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D-Day Assassins
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Andrew Jones
Vicki Glover as Jessica
Derek Nelson as Young Hawkeye
Linny Bushey as Karen
Erick Hayden as Richard
Angelique Joan as Catherine
Lee Bane as Father Mancuso
Storyline: In 1944, a group of American soldiers known as "The Filthy Thirteen" are becoming an increasing problem for their superiors - disobeying orders, bathing infrequently and often going AWOL from their barracks. But the rebellious men are given an opportunity to atone for their behavior when they are selected to be the first unit to parachute behind German lines during the invasion of Normandy. Their goal is to move through enemy territory on foot and destroy Nazi supply lines and escape routes. Some call it a suicide mission. But they haven't counted on the ferocity and determination of this ragtag group of D-Day Assassins who will stop at nothing to take down the enemy. This is the brutal and thrilling real life story which inspired "The Dirty Dozen". Written by North Bank Entertainment
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