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Escape Plan
Thriller, Action, Mystery
IMDB rating:
Mikael Håfström
Alec Rayme as Pilot
Christian Stokes as Babcock
Caitriona Balfe as Jessica Miller
David Joseph Martinez as Captain Newal Beradah
Sam Neill as Dr. Kyrie
James Caviezel as Hobbes
Matt Gerald as Roag
Faran Tahir as Javed
Amy Ryan as Abigail
50 Cent as Hush (as Curtis '50 Cent' Jackson)
Vinnie Jones as Drake
Vincent D'Onofrio as Lester Clark
Storyline: Ray Breslin is the world's foremost authority on structural security. After analyzing every high security prison and learning a vast array of survival skills so he can design escape-proof prisons, his skills are put to the test. He's framed and incarcerated in a master prison he designed himself. He needs to escape and find the person who put him behind bars.
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Stallone & Schwarzenegger Unite!
Escape Plan (2013): Dir: Makael Hafstrom / Cast: Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jim Caviezel, Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson, Sam Neill: Nostalgia strikes in this entertaining action farce about wit. Sylvester Stallone plays Ray Breslin whose life work involves escaping every prison in order to reinstate a tighter security policy. Central plot regards a task gone wrong and he ends up awakening in a glass cell amongst other glass cells holding prisoners. He must figure out how he got there and where he is. He knows he was set up but nobody will listen except Emil Rottmayer, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger who takes an interest in Breslin. Soon the two are teaming up mentally in order to outwit the system and figure this whole puzzle out. While this is mainly just a mindless action film it is better written than first expected. While the brutal action violence is presented throughout it also details the escape plan and routes to freedom, which is the best aspect of the film. Director Makael Hafstrom dealt with a similar situation in his entertaining thriller 1408 and the mediocre Derailed also about heroes caught within dilemmas that they attempt to outwit. Stallone and Schwarzenegger are terrific together right up to the quirky twist ending. Unfortunately Jim Caviezel as villain and prison head Hobbes is downright boring. Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson is greatly underused as a colleague of Breslin's. Sam Neill is featured as a doctor whom the heroes are able to get through to and eventually find sympathy with. This is a decent escape plan for action lovers. Score: 8 / 10
For those nostalgic for 1980s
In a nutshell: great team of A-listers from multiple generations, mildly entertaining, script irritatingly stupid even for a brainless 1980s action movie. The plot is simple: a security expert specializing in breaking from prisons gets double-crossed and plans his escape.

I understand that Stallone and Schwarzenegger are at a stage where they view starring in an action movie as a hobby. But many of their co-stars, like Jim Caviezel and Vinnie Jones, are in their prime. It is beyond me why they'd choose to star in this.

I disagree with the Razzie award given to Stallone. He was actually pretty good there. Schwarzenegger was a bit more disappointing, especially during the introduction part. Jim Caviezel brought in an evil version of John Reese, and despite the idiotic script, shines as a cold, calculating villain. Vinnie Jones is basically reduced to an extra. He walks around and beats people up, not much else.

Every single stereotype is present. A villain with a requisite interest in beautiful stuff like butterflies because that's what all villains do (how do you find a butterfly in the middle of an ocean?). Double-crossed by the boss. A tough guy with a trauma in the past (his family was killed, although here it's a son and not a daughter as usual) - as a part of an idiotic origin story of Ray Breslin: he is a former lawyer/prosecutor, who because a security specialist after the trauma.

Finally and most annoyingly, EVERYONE IS A MASTERMIND. Jim Caviezel's villain built his floating prison virtually alone, based on recommendations of another mastermind, Stallone's character. Who, in turn, is working in tandem with Schwarzenegger's character, a financial mastermind pretending to be his subordinate who wanted to "turn the world financial system into confetti" by giving the money to the poor (no, I'm not making this up). To make it even more ridiculous, the Schwarzenegger's character has a mole in the CIA, his daughter, who also masterminded hiring Stallone's character to save her father while the CIA was trying to make sure her father stays there (not being able to find out about the relationship of one of their agents and their subject) and offered a lucrative job to the Stallone's boss. Oh, and froze the cheque paid for their services. So on one hand, they were hired to rescue the financial mastermind. On the other hand, to put the security expert in jail.

