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Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Drama, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Romance
IMDB rating:
Michel Gondry
Jim Carrey as Young Joel
Kate Winslet as Clementine Kruczynski
Gerry Robert Byrne as Train Conductor
Elijah Wood as Patrick
Mark Ruffalo as Stan
Jane Adams as Carrie
Tom Wilkinson as Dr. Howard Mierzwiak
Ryan Whitney as Young Joel
Debbon Ayer as Joel's Mother
Amir Ali Said as Young Bully
Brian Price as Young Bully
Storyline: A man, Joel Barish, heartbroken that his girlfriend Clementine underwent a procedure to erase him from her memory, decides to do the same. However, as he watches his memories of her fade away, he realizes that he still loves her, and may be too late to correct his mistake.
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Is Love Something We Create? Or Do We Really Have Control Over Who We Love? MAY CONTAIN MINOR SPOILERS.
Now... those of you who haven't seen this, would probably go in to this movie with extremely high standards, and I don't blame you. This movie has seriously been recommended, and welcomed by critics. After seeing it for the first time, I understand why.

Charlie Kauffman is known for his "Out-Of-The-Ordinary" scripts, and this is no exception. However Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind has something a little extra, something special, and as soon as it starts, you'll know it. What's amazing is that he captures what every true love story has, into one relationship... that of Joel and Clementine's. The idea of having one person in the world for everyone is supported.

The acting is superb, both Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet do an excellent job of pulling their weight. They are able to truly become their characters... who in reality, are complete opposites of the two in real life. Jim usually plays the overtly open character, bad mouthing everyone he's p***ed of at. Kate, usually playing the more "innocent-type" characters, damsels in distress, things like that. The two deliver, and I couldn't have imagined anyone else in the roles of Clementine and Joel. I truly believe there are Oscar noms. hiding in this movie for the two leads.

The plot of this movie is very unique, very different. Now although going to get parts of your memory erased may seem corny at first, it truly shows the fact that are brains are misunderstood parts of our body, and no matter how hard we try to forget something, it will always find it's way back to us.

The ending makes perfect sense, and while being tastefully done, it doesn't ruin the movie in any shape or form. While it is not one of those completely open-ended endings, some things are still left out in the air, to think about ourselves, and those are always more fun.

Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind, is one of those things that if you never take the time to sit down and watch this remarkable film, you'll end up regretting it for the rest of your life. And after you finally do watch it, I honestly think, you wouldn't want to erase the memory of this movie, even if you had the chance.

"How Happy Is The Blameless Vestal's Lot, The World Forgetting, By The World Forgot. Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind, Each Prayer Accepted, Each Wish Resigned." "Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind" 9.895/10*****
The Moose Hole - Review of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
It happens to both the best and worst of us at some time in our lives. Love . If you haven't experienced this yet just wait, you will. It is inevitable that at some time in our journey through life that we will come across someone that fascinates us so profoundly that we feel as though we could spend the rest of our lives with this magnetic individual. There is no exact science to the concept of love. Many believe that the idea of love goes beyond the reasonable or the logical to a more diverse level of the illogical, irrational, and the unreasonable. Why is it that we find ourselves attracted to people that, on the surface, seem as though they would never be compatible with our own lifestyle? Why is it that when we do fall in love with a certain individual and think at first that this is a perfect match, we find over time that less tolerable marks are more frequent on the surface? And why is it that we overlook some individuals that, although at first there is no real 'love connection' per say, we seem to have a somewhat pure liking for someone and that it takes us longer then it should to see that person for who they really are to us? Love is a complicated subject that can't be taught, it can only be experienced for what it is . utterly confusing and yet at the same time completely fulfilling.

