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Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Drama, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Romance
IMDB rating:
Michel Gondry
Jim Carrey as Young Joel
Kate Winslet as Clementine Kruczynski
Gerry Robert Byrne as Train Conductor
Elijah Wood as Patrick
Mark Ruffalo as Stan
Jane Adams as Carrie
Tom Wilkinson as Dr. Howard Mierzwiak
Ryan Whitney as Young Joel
Debbon Ayer as Joel's Mother
Amir Ali Said as Young Bully
Brian Price as Young Bully
Storyline: A man, Joel Barish, heartbroken that his girlfriend Clementine underwent a procedure to erase him from her memory, decides to do the same. However, as he watches his memories of her fade away, he realizes that he still loves her, and may be too late to correct his mistake.
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Everything is done right except for the female lead
This is a movie which I really want to like, and a movie which I'm sure I would have liked if it wasn't for one small flaw: The character that Kate Winslett plays is just, through and through, a horrible person and I couldn't care less when Jim Carrey's character decides to remove her from his memory. That is, the whole movie seems to build upon the internal conflict that the main character feels once the memories of his former girl friend starts to vanish. However, it's like watching a movie where someone's trying to get rid of her love for Hitler. I feel zero conflict.

For the record, I've seen this movie five times. I really want to like it, but I can't. If they just would have made the female lead likable, I would have given it a solid nine or ten.
Impossibly Crappy- Few Redeeming Qualities
I struggled for a long time to like this movie. I just felt horrible; everyone was enjoying the "best film of the last ten years" and I just felt like I was watching cinematic vomit. I felt out of the loop, but, I suppose that's just going to have to be alright, because I refuse to like this piece of bile.

First off, the plot revolves around a pretty lame plot device, namely a memory erasing company. Some people really do forget other human beings, even those they've been romantically involved with, so why rely on this lame device? Charlie Kaufman's funny dialogue and interesting plots have gone out the window, making way for some incredibly bad lines, like, "Do you think I'm ugly?" I just hate listening to the characters talk; they are some of the most repulsive, unlikeable characters committed to the screen. Kate Winslet's character in particular I wanted to smack. I mean, how is it possible I can stand a four hour movie starring a rapacious gangster (Once Upon a Time in America) and can't not walk out on this under-two hour claptrap starring decent humans? I wouldn't want to spend ten minutes with these bastards, let alone 100 minutes.

Kirsten Dunst starts dancing in her underwear. Whoop-de-doo. Mark Ruffalo makes a mistake. Elijah Wood looks like a chihuahua. Jim Carrey looks ill. Kate Winslet spaces out and annoys the hell out of me. No actor in the movie has a breakout performance, not even Jim Carrey, who's just as annoying as he is in his comedic films. Even the score by the otherwise talented Jon Brion sucks! It's like everything that touches this movie instantly turns to sh*t.

The direction, courtesy of mediocre music video director Michel Gondry, is not even worth mentioning. It's ridiculous. All of it is done very ambitiously, but most of the time it just feels stupid and over-the-top.

In all, I found a predictable, bland, overrated, steaming piece of tripe. Please, never speak of it again in my presence.


Best Film of 2004
Joel (Jim Carrey) is a rather milquetoast man who meets up with free spirit Clementine (Kate Winslet), and they become romantically involved. However, they endure a messy breakup and Clementine goes to a business called Lacuna, Inc., where she has all of her memories of Joel erased. Not wanting to be left out, Joel also goes to have his memory erased. However, soon after it begins, Joel realizes that he wants to keep the memory of Clementine, so he tries to reverse the process.

Well, if you're familiar with Kaufman's work, then you know what your getting yourself into. This is just as weird if not weirder than his previous work, Being John Malkovich. I knew what I was getting myself into, but 90% of the movie I was saying to myself "What the hell is going on?", but in a good way. It opens with Joel calling in sick for work and going on a different train, heading for Montauk. He meets Clementine and they hit it off. Now this is about 15 minutes into the movie, then out of nowhere come the opening credit sequence. I will admit, I thought it would be different, but I'm glad that it is the way it is, the movie is 80% of the time in Joel's head.

If you think you know Carrey, think again. This movie is his best performance, better than Majestic, Truman show and all of his comedic roles (which is what I love him for). Just looking at his face from the second we see him, we feel his pain, then like that, we feel his joy, embarrassment and hate. Just awesome acting on his part, and Winslet was great as the free spirit who never seems satisfied. The supporting cast all work well in their small, yet important roles. Oscar nominations for Winslet and (crosses fingers) Carrey.

But if I were to bet any money on any Oscar nominations it would obviously be the writing, what a mess, but beautifully constructed. You think to yourself, is that scene really necessary? Then ten minutes later you think to yourself how brilliant it was, that's beautiful, crazy, give me whatever he's smoking kind of writing. Charlie Kaufman's writing is always clever, but this time he's one-upped himself by making something simultaneously bizarre and emotionally engaging. It seemed like his earlier movies were clever for the sake of cleverness, but 'Eternal Sunshine' manages to dazzle you with it's originality and it's poignancy. The fact that this movie was able to wrap such profound loss, emotional tenderness, and hope in such a self-consciously stylized package illustrates the incredible talent of the people behind it.