(OK, now I'm curious - who wrote this? Is that a Golan-Globus talent?)

Apart from that, it's an entertaining throwback to the 1980s. The finale was especially nostalgic, with big explosions, one-liners, Schwarzenegger shouting orders with his trademark Austrian accent, and a helicopter escape. Unfortunately, as much as I wanted, there was no "get to the choppah".

I think the old guys still entertain, but really, the script drags everything down.
Give it a chance
The terminator and Rambo in the same movie, in the 80s or even the 90s this would have been the event of the year...but then Sly didn't look like his veins where going to explode and Shwarzie had less floppy skin. But we digress. Sly plays an expert who professionally escapes prisons to test their security. He gets set-up and end's up in an experimental shadow prison from which he and Shwarzie have to escape. The film reminded me a bit of (and borrows elements from) Fortress and THX-1138. Contrary to The Expendables the film has a descent plot and is well made. The VFX are good and never look fake, so generally speaking a fine production. I expected little so I was positively surprised to see that it could deliver 2 hours of solid entertainment. It was never going to be as good as T2 or Cliffhanger but it's a pity it just flopped at the box office. I hope many people give it a second chance on DVD or BD as it is certainly worth the watch.
Escape Plan
The film formerly known as 'The Tomb' and 'Exit Plan' gives us Arnie and Sly together again (becoming a habit), shame they never did this in their prime huh. One things for sure, the time away from the movie world hasn't been kind to Arnie acting wise. Not that he was much of an actor before but my Lord is he bad in this!.

So Sly breaks out of top prisons for a living to see how good their security is, he is also paid shitzillions for doing so apparently. He then manages to get himself locked up in some ultra uber prison and naturally finds it a tad harder than expected. So in the end he must utilise the skills of another inmate called Arnold Schwarzenegger, basically its an extreme bondage and restraint fetish film hehe.

The basic premise of this is pretty much the Chris Lambert flick 'Fortress', you can expect all the regular prison clichés and stereotypes from big bald violent inmates and sadistic wardens...hell what else would you expect?. Thing is the film feels like some kind of trashy low budget affair you'd expect to see JCVD, Seagal or Snipes in, the whole thing even looks pretty bland and uninteresting. Well it doesn't look like a prison put it that way, more like a level in The Crystal Maze...darlings.

Apart from the cheesy techno visuals the film is also pretty ropey with its plot in various places. The entire prison is actually set within a massive cargo ship that floats off the coast of Africa/Morocco. Now surely at some point you might detect you're on a boat, there would be movement, motion, certain sounds, the shape of your surroundings, people tend to know when they're on a vessel generally. Sly's character also seems to be very very clever in this film which I can buy sure, making a homemade sextant? hmmm maybe I guess, they way he works out so easily the ship is off the coast of Morocco? errr getting a bit far fetched and the way Arnie keeps playing the warden time after time in the most obvious way. Anyone can tell he's up to something come on! and the moment he grabs that flat round piece of metal? oh come on now, there were about six guards on him at the time people!!.

Vinnie Jones lets what's left of the film down by playing the exact same character he's almost always played (the vicious bad guy in case you didn't know). Sam Neill is the doctor who for some reason suddenly decides or realises he's working for bad guys the minute Sly talks to him. Never mind the fact he's been working there for some time, only now it dawns on him, oh then he vanishes for the last part of the film without a trace. Vincent D'Onofrio is clearly a bad guy tricking everyone right from the start, geez come on! and warden Caviezel is as predictable a villain as they come. Gets all his men to monitor C block because they see Sly sending a Morse code message yet failing to think it could be a setup and leaving all the other blocks virtually unguarded!? way to go boss.

