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Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Drama, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Romance
IMDB rating:
Michel Gondry
Jim Carrey as Young Joel
Kate Winslet as Clementine Kruczynski
Gerry Robert Byrne as Train Conductor
Elijah Wood as Patrick
Mark Ruffalo as Stan
Jane Adams as Carrie
Tom Wilkinson as Dr. Howard Mierzwiak
Ryan Whitney as Young Joel
Debbon Ayer as Joel's Mother
Amir Ali Said as Young Bully
Brian Price as Young Bully
Storyline: A man, Joel Barish, heartbroken that his girlfriend Clementine underwent a procedure to erase him from her memory, decides to do the same. However, as he watches his memories of her fade away, he realizes that he still loves her, and may be too late to correct his mistake.
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Absolute pretentious rubbish
I cannot emphasize enough how much I hated this film. It was such an interesting concept and the teasers made it look so good that I had to go and see the movie. Unfortunately, as in so many cases, once you have seen the trailer, the film is identical but has been made about two hours longer. The end result is that you already know what is going to happen and are left waiting for the end so that you can leave to talk about how bad it all was...

I desperately wanted this film to be good. I hoped it would be as visually dramatic as the previews suggested. I prayed the cast would live up to their reputations and bring it alive. What I found was that no amount of desire was going to save this film. Avoid it at all cost.
A dark and thoughtful film about why people stay in toxic relationships disguised as a positive, romantic film about love
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind understands what relationships are like in a way that is uncanny. While masquerading as a happy movie about a loving couple, Eternal Sunshine shows the darkest and most harmful parts of relationships.

The film is about Joel (Jim Carrey) a guy in his thirties who has dated a quirky woman named Clementine (Kate Winslet). Their relationship is difficult and marred with unhappiness. When Clementine stops talking to him inexplicably, he finds that she has had an operation that erased all her memories of their relationship. Joel is distraught and gets the same operation. The film then becomes a narrative within Joel's head as he relives all of his memories with Clementine as they are erased.

The narrative is experimental, completely fragmented with some scenes that are bizarre within Joel's head. This leads to some unique, memorable, and just plain weird moments. This uniqueness gives the film its identity and the lack of linearity in the dreams both leaves the viewer the fun job of piecing together a narrative on his own while also giving the filmmakers license to contrast memories directly against each other, even when they are from different time periods.

Our characters are very quirky and not entirely likable at first. Joel is reserved and awkward, a combination that initially turned me off to his character. Clementine, on the other hand, is very expressive and emotional- perhaps to a fault. it isn't until you see the best moments these people shared together when you begin to like them. Both the characters and the film itself feel very genuine when we see their happy moments.

What is the ultimate point of Eternal Sunshine? (SPOILERS follow) What does it have to say? In the end, Joel and Clementine stay together. They know all of the horrible things that they will do to each other and they stay together anyway. The audience is happy that they stay together.

Why do they stay together? An optimist would say that it is because they are meant to be. It seems unlikely that two people would happen to fall in love again if they had no memory of their history. Maybe some people are just soulmates and they will always find each other. In fact, the same phenomenon occurs to the Kirsten Dunst character when her memories are erased- she finds the same man and falls in love with him again.

The more pessimistic answer, and in my opinion the real answer to the question is that people tend to ignore obvious red flags when starting a relationship they are excited about. The two leads share one day together, having fun as "strangers" before they are given documents telling them about their past relationship. Joel and Clementine have hard physical evidence that proves they are incompatible. Their original relationship became unhappy and borderline abusive, and the two of them have documents that detail exactly how much they come to hate each other. This is the biggest red flag that a person could ever receive: hard proof that the relationship won't work. Still, the two of them are excited about their budding relationship and their first day together, so they ignore this giant red flag and date anyway. They don't look at the documents and see how they can better their relationship, they just blindly get back together, doomed to fall into the same traps they did before, because it is the easy choice and the exciting choice. The movie ends on an optimistic note, but a viewer has to wonder about the dark implications of this and the ignorance that it takes for them to stay together.

