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Escape Plan
Thriller, Action, Mystery
IMDB rating:
Mikael Håfström
Alec Rayme as Pilot
Christian Stokes as Babcock
Caitriona Balfe as Jessica Miller
David Joseph Martinez as Captain Newal Beradah
Sam Neill as Dr. Kyrie
James Caviezel as Hobbes
Matt Gerald as Roag
Faran Tahir as Javed
Amy Ryan as Abigail
50 Cent as Hush (as Curtis '50 Cent' Jackson)
Vinnie Jones as Drake
Vincent D'Onofrio as Lester Clark
Storyline: Ray Breslin is the world's foremost authority on structural security. After analyzing every high security prison and learning a vast array of survival skills so he can design escape-proof prisons, his skills are put to the test. He's framed and incarcerated in a master prison he designed himself. He needs to escape and find the person who put him behind bars.
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Great movie.
Excellent cast, scrip and acting (yes, acting). You can't expect Sly and Arnie to play Shakespeare, and they won't. They are meant to kick ass and that's what they do.

The story goes by smoothly and fast. Dialogues and sequence are really well written. Main characters bring you in the movie and Jim Caviezel is great as the villain. So is Vince Jones and the rest of the characters.

This isn't for everyone but I can't believe this movie is flying so under the radar. What a shame. This is old school, action packed thriller.
A solid, if not great, prison thriller
ESCAPE PLAN is another prison movie from Sylvester Stallone and the third such film he's appeared in, following on from ESCAPE TO VICTORY and LOCK UP. This one's notable for featuring the ROCKY star teaming up with Arnold Schwarzenegger for a buddy action movie for the first time in their careers. Sure, they were in THE EXPENDABLES trilogy together, but they were more ensemble pieces and the two actors didn't share too many scenes.

ESCAPE PLAN starts off well with a very strong first half. In a plot similar to FACE/OFF, Stallone goes undercover and is incarcerated in a secret prison where he loses his true identity and is pushed by the sadistic warden. He enlists Schwarzenegger's help in order to facilitate an escape. That's the whole story. The writing gets sloppy in the second half, but there's plenty of action to take your mind off the inconsistencies of the narrative, and there's something pleasingly old-fashioned and '80s feeling about the depiction of the events. Jim Caviezel makes a good villain, alongside stock henchman Vinnie Jones and Sam Neill playing a doctor.
Inspiring and f-ing awesome.
I don't care what people say about action films, I love them and if it has Arny, Sly, Willis, or JCVD count me in.

I thought this movie was going to be a disappointment like "The Last Stand", and it proved me wrong with a vengeance.

This wasn't a movie slapped together for two "has beens." It was an interesting (and yes a little out there) story that would hold up without the two. Casting Sly and Arny was the icing on the cake. I think the script was decent, the directing great (it actually made me feel involved), and the acting was choice.

It was done well. No old timer jokes, no spoofing, just another movie I want to own.

The ending was almost as pleasing as "Inglorious Bastards'" conclusion.

Nothing like seeing someone get what's coming to them.

I also thought Arnold was just going to be in it for a minute, nope. I'd say he was in about 75 percent of the film and every moment he was on screen I felt like a kid again.

The two are personal heroes of mine and this movie reminded me why.
For those nostalgic for 1980s
In a nutshell: great team of A-listers from multiple generations, mildly entertaining, script irritatingly stupid even for a brainless 1980s action movie. The plot is simple: a security expert specializing in breaking from prisons gets double-crossed and plans his escape.

I understand that Stallone and Schwarzenegger are at a stage where they view starring in an action movie as a hobby. But many of their co-stars, like Jim Caviezel and Vinnie Jones, are in their prime. It is beyond me why they'd choose to star in this.

I disagree with the Razzie award given to Stallone. He was actually pretty good there. Schwarzenegger was a bit more disappointing, especially during the introduction part. Jim Caviezel brought in an evil version of John Reese, and despite the idiotic script, shines as a cold, calculating villain. Vinnie Jones is basically reduced to an extra. He walks around and beats people up, not much else.

