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Ender's Game
Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
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Gavin Hood
Ben Kingsley as Mazer Rackham
Brandon Soo Hoo as Fly Molo
Hailee Steinfeld as Petra Arkanian
Han Soto as Colonel Graff's aide
Jessica Harthcock as Launchie / Dragon Platoon / Eros
Suraj Partha as Alai
Caleb J. Thaggard as Stilson (as Caleb Thaggard)
Cameron Gaskins as Slattery (Leopard Army)
Jimmy 'Jax' Pinchak as Peter Wiggin
Andrea Powell as Theresa Wiggin
Harrison Ford as Colonel Hyrum Graff
Nonso Anozie as Sergeant Dap
Abigail Breslin as Valentine Wiggin
Viola Davis as Major Gwen Anderson
Asa Butterfield as Ender Wiggin
Moises Arias as Bonzo
Conor Carroll as Bernard
Storyline: The Earth was ravaged by the Formics, an alien race seemingly determined to destroy humanity. Seventy years later, the people of Earth remain banded together to prevent their own annihilation from this technologically superior alien species. Ender Wiggin, a quiet but brilliant boy, may become the savior of the human race. He is separated from his beloved sister and his terrifying brother and brought to battle school in orbit around earth. He will be tested and honed into an empathetic killer who begins to despise what he does as he learns to fight in hopes of saving Earth and his family.
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Loved the book, Severely disappointed with movie
I saw the trailer for Enders Game about 6 weeks ago, its piqued my interest so I investigated and wound up reading the book. I was blown away! in 6 weeks I've read 7 of the 13 titles in the "Enderverse". So to say that I have been staring at a calendar waiting for this movie to be released is an understatement. Right from the beginning I was disappointed with the portrayal of Ender. His distinguishing feature is his intelligence, and the slow talking Asa Butterfield almost seemed to be concentrating on his lines and being able to deliver them in an American accent rather then speaking like one of the most intelligent 12 year old's on the planet. I understand he had big shoes to fill, Ender is one of those great characters that stay with you for the rest of your life, that being said I firmly believe they chose the wrong actor.

I don't mind that they had to change things around, I realize it had to be done, however they tried too hard to take a little bit of each section of the book and put them all together with out realizing that without enough detail the smaller samples were not realistic or convincing. Ender is supposed to become one of the greatest leaders in human history as well as winning his soldiers respect to that point where they would "follow him to the moon without a space suite" during his time at battle school but the movie would have you believe Ender won the allegiance of his hostile class mates by cracking a single joke!? There was no character development for Enders fellow classmates, other then Petra this movie could have been written without any of them and probably would have been better off for it.

The battle room looked fantastic. The special effects in said battle room came up a little short. Maybe because I saw the making of Enders Game, or maybe because I saw "Gravity" a few weeks back, but the zero G stunts were not very good. Even though that was the case the look of the transparent walls of the battle room with Earth looming in the background carried enough weight as eye candy to make me want to see all the battles that Ender winds up winning with Dragon army. Unfortunately for me and those that read the book there was only one battle, a mix between 2 of the battle from the book that came towards the end of his training. This was just too rushed, I realize you can only cover so much with a 2 hour movie but this was not the way to do it.

They quickly promote Ender to command school where he will be trained to command against the formics. They changed up part of this story and skipped over some of the deeper explanation about the ansible and sending the fleet to attack the buggers planet 50 years earlier immediately following the first invasion, but i feel this lack of detail left the following scenes less emotional then they could have been. The feeling that Ender was humanities last hope, and that the following battles would determine weather or not humanity will continue on or perish came up very short. I gave this film 3 stars pretty much based solely on the last several "simulation" battles. the special effect for these I thought were very cool. Enders control of the battle and being able to change perspective and zoom in and out were nice. But as was the theme for the whole movie, things were rushed, a montage was used to give the feeling that the team was being run down, Enders mentions at one point how hard him and his team are taking it having to do all these simulations over the past months. However Asa Butterfields acting didn't sell it. None of Enders soldiers really sold the feeling of being completely run down to the point where (in the book) Petra falls asleep in the middle of a battle, or Hot Soup (i think it was him) goes catatonic due to the grueling schedule. Again, these 12 years olds are supposed to be the best of the best on earth trained in a military facility to be Napoleonic commanders, but come across as a bunch or little kids having a good old time playing wii at a sleepover where they stayed up past their bed time. These kids shouldn't have been smiling at all, there should have been cold calculating looks on there faces with intelligence in there eyes and barrack talk coming out of their mouths. Anyway, the final "test" was visually stimulating, it did have a sense of urgency, and there was a nice boom at the end.

