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Crime, Drama, Thriller, Mystery
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Roman Polanski
Jack Nicholson as J.J. Gittes
Faye Dunaway as Evelyn Mulwray
John Huston as Noah Cross
Perry Lopez as Escobar
John Hillerman as Yelburton
Darrell Zwerling as Hollis Mulwray
Diane Ladd as Ida Sessions
Roy Jenson as Mulvihill
Roman Polanski as Man with Knife
Richard Bakalyan as Loach (as Dick Bakalyan)
Joe Mantell as Walsh
Bruce Glover as Duffy
Nandu Hinds as Sophie
James O'Rear as Lawyer
Storyline: JJ 'Jake' Gittes is a private detective who seems to specialize in matrimonial cases. He is hired by Evelyn Mulwray when she suspects her husband Hollis, builder of the city's water supply system, of having an affair. Gittes does what he does best and photographs him with a young girl but in the ensuing scandal, it seems he was hired by an impersonator and not the real Mrs. Mulwray. When Mr. Mulwray is found dead, Jake is plunged into a complex web of deceit involving murder, incest and municipal corruption all related to the city's water supply.
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Overrated Mystery
I had heard so much about this movie from word of mouth that it was one of the best films ever created and possibly the best film noir ever. I had extremely high expectations for this movie, and when it was over I considered it a piece of trash.

The story is about city curruption and making money by taking over the water for the growing city of Los Angeles in 1930. It doesn't even sound interesting. Jack Nicholson is great as his role and it's fun to watch him in any movie, but that didn't make up for the screenplay. The biggest shocker in the movie was that Faye Dunaway's daughter was her sister as well, and her father, the man who was racketeering the water was the father. I could absoluetely care less, the child could have been anyone's and still had a zero effect. Nicholson is repedeatly chased by his old partner who secretly wants to arrest him because he thinks he murdered Faye Dunaway's wife, who was a city worker in charge of water, although Nicholson had absoluetely no motive, because he didn't know Dunaway before he took the case. The ending is horrible as well, it doesn't really matter.

If you want to see a good movie made in 1974 see Godfather Part II, it made Chinatown look like a pile of sh*t. Very overrated movie, doesn't deserve to be anywhere near it's place (#19) on AFI's top films of all time.
Wonderful Movie
I can hardly believe that this movie is 35 years old. It is so fresh and appealing; it might have been filmed yesterday.

Polanski has given a Technicolour take on the noir genre and come up trumps. There are no technical aspects with which I can take issue.

Jack Nicholson turns in a splendid performance for a Hammeresque gumshoe of the period, easily as good as Bogey or Mitchum - Sardonic, cynical, unafraid but still very human. I'm surprised he didn't do more. Whilst Faye Dunawaye makes an equally plausible take on the 'broad who is damaged goods'.

It's the usually convoluted tale of a private dick retained to investigate a missing person and then finding himself in a whole mess of hot (read cold) water. An especial challenge for Nicholson is that less than halfway through the movie, a switch-blade thug (played by Polanski himself) opens his nostril. For most of the rest of the time he is forced to play his part with this clownish, carbuncular dressing on his nose. That he still continues to offer an entirely believable performance is a measure of the great man's talent. A lot of actors would simply have refused a role that so obviously disfigured their pretty faces.

All of the other ensemble turn in sterling performances, too.

The vintage period is captured extremely well. There are some wonderful choices in motorcars.

Script is slick, witty and hard-edged, just like a good noir should be. It certainly pays to listen.

And finally, no movie is complete and many are spoiled by an inappropriate or unmemorable music score. Here again, 'Chinatown' hits just the right spot with a slow jazz number, headed by a maudlin trumpet lead. You won't forget it.