Every single stereotype is present. A villain with a requisite interest in beautiful stuff like butterflies because that's what all villains do (how do you find a butterfly in the middle of an ocean?). Double-crossed by the boss. A tough guy with a trauma in the past (his family was killed, although here it's a son and not a daughter as usual) - as a part of an idiotic origin story of Ray Breslin: he is a former lawyer/prosecutor, who because a security specialist after the trauma.

Finally and most annoyingly, EVERYONE IS A MASTERMIND. Jim Caviezel's villain built his floating prison virtually alone, based on recommendations of another mastermind, Stallone's character. Who, in turn, is working in tandem with Schwarzenegger's character, a financial mastermind pretending to be his subordinate who wanted to "turn the world financial system into confetti" by giving the money to the poor (no, I'm not making this up). To make it even more ridiculous, the Schwarzenegger's character has a mole in the CIA, his daughter, who also masterminded hiring Stallone's character to save her father while the CIA was trying to make sure her father stays there (not being able to find out about the relationship of one of their agents and their subject) and offered a lucrative job to the Stallone's boss. Oh, and froze the cheque paid for their services. So on one hand, they were hired to rescue the financial mastermind. On the other hand, to put the security expert in jail.

(OK, now I'm curious - who wrote this? Is that a Golan-Globus talent?)

Apart from that, it's an entertaining throwback to the 1980s. The finale was especially nostalgic, with big explosions, one-liners, Schwarzenegger shouting orders with his trademark Austrian accent, and a helicopter escape. Unfortunately, as much as I wanted, there was no "get to the choppah".

I think the old guys still entertain, but really, the script drags everything down.
Quite good for a simple action flick
Stallone and Schwarzenegger co-starring for the first time! I was expecting another really bad flick with a bad plot and even worse acting, well that assumption was (mostly) wrong.

The plot is actually pretty good. I really liked how they introduced new characters. The pace is steady and action scenes are not that long. It never felt boring or idiotic to me which quite a lot of simple action flicks are IMHO. I was also astonished that the story was quite original and that it contained quite a few well done plot twists.

Camera work and music score are good but obviously nothing special, the scenery was pretty well thought out.

I really enjoyed the cast and their okay acting (you obviously need to take into account that both Sly or Arnold are bad actors) with Jim Caviezel playing an excellent villain. Except for 50 Cent, who should never be cast again!

In the end I really enjoyed watching this and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to spend two hours watching a simple action flick.
Prison Broken
A "Plan B" was talked about in the movie, but the producers failed to come up with one when Escape Plan was released.

Like the Grindhouse revival, Stallone has been trying to revive the 1980/1990s Action Heroes and with some success. Unfortunately here and while not a complete dud, he failed. Heck, had this been released in 1990, we would've said "eh," and now I look more forward to the Terminator sequel!

Master escape planist Ray has hacked his way out of the most secured prisons around, but he met his match during his latest "outing." Without the aid from the outside and with the friendship with said Terminator, he might be able get out of this fine mess.

Most of the films Stallone wants to bring back to the next gen have similar and thin plots, but the comedy and homage make them special. Sadly, no humor is found here, nor much homage. Just a bunch of set up, more talking and the less admirable clichés are overly used.

Also, the movie "stars" 50 cent, which I wouldn't have recognized had I not recently saw him in Last Vegas. Mercifully for that movie, he was in it for about 50 seconds (or less.) In Escape Plan, he much more screen time and not only are those frames worth less than 2 quarters, but I sincerely hope I don't see him in any more movies.

The rest of the secondary cast, Amy Ryan, Faran Tahir, Sam Neill and definitely Jim Caviezel were all so plain, lifeless and cardboard and without the fun irony/homage to the clichéd movies of decades past. None of them had fun here, nor did we.

While not a waste, it wasn't worth the almost two hour running time just to get the two titans (Stallone/Schwarzenegger) together. It did have its moments, but not enough to avoid all together and just wait patiently for Expendables 3.