Michel Gondry's use of vibrant coloring and quick camera movement give the film a very involving first hand feeling. The constant use of the handy cam is very all involving for the viewer, and I suppose that this is exactly what is needed in such a personal movie. His work on the dream sequences is incredible as well. He decides to use more practical effects than what we see today with computers.

Eternal Sunshine is a tragic, yet beautiful film that sits at the top of my list of "Best of 2004".
This movie gives me fast heartbeats.

It's wonderful, how this movie creates a connection with the spectator. It's almost magic.

It gave me a feeling, and that's why movies are for, this is pure art. Kate Winslet and Jim Carrey are at the best. Those two actors have crowned themselves to Legend actors.

Congratulations to Michel Gondry and Charlie Kaufman, this movie deserves his Oscar and I think Kate Winslet could have won an Oscar too.

If you didn't see the movie: WATCH IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's OK (very OK)
Very nicely crafted science fiction love story. More of an experience than a film.

What? Sci Fi? Well yes. A simple science fiction device, memory erasure, is the vehicle for this beautifully shot, brilliantly edited and directed love fable. The fact that this is a good film does not disqualify it from the sci fi genre. In fact, would-be sci fi writers and film-makers should take note of this.

But Eternal Sunshine is a love story first and last, in all respects. The characters are what John Irving would call "L.A. dysfunctional", although they don't live in L.A. Carrey and Winslet are deeply insecure people with little going for them but good looks (which they try to disguise), fairly sweet dispositions, and a desire for companionship. They meet on Valentine's Day in Montauk, where they have both seemingly traveled 'on a lark', and the entire experience of the film seems to derail from this point forward. Chronological, linear story-telling becomes impossible because the characters are having their memories erased in order to assuage the pain of their separation. No spoilers, so let me stop right there.

If I have made Eternal Sunshine seem like it might be too much of a challenge or too disturbing for an evening's light entertainment, be not afraid. Certainly there are occasional disturbing elements, and the characters themselves are all neurotic enough to have walked off the street and onto the screen. But the film is so artistically rendered, and so well thought-out that what could have been a nightmare really becomes a fantastic post-modern love fable. It's also one of those great films that becomes predictable after a while, but is so delightfully portrayed and satisfying that it does not matter.

The acting is exceptionally good. I would expect nothing else from this cast. Winslet is especially remarkable for her ability to play a young North East American better than most American actresses could. How this genius has been passed up in each of her 4 Oscar nominations to date is inexplicable. Carrey's talent is undeniable, though I dislike many of the films he chooses to take on. His performance here is easily as good as his award-worthy performances in the Truman Show, Bruce Almighty, and Man on the Moon.

We spend a lot of time inside people's heads in this film, yet the camera never becomes a member of the cast as it does in films like "Being John Malkovich". I can pay no higher compliment to the production team. This is a very difficult thing to accomplish, and it is done with flawless simplicity in Eternal Sunshine. This film has just joined Shakespeare in Love, Wild at Heart, and Brokeback Mountain among my favorite all-time love stories. This is the first Michel Gondry film I have seen. I am going to make sure it is not the last.
Absolute power corrupts absolutely
This film has both Jim Carrey and Kate Winsett playing roles that you are probably unaccustomed to seeing them in. Jim Carrey plays plain-vanilla introvert Joel and Winsett plays extroverted salesgirl Clementine who likes to express herself by dying her hair an odd combination of colors and dressing up potatoes like Barbie Dolls. At the time he meets Clementine, Joel is living with someone named Naomi that he mentions several times during the film in only positive terms as "very nice". Joel must be searching for something other than "very nice" since this doesn't prevent him from throwing over this woman that the audience never sees for the unpredictable unknown quantity, Clementine. However, eventually the relationship ends so badly for this mismatched couple that Clementine has all memory of their relationship erased from her mind by a company that has the technology to provide such a service.

When Joel discovers what she has done he is so hurt that he wants the same thing done to him so that he can erase the pain. The process takes an entire night, and during this process Joel relives all of the moments he and Clementine had together and realizes that Clementine brought enough happiness into his life that he doesn't want her erased from his mind after all. However, he is now unconscious and unable to communicate his wishes to those handling the procedure. Thus, he tells Clementine - inside his mind - what is going on and they attempt to hide from the "mind erasers" in places in his memories where he would have never taken her. Specifically, he takes her to particularly humiliating points in his childhood and adolescence. It seems telling that the pair have been together for two years yet Joel has apparently never told Clementine about any of these memories, apparently having shut her out of selective portions of his life. However, these evasion tactics are no match for the mind-erasing team of Lacuna Inc., and ultimately Clementine is cleansed from Joel's mind. Just before the last memory of her is erased, she tells Joel to meet her in a particular spot that was special to both of them. The next day he awakes, is drawn to this prearranged meeting place for reasons he doesn't understand, and she is there. Neither one of them knows who the other is, but the relationship is beginning to start all over again when a disgruntled Lacuna employee gives them their files, which include tapes of what both Joel and Clementine thought of one another at the the time each requested to have the other erased. They listen to each others tapes and are both shocked and embarrassed. These are not flattering revelations, to say the least. Will they decide to part before all of these awful things start happening all over again, or will they take a chance? Watch and find out.

