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Easter Parade
Romance, Musical
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Charles Walters
Richard Beavers as Singer ("The Girl on the Magazine Cover")
Peter Lawford as Jonathan Harrow III
Clinton Sundberg as Mike the Bartender
Fred Astaire as Don Hewes
Ann Miller as Nadine Hale
Judy Garland as Hannah Brown
Storyline: Don Hewes and Nadine Hale are a dancing team, but she decides to start a career on her own. So he takes the next dancer he meets, Hannah Brown, as a new partner. After a while this new team is so successful, that Florence Ziegfeld is interested in them, but due to the fact, that Nadine Hale dances also in the Ziegfeld Follies Don says no. Inspite of the fact, that he is in love with Hannah, he keeps the relation to her strictly business. So Hannah is of the opinion, that he is still in love with Nadine, and her suspicion grows, when he dances with Nadine in a Night ClubFloor Show.
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The other reasons to watch this
Of course, you've read about Astaire, Garland and Ann Miller, and this movie has plenty of star power. But you also get dresses, style, backdrops, delightful choreography, and songs with very clever rhymes using simple words. And Easter hats. The production effort behind this movie is unbelievable, not a second is wasted, and this is an entirely different kind of eye candy than you might see in LOTR or Iron man. This won't be repeated, the style, the glamour, the whimsical songs. No need to tell you about the plot. Who cares. If you haven't seen this before, nothing bad happens, there are some hurt feelings and a few complications, but everyone plays nice, and everything works out. Enjoy it while it lasts. 8 out of 10 ranking for me put this very near the top. What a surprise this movie, one of four in a DVD pack, turned out to be.
This has to be one of the best movies that I have ever seen in my entire life. I was drawn to it. If anyone tried to talk to me while i was watching it i would either not hear them or rewind it because they made me miss some. I love all of the songs in the movie. The ones that i like the best are Snooky Ookums, It only happens when i dance with you, and A Couple of Swells. Judy Garland looks very young, glamorous, and very healthy. Her voice sounds wonderful!!! This was the first Fred Astaire movie that I have seen and I will definitely see more. The movie also had a very good story line. It had comedy, love, a little bit of everything and Judy Garland and Fred Astaire are great at all of it!!
An MGM Classic
EASTER PARADE is one of my very favorite films to come out of the MGM stables during the 40's and 50's, but I can't help but imagine if the film had come to fruition as originally planned. Gene Kelly was originally signed to play Don Hewes, but due to an injury (one story said he broke his ankle during a dance rehearsal and another said it was during a softball game), Fred Astaire, who had announced his retirement the previous year, agreed to replace him for the opportunity to work with Garland. Vincente Minnelli had originally been pegged to direct the film, but Garland's therapist advised that it was not a good idea for her and her then husband to work together as they were having a lot of problems during this time. Garland was also at the height of her drug addiction during this film and her frighteningly frail appearance in this film cannot hide that, but Garland manages to turn in a charming performance as Hannah Brown, the chorus girl groomed for stardom by Astaire's Don Hewes after his bitchy partner, Nadine Hale (Ann Miller) dumps him to sign with the Ziegfeld Follies as a solo act. Peter Lawford is also thrown into the mix as a wealthy playboy and friend of Don's who falls madly in love with Hannah, who only has eyes for Don. I am forever grateful that this film brought Astaire out of retirement because he is at the top of his form here, from the opening number "Drum Crazy" to the spectacular "Steppin Out With My Baby". Garland is wonderful especially the classic duet with Astaire "A Couple of Swells" and a heartbreaking ballad called "Better Luck Next Time." This film was so successful that MGM made two more attempts to pair Garland and Astaire. Garland became very ill when she was signed to star with Astaire in THE BARKLEYS OF Broadway which paved the way for the final teaming of Astaire with Ginger Rogers. They again tried to team them for ROYAL WEDDING when June Allyson became pregnant; however Garland was constantly late to the set or wasn't showing up at all and Astaire was not having that so she was replaced by Jane Powell. So EASTER PARADE was the only time we got to see these two legends perform together and it's well worth the time and rental.
On the Avenue with Judy, Gene, Minnelli and Freed is never a waste of time
Originally intended as a reunion vehicle for Gene Kelly and Judy Garland, Charles Walter's "Easter Parade" (1948) is an outstanding example of MGM's great facility for creating musical confections of sheer beauty and immeasurable delight. After Kelly fractured his ankle during a rehearsal he telephoned, the then retired, Fred Astaire to replace him. The decision to cast Astaire proved fortuitous as it brought back to the screen one of the legends of dance and proved the perfect segue for Astaire's dancing career in another two decades of cinema entertainment.

