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Das Boot
West Germany
Drama, Thriller, Action, Adventure, History, War
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Wolfgang Petersen
Jürgen Prochnow as Capt.-Lt. Henrich Lehmann-Willenbrock - Der Alte
Herbert Grönemeyer as Lt. Werner - Correspondent
Klaus Wennemann as Chief Engineer Fritz Grade - Der Leitende-Der LI
Hubertus Bengsch as 1st Lieutenant - Number One-1WO
Martin Semmelrogge as 2nd Lieutenant - 2WO
Bernd Tauber as Kriechbaum - Chief Quartermaster-Navigator
Erwin Leder as Johann
Martin May as Ullman
Heinz Hoenig as Hinrich (as Heinz Hönig)
Uwe Ochsenknecht as Chief Bosun
Jan Fedder as Pilgrim
Ralf Richter as Frenssen
Joachim Bernhard as Preacher
Storyline: It is 1942 and the German submarine fleet is heavily engaged in the so-called "Battle of the Atlantic" to harass and destroy British shipping. With better escorts of the destroyer class, however, German U-boats have begun to take heavy losses. "Das Boot" is the story of the crew of one such U-Boat, with the film examining how these submariners maintained their professionalism as soldiers and attempted to accomplish impossible missions, all the while attempting to understand and obey the ideology of the government under which they served.
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I Cannot Do It Justice
If by any chance you have not seen "Das Boot" please do not read this as it *will* contain spoilers and I would hate to ruin one of the best films ever made. My paltry words simply cannot do it justice. Claustrophobia, tension and terror pervade throughout (except in the IMO slightly unnecessary opening sequence which is mercifully brief.) For me it was a story about the captain, a stunning performance by Jurgen Prochnow who plays an experienced, U-boat captain who is not without flaws. His crew comprise a few old comrades plus a group of raw recruits and a journalist. These men are German but not Nazis (with one exception) and though they spoil for a fight with the British convoys one cannot help but be drawn to them. The captain is a complex character, he shows disdain for his own 'high command' and respect for his 'enemy' yet he does not shy away from sinking convoy ships. He makes mistakes and has victories but treats them all with a fatalistic dark humour. A very good film changes gear into an astonishing masterpiece when the crew of U-96 arrive in Vigo, Spain. The sickening opulence contrasts starkly to the conditions aboard U-96, then the orders to go on what could prove to be a suicide mission. The peril of the crew is intensified, their heroic work to survive and "go home" is followed by what is an excruciating final twist that will leave you reeling.
Packing, genuinely, overwhelming!
Using the term 'authenticity' in connection with any kind of art is rather difficult and daring as well. Sometimes it looks posed or is by certain purposes manipulated. Referring to Petersen´s "Das Boot" however, I consider it justified to call it authentic and true. I think this statement can be strengthened mainly by the fact that Lothar Gunther Buchheim was consulted. He composed the novel this breathtaking movie bases on and he himself was employed as a war correspondent in the Second World War.

The entire plot has no weak points. Starting at "Bar Royal" at the very night before the forces living journey of the submarine crew begins, the director fittingly manages to confront the audience with the protagonists and their way of dealing with the pounding uncertainty. Once put to sea, the character of the scenes changes abruptly. Every member of the crew and the audience as well comes into very close contact with the tightness of the action space. At this point it is necessary to underline the excellent work of the cameramen. The fast and partial hectic cuts draw an exact picture of the drama on board. Too do not forget the outstanding lighting. However besides this abundance of obvious suspense, there are also a number of moments going into in-depth psychology and thoughtfulness. To outline only a few of them: At "Bar Royal", when the chief engineer reflects about the uncertain fate of his family, or when the captain, with a kind of 'Weltschmerz' in his eyes, is astound and proud of the unbelievable efforts of the crew. It would probably be too laborious to refer to the decisive symbols the director uses, therefore I recommend this movie to everybody, especially those who are interested in the Second World War.

It presumably sounds pretty weird, yet I suppose that mankind gladly participates on the misfortune of others, without being closely involved with it. This closing notion may account for the huge success of this movie.>
A Nutshell Review: Das Boot: The Director's Cut (1981)
This is touted as one of the best WWII submarine films of all time, and it's not difficult to understand why. From the story to the cast, from the cinematography to the sound, everything's top notch on this German film directed by Wolfgang Petersen (who's now helming more Hollywood flicks). I'd rate it above U-571, K19: The Widowmaker, Crimson Tide, and The Hunt for Red October.

