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Escape Plan
Thriller, Action, Mystery
IMDB rating:
Mikael Håfström
Alec Rayme as Pilot
Christian Stokes as Babcock
Caitriona Balfe as Jessica Miller
David Joseph Martinez as Captain Newal Beradah
Sam Neill as Dr. Kyrie
James Caviezel as Hobbes
Matt Gerald as Roag
Faran Tahir as Javed
Amy Ryan as Abigail
50 Cent as Hush (as Curtis '50 Cent' Jackson)
Vinnie Jones as Drake
Vincent D'Onofrio as Lester Clark
Storyline: Ray Breslin is the world's foremost authority on structural security. After analyzing every high security prison and learning a vast array of survival skills so he can design escape-proof prisons, his skills are put to the test. He's framed and incarcerated in a master prison he designed himself. He needs to escape and find the person who put him behind bars.
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Fun for those who are nostalgic
How times have changed. Had "Escape Plan" been released twenty-five years ago, there would have been long lines outside the theaters showing it. But stateside its box office take was underwhelming (though it reportedly did significantly better overseas). It's too bad, because I thought the movie was pretty fun. True, it's basically a direct to video screenplay given a much bigger budget. But there is much entertainment for both B movie fans and those who have fond memories of the movies made by the two stars in their prime. The movie is somewhat long (almost two hours long), but there aren't any boring bits. There are some good scenes of action and/or suspense. Best of all, it's a treat to see both action stars together in lead roles, and both actors work very well together and generate genuine chemistry. No, this isn't a classic for either Stallone or Schwarzenegger, but those who wish they still made those '80s style action movies will find enough here to be satisfied before the movie reaches its closing credits.
Old school action
It's been amazing that these two – Sly and Arnie – have never got together on screen before (excluding the cameos in The Expendables movies), as they do work rather well together.

It focuses on the two men's attempts to escape a futuristic prison which has been custom- built to prevent escapes. Guess what… it's about to be put to its limits. So, baring in mind that the story takes place in a prison, there's plenty of faceless thugs for our two action heroes to pound, plus a villainous warden and his henchman Vinnie Jones to sort out along the way.

This is Sly's movie, so he does get more screen time and people to punch than Arnie, so Arnie fans may feel just a little short-changed. However, seeing as the two actors have known each other for many years, there's a natural rapport between them which shines out. Arnie's acting (yes, acting!) seems to have suffered since being in politics, seeming a bit stilted in The Last Stand and The Expendables, but he seems to be regaining his old late eighties/early nineties charm.

If you like either or both the aging escape-artists, you should enjoy this film, even if it's just to watch them on screen (properly) for the first time. There's your typical amount of action and mayhem as they figure out how to break out. My only gripe was that it was a little longer than I expected, clocking in at nearly two hours. Shave about 10-15 minutes off the runtime and you'd have a much tighter movie.

Entertaining prison movie
No doubt that movie is entertaining, 8/10, fast, no slow time. Humour, jokes, a few reference to older movie. This movie is with both main actor, not a Sly movie with a cameo of Arnold, its both of them all the time. It's good and funny. The plot is intelligent, I liked it. It's not a remake of any kind, of course you know the end or you can predict some of the turnouts. But, overall it is fun and intelligent. The ending is rushed a bit, turns out like a bit of a sort of "Expendable" style of movie, but not as much. No sex, or any kind of romance in that movie, or super chicks making you want to jump at the screen, it's a typical American movie, blood, guns & some violence, but no chick.
Lots of action, not much else
This was probably one of dumbest films I've seen in a while. Stallone is a professional who goes into prison to try and figure out how to escape so that the prison can then tighten up security, etc.. This job makes no sense. Why not just inspect it and make recommendations; why risk death by being in the prison. Anyway, he is paid to enter a particularly secure prison for the worst of the worst. When he gets there he finds out he has been double crossed. He befriends the Governator (former), who has tried to take down the banking system with software. The Governator is a criminal with a heart of gold, or something like that and they become friends. I suppose because he's hurting the banking system, the producers figure he'll be seen as a heroic criminal, so its OK if he goes free. I don't want to give away too much of the story (not much of a story to give away anyway) but in the end Stallone escapes, but surely in killing guards while escaping he is no longer an innocent professional, but just a run of the mill criminal. Oh well, such details are usually ignored in Hollywood films. If you like pointless action, this is the film for you. If you like implausible escapes and miraculous shot outs where the hero somehow survives... then you'll love this one. If you are looking for drama, good acting, a rational plot, or a meaningful theme then this is probably not what you are looking for.
Action giants Stallone and Schwarzenegger fill the screen with the expected fistfights, shootouts, and stern-faced machismo, but are also afforded several clever moments.
The very conceit of a muscular genius who breaks out of prisons for a handsome living seems wildly far-fetched. Partner him with another burly brainiac and toss them into a virtually inescapable facility and you have "Escape Plan." Yet while the premise is certainly preposterous, as are the surmounting obstacles obstructing the detainees' freedom, the fun is impressively consistent. Action giants Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger fill the screen with the expected fistfights, shootouts, and stern-faced machismo, but are also afforded several clever moments of intricate plotting for their daring getaways. Perhaps it's too much to believe an ex-lawyer could be seasoned in not only law, but also computer programming, medicine, chemistry, nautical tools, and hand-to-hand combat, but if one can look past such diverse proficiencies, "Escape Plan" rarely slows down.