The plot may be hard to follow as it bends back and forth through time, but it is worth it, and Jim Carrey gives the best performance he has given since "The Truman Show". The movie has a lot to say about how we are the product of our memories and our choices - both the bad and the good. It also illustrates how absolute power corrupts through the unconscionable actions of some of the employees of Lacuna Inc. who start out helping people and end up helping themselves. You'll find yourself catching something you missed before each time you watch it. I highly recommend this film.
Incredibly bad movie
I am stunned that this movie is so highly rated. I like Jim Carrie movies, but this is his worst. And I do mean worst. The story is about 2 total losers trying to find some way to add meaning to their lives when it is obviously hopeless. Their own lives are so meaningless and useless. This movie is so miserable, it is literally painful to watch. For this movie to be so highly rated, it says some very disturbing things about our society. Have we all become a bunch of losers so that losers are the only thing we can identify with? Only pathetic Homer Simpsons appeal to us? May God have mercy on us and shake us awake from our delirious sleep.
Pure tripe
So I attempted this a second time, just in case the first time watching this I erased my memory of it and it was actually a good film. Well I was wrong it was tripe and my memory had not been altered. I liked the idea of the film but boy oh boy did it go nowhere not fast. Yes if you want to watch a film that takes 2 hours or so to tell you what I can explain in one sentence then this is for you. It is painful to watch and tries but fails to be edgy.

Watch it and you too will want to erase your memory of this bore-fest.
I saw this when it first came out but didn't have an IMDb account at the time
It's one of my favorite movies ever. I've never had a movie break me down and make my heart ache the way this one did when I first watched it (in the theater no less). Jim Carrey played Joel as a real person and did so in such a believable way that I immediately became impressed with his range when I had been lukewarm about his other attempts at drama.

I've known couples like Joel and Clementine and at some scenes I've been them. Of my friends who didn't like the movie they were always people with no experience or very little. I think what makes people love this movie is realizing how realistic it is and respecting that.

One of the things that makes Eternal Sunshine stand out is its depth. The movie has little hints for you to find and uncover if you watch it multiple times. If you pay close attention you can see that Joel and Clementine have probably erased each other more than once as have other couples. It makes sense that if your memories are gone but who you are as a person is the same that you'd find the same people attractive and have the same desires and of course the same problems and issues. And so one of the main points of the story is a reminder that, "Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it". Therefore, the only way to grow as a person and progress is to keep your memories, no matter how much it hurts.
Mind bending and poignant. Fantastic.
Have you ever been in a relationship that you wish you could completely erase from your memory? Perhaps you fell out of love, perhaps your significant other was unfaithful, or perhaps it simply wasn't meant to be. This is the situation that Joel Barish is faced with in the superb Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind.

Jim Carrey plays Joel, a shy and unassuming bachelor who meets Clementine, a boisterous, fun loving dynamo who gives his mundane existence a considerable shot in the arm. Unfortunately for Joel, Clementine decides she has had enough and has all memory of him erased. Feeling understandably hurt, Joel decides that he also wants the operation and subsequently arranges a memory wipe of his own.

The rest of the movie takes place in Joel's head as he realises he does not want to have the operation and proceeds to try and prevent it. It sounds a little confusing and, to some extent, it is. The high concept can take a little while to get your head around, but once you do, you will uncover an absolute gem of a romance.

The fact that the movie takes place inside Joel's head gives director Michel Gondry the opportunity to fill the screen with some unforgettable images, such as a rainstorm in a living room and a fully grown Jim Carrey being bathed in the sink. But the true genius of Eternal Sunshine lies in its structure. The first half of the movie is quite gloomy as it focuses on the end of Joel and Clementine's relationship but, as the team begin to wipe earlier memories, we see what made the couple fall in love in the first place and we are treated to some truly heart warming scenes that never threaten to stray into cheesy territory.

With Carrey playing against type as the close mouthed Joel, it falls to Kate Winslet to adopt the typical Carrey role, and she grabs the opportunity with both hands. Winslet's energy permeates every scene she is in and it is easy to see why Joel fell in love with her. A stellar supporting cast does good work with a slightly underwhelming sub-plot, but this is very much Joel and Clementine's movie and, by the time the credits roll, you will instantly want to watch it again if only to make sure you understood what just happened.

A mind bending romance with a fantastically clever script and some outstanding imagery. Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind is one of the best romantic films you will ever see.
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