The story is a twisted and complicated tale from the same man who brought movie-going audiences such award-savvy features as Being John Malkovich and Adaptation. Joel Barish seems like the average, normal guy who stays pretty isolated from communicating his true feelings to others and yet reveals spectacular insight only to the confines of his journal. He doesn't like going on impulses and gut feelings but rather relies more on common sense and the logical sense of self-direction. That is until he meets Clementine. They flirt with each other and eventually find themselves falling in love with one another . That is until one day Joel finds out that Clementine has undergone a radical procedure to have him erased from her memory because she was unhappy. So, in an act of self-gratification, Joel decides to undergo the procedure himself, erasing every argument, every embarrassment, every thought he has had involving Clementine. But as the procedure goes on, Joel begins to realize that beyond the quarrels and the less flattering incidents there were beautiful memories that he never wants to forget. So he does the unthinkable . Joel attempts to outrun the erasers through a dizzying chase through his mind. The story for Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is hauntingly brilliant and, in some cases, personally gratifying. The concepts and the feelings expressed behind the script of this film hit so hard to home that it feels as though we our seeing our own love lives played out on screen. Granted Sunshine does tend to veer off into the ridiculously absurd but when evaluating what one takes away from this film, it is pure genius.

Quite amazingly this low budgeted independent feature showcases a surprising amount of A-list talent but manages to have those performers express well beyond their famous names. Jim Carrey, who has unsuccessfully attempted to make a mark in drama with lead performances in Man on the Moon and The Majestic, gives a thoroughly convincing and commanding performance in the role of Joel Barish. And Carrey's performance is only complimented by his interaction with Kate Winslet, who acts opposite of him as Clementine. Though the two give dramatically different personas to their characters and look as if they would never be quite compatible with each other based on surface actions, which is the idea the filmmakers are trying to express. It's not what is right in front of us that should define a relationship; it is the memories themselves and the experiences of the two individuals. Elijah Wood, in his first role outside the Lord of the Rings franchise which recently wrapped up in December, gives an effective performance as a man one can't help but despise for his methods of obtaining someone's affection but at the same time feel pity for his plight, which is that he feels love eludes him. And Kirsten Dunst performs well within the film despite her appearance that protrudes a sense of innocence that feels off-base or awkward that distracts from the actions of her character. Not to say that she doesn't perform well or that the character is a pointless one, not in the least, but perhaps it is the fact that her innocence, based on her name and the characters she has played, carries a stigma with her role.

Overall, Sunshine, as awkward and thoroughly confusing at it may seem and is, manages to express, in the most informal of ways, the feelings and thoughts we should all have when examining a relationship, in that it is not the superficial features but the underlining memories that make it all worth while. When a relationship hits that unfortunate moment where it all seems to be breaking down, we, as human beings, seem to instantly draw ourselves to the negative aspects of that person, as Joel did early in the procedure, in an attempt of sorts to make everything right within our mind. What Eternal Sunshine successfully expresses is that when breaking down the relationship moment by moment, more often then not the happier events outweigh the bad and that should be our determining factor to keep the relationship going. Too many moments are wasted on gut-instincts and logic, when it comes to love one must live every moment for what it is because we only have one shot in this world and we might as well make it worthwhile. What happens if that relationship doesn't work? You pick yourself up, let the relationship go, and, in time, move on. If you try your best and nothing seems to work in that relationship then perhaps it will never work and you shouldn't play out a fantasy that you know will never be. We have all experienced moments where we feel as though there is opportunity to ask someone out or express how one feels for a certain individual but have chickened out due to nerves, 'gut-instincts', or views of superficial matters. Eternal Sunshine promotes the ideology of living within the present and letting the course of the matter play out as it may. If we all relied on nerves and logic, would anyone really fall in love?
Looks like I'm the only one who didn't like it
Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind is one of the strangest romantic dramas you'll ever see. Jim Carry, hurt after his ex girlfriend had her memories of him removed, decides to do the same only to find he still loves her and it may be too late to correct his mistake. ESOTSM was a frustrating experience for me. This is full of beautifully acted scenes which are well directed and feel meaningful. Jim Carry has never been better and probably should have been nominated for an Oscar. Kate Winslet is completely superb. Those moments are strong and enjoyable and decently directed. That's what I want to see. I don't want to see what follows, which is a load of bizarre, surreal science fiction nonsense which is just confusing but that's what I get. I can enjoy beautifully acted scenes of drama or I can watch some nonsensical inside your head rubbish which hyper-actively zips from scene to scene like Twitchy the squirrel from Hoodwinked. I cannot do both at the same time.