I could go on about several other aspects of the movie that I was disappointed with (Graff, Anderson, Dap, Mr/Mrs Wiggins, Ender/Valentine, Bonzo..... all fell short) but I won't. I truly truly do not understand any positive reviews from anyone who has read this book. I can only imagine they were as hype as I was going into and let there preconceived notions of how great this movie would be take over for the time being. 7.0 / 10.0 .... way to high. Movies aren't supposed to be better then the books, everyone knows this, but as "The Hunger Games" recently demonstrated, they can still be good.
After seeing the first half I knew it was a complete waste of time and money. Seeing a bunch of 8 graders playing war games and given powers to destroy planets was so retarded. Let's choose a kid as the prime minister and another one as the army leader. Why not, is so plausible, right? It's absolutely stupid to believe that some kids that play video games are capable of fighting an alien race by themselves and win !!!!! I can't express my feelings towards this "movie" that, besides good computer generated special effects is a big zero for plot, action, acting, directing...total fiasco !!! Can't understand where the 7.1 comes from ?
Worst book to movie adaptation I've ever seen.
I guess if you haven't read the book you have a much better time of enjoying it, but they thoroughly butchered it that's for sure. Easily should have been a 3+ hour movie - so much is rushed through terribly. And what is with all the random alterations to some scenes that added zero to the storyline? So dumb. So many key elements left out or butchered. I expected to be slightly disappointed since I love the book, but to still enjoy it. But so much was changed and trashed - I wanted to vomit by the time it was over and so did my girlfriend. Seriously, it was that bad. Pretty much the only redeeming part was the battles with the buggers towards the end.
Good film, great entertainment!!!
Ender's Game 6/10- I am not a huge fan of Asa Butterfield or Gavin Hood's films, but this is the best film I have seen by both of them. Don't get me wrong I loved Hugo, but it had nothing to do with Asa Butterfield. Ender's Game though was Asa's best work by far.

The movie somewhat grabs your attention at the beginning with interesting concepts, and the story gets much better throughout the film. The movie had very good action sequences that surprised me and everyone in the theater. The zero gravity battles in particular were the highlights of the movie for me and everyone that I have talked too. The movie does a good job of not just putting action in the movie for the sake of action. They follow a good concise plot with the action only adding on to it. The design was pretty good all around, even though it was set in the future, it all seemed believable.

I have not read the books, but from all I have heard about them, the movie stays in line with the key plot points. The movie focuses on Ender's training process more than anything else. The movie does not have any clichés during the training either like a love relationship or a bully that continually torments him like most teenage-centered action films. Ender's ability to analyze situations and take the necessary course of action is brilliantly displayed. Asa Butterfield particular displays this type of the character flawlessly with everyone believing that he is a Steven Hawking type. The only part of Asa Butterfield's performance that is weak is when he has to show true powerful emotions, but thankfully the movie did not have much of that. Harrison Ford's character was one that I have never seen him play before, but he made it look like he has been doing that type of aggressive, emotionless character his whole life. The other performances all did a decent job because the casting department did a chose each of them masterfully.

There are some flaws that you will notice that particularly do not fit into the plot well and the director just put those in the movie hoping no one will notice because they were still key to the plot, but sadly there was no build up. I do not want to go into detail because I do not want to spoil it, but they seem like rookie mistakes. Other than those, Gavin hood did a solid directing job that is a huge step up from X-men: Origins Wolverine. The movie sadly does not contain much humor and it deserves the movie to have barely any comedy during the film.