The film is trying to be some super bad ass prison adventure but it lacks both the gritty violence for serious Arnie/Sly fanboys and the fun adventure for everyone else. It lingers in action violence limbo. The plot plods along slowly in between rather pitiful looking fights and boring punishment sequences, all the while in this stale grey and black coloured environment. The inclusion of Muslim inmates against some Nazi inmates is the only thing to suggest this film has been made recently and not twenty years ago when it probably would have been black and Latino inmates.

To finish off this cookie cutter Hollywood production you are given Arnie in 'Commando' mode with a big gun and lots and lots of faceless (literately) henchmen prison guards getting shots to bits all over the show. How many of these guys were on this ship??!. I guess you could say it doesn't really feel very special for either of the main stars, anyone could have been in these roles, absolutely any action star and it wouldn't make any difference. The fact they cast Arnie and Sly is probably to try and boost the entire averageness of the film. It just ain't hard enough to worry the classic 80's vehicles, a pale weak effort that is too dated with its ideas and an increasingly old looking Arnie (way more so than Sly).

" Stone walls do not a prison make, nor iron boats a Cage "
Two of the Biggest names in Hollywood are Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Having reached their prime in many memorable films, they have decided to collaborate on this project called " Escape Plan ". Drawing on the Miles Chapman story and directed by Mikael Hafsrom, the two men take part in a story which pits Ray Breslin, a renown escape artist against Warden Hobbs (Jim Caviezel), a professional security expert who has mastered Breslin's own book on how to prevent escapes. In addition once inside, Breslin befriends a financial wizard in a friendship with Mr. Rottmayer. To thwart any escape plan from his super maximum prison and to insure than no one is able to help him, Hobbs takes steps, like removing Breslins' implanted location device and changes the code name to have him released. The only link to any possible escape is Dr. Kyrie (Sam Neill) a good humanitarian. The movie is loaded with surprises, violent scenes and explosive action which permits all the major stars to deliver well acted scenes which in turn allows the audience to praise our favorite action characters. In conclusion, the film script is tops and so too is the cast. Recommended to all fans. ****
Quite good for a simple action flick
Stallone and Schwarzenegger co-starring for the first time! I was expecting another really bad flick with a bad plot and even worse acting, well that assumption was (mostly) wrong.

The plot is actually pretty good. I really liked how they introduced new characters. The pace is steady and action scenes are not that long. It never felt boring or idiotic to me which quite a lot of simple action flicks are IMHO. I was also astonished that the story was quite original and that it contained quite a few well done plot twists.

Camera work and music score are good but obviously nothing special, the scenery was pretty well thought out.

I really enjoyed the cast and their okay acting (you obviously need to take into account that both Sly or Arnold are bad actors) with Jim Caviezel playing an excellent villain. Except for 50 Cent, who should never be cast again!

In the end I really enjoyed watching this and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to spend two hours watching a simple action flick.
Not bad for a genre flick.
Movies like this can be utter trash, or a popcorn-munching good time. Escape Plan is much closer to the latter, but not without its flaws.

I think it's impossible not to compare this movie to The Expendables, and I have to say, I thought Expendables 2 was better than Escape Plan. So if you're going into this hoping it will be Expendables 3, you may be disappointed.

That said, there are some great scenes in this movie, and it's a different genre than Expendables anyway. Expendables is more action- comedy, and Escape Plan is just action.

The cinematography is actually quite good- it doesn't "try too hard" like a lot of modern movies do. It knows how to be shot, how to present a story, and it does it well.

Stallone and Schwarzenegger are great- their "chemistry" is much easier to take here than in Expendables, and Arnold is finally getting back into the swing of these movies again. Stallone never misses a beat, and continues to play his tried-and-true quiet tough-guy role. It is Arnold who gives us the comic relief in this film, and we're thankful for that, because without it the film would truly sink a few notches in rating.

Also a great performance by Jim C as the villain. He made the character a James Bond-worthy bad guy, and I enjoyed him a lot. Also, Sam Neil. Yeah, what? He's in this too! Though probably not more than 4 minutes of screen time, but he definitely leaves a strong impression on the film too.