When Joel is going through the memories of his relationship, there is an overwhelming feeling both in him and in the audience that he should stay with Clementine because the two of them have such good memories together. In essence: it doesn't matter that the relationship has grown into something horrible and toxic, they should stay together because they used to be happy and they need to hold on to those happy memories. Any person who has seen a relationship through knows this feeling as the end nears. This movie makes the audience actively cheer for that outcome. It's not until you think back on the movie's message that you realize how delusional this idea is.

The main points the film is making are common justifications that people have to stay in broken relationships: it's easy to ignore red flags, no matter how large, and it's hard to break up with someone you have good memories with. It's eerie how easy it is for the audience to cheer for these irrational justifications, and it tells us something about ourselves.

In all, Eternal Sunshine is a romantic film that really knows what long-term relationships and toxic relationships are like. The more engaged viewer will leave with an interesting message about the darkness of relationships. I strongly recommend the movie as a study of the irrational behavior people have when in relationships.
Hands down one my most favorite movies of all time :)
Hands down one my most favorite movies of all time, starring Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet is a brilliantly directed movie from Michel Gondry.

Plot :

A girl highly impulsive and the guy a calm and soft spoken gets in love and the love is gone bad. A new service opens up where they promise to erase part of your memory, the girl gets her lover erased from her memory and starts a new life. When the guy gets to know this he gets frustrated and gets an appointment to do the same. The plot starts to travel in reverse direction from the last memory of the couple getting erased. The guy gets to see the memory getting erased from him and after a point of time thinks he has taken a bad decision and tries to stop the process by trying to hide his girlfriends memory in old memories where the doctors cant reach, but it goes in vain and all the memories of them gets erased from the guys head without a spot. Finally what happens to this couple is what the whole movie is about.

A very complex story telling technique, you need to watch it twice to truly appreciate the effort and ingeniousness of the script. I always felt Jim is a very underrated actor and my notion got stronger after watching this movie. Memento was my top rated movie till I saw this movie, a definite #1.

Review : A truly unique script and a genius story telling, a "MUST" watch for all!.. 9.5/10! :)
It must be a generational thing
My daughter loaned me this movie two weeks ago and I finally tried to watch it last night. I'll admit that I am not a big Jim Carey fan, but he does alright in some films, The Truman Show and Liar, Liar are two that I enjoyed. What I didn't like is that I found nobody in this film that I liked. There wasn't a single character that was somebody I felt I'd like to meet. Some of the scenes seemed either badly acted or badly written, or both. The scene when Joel first met Clementine on the train seemed like it was written by middle school wannabe writers. The ridiculous scenes inside Joel's apartment while his memories of Clementine were being erased seemed like something out of a bad seventies anti cultural movie. Who could really believe that this crew would be so blatantly juvenile. They acted like 14 year old kids left alone for the weekend.

My daughter really liked this movie, I really didn't. According to this films score (8.6) and it's standing in the top 250 (currently # 36) I must be wrong, and maybe I am, but to me this movie stands in the middle of the mediocre 50,000, a very unremarkable film.
Romantic in a realistic and genuine way
Hands down what is going to stand out in this movie is the performances by Kate Winslet and Jim Carrey. These two breathe life into these two characters. I was really impressed with the chemistry between these two. Overall I think this a romantic movie due to the writing. These two rather different people genuine care and are intrigued by each other, but there are times where they are frustrated by each other. In the end, the two decide what they have is worth fighting for. As far as the sci-fi element I was a little skeptical because I'm not usually drawn to science fiction, but in the movie it's treated as a normal thing and its really only a plot device. Visually this movie is stunning and found myself getting lost in the memories. This is one of the best films I've ever seen and I highly recommend it.
A fantastic, in-depth and though provoking film. One of the best romantic movies of the last decade.
Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind is a love story about two lovers who undergo a procedure to erase each other from one another's memories, but when they meet after their memory is gone, there is something strange still drawing them together and it is also during that memory wipe that they realize how precious their relationship really was.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is one of those films where you have to pay close attention to the scenes and dialog because even the smallest bit of dialog is important in this film. Because otherwise you will be confused in your initial viewing and will soon be asking yourself what in the world is going on. This film requires close attention in the initial viewing or multiple viewings in order to fully understand it and appreciate it for what it truly is.