Ray Breslin (Sylvester Stallone) has a very unique set of skills. Able to find the flaws in any prison facility, Breslin inserts himself into correctional institutions and then breaks out to demonstrate their weaknesses. When a government agent offers Breslin double his normal fee (a staggering $5 million) to test a non-sanctioned experimental prison, his partners Abigail (Amy Ryan) and Hush (Curtis Jackson) urge him to decline - but the confident escape artist is intrigued by the challenge. Once there, Breslin realizes he's been set up and discovers he's trapped in a steel labyrinth designed specifically against his techniques of escape. Now, with no help from the outside and a sadistic warden (Jim Caviezel) monitoring his every move, Breslin must team up with cunning inmate Rottmayer (Arnold Schwarzenegger) to plan the biggest prison break of his career – to save his life.

With this plot and cast, "Escape Plan" is what "The Expendables" should have been. In many ways, it's reminiscent of guilty pleasure shoot-'em-up extravaganzas from the '90s (with numerous examples starring Stallone and Schwarzenegger individually). But it's not enough simply to place two of the biggest action stars of yesteryear together on screen – and with the extensive character development and detailed premise, this hard-edged actioner recognizes the necessity of supplemental theatrical constitution. Slow-motion, heavy artillery, physical violence, a welcomingly age-appropriate love interest, an inordinately felonious villain, and thuggish henchmen further adorn what would have been a run-of-the-mill thriller. Somewhere amidst all of the over-the-top idiosyncrasies and sardonic dialogue, an undeniable bit of entertainment arises, managing intermittently to outpace the imperfections of this take on "The Count of Monte Cristo" (or harbinger of the upcoming "Oldboy" remake).

The title sequence abruptly cuts off the opening scene, as if the editors had to work with grossly insufficient footage. The brilliancy of Breslin's initial breakout is hampered by a replaying of the entire ordeal, adding in footage like the step-by-step spoiling of a magic trick. And Breslin accepts the new job without any real hesitation, as if scripting believable discord would have slowed down the narrative too much. And yet, with the inclusion of intentional humor (and plenty of unintentional tackiness), amusing camaraderie, unexpected peril, and the bracing revelation that the prison break mastermind depends not only on studying layouts and routines, but also requires inside and outside help, "Escape Plan" holds its own as a sturdy example of silly but cool filmmaking. Refreshingly, he also always has a "Plan B" that can be utilized when procedures become predictable.

- The Massie Twins (GoneWithTheTwins.com)
The 80's Heroes Epic Escape
Bring the good old days back! Everyone agrees that Stallone and Schwarzenegger are the top kick-ass icon during 80's. They may age and become slower than their younger selves but they still kick-ass.

Well, I missed the first minutes of the movie. Yeah, I was embarrassingly late :( I came in the cinema when the title "Escape Plan" came up on the screen. So what is it? Five minutes late, maybe? But with the flashback, I know what happened in the part I missed. Stallone's character, Ray Breslin is a Houdini, but in this case, he is talented in finding his way out of prison. No, he is not a criminal. Just to test the prison's quality in the security aspect.

Then the plot moved to a lawyer from CIA (Yeah, Langley..) who asked Breslin to test a prison prototype's security. He agreed and nothing is wrong until Breslin realized that his evacuation code did not make any sense. Like he is being put into prison for real. Then as usual, prison fight, a stranger, Emil Rottmayer (Schwarzenegger) suddenly became a best friend, then planning to escape from that prison. And, of course, they finally escaped from that prison.

The theme is not new. We all know there are lots of movies and TV series like this, like Prison Break and Escape from Alcatraz. But this movie is executed perfectly and I really enjoy this movie. A bit boring the first twenty minutes but the rest of the movie did entertain me.

Action is a must. Blood, fight, guns, and most;y anything available in nearest location. And some gags, humors, everything hilarious add more excitement to this movie. The detail of the prison is amazing. This movie is like a "Escaping Prison 101". Using available stuff and human resources to escape from a prison.

This movie is highly recommended. Stallone and Schwarzenegger still kick-ass and also can be funny at the same time. I am sure you will not be disappointed.
Cool Hand Luke Was So Much Cooler
If you like action films than how can you go wrong with this film which stars two of the biggest major motion picture action stars of the last 40 years in Sylvester Stallone and former governor and Mr Universe, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Well maybe if this movie would have been made in the 70's rather than in 2013, there may have been a bit more action and a little bit less reliance on a suspenseful musical score and a story line that was pretty simple.

I enjoy a film that has stars that just pop with a fresh character portrayal and bravado, and based on this film, I think both Stallone and Schwarzenegger are well past their BEST BEFORE freshness date.