We follow the exploits of the crew of German U-boat U-96, as it gets sent on its mission to destroy Allied convoys. We learn of the frustrations of inaction, having no targets, and living the lonely life aboard a submarine. We experience the claustrophobic environment, one which is shared amongst crew, where maintaining hygiene and tolerable living conditions is of the utmost importance of staying well. We pick up on the fear of the Captain about his inexperienced crew, most of whom were in their early twenties, and haven't seen much action in the high seas.

What's gripping in this film is when things start to pick up. Technology those days aren't as advanced, and we see that U-boats are more likely to be sitting ducks when Allied destroyers hover above them on the water's surface, dropping multiple depth charges to rattle and hopefully destroy their underwater prey. The U-boat is the hunter, but once it has hunted, it becomes the prey.

And such is the marvellous depiction of Fear in the crew's eyes, as they huddle in silence each time the enemy lurks above. The suspense literally keeps you at the edge of your seat, the silence, deafening. Many set action pieces bring out the different scenarios and challenges that the crew face in their voyage on the seas, and all these capped by the beautiful soundtrack which accompanies each scene. My favourite was the charge through Gilbratar.

Although this movie takes on an Axis power's point of view, one can discard the political aspect of this film, and understand that lives on both ends are similar - each are fathers, brothers, husbands, and are thrown into a senseless political war. It doesn't go preachy on who's right and wrong, but touches on more human and basic issues of survival. Boys become men, and it is this transformation that is most obvious throughout the story.

If you've got the chance, you must see the Director's Cut, running at about 209 minutes, just as Wolfgang Petersen envisioned it to be. Excellent stuff!
Extraordinary. One of the best submarine movies ever made.
Wolfgang Peterson writes and directs this gritty war drama concerning the trials and tribulations of a German U-boat during World War II. One of the most authentic and gripping war movies ever made. Staunch and fearless U-boat captain Henrich Lehmann-Willenbrock(Jurgen Prochnow)takes a green-around-the-gills crew to sea as they patrol the Atlantic and Mediterranean to seek out and destroy Allied vessels. The inexperienced crew will carry out their laborious and mundane duties in cramped quarters as they await to go into action for their Fuhrer. The sub becomes the prey as it dives to extreme depths to silently await their possible death via bombarding depth charges. The U-boat fleet has already begun to take heavy loses. The dutiful commander will do his best to limp his sub to port for a heroes welcome. Riveting battle scenes. The cast also features: Klaus Wennemann, Herbert Gronemeyer, Bernd Tauber, Ralph Richter, Claude-Oliver Rudolph and Jan Fedder. DAS BOOT, a critical success and deserving of all accolades.
The best film I've seen in years
There are very few moments that I have this feeling and I got that feeling when I watched this for the first time today. Lord of the Rings, The Matrix, 2001: A Space Odyssey and a few others I get that same feeling from. Being a Brit I never thought I would be willing the Germans on, but this film is so intense and gripping that it had me on the edge of my seat the whole way through. The music, the acting and the script are all done to my full satisfaction. Its made like no other submarine movie I have ever seen. I've never done a review for a film before but I thought this film deserved it. I put this on my top 10 of greatest films of all time, if not top 5. If you can, watch the directors cut.
I'm jealous.
I'm jealous because this is probably the best sub film ever made. And I'm jealous that no American studio had the wherewithal to create such a human look at the undersea warriors and the lives they led.

The shots are inspired. I don't know what it is, but there's something both commercial and artistically palpable about foreign feature films that beat American gloss hands down. "Das Boot" is no different. It differs in one regard from American films about the second World War, no demons are presented. There's a lot of demonization regarding "the enemy" in a lot of films depicting military conflict. There is no such effort here. Partly because we're looking at the second world war from the German viewpoint. But we're not seeing Nazi German soldiers fight for the "Fatherland". We're seeing people like you and me ordered to fight for a cause they're not all that sure about, but are duty bound to execute it to the best of their ability.

There's no waving of flags in this film. None, other than that of the human spirit. The men involved are there to survive as they carry out their orders. The horrors of what the Nationalistic Socialist regime are doing to labeled undesirables in their home land is not on their minds. They either don't know or are focused on other matters.

We see the lives of submariners. They happen to be German, but they are submariners none the less. The dangers of fire, pressure, power outages, smoke, gas, flooding, are all palpable in this film. So much that you're there sweating it out with them. You feel for them as they make a run for the sea or for home. They too feel for their victims. They steel their hearts, but you know they're more than uneasy about the task at hand, much less the "cause" for which they fight.

The cinematography on board the sub is excellent. You feel the the non- spacious confines of their world of steel, valves, pipes and gauges. And when things go bad, you're there with them.