Astaire plays Don Hewes, a demanding perfectionist whose artistic bubble is burst when partner, Nadine Hale (Ann Miller) decides to dump him to venture into a solo Broadway show. Determined to restart his career, Don takes a lowly waitress from the chorus, Hannah Brown (Judy Garland) and transforms her into his ideal dancing partner. At first, only seeing Hannah as a cheapened shadow of Nadine, Don begins to realize that his new protégé may not only become a more accomplished dancer but also his new love interest. A romantic hook of sorts materializes in the form of a slightly stuffy, though nevertheless studly man about town, Jonathan Harrow III (Peter Lawford). Using Jonathan as a sounding board, Hannah attempts to delve more deeply into Don's preceding relationship with Nadine, while Nadine makes for Jonathan with much effort, but modest results. Multi-talented Jules Munshin delivers a marvelous cameo as the haughty and exclusive waiter of a fashionable New York restaurant, Francois. Resident MGM supporting actor, Clinton Sundberg is both engaging and sympathetic as Hannah's former employer, Mike.

The score for "Easter Parade" is vintage Irving Berlin. Besides the title tune there are sublime musical moments in Judy's rendition of "Michigan" and "Better Luck Next Time", as well as the duets she shares with Fred Astaire during the montage sequence. Lawford proves he has an ample singing voice in "Fella With An Umbrella", while Astaire confirms his place of genius in the realm of dance with "Steppin' Out With My Baby". All in all, an elegant delight that is never short of a sincere smile and rollicking good time.

Warner's DVD is, in a word, outstanding! Employing their ultra-resolution film restoration process, the results on this disc are breathtaking. The Technicolor print is so rich and vibrant, images appear to burst forth from the screen with a rare and refined third dimensionality. Blacks are rich, deep and solid. Whites are crisp, but never blooming. The audio has been impeccably remastered. Extras include the loving bio on Judy Garland, "By Myself", as well as a comprehensive documentary on the making of the film, poignant audio commentaries by Ava Astaire and Jonathan Fricke, and, of course, the deleted musical gem, Mr. Monotony (previously available on LD and the DVD of That's Entertainment III).
A legendary cast at the top of their game!
Easter Parade may not have conquered new territory in the land of Hollywood musicals but it certainly struck gold the good old fashioned way. This movie could have been titled Broadway Melody of 1948, since the plot is basically traditional behind the scenes drama between multiple musical numbers. However, Easter Parade represents the very best achievements of all elements blending to make wonderfully

lighthearted entertainment. The screenplay seamlessly weaves the plot and many, many musical numbers in perfect balance. There may be nothing new here, but it's expertly tailored and twisted to seem as fresh as a spring bouquet. One would not have expected Judy Garland and Fred Astaire to make a compelling couple on film, but their chemistry is just as exciting as hers with Mickey Rooney and his with Ginger Rogers. Just as exciting but also very different. Garland displays her tremendous flair for comedy and one must wish that we had more musical comedic performances of hers to treasure. Ann Miller finally reached her overdue lead stature with material worthy of her glorious talent in Easter Parade.
A couple of swells and a tuneful piece of work.
Perhaps not quite reaching the heights that the talent involved suggests it should, Easter Parade is still none the less a delightful musical full of skill, vigour and heart warming attributes. The story sees Fred Astaire's Don Hewes getting dumped by his dance partner Nadine Hale {Ann Miller}. Vowing revenge, he boasts that he could get any basic lady performer and make her a star alongside him. Enter Judy Garland as chorus girl Hannah Brown…… But for a volleyball accident, Don Hewes would have been played by Gene Kelly, who suggested that since he was out of the picture, the makers should try and get Astaire on board. Astaire had retired from Hollywood but jumped at the chance to replace the then present incumbent of the role, Mickey Rooney. Worked out OK in the end, because, as was normally the way, Astaire gave another masterful song and dance performance. Garland on the other hand had to dig deep to enthuse the role with some quality. In a rut with the formula of the films she was making, and nearing exhaustion because of the hectic schedules, it took a guiding hand from Astaire to see her thru the production. The end result? Garland still managing to enchant and whisk the viewer to a nice place where troubles don't exist.

The piece contains 17 of Irving Berlin's tunes, with Steppin' Out with My Baby and A Couple of Swells particularly standing out, with the latter expertly played out on a moving floor. While admirably supporting the principals is Peter Lawford as Jonathan Harrow III. It's a foot tapper to warm the cockles on a blustery winters day, never mind only at easter! 7/10
Easter Charade
The story sees Don (Fred Astaire) make Hannah (Judy Garland) his new stage partner after he has been dumped by Nadine (Ann Miller) so that she can pursue a solo career. Don bets womanizing pal Jonathan (Peter Lawford) that he can make any chorus girl into the next star and picks Hannah at random. They sing some songs, do some routines and fall in love and the finale is the singing of the title song as they promenade along 5th Avenue with all the other posers who undertake this ritual every Easter.