The story line evolves around a professional escape artist (Sylvester Stallone) who is hired by the government to identify any weaknesses in the prisons that he is deliberately incarcerated in under an alias. Of course he is always able to break out of the prisons he is sent to and identify some significant flaws in the prisons security system(s), so the investors and architects of the super secure prisons felt it was time to put Sylvester behind bars permanently to shut him up for good and teach this Houdini a lesson he was never expecting, life in prison without parole.

Arnold plays a prisoner who befriends Sylvester and who wants to break out with him when the opportunity presents itself. The Warden of the prison is played by Jim Caviezel. Well of course this action genre needs the standard prison fight scenes, guns a blazing, and a hero who just won't quit. Well Sylvester, if I was you I suggest you do quit, because this action film and lack of plot just isn't cutting it.

I gave it a 4 out of 10
Love the first half and then ...
Ray Breslin (Sylvester Stallone) is an escape expert. He is hired to be put into prisons and escape. Abigail (Amy Ryan) and Hush (50 Cent) are his team and Lester Clark (Vincent D'Onofrio) gets them the job. The CIA comes calling to test a privately-run secret prison for the worst of the worst. When he's taken, his team lose track of him. The prison warden Hobbes (Jim Caviezel) refuses to let him go even though he gives the evacuation code. Rottmayer (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is one of the prisoners who helps Breslin but they're on their own.

I really love the first half of this movie. Sylvester Stallone really grew on me. The team and the jobs are interesting. Everything is going well. It makes sense why Hobbes wouldn't release Breslin at first. The first problem comes in the form of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Immediately, I am afraid of cheesy 80s action camp coming. For awhile, Arnold did his job and the story moves on. He did his best, and got a few jokes in. I actually prefer not to have the joking around. The sense of cheesy camp is always near and that's what the jokes are. Then the movie goes full on cheese. It's like a time warp into an old Arnold action movie when he takes the big machine gun.

There is also the problem of why some of these prisoners aren't just killed off. Why would a drug cartel care to keep Javed alive? No idea. Why not just torture Victor Manheim out of Rottmayer? No idea. Why wouldn't Hobbes kill Breslin once he finds out who he really is? No idea. There was somebody else (spoilers) who should want him dead. What happened?

It is so disappointing that this is not a better movie. It starts off so well but it's an obvious mistake to team up with Arnold doing serious action. That era is over and the guys are old. It may work in a jokey way in the Expendables franchise. This should be much better.
30 Years Too Late
Continuing my plan to watch every Sly movie in order, I come to Escape Plan.

Plot In A Paragraph: Ray Breslin (Sly) is the world's foremost authority on structural security. His skills are put to the test. When he is incarcerated in an escape proof, master prison he designed himself.

Like with Sly teaming up with Burt Reynolds, I had been waiting for years for a real team up between Sly and Arnie.

Sly is OK here, but it's Arnie who delivers his best work in years!! I think everyone knows what scene I am talking about. When he is crammed up in the sweat box ranting in Austrian. It is some of his best work. But he does not turn up for 31 minutes.

Of the supporting cast 50 Cent is OK, Sam Neil is just sort of there, Vinny Jones plays the type of role you expect him too (I actually forgot he was in it) and Jim Caviezel is pretty forgettable too.

The director Mikael Hafstrom (who I had to look up because I couldn't remember who directed it) does a fine job, but he was never going to win or lose directing this movie!! If it's a huge hit, it's because it was the first real team up between Sly and Arnie. If it flops, the blame falls with Sly and Arnie.

I think most people who think of Sly and Arnie fondly will enjoy Escape Plan. I defiantly think it is more popular with older fans than younger, as while both of my kids (10 and 17) said it was OK, neither has cared to revisit it. It's not in keeping with the style of action that youngsters like today, in such movies like Fast & the Furious etc, and it's not old school action either. But it is close.

Like with Bullet To The Head, it's almost 30 years too late. If this had been released in between 1985-1995 it would have been amongst the highest grossing movies of the year. As it was, it struggled to make a dent at the Domestic Box Office. Grossing only $25 million, Escape Plan was not in the years Top 100 Highest Grossing Movies.

How on earth that happened is beyond me. It's certainly better than Scary Movie V and The Delivery Man with Vince Vaughn and After Earth which made the list. It's certainly better than Die Hard V which grossed $67 million.
How to get out
"Escape Plan" is the story of an expert hired to find a way out of high security prisons to test their security level. When he gets a special offer from the government he feels challenged at first but soon has to learn that something is terribly wrong this time.

The movie delivers a solid escape plot mixed with some typical action sequences and a very.. interesting choice of cast. Surely its popularity originates mainly from actors like Schwarzenegger or Stallone but in my opinion, the actual strong part of the film is really the element of tactics and mystery. In fact with a little less focus on action and a few more plot twists, the movie would have been even better. Nevertheless I have to say that the production was very carefully and even though you find some well-known weaknesses this one was way better than I had feared before.

All in all I was pleased. What you see is pretty much what you get but it is a solid film and surely an evening of entertainment. Don't judge too hard on this one.
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