Easily one of the most overrated films of the 2000s, ESOTSM is an interesting film instead of a particularly good one. It's well acted, though Kirsten Dunst who is well regarded for some reason is pretty weak. The direction is OK and there is some very clever writing. Sadly, it's just a great big mess. As a result of the films insistence on surreal stupidity, it loses its message and its emotional impact. As Jim Carry races through his mind trying to avoid allowing his memories to be erased, 2 other characters are trying to find him on a computer. That is like me trying to keep up with the message of this movie. To be fair, it has some promising early scenes and there are various truths about love and heartache which feel genuine and important. Thankfully, the film doesn't veer into sentimental stupidity and isn't anyway near as unbearable as many other romantic dramas from the 2000s. There is definitely sunshine here, but it certainly isn't eternal. Everyone else seems to love this movie, so it seems I am alone in my opinion. It's well acted and written at times and I may give it another go. If I can even be bothered, which is doubtful.

Meet me in Montauk...
How happy is the blameless vestal's lot! The world forgetting, by the world forgot. Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind! Each pray'r accepted, and each wish resign'd. -- Alexander Pope

==> I confess to being an idealist and a romantic. This type of film appeals to people like me... the ones who believe in love at first sight, soul mates, destiny, yada yada yada. The Charlie Kaufman penned 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind' is as fresh and original as some of his other screenplays (Being John Malkovich, Human Nature, Adaptation), but adds a romantic depth that makes this one of the most complete film going experiences I have ever had.

There was an exchange during the film between our two leads, Joel and Clementine, played with poignancy and nuance by Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet, that echoed what I was feeling about the film.

Clementine: This is it Joel. It's going to be gone soon.

Joel: I know.

Clementine: What do we do?

Joel: Enjoy it.

Luckily for me, I knew I was going to be able to revisit the film many times in my life. The depth of the film manifests itself in the fact that the soul mates, Joel and Clem, both know that their time is running out and that they will never be able to meet again.

Most films might choose to highlight this type of heartbreak with the death of a loved one or a bittersweet farewell at a train station. But not Charlie Kaufman. He is bored by clichés. Rather, he chooses to dazzle us with the complexities of the human mind and all of its glorious possibilities. He is a master storyteller that is unlike any other I am aware of.

Joel (Carrey) is socially inept. He has had girlfriends, but none that really meant anything. It is as if he has never had a significant relationship of any kind. But, one day, he meets Clementine. "Don't make any jokes about my name", she warns him. She is wild and kooky, changing her hair color from red to orange to blue to green depending on her current mood. She seems the polar opposite of Joel, but they click. They click in ways even they can't pinpoint. But from the moment they meet, they know there is something special there.

However, after a silly argument breaks up their relationship, Clementine decides to visit Lacuna Inc., a company that specializes in wiping troubling memories away forever. She has decided to erase the memory of Joel. When Joel hears this from some friends, he angrily decides to do the same to Clementine, erasing her completely from his mind.

The erasing process involves a mapping of the memories and an all night process of erasure that is "technically brain damage", according to the doctor. The bulk of the film takes place during the process, inside Joel's mind. The most recent memories are first to go and we watch as they slowly disappear into nothingness. Those recent memories are bitter as we witness the arguments and the boredom of their relationship. But as the time rewinds, the memories get better. We travel backwards and watch Joel and Clem during their best moments, loving life and loving each other. As this happens, Joel desperately regrets his decision. He wants the inevitable erasure to stop, but he is completely powerless. Soon she will be gone and he won't even remember that he forgot her. The film focuses on his attempts to foil the process and retain some of her in the recesses of his mind.

'Eternal Sunshine' is directed by Michel Gondry who also helmed 'Human Nature'. He has a flare that accompanies Kaufman's words with perfect symmetry. This film bounces around on its timeline almost hysterically, but the director never lets us get lost. We always feel in control of our senses and our emotions. It is a tribute to Carrey and Winslet that they were able to do the same.

Jim Carrey has pulled off a rather remarkable transformation that I would have deemed impossible a decade ago. He is becoming a brilliant actor with qualities that resemble Jimmy Stewart and Tom Hanks. He is a fabulous everyman who is sympathetic and knowing, interesting and kind. He deserves tremendous praise for this role. Kate Winslet is consistently brilliant in every film. She is easily one of the very best actresses we have. Here she plays against type, and embodies a fascinating woman who craves attention but needs intimacy. Hers is a beautiful performance that will go overlooked. It is easy to understand why Joel falls in love with Clementine.