It's hard to talk about the movie itself without some spoilers, so I'll just say that it delivers what it promises- a straightforward "watch the hero try to get out of this mess" film that doesn't try to be more than it is (thankfully).

My complaints are pretty small- though I applaud the movie for keeping things simple, I think they could've developed the characters a little more. Conversely, it also goes out of its way to explain some things that it doesn't need to. In fact, sometimes it just makes things more confusing by trying to explain them.

So overall, there's just a sense that this "could've been better," but at the same time, it could've been much worse. I didn't get that "blood pumping rooting for the hero" feeling as much as I wanted, but I did enjoy watching the events unfold on screen. And that's really all you can ask for.
Action giants Stallone and Schwarzenegger fill the screen with the expected fistfights, shootouts, and stern-faced machismo, but are also afforded several clever moments.
The very conceit of a muscular genius who breaks out of prisons for a handsome living seems wildly far-fetched. Partner him with another burly brainiac and toss them into a virtually inescapable facility and you have "Escape Plan." Yet while the premise is certainly preposterous, as are the surmounting obstacles obstructing the detainees' freedom, the fun is impressively consistent. Action giants Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger fill the screen with the expected fistfights, shootouts, and stern-faced machismo, but are also afforded several clever moments of intricate plotting for their daring getaways. Perhaps it's too much to believe an ex-lawyer could be seasoned in not only law, but also computer programming, medicine, chemistry, nautical tools, and hand-to-hand combat, but if one can look past such diverse proficiencies, "Escape Plan" rarely slows down.

Ray Breslin (Sylvester Stallone) has a very unique set of skills. Able to find the flaws in any prison facility, Breslin inserts himself into correctional institutions and then breaks out to demonstrate their weaknesses. When a government agent offers Breslin double his normal fee (a staggering $5 million) to test a non-sanctioned experimental prison, his partners Abigail (Amy Ryan) and Hush (Curtis Jackson) urge him to decline - but the confident escape artist is intrigued by the challenge. Once there, Breslin realizes he's been set up and discovers he's trapped in a steel labyrinth designed specifically against his techniques of escape. Now, with no help from the outside and a sadistic warden (Jim Caviezel) monitoring his every move, Breslin must team up with cunning inmate Rottmayer (Arnold Schwarzenegger) to plan the biggest prison break of his career – to save his life.

With this plot and cast, "Escape Plan" is what "The Expendables" should have been. In many ways, it's reminiscent of guilty pleasure shoot-'em-up extravaganzas from the '90s (with numerous examples starring Stallone and Schwarzenegger individually). But it's not enough simply to place two of the biggest action stars of yesteryear together on screen – and with the extensive character development and detailed premise, this hard-edged actioner recognizes the necessity of supplemental theatrical constitution. Slow-motion, heavy artillery, physical violence, a welcomingly age-appropriate love interest, an inordinately felonious villain, and thuggish henchmen further adorn what would have been a run-of-the-mill thriller. Somewhere amidst all of the over-the-top idiosyncrasies and sardonic dialogue, an undeniable bit of entertainment arises, managing intermittently to outpace the imperfections of this take on "The Count of Monte Cristo" (or harbinger of the upcoming "Oldboy" remake).

The title sequence abruptly cuts off the opening scene, as if the editors had to work with grossly insufficient footage. The brilliancy of Breslin's initial breakout is hampered by a replaying of the entire ordeal, adding in footage like the step-by-step spoiling of a magic trick. And Breslin accepts the new job without any real hesitation, as if scripting believable discord would have slowed down the narrative too much. And yet, with the inclusion of intentional humor (and plenty of unintentional tackiness), amusing camaraderie, unexpected peril, and the bracing revelation that the prison break mastermind depends not only on studying layouts and routines, but also requires inside and outside help, "Escape Plan" holds its own as a sturdy example of silly but cool filmmaking. Refreshingly, he also always has a "Plan B" that can be utilized when procedures become predictable.