The film is not your basic love story, it is unique and sort of bizarre at the same time, and while it is not a suspense movie, it is filled with several shocking moments and twists, which will only increase your interest in the movie and the more you will be intrigued by it. The narrative part of the love story is also told in a reverse chronological order, which starts from the moment the lovers broke up and ends when they first met. While the present scenes are told in a normal order, the film constantantly switches back and forth between the two which may create some confusion, another one of the reasons that this film requires close attention, at first you will probably be confused about what you are seeing is the present or the past, but as the film will progress you will be able to tell them apart. The way the Narrative is similar to Mememto which also followed a reverse chronological order of storytelling. The storytelling is clever and interesting and only makes the film better and it's twists more shocking and intriguing.

Acting wise, Jim Carrey is in Truman Show mode, or probably the most serious he has ever been in a film, this is probably the most serious role he has ever done, and he shines in his role as Joel Barish and is completely into his character. Kate Winslet also performs excellently well, and her character development in both the dream sequence and the present sequence is done extremely well. The supporting cast did not get that much screen time but they are performed their roles well, Kirsten Durst and Mark Ruffalo are good but the scenes between them in the apartment are kind of drawn out and I could have done without a few of them, but Elijah Wood is really great in his role as Patrick and scenes between him and Clementine are also interesting.

The ending is also great because it leaves it completely up to the viewer to interpret what will happen next and the events that led up to the ending were also very interesting and intriguing. The soundtrack is also great and suits most of the scenes it is being played in, the opening and closing credits song is also fantastic and also wonderfully portrays the relationship between Clementine and Joel. The ice setting was not something i was fond of before watching the film but it is handled extremely well here, with the scene of Clementine and Joel laying on ice being one of the most touching and memorable moments of this film.

Overall, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, is a touching, in-depth and intriguing love story with such great plot, settings, performances and memorable moments that I can watch this film over and over again and never get bored. However you may need to watch this film multiple times to fully understand it's plot and the message it is trying to convey and appreciate it for what it truly is.

Rating: 9.5/10
To forget is not always the easiest solution
It took me a little while to work this movie out because it was a little odd at the beginning. Okay, I knew it was about how a man (Joel) was having all memory of his ex-girlfriend (Clementine) erased from his memory, and that it is basically a love story in reverse, but as I said the beginning left me a little baffled. Basically Joel goes to the beach and meets Clementine and they begin to hit it off and after their first date he parks outside her house so she can get her toothbrush and some guy comes up to him and asks him what he is doing. Suddenly it jumps to a scene where he is driving home crying, and for a while I thought there was a sudden jump of two years to when they had broken up. When, later on in the movie, the scene where they first met was completely different to the opening scenes of the movie I was under the impression that there was a huge continually stuff up. However, how can a movie, with a huge continually stuff up, get a rating of over 8 on IMDb? Well, all is explained in the end.

As I mentioned, this is basically a love story in reverse. The story begins after they have broken up and Joel discovers that Clementine has had him completely erased from his memory, so he goes and visits the same doctor to have the procedure done to him as well. This is when we get to the core of the movie as it jumps between Joel's memory and events going on in Joel's bedroom with the people who are doing the erasing. Thus what we have are in effect two stories going on which at first do not seem to be related at all, but slowly become interrelated.

The way this film has been set out makes it quite different to the 'boy meets girl, boy loses girl, and boy gets girl again' typical Hollywood theme. If seen in the normal order then that is basically what the film is, but it isn't. The film begins with the break up and then we watch, through Joel's memories as they are progressively being erased, the relationship as it unfolded. However, the relationship begins with the break up, and then moves through the fights – all of the painful parts – however things begin to change when we get to the good parts – the parts that Joel does not want to forget. Joel knows what is going on, and when he realises that all of the good parts of the relationship are being removed he suddenly wants it to stop, and thus we have this psychological fight where is tries his best to retain his memories, while the doctors on the outside are fighting to complete the process.