I think fans of Charlie Kaufman will be thrilled with this brilliant entry in to his collection. I think the film will appeal to those who loved the recent masterpiece 'Lost in Translation' or Tom Tykwer's recent beauty, 'Heaven'. It is a romantic fantasy with real emotions and real characters that will resonate with the viewer who isn't entirely closed to sentiment. When Clementine whispers "Meet me in Montauk" into Joel's ear... it's hard to hold back a tear.

This will easily be one of the best films of 2004. It is the antithesis of the typical romantic Hollywood fare. I loved every minute of its refreshing originality. The film has passion and flare and brilliant wit, all framed by an intelligent script that deals in absurdity while managing to maintain an intimate realism. These characters feel real. You root for them. You want them to meet again and give it another chance. It is a film that will only get better over time, as our memory of it waxes and wanes its way into our hearts.

To forget is not always the easiest solution
It took me a little while to work this movie out because it was a little odd at the beginning. Okay, I knew it was about how a man (Joel) was having all memory of his ex-girlfriend (Clementine) erased from his memory, and that it is basically a love story in reverse, but as I said the beginning left me a little baffled. Basically Joel goes to the beach and meets Clementine and they begin to hit it off and after their first date he parks outside her house so she can get her toothbrush and some guy comes up to him and asks him what he is doing. Suddenly it jumps to a scene where he is driving home crying, and for a while I thought there was a sudden jump of two years to when they had broken up. When, later on in the movie, the scene where they first met was completely different to the opening scenes of the movie I was under the impression that there was a huge continually stuff up. However, how can a movie, with a huge continually stuff up, get a rating of over 8 on IMDb? Well, all is explained in the end.

As I mentioned, this is basically a love story in reverse. The story begins after they have broken up and Joel discovers that Clementine has had him completely erased from his memory, so he goes and visits the same doctor to have the procedure done to him as well. This is when we get to the core of the movie as it jumps between Joel's memory and events going on in Joel's bedroom with the people who are doing the erasing. Thus what we have are in effect two stories going on which at first do not seem to be related at all, but slowly become interrelated.

The way this film has been set out makes it quite different to the 'boy meets girl, boy loses girl, and boy gets girl again' typical Hollywood theme. If seen in the normal order then that is basically what the film is, but it isn't. The film begins with the break up and then we watch, through Joel's memories as they are progressively being erased, the relationship as it unfolded. However, the relationship begins with the break up, and then moves through the fights – all of the painful parts – however things begin to change when we get to the good parts – the parts that Joel does not want to forget. Joel knows what is going on, and when he realises that all of the good parts of the relationship are being removed he suddenly wants it to stop, and thus we have this psychological fight where is tries his best to retain his memories, while the doctors on the outside are fighting to complete the process.

I guess sometimes, especially when we go through painful experiences, we would like them to be removed from our memory so they do not come back to haunt us, but the question is then raised is that healthy, and is it possible. We are told at the beginning that all evidence of the relationship must be removed because by seeing (or even hearing) one element from that relationship can end up triggering those forgotten memories. This is where the film gets interesting because one of the assistants, who assisted in Clementine having her memory erased, falls in love with her and uses his knowledge to start a relationship with her. However therein lies the problem – while she may have forgotten, he hasn't, and what is worse, he is using the knowledge that he gained from assisting Joel in deepening the relationship, but this has an opposite effect.

Then there is what is going on on the outside, but I won't go any further than that because I have already pretty much spoiled the movie (even though I have put a spoiler alert on this review). However, what I picked up in the movie is the idea of removing memories (and it appears that many are well aware of this aspect as well). Just because we have bad memories, or more precisely, memories that hurt us, does not mean that they are useless. First of all our memories define who we are, whether they are pleasant or not, and to remove those memories will end up undermining our character. Secondly, if we seek to remove the bad memories it does not mean that only our good memories will remain. As can be seen in this film, the good memories of the relationship are inextricably tied up with the bad, so by removing the bad, we are also removing the good. It is clear that Joel wanted all of the bad memories removed, but when he suddenly realised that these bad memories were connected to the good memories, and the good memories were also being removed, that was when he wanted it to stop. Finally, just because all of the bad memories are removed does not necessarily mean that we will not repeat the same mistakes. In fact, by removing them means that we are more likely to do so. As Winston Churchill once said: he who forgets the past is doomed to repeat its mistakes.
Impossibly Crappy- Few Redeeming Qualities
I struggled for a long time to like this movie. I just felt horrible; everyone was enjoying the "best film of the last ten years" and I just felt like I was watching cinematic vomit. I felt out of the loop, but, I suppose that's just going to have to be alright, because I refuse to like this piece of bile.