The cast are good in this film with Judy Garland winning the honours as she provides many humorous moments (watch how she scene steals from Fred Astaire in the rather hammy and drab routine that is "A Couple Of Swells"). Most of the musical numbers are good if forgettable. My favourite routines include Judy Garland singing "I Want To Go Back To Michigan", her duet with Peter Lawford "A Fella With An Umbrella", Ann Miller singing and dancing "Shakin' The Blues Away", the sequence of song and dance duets that Judy Garland and Fred Astaire have together including "When The Midnight Choo Choo Leaves For Alabam", and Fred Astaire's number "Steppin' Out With My Baby" despite the unnecessary gimmick of having him dance in slow motion which cheapens the routine.

Unfortunately, the film crams in too many songs and the viewer may lose interest in the musical offerings, especially towards the end, as none of them are particularly good or memorable unless there is dancing involved. The film is also a little unbelievable in the way Judy Garland falls in love with Fred Astaire. Peter Lawford is the obvious romance for her, but the film seems to be driven by the following love formula - Judy Garland loves Fred Astaire (unbelievable) who loves Ann Miller (but she's a complete bitch so it's unlikely) who loves Peter Lawford who loves Judy Garland. It doesn't work.

A final criticism must be made of the ending. At the beginning of the film, Don tells Hannah that come the next Easter Parade, photographers will be lining up to take her picture instead of Nadine's and we have an amusing sequence of Nadine promenading with a dog in a completely ghastly and posey manner as photographers take her picture. At the end of the film, the audience does not get the satisfaction of seeing this come true. We are left with Don and Hannah (wearing long pink rubber kitchen gloves) walking along the parade together but that's it. I assume we are meant to deduce that Hannah has arrived and is now on an equal billing with Nadine. Incidentally, we are not shown what happens with Nadine and Jonathan. I assume that they get together as they are both comfortable with having a showy lifestyle. Nothing is clearly resolved.

The cast are good, the colour is great, the costumes are great particularly one green velvet dress that Judy Garland wears, and some of the routines are good but there are better musicals than this.
A Review: Easter Parade
Directed by George Stevens With Fred Astaire, Judy Garland, Peter Lawford, Ann Miller

It might not be THE happiest musical ever made but is one of the greatest. It's story is simple, maybe too simple, but overall is sweet and engaging. It has Fred Astaire as a dancer who tries to forget his ex partner, Ann Miller, and knows, by a funny thing, unexperienced but beautiful and sweet Judy, making her his dancing partner. In the middle of this are wonderful songs of the usually great Irving Berlin, candy Technicolor to spare. Peter Lawford is so gentle as the man who falls in love on Judy. A happy, beautiful movie. Only complain: What the hell get in their minds to delete that wonderful Judy number called MR MONOTONY?
Easter Parade, a Movie Musical Essential!
Fred Astaire, Judy Garland, Peter Lawford and Ann Miller star in this grand movie musical about a dancing team (Fred and Ann) who break up when Ann Miller decides she has bigger aspirations and leaves the act. Fred then in turn in emotional haste states that she is replaceable and that he can teach anyone to dance as well as she does. Enter Judy Garland. I can't believe I haven't reviewed this film before now, and I don't know if I can contain myself enough to write one. This is absolutely one of my top five musicals of all time, OF ALL TIME! How could I possibly be unbiased! There is not one moment, scene, song or feeling that feels false or weak. Much has been said about the "A Couple of Swells" number in this movie, but every single musical number is great, with "Steppin' Out with My Baby" arguably being the highlight. But even the slow songs that Judy Garland sings are great. There are lots of great crooners and/or vocalists in American music history, but Judy Garland had her distinctive way of reaching her listeners and making you feel in in her place. See the "Better Luck Next Time" number. It goes without saying that Fred is excellent here, and Ann Miller has always been my favorite dancer, who held a record at one time with the most taps in one minute. See her "Shakin' the Blues Away." And, Peter Lawford sings! How can you not like this film! I say it every Easter that this film is too good to only watch once a year. See it right now! See it next month! Watch it for July 4th! See for yourself why this is a great example of MGM movie musicals at their best!!
Response to review
Only deserving of 3.5 stars!!! This movie has some classic moments from both Fred & Judy.The opening scene with Fred in the toy store,Fred's slow motion dance scene & the two of them performing "couple of swells" is worth the ticket price a alone. What need is there of a serious plot line, when you have two of the best entertainers of the 20th century strutting their stuff? While this might not go down as an all time classic I would recommend this as a must see for any budding Garland fan. My rating 8/10.
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