* * * Final thoughts: 50 Cent…shut that mouth. I know you're in shock you're allowed to be in so many movies, but act like an actor, close your trap and take some classes before your next attempt.
Better than I though.
Escape plan is a movie than you can see in your living room with friends and have fun, while doing it and see both Stallone and Schwatcheneger act for ones like regular persons is a breath of fresh air after the Expentables franchise and the over the top characters that even a kid couldn't take them seriously. Although for more , you will love it after you get drunk.

So the flick follows Stallone playing a expert in escaping from prisons, who's job is to find the weak point of prisons and then inform the crew there to make the need it changes. But after ,naturally, a contract goes rogue and he is stranded in to a ultra max prison he must ally with Schwatcheneger in order to get out. Don't wait much more than ,some nice plans and respectable action scenes, because you won't get it ,think it as a dinner with the extended family if it went good and you found company to pass nicely your time.

I don't know were to put in the films of these actions legends who still try to be in faction in their seventies (tragic) ,but if you compare it with the majority of their works in the past decade and a half is in the best, so recommended I guess. At the very least is better than Terminator Genisys, Expentables and similar projects!

In the end for the action pump lovers is fine for the rest ,enjoyable pass time.
Not worth the Hype..!!!
Arnold and Sly when you see these two biggies together all you can expect is fun and bonanza but i have few words for you .."disappointment". i went into the movie with so much expectation but all i got was disappointment... Arnold never really had much to do ,if you expecting some great dialogs too..better go off to a nap then. sly carries the entire movie with no god damn plot in it...although he has acted his part with sincerity but the spark is missing..!! so if you expecting some die hard or expendables stuff and then stay away its just a movie with bad plot trying to get away with great class actors.although i wish Arnold had something more to do..action sequence are very few too...!!
Stallone and Schwarzenegger...together at last!
"Escape Plan" isn't the greatest film ever made. But it is a fun, non-stop thrill ride B-movie that delivers the dream team we've always wanted...Arnie and Sly! Yes, they've teamed up in the over-the-top, cheesy Expendables films but "Escape Plan" is a more satisfying and better quality film.

Rambo...Terminator...Jesus...John Trent...50 Cent...yeah, the cast is pretty awesome for this "prison break" flick. Jim Caviezel almost steals the show as the "evil" warden. We all know Sly and Arnie are in their mid-60's but man do they still kick butt! Plus they're still literally ripped...like bulging...like veins sticking out all over the place ripped! We had a blast watching this and I recommend it to any action fan, especially the 80's action crowd. There's great one-liners, slow motion shoot outs, explosions, prison shanks, and all sort of bad ass action.

I really hope this does well at the box office because it is an entertaining film that's way better than "The Last Stand" and "A Bullet To The Head". But I wouldn't be surprised if those films have turned some movie goers off. A real action fan will love this flick though. Go check it out! Get to da choppa!!!!
Schwarzeneggers, Stalones and Sam Neils worst movie.
Don't really know why everybody is praising this movie like a masterpiece. I saw it and regret that i bought a cinema ticket. The acting and storyline is ridiculous bad. Stalone is imprisoned because... yeah, why? He wrote a book and a prison got built including his opinions for a perfect prison. He doesn't know anything about it and than he got imprisoned there because somebody wanted him disappear? What? Why? Schwarzenegger supports him with his prison break with his worst acting ever and that guy who wrote the conversations for him should feel guilty his whole life long. Yeah and then this Oppium drug dealer. lol yeah, why should some drug dealer pay money to imprison him there? A drive by would be much cheaper... oh wait, of course, they needed a Muslim in this movie for Stalones escape plan. And then, last and least: Neil. A drunken doctor haunted by guilt, who tries to redeem himself with helping with the prison break. I was damn close to leave the cinema, but i got still popcorn left and the tickets are too expensive to waste them...

tl;dr - worst movie i saw this year, Schwarzeneggers worst acting ever, even worst plot, conversations written by an ape and everybody who gives this film more then 4 stars saw another movie
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