First off, the plot revolves around a pretty lame plot device, namely a memory erasing company. Some people really do forget other human beings, even those they've been romantically involved with, so why rely on this lame device? Charlie Kaufman's funny dialogue and interesting plots have gone out the window, making way for some incredibly bad lines, like, "Do you think I'm ugly?" I just hate listening to the characters talk; they are some of the most repulsive, unlikeable characters committed to the screen. Kate Winslet's character in particular I wanted to smack. I mean, how is it possible I can stand a four hour movie starring a rapacious gangster (Once Upon a Time in America) and can't not walk out on this under-two hour claptrap starring decent humans? I wouldn't want to spend ten minutes with these bastards, let alone 100 minutes.

Kirsten Dunst starts dancing in her underwear. Whoop-de-doo. Mark Ruffalo makes a mistake. Elijah Wood looks like a chihuahua. Jim Carrey looks ill. Kate Winslet spaces out and annoys the hell out of me. No actor in the movie has a breakout performance, not even Jim Carrey, who's just as annoying as he is in his comedic films. Even the score by the otherwise talented Jon Brion sucks! It's like everything that touches this movie instantly turns to sh*t.

The direction, courtesy of mediocre music video director Michel Gondry, is not even worth mentioning. It's ridiculous. All of it is done very ambitiously, but most of the time it just feels stupid and over-the-top.

In all, I found a predictable, bland, overrated, steaming piece of tripe. Please, never speak of it again in my presence.


Simply brilliant in all dimensions of the word
I had no idea what Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind was about until the end of March. I had heard some small rumblings about it around the Internet for a few months, and also saw a few short TV trailers for it, but that was about it. Basically, all I knew was it was another dramatic Jim Carrey film, written by the same guy who wrote two of the weirdest and somehow great films to come out in a long time, Being John Malkovich and Adaptation. But does this film succeed to be just as weird yet excellent as the other two? Or is it even better? A big yes on both counts would be highly appropriate.

The film's main protagonist is Joel (Jim Carrey). He was in a relationship with the very free-spirited Clementine (Kate Winslet), but slowly, they began to pull apart. So, the very impulsive Clementine decides to have a wicked new procedure done to herself in which every memory of Joel is erased from her brain. Of course, Joel fails to find out right away, and only thinks upon various attempts to try to speak to her that she is simply just completely ignoring him. That is until, he finds out about the procedure from friends who were supposed to be keeping it a secret.

The company performing the procedures is called Lacuna Inc. Upon heading to Lacuna for answers, Joel finds out from the head doctor, Dr. Howard Mierzwiak (Tom Wilkinson), that he cannot be given any whatsoever, as everything is confidential. The Doctor does however, tell Joel the details of the procedure that Clementine had. After some passing time, Joel decides to have the operation done to him, on the night before Valentine's Day. So Joel goes home that night, takes the special pills given to him and falls asleep on his bed. It is then that Mierzwiak's assistants at Lacuna enter in to perform the procedure.

What follows from here, is a seamless blend of both memories of Clementine and Joel within Joel's head, and the real world where Patrick, Stan and Mary (Elijah Wood, Mark Ruffalo and Kirsten Dunst respectively) are performing the procedure on Joel, as well as doing random things around his house. Only everything doesn't go so sweet. After the procedure's initial reactions begin to set in, Joel isn't as enthusiastic as he once was about having it done. So he begins to try to fight off the erasure. This begins to complicate things for the assistants working on him and serves for the main basis of where the film goes from that point.

