

Fight Club became such a popular movie because of the way it was chosen to be filmed. The lighting, movement and cinematography were the main elements that pushed towards this real life feeling film in which you felt like you were there as well as making you want to figure the mysteries of Tyler. David Fincher was the reason that this film became as big of a hit as it is today and would not have been as powerful if another director filmed it in a different way.
Fincher's best film along with Se7en
"The first rule of Fight Club is you do not talk about Fight Club"

I will go ahead and break the rule and simply talk about Fight Club; the 1999 film that I recently added to my favorite movie list. In my opinion this is one of Fincher's masterpieces along with Se7en. David Fincher has made some great films, but none have ever rivaled his work in the 90's with these two films. Both Se7en and Fight Club are among my favorite films and consider them superior to Fincher's other great recent films like Zodiac, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, The Social Network, and The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. Fight Club is an extremely violent film, but I don't think it's gratuitous because the movie really works as a satire and raises several philosophical questions about how enslaved we've become under the capitalist and advertising system, but it also points out the danger of anarchy as well. We've become materialist beings finding our purpose in our possessions and have left out the spiritual part. Sometimes we need to feel pain to remind ourselves that we are alive, and in a way this film works as a highly crafted metaphor. I loved the way the story was presented and how this surrealistic film worked. Based on Chuck Palahniuk's novel of the same name, and adapted for the screen by Jim Uhls, Fight Club is a masterpiece thanks to Fincher's direction and the performance from the excellent cast which includes Edward Norton, Brad Pitt, and Helen Bonham Carter. I really loved this movie from beginning to end, including the twist in the final act. 1999 was the year of great twists considering this is when The Sixth Sense was released as well (my all time favorite film). Fight Club is a must see film for all.

The movie begins with a scene where the narrator (Edward Norton) has a gun forced down his throat by Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt), to which the narrator begins to tell the viewer what has led him to this point through voice over narration, and so the film is told in flashback. He takes us back to the days when he was an office worker who experienced severe insomniac problems. The doctor recommended that he visit a support group with men who have suffered from testicular cancer in order for him to really see the pain other people have gone through. Despite not suffering from this condition, the narrator decides to do so and discovers that going to these therapies allows him to finally being able to sleep for the first time in months. After this, he decides to attend a different support group every night and everything seems to go well, until he discovers a manic depressive woman named Marla Singer (Helena Bonham Carter) who is doing the same thing he's been doing: jumping from one support group to another. Seeing her as an intruder and a liar, the narrator can no longer find peace in the support groups and so his insomniac problems begin again. His life will change dramatically when he meets Tyler Durden, a soap maker, in an airplane and has an interesting conversation with him. They exchange numbers and when the narrator arrives home from the airport he discovers his condo has been blown up. He then decides to call Tyler and ends up moving in with him at an old abandoned complex. The two start a very different support group which they call Fight Club since they have to fight one another. The movement becomes popular and little by little they begin to form a revolutionary movement known as Project Mayhem, but things begin to escalate too fast and dangerously.

Edward Norton appeared in the big movie screen during the 90's and this was when he made his best films (American History X, Primal Fear, The People vs. Larry Flynt, Rounders, and Fight Club), although I would have to argue that his best performances were in American History X and The 25th Hour. However he is still excellent in this film as well. Brad Pitt is at his best playing the sort of chaotic and anarchic character who in some ways is similar to the narrator, but in others very different and more dangerous. He has a strong pull on Norton's character and influences him deeply. Helena Bonham Carter also plays one of her best roles as this sort of manic-depressive character who stands her own ground in this mostly male dominated film. The performance from the cast is one of the best things about Fight Club which works in every level. The visuals and special effects are also fantastic. It is a dark film with a lot of violence mixed with satire that had me laughing quite a bit. I absolutely loved this movie and the ending was just brilliant.

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