I guess sometimes, especially when we go through painful experiences, we would like them to be removed from our memory so they do not come back to haunt us, but the question is then raised is that healthy, and is it possible. We are told at the beginning that all evidence of the relationship must be removed because by seeing (or even hearing) one element from that relationship can end up triggering those forgotten memories. This is where the film gets interesting because one of the assistants, who assisted in Clementine having her memory erased, falls in love with her and uses his knowledge to start a relationship with her. However therein lies the problem – while she may have forgotten, he hasn't, and what is worse, he is using the knowledge that he gained from assisting Joel in deepening the relationship, but this has an opposite effect.

Then there is what is going on on the outside, but I won't go any further than that because I have already pretty much spoiled the movie (even though I have put a spoiler alert on this review). However, what I picked up in the movie is the idea of removing memories (and it appears that many are well aware of this aspect as well). Just because we have bad memories, or more precisely, memories that hurt us, does not mean that they are useless. First of all our memories define who we are, whether they are pleasant or not, and to remove those memories will end up undermining our character. Secondly, if we seek to remove the bad memories it does not mean that only our good memories will remain. As can be seen in this film, the good memories of the relationship are inextricably tied up with the bad, so by removing the bad, we are also removing the good. It is clear that Joel wanted all of the bad memories removed, but when he suddenly realised that these bad memories were connected to the good memories, and the good memories were also being removed, that was when he wanted it to stop. Finally, just because all of the bad memories are removed does not necessarily mean that we will not repeat the same mistakes. In fact, by removing them means that we are more likely to do so. As Winston Churchill once said: he who forgets the past is doomed to repeat its mistakes.
Pure tripe
So I attempted this a second time, just in case the first time watching this I erased my memory of it and it was actually a good film. Well I was wrong it was tripe and my memory had not been altered. I liked the idea of the film but boy oh boy did it go nowhere not fast. Yes if you want to watch a film that takes 2 hours or so to tell you what I can explain in one sentence then this is for you. It is painful to watch and tries but fails to be edgy.

Watch it and you too will want to erase your memory of this bore-fest.
You don't know what you've got 'til it's gone.
This was hands down the best movie of 2004. I wish it had come out later in the year so Kate Winslet would have won the Oscar she so dearly deserves. One of the reasons I loved this movie was because of the wonderful role reversal. Jim Carrey, whose comic performances have been lauded and dramatic roles almost universally reviled by critics, is superb as the normal, every-man Joel. Kate, who almost always plays the uptight proper lady, is hilarious and heartbreakingly too real as the quirky, emotionally disturbed Clementine. The words that come out of her mouth make you laugh, cry and go into shock all at the same time.

The basic premise of this story is about a recently parted couple, Joel and Clementine, who were polar opposites. Joel comes to realize that in order to move on with her life, Clementine has undergone a new radical procedure that erased all memories of her relationship with him. Joel is horrified and curious at the same time and decides to seek out the doctor for his own experiment. Only once the procedure has begun, he decides (too late!) that although those memories hurt, they are his memories and he is better for having them.

The supporting cast is fantastic as well. Tom Wilkinson, who has never given a bad performance, does not disappoint here as the doctor performing the memory-erasing procedures. While it would have been easy for this character to be one note, Tom breathes life and his own story line into him. Kirsten Dunst shows depth rarely seen before as Mary, a receptionist in the doctor's office. Elijah Wood is stuck in a pretty thankless role as a technician who performs the procedure. Mark Ruffalo, another technician, takes his character to another level with his relationship with Mary and proves once again that he is an amazing supporting actor.

This movie is very big on psychedelic special effects, but the moral is completely real. I would recommend this to anyone in any walk of life.
This film changing a lot things
If u wanna forget someone , You must watch this film. Cause; this film teaches you "you don't have to forget something , you must live with that thing cause if u forget that memory you will forget good and bad memories. " and changing a lot things.

Jim Carrey wants the learn people ; "Hey people ; I am an amazing actor ,if i want to make laugh you , you will laugh ; if i want to make cry you , you will cry."

Kate Winslett is perfect actress for this role. She was amazing. And don't forgetting ; Kate Winslett and Jim Carrey awesome couple. I must watch that couple other film & films.
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