Despite how complicated and bizarre the film may sound, it still is a great and maybe even brilliant film. All the actors shine brightly in their performances, especially Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet. I don't think I've ever seen these two as good as they are in this, both within and outside Joel's head. Their chemistry and romance comes off very well on screen as well as being very believable. The writing is also just as good, if not even better. It must take quite the effort to continue to write films such as these, but the writer, Charlie Kaufman, is seemingly getting better and better with his scripts. By the same token, the scripts are getting stranger and stranger.

The editing and look of the film is very well done as well. The film is quite jumpy in many instances, looping back and forth from activity in Joel's brain to the real world outside of it. The way the imagery is shown is quite stylish, and truly shows the complete agonizing nightmare Joel is going through. It is evident that a great deal of time was spent on the final product of the film both by the editors and the director, Michel Gondry. Although Gondry hasn't had a hit film as of yet, he does show off his excellent film-making skills with this film. Hopefully, this director will continue to excel with films like these and become much more mainstream as the years go on.

I have nothing but praise for the film. It is definitely a must see. The complete brilliance of every aspect of the film is far superior to many of the "hit mainstream" films being released in theatres these days. It can even be considered as a very early candidate for the best picture of the year. If you have the chance to see it, this film is not to be missed.

Truly beautiful and surreal
Wow... this had me spellbound. Deep, intimate piece. If one wasn't already convinced that Jim Carrey is an actor, not just a comedian, one would be so after taking this in. Winslet does incredible, as well(and both are playing against type), as does everyone else that I can think of(Dunst also impressed me). You have to pay attention during this, and a second viewing may help, but it's not so abstract and loose that it's difficult to understand. This is the third work of Charlie Kaufman's that I've seen(the other two are Being John Malkovich and Confessions of a Dangerous Mind), and by far my favorite. Anyone who has ever loved can relate to this. I can't promise it'll be pleasant, in fact, it's possible that it won't, but this is absolutely absorbing. This is mature, smart and does not try to distance itself, or its audience, from the subject matter. I haven't seen any other work by Gondry, but he directs this magnificently. Masterful visuals, and somehow apparently with little to no CGI. The editing and camera-work are excellent. Story-telling and characterization are of such high quality that I'm not sure words can do them justice. The ambiguity of the final moments is perfect. All of the special effects are amazing. The movie pulls you in, it is thoroughly engaging throughout. I'm not sure any viewer can avoid being affected by this. You may not recognize every scene as something from your own life, but the feelings, the impressions... they're universal. I don't remember when I've last been this into a big screen experience. Anyone who can watch films that are personal, and emotionally powerful should consider this. There is some strong language and sexual content, as well as drug references and the like. The DVD holds two featurettes, one of which I will review on its own page here on the site, interesting deleted scenes, a fake commercial, a music video, and an informative commentary track with the Michel and writer Charlie Kaufman, all of them also well worth your time. I recommend this to anyone who is or has been in a relationship, and who don't need their cinematic experiences spoon-fed. 10/10
A fantastic, in-depth and though provoking film. One of the best romantic movies of the last decade.
Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind is a love story about two lovers who undergo a procedure to erase each other from one another's memories, but when they meet after their memory is gone, there is something strange still drawing them together and it is also during that memory wipe that they realize how precious their relationship really was.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is one of those films where you have to pay close attention to the scenes and dialog because even the smallest bit of dialog is important in this film. Because otherwise you will be confused in your initial viewing and will soon be asking yourself what in the world is going on. This film requires close attention in the initial viewing or multiple viewings in order to fully understand it and appreciate it for what it truly is.

The film is not your basic love story, it is unique and sort of bizarre at the same time, and while it is not a suspense movie, it is filled with several shocking moments and twists, which will only increase your interest in the movie and the more you will be intrigued by it. The narrative part of the love story is also told in a reverse chronological order, which starts from the moment the lovers broke up and ends when they first met. While the present scenes are told in a normal order, the film constantantly switches back and forth between the two which may create some confusion, another one of the reasons that this film requires close attention, at first you will probably be confused about what you are seeing is the present or the past, but as the film will progress you will be able to tell them apart. The way the Narrative is similar to Mememto which also followed a reverse chronological order of storytelling. The storytelling is clever and interesting and only makes the film better and it's twists more shocking and intriguing.