Now, on the negative side, and I'm sorry to turn a somewhat serious and sombre review slightly comical, but there's one exterior SFX shot that bugs the hell out of me :-) It's a POV shot from the German U-boats bridge looking at another U-boat. The footage used for the background plate is recycled over and over again. To me this states that whoever was in charge didn't have the budget to get in contact with us here in California to sex up the visuals for that sequence. In terms of the drama it's functional, and the visuals don't collide too badly with that same drama. Yet there it is.

The one draw-back is that it's awfully long. So much that you actually need to flip the DVD to see the rest of the film. In this regards it is a bit of a labor to watch.

I don't care who you are, if you must see a submarine film, then see this one.

Definitely not to be missed.

Absolutely Fantastic
This is, perhaps, the best war film ever made. This may seem to be a little over the top, considering its opposition, but I feel that what this film lacks in special effects is more than made up for by the depth of its characters and the sheer claustrophobic suspense of the final hour. Das Boot is a very faithful adaptation of the original book (which is fantastic as well), and is best viewed in its original German, but with English subtitles (assuming you are not German!). As a proud resident of Great Britain, you can understand how easy it is to hate the members of the U-boat fleet for what they did to so many crews in our Merchant Navy. Despite this, it is easy to contemplate how terrible an experience life in a U-boat was. After having watched this masterpiece, I felt (and still do feel) that the sheer boredom and terror of U-boat life was far worse than that experienced by allied surface crews. This is not meant to disrespect anyone, but is meant to provide an accurate comparison.Other War films about the Battle of the Atlantic (e.g. "The Cruel Sea", "In Which We Serve" & "Sink the Bismark') are based almost entirely from the Allied perspective, and almost all Germans are portrayed as cold-blooded murderers. Das Boot is unique among movies of its genre in that it is based entirely around the Germans, but also that it does not portray any side to be morally superior. Das Boot's main theme seems to be the futility of war itself. The acting throughout is superb, and the set is highly effective at communicating the claustrophobia, cold and stench of the inside of a submarine. The soundtrack is uniquely chilling and thrilling, and simply adds to the rich feeling and accuracy of the plot. There have been far too few films made about the U-boat crews during the Second World War, but since Das Boot, it seems as though no others are necessary. This film is absolutely fantastic, and richly deserves its rating of 10 out of 10!!!
Germany's Best Film to Date!
Let's face Germany has a dangerous past. This story is about men aboard a submarine during World War II. I saw it dubbed in English. I would have preferred subtitles and listened to the original German language being spoken. This film is completely German made with German actors. Of course, the story is not lost in translation. These men have to fight for their country regardless of whether they support their government. It's really about young men who could be any one of us in their position. You have to ask yourself what are you to do if you have no choice. I was a little disturbed when one of them stated that he was molested by six of the other guys like a ritual hazing ceremony to another officer. It was as if an unofficial initiation ceremony and disturbing as well. In war, you could see young men killing and dying and you wonder what it was all for anyway. It's still Germany's best film to date.
Lost men in a lost war
Das Boot (The Boat) is film-making at its finest. Not only is this the greatest naval film, it is one of the finest statements on war ever filmed.

Jurgen Prochnow is the excellent lead as the Captain of a U-Boat faced with impossible odds. A compassionate man, he is a veteran at the age of 30. His performance really ties the film together and gives it a strong human touch.

The tension in this film reminded me of Clouzot's Wages of Fear (especially the last 45 minutes). This is a deeply impacting film because the audience really feels the claustrophobia, the filth, the tension and all the other emotions that the 42 crew members of the U-Boat go through.

The sentiments of Das Boot are decidedly anti-war. By showing that it consists of bureaucratic senselessness, German officers living in a fantasy world, the despair of the fighting men - it makes for a touching tale.

The director's cut is the version to be seen although it is long. Each scene of the movie is a classic and will show you the realities of war.
Probably the greatest WWII naval movie
This is an amazing achievement, and it's obvious because it is one of the only German language films to receive widespread distribution in American theaters since the silent era. It was just that good! When it came to America, the movie was cut down a little from it's original HUGE length and it was released in both dubbed and subtitled versions.

The film is about a single WWII German U-boat and it follows it through a very hazardous mission until it eventually makes it back to port. While this may not sound very interesting, it certainly is, as the movie is less a traditional movie but an experience meant to instill in the audience the daily life and horror of serving on one of these submarines. For example, when the sub is being pursued, you find yourself tense, on edge and feeling the claustrophobia of the crewmen. Viscerally, it is an amazing film and remains a true and faithful film--the crew is extraordinary but they are hardly romanticized--they are just men doing their best to stay alive! To top all this off, when the movie concludes, there is the most fitting and inspired ending I have seen in a war film. Like anything you've seen from Hollywood? No way--this is like real life in all its starkness and terror.
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