The movie finishes fairly well, but it seemed a little rushed like the endings of the transformers movies. If the movie gave the ending more time, I think it would have improved the film much more and given the audience a more solid feeling at the end of the movie. Still, the ending is better than most sci-fi movies.

All in all, the movie delivers decent enough action with good performances from Asa Butterfield and Harrison Ford. The film is entertaining enough that makes the viewing experience enjoyable.

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It was lame, very lame.
I remember watching the movie a few years ago in a cinema, I was excited, I've read the novel before and love sci-fi in general. I was literally depressed after the movie finished, how on earth were they able to create an incredibly bad movie from a pretty good novel again, I thought. Parts of the book were simply left out, which is fine, but too much was missing to fully understand what's happening and why. All along the movie I was wondering what makes Ender so special, it's very straightforward in the book but not here. And does really anybody believe there's only one step from playing silly shooting games and directing a real war, 'cause the film suggested that.
Visually stunning with great story to tell

Ender's Game is smart sci-fi movie. Little bit like Starship Trooopers or Blade Runner. Beneath a beautiful skin there is a strong social criticism story. You may notice it or you may watch the whole movie as a beautiful sci-fi story. You may see the story as a criticism against USA:s policy to defend itself with prevention strike against anyone if they think to be threatened. In the movie almost fascist like society has tame their youth to make prevention strike without any criticism. They defend strikes justification for their youth just because enemy will strike if they don't strike first. Young Ender's dares to rise against authority and mistrusts that. Ender's Game has a great story to tell, but it is also beautiful to watch. It feels like 3D movie despite it is not. Space landscapes and -fights are gorgeous. It is always a risk to put a child to a leading role at a movie, but Asa Butterfield is a great choice for Ender's role. There is enough of sensitivity, yet enough character in his role. Harrison Ford is great as a General Graff. It is hard to believe that he is over 70 years old. Only thing which bother here is that movie feels to end too soon. It feels like it is a big budget Television show pilot movie. We will see if Ender's Game gets enough audience for a sequel. That really is needed. The great story may just to be a little too clever to its target audience. Visually stunning movie, which is have to watch from a big screen.

How Gavin Hood Ruined Ender's Game
First off, let's get one thing straight. Ender's Game was a well done movie, with amazing graphics and great acting. But the film it's self did not closely follow the book. In fact, they completely demolished it. Some of the changes were understandable, but most completely ruined the mood that the book had.

Now where do we start? Let's start with the Formic Wars. The first formic war took place on earth, and Mazer Rackham had nothing to do with it, let alone sacrifice himself. The second Formic War took place around the rings of Saturn in space to my knowledge, and that is the Formic war Rackham participated in.

Then there's Stilson, in the movie ender simply kicked the crap out him. The book describes Ender kicking him until he had this dead look in his eyes, so that later this could be compared to his fight with Bonzo, in the book he also killed Stilson, and never used some science experiment to do it. Not the biggest of mistakes, but I felt the film was definitely lacking do to this.

Then we come to launch of the shuttle, and the whole film goes downhill from there. In the book Ender walks aboard the shuttle with all of the other boys, he doesn't come in late, and he NEVER sat beside Bean. Bean was not even in his launch group. Bean and Ender were not supposed to become friends until Bean joined Dragon Army. So that unfortunately happens, and then the shuttle takes off. Now in the book, launchies were not allowed to eat for 24 hours prior to the launch, to avoid sickness. So please tell me why Alai puked his guts out when they got in space? Then Graff comes out to see the launchies, and when he does he comes out horizontally. In the book he comes in upside down and Ender laughs because it seems as if Graff were standing on his head. In the movie Ender laughs, and then explains publicly why your orientation can be any way in space.

No we get Bernard. Most likely one of the biggest mistakes in the movie. In the book, Bernard was bothering Ender, and Ender proceeded to break his arm. This lead to a feud that lasted between them for a long time in battle school. And never was Bernard part of Ender's Jeesh. He was never that smart.