Acting wise, Jim Carrey is in Truman Show mode, or probably the most serious he has ever been in a film, this is probably the most serious role he has ever done, and he shines in his role as Joel Barish and is completely into his character. Kate Winslet also performs excellently well, and her character development in both the dream sequence and the present sequence is done extremely well. The supporting cast did not get that much screen time but they are performed their roles well, Kirsten Durst and Mark Ruffalo are good but the scenes between them in the apartment are kind of drawn out and I could have done without a few of them, but Elijah Wood is really great in his role as Patrick and scenes between him and Clementine are also interesting.

The ending is also great because it leaves it completely up to the viewer to interpret what will happen next and the events that led up to the ending were also very interesting and intriguing. The soundtrack is also great and suits most of the scenes it is being played in, the opening and closing credits song is also fantastic and also wonderfully portrays the relationship between Clementine and Joel. The ice setting was not something i was fond of before watching the film but it is handled extremely well here, with the scene of Clementine and Joel laying on ice being one of the most touching and memorable moments of this film.

Overall, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, is a touching, in-depth and intriguing love story with such great plot, settings, performances and memorable moments that I can watch this film over and over again and never get bored. However you may need to watch this film multiple times to fully understand it's plot and the message it is trying to convey and appreciate it for what it truly is.

Rating: 9.5/10
I wish I had a spotless mind.
This is the filmic equivalent of being stuck in a room with someone who thinks they have the most emotionally upsetting life imaginable and is doing everything in their power to persuade you they are truly tortured and pitiable. By the end of both experiences you just want to go home and feel utterly relieved you aren't so arrogant. Or you wish you were able to erase your own memory. (Sorry, a cheap film tie-in metaphor already.)

The film itself, like Being John Malkovich and Adaptation suffers from a hole in the centre. Charlie Kauffman seems to think it is clever to take a totally unlikely scenario and then develop it into a "quirky" film that is supposed to make little sense. In each instance he fails to grasp that you can't just take a scenario so utterly implausible as to defy any audience to relate or respond to it. Eternal Sunshine is a slightly easier premise to connect with than Being John Malkovich, after all who hasn't wondered what it would be like to erase painful relationships. However Kauffman sems to mistake nonsense for emotional and intellectual depth.

Someone told me that you have to watch Eternal Sunshine more than once to 'get it' and I promise that this isn't true. There is nothing you get the second time that you won't have got the first time. It is a fairly straight forward film. The only problem you might have is if you are colour blind and can't work out the time scale of the film from Kate Winslett's hair because you cannot tell that it is changing colour. The director might as well have put subtitles across the bottom of the screen saying "Two years ago" "Present day" because Gondry's visual 'clues' were about as subtle or 'clue-like' as subtitles.

Performance wise, Kate Winslett was her usual self, and Jim Carrey was in Truman show mode. Carrey offers ocassional glimpses of acting talent before they are devoured by his all consuming gurning. Tom Wilkinson and Kirsten Dunst offer more respectable performances, however I felt cheated that their entire sub plot was clearly lying on the editing room floor, it felt rushed and unconvincing. Which is a shame because the rest of the film felt over long and over laboured and perhaps a better balance might have saved my cinema ticket which I spent the whole film folding into a variety of shapes.

I made a square (Not too difficult) a triangle. I tried to make a swan but it ended up looking like some sort of half eaten fish. After that I was running out of ideas and so i tore it into equal pieces. Then unequal ones. Bored yet? I was. The second time I saw it was even worse. Fortunately I had just seen 3-4x Jugatsu and so had something to concentrate on. Namely trying to understand a film which actually had some sort of emotional depth, some sort of conflicting plot and some semblance of lead performances.

I wish people wouldn't think that any film which doesn't have a discernable Beginning - middle - end structure automatically qualifies as intelligent or engaging. And that just because Jim Carrey isn't smacking himself in the face or making chimp noises he is acting. He isn't. He is just biding his time until he can start hitting himself in the face again.
📹 Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind full movie HD download 2004 - Jim Carrey, Kate Winslet, Gerry Robert Byrne, Elijah Wood, Thomas Jay Ryan, Mark Ruffalo, Jane Adams, David Cross, Kirsten Dunst, Tom Wilkinson, Ryan Whitney, Debbon Ayer, Amir Ali Said, Brian Price, Paulie Litt - USA. 📀