- The Massie Twins (GoneWithTheTwins.com)
"Escape Plan" is a great pairing of legendary action stars, but falls a little short in its story-telling.
Here's a movie with a great title, a great movie poster, a great trailer and a great pairing of legendary action stars. The two "Escape Plan" (R, 1:56) co-stars have made (as of 2013) a combined total of over 100 films. This movie is perfectly named because it tells you what the story is about without revealing whether the setup results in a successful conclusion for its protagonists. You may think that you know how this movie will end, but nothing is guaranteed in this intricate and twisty action thriller.

Sylvester Stallone stars as Ray Breslin, a man who makes his living breaking out of maximum security prisons to show prison officials the flaws in their designs, procedures, personnel or some combination thereof. Breslin is the best at what he does. He wrote the book on prison security – literally. As the film opens, Breslin is executing his latest escape plan by making a series of very curious preparations. When he's out and his boss (Vincent D'Onofrio, playing nicely against type) tells the prison's warden why Breslin was really there and allows Breslin to explain how he escaped, the payoff is clever and impressive. All this leads to his most challenging (and lucrative) assignment yet – testing the security of a new type of prison, one designed for individuals who various governments around the world want… disappeared. Breslin's ego and greed lead him to take the job, but he soon finds out that he's got more than he bargained for and he may not be there for the reasons that he was told when he was hired.

The warden is played by Jim Caviezel who makes a deliciously dry villain. (It's also a fun bit of casting, considering that his first starring role was in 2002's underrated "The Count of Monte Cristo", in which he plays a man unjustly sent to a remote prison by people who want HIM disappeared.) Breslin is soon befriended by Arnold Schwarzenegger's character, Emil Rottmayer, an inmate who has some information that the warden seems determined to get out of him (ironically, similar to the situation we see with a prisoner who befriends Jim Caviezel's innocent man in "Monte Cristo".) It's not long before Rottmayer is using his considerable strength and knowledge of the prison to help Breslin engineer his escape, in exchange for Breslin's promise to take him along. Meanwhile, Amy Ryan, Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson, Sam Neill and Vinnie Jones lend their considerable talents in important supporting roles.

This is a thinking person's action thriller… for the most part. The prison that Breslin finds himself stuck in is uniquely designed and looks to be impossible to escape, and the reveal of its location is pretty wild. Breslin is brilliant and resourceful (call him the MacGyver of prison breaks), while Rottmayer is an indispensable ally with an intriguing level of mystery to him. Breslin's plans and tricks are highly original and fun to watch play out. This is the best film and some of the best acting that I've seen out of both Stallone and Schwarzenegger is many years. Unfortunately, towards the end, the movie falls back on well-worn action film tropes that are very familiar to long-time fans of Stallone and Schwarzenegger, and the story's resolution feels a bit cheesy and similarly reminiscent of the two stars' heyday. In addition, some of the questions the film raises about the main character's backgrounds aren't as clearly answered as they should have been. As great as most of this film was, as a whole, "Escape Plan" is only able to make off with a "B+" from me.
Yes, another prison escape movie, but it was actually enjoyable
How could a film with both Stallone and Arnie be bad, well it is possible, but not this time. I won't reveal too much because it may ruin the intro to the movie, but suffice to say, Arnie appears a little later in the movie. Stallone's face looks like it's made of silly putty, but Arnie's actually not looking too bad, neither are into the naked topless thing these days, which is understandable considering their age. There is a great balance of humor and intensity in this film, there moments of genuine suspense, and a few surprises. The sets were great, story had original elements to it. Plenty of punch ups, good body count, lots of action, and a few remotely possible gimmicks...possibly a whole mythbusters season worth of investigation in this one movie. Nice to see some direction in the fight scenes without using so many angles and shots, that it's almost dizzy to watch, it was more old skool, much more enjoyable. Ending was slightly confusing for me,few tiny holes I thought, but still worth a strong 7.
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