Where did Shen go? Shen was one of Ender's first friends when he arrived to battle school, because Shen himself was also a misfit, singled out and picked on by Bernard for the way his butt moved when he walked. This lead to Ender hacking into the desks and posting about how Bernard is always watching your butts. A classic comedic moment of the book that never made it's way into the movie along with Shen.

Now to the Battle room, why oh why were the walls glass? And why was there only one battle room?In the book there were 8 closed in rooms, and the lighting could be controlled to hinder the student's visibility. And when they arrived why were Bean and Ender experimenting with the guns? It was always Ender and Alai, and they never discussed the enemy's gate being down at that time. Oh and let's not forget the way the decided to merge two very defining battles in the book, just to save a little screen time.

On the subject of the battle room, lets discuss armies. Why were they so small? In the movie I don't think I saw more than a dozen kids in each army. In the books there were forty soldiers and a commander in each army.

What happened to Rat Army?? Why was Ender transferred from Salamander to Dragon, instead of Salamander to Rat. And I'm pretty sure that's where Ender meets Dink Meeker, and not in salamander.

What happened to Bean's special ops force?? They completely got rid of that, leaving no explanation as to why bean was carrying rope.

Bonzo. Pronounced Bon-so. I don't remember hearing that in the movie, even though it was very, very emphasized in the book. They managed to capture his personality pretty well, but his death scene was less than satisfactory. What was with the whole hitting his head on the ground and breaking his neck? It didn't bring out the intensity of the scene that the book portrayed. Ender was supposed to bash Bonzo's nose into his brain, and then kick him in the balls as he stands like a dead man before collapsing, and dying on the spot. There was no infirmary scene in the book, and Ender never to think that he might of killed him until after the league war.

Then we arrive on Eros. Ender begins his training with Mazer, and when he walks into the simulator his entire Jeesh is in the room with 500 other kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Give me a break, They only people in that room were Mazer and Ender, the rest of his Jeesh was in a different simulator, and they never explained the toll it took on Ender's Jeesh and how Petra broke down.

The final battle was not that bad, but after his fight with Graff, the rest was crap. They completely threw out he book with the bathwater. They ignored the league war, and moved the last Formic larvae to eros. They then proceed to send Ender out into the Stars abandoning his sister on Earth, instead of leaving with his sister like in the books.

Finally Throughout the Film they never elaborated on Demothenese and Locke. A key element to the story about Peter and Valantine that amounted to just about half the book.

Overall Ender's Game should have been broken down into 2 movies, instead of cramming it all into Gavin Hood's 2 hours of Crap.
Possibly one of the worst movies I've ever seen.
Holy moly. This is absolutely terrible. Its so cliché, so trash.

The acting is terrible. The premise of the story is very basic and boring.

"ecks dee, 12 year old saves le world because of how le super smart he is."

Jesus, their attempt to mimic military lifestyle is absolute garbage.

I haven't read the book but the movie probably puts it to god d*mn shame.

What a cheesy cringey snoozefest.

I'm about to just shut it off half way through.
time waste
The plot is absolute vomit! The writer ate a dictionary and puked out the story.

1. We have a superior alien space fleet attacking Earth 2. Earth fighting back with 21 century air planes 3. Alien fleet is invincible except for one week spot that enables 1 Plane and a brilliant commander to crash the whole fleet 4. Although saving the earth and becoming a legend he stays a colonel and no one though of developing his brilliance 5. Earth decides that children would handle a future invasion as commanders of new build fleet much better 6. Alliance race rebuilds there fleet but wait for Earth to train the 'Chosen One Child Commander' 7. Alien race can read minds of every one on Earth and communicate with them telepathically (Including the mind of the Chosen one) but still wait for earth to train the chosen one witch is going to destroy them. 8. Finale battle …….the writer takes months and years of hard military trading in tactics and implement all this knowledge into two brilliant commands 'fire. fire', 'Fire on the fleet and fire on the planet' its all done by a super weapon that can destroy a whole fleet with one shot and a whole planet with another. 9. For his brilliancy the child is made an Admiral

Blargh… Blaaaaaahhhhhhh… (splash)
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