Thoroughly gripping entertainment in every aspect, no technical issues to criticise; what can I do but give it 10 stars?
As perfect as possible
It's difficult to imagine a more flawless movie than this. A youthful Jack Nicholson is at his very best and most plausible in the role of Jake Gittes, featuring in a continuously engaging story, which can be appreciated as a timelessly sophisticated tribute and homage to Chandler. Each scene and every moment of the swiftly evolving plot is redolent of intrigue and anticipation. Dunaway and Huston are also superbly cast, as are Burt Young, Diane Ladd, Perry Lopez, and the entire list. The acting and direction throughout are uniformly professional and superior. I was particularly struck by the old lady in the retirement home. The script is exceptional, and the dialogue totally polished and realistic. There are one or two lines which are directly evocative of Chandler at his best.

For anyone with an IQ above moron level, even if only slightly, it is worth investing a profitable two hours of their life watching this film. It is guaranteed to provide enjoyment and will extend their sensibility and general perception to a very great degree. Audiences expecting a mindless crime thriller will naturally be disappointed, as it is highly intelligent, though ultimately shockingly tragic. The relationship between personal conflicts and the wider ramifications of civic and corporate crime and corruption is unusually subtle. Chinatown is an area of enigmatic impenetrability, which is better left alone. Polanski excels himself. A matter for amazement that this masterpiece languishes as low as 127 on the top 250 list.

Some time ago I was discussing movies with a friend's daughter, who is married to a man in the film business. After much thought we mutually decided that Chinatown was probably the best film both of us had ever seen. I just watched it again, for the umpteenth time. This is a wonderful, wonderful film. A clockwork jewel of precision.
Seventies film noir classic
What a gem from 1974. A film I had never heard of apart from its listing in Steven Schneider's 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die.

Directed by Roman Polanski and starring Jack Nicholson and Faye Dunaway it was made in the pre-blockbuster era and really shows the brilliance of the director rather than a few gimmicky CGI effects and laser beams!

The film noir genre is epitomised by films from the forties shot in black and white and sort of detective thrillers. Here we have a Technicolor film from 1974 revisiting the genre. The performance of Nicholson as private detective Jake Gittes is mesmerising and up there with his other great roles. Gittes is an ex-policeman who worked in the Chinatown district of Los Angeles. Now a private detective in 1930s LA. He becomes embroiled in the private life of the chief engineer of LA's water and power department. Hired by his so called wife at the films beginning he later discovers it wasn't actually who she claimed. Investigating further what turns out to be so called adultery actually becomes a murder, greed and intimidation case involving the local water supply!

The story could actually have been a screenplay for an episode of Murder, She Wrote but the performances of the cast and ultimately its direction by Polanski are wonderful to watch. It's the camera angles, the screenplay, photography that all come to the fore.

No doubt you will never have heard of it but I would highly recommended it over the modern multiplex trash.
All Happened Together..1974' - Chinatown - The Most Perfect Film Noir Of All Generations
I saw this film for the 3rd time in my life..and i just LOVE EVERYTHING in this brilliant film..roman Polanski's direction..the super smart script..made this one without shadow of a doubt one of top 15 films EVER..

this is my favorite..what can i say more about the amazing acting from jack Nicholson..is definitely one of the top class actors at Hollywood..and Faye dunaway also..such a brilliant acting..and beautiful woman..

the film is moving very well for noir!! i think who love to watch classic films and not yet saw this film before..probably not saw NOTHING..i talk about the direction..that's a promise to all those who don't saw this super brilliant film before..

direction like this you definitely NOT SEE every time..and not for a long time either..i just think the 70's films was so better then all years.. i mean the most perfect decade for films was definitely the 70's films..the films " The godfather", One Flew OverThe Curckoo' S Nest", "Apocalypse Now", " Taxi Driver", "Alien", "Jaws", "The Deer Hunter", "Dog Day Afternoon", "The Godfather Part II", "Five Easy Pieces" and also "Papillon" Are wonderful films..that's it :) i'm from Israel, my English are not perfect..sorry about that..

Rate: 10/10.
It's Chinatown
The way this movie was shot was so good. I learned about a few of the ways they took the advancement in technology in the 70's and used it in this movie, it all fit the time period though very well, like nothing to fancy all of it was just right. For example one of the techniques was using a hand-held camera to really get in on tight spots so you could feel as if you were with the characters as they experienced some moment. The acting by Faye Dunaway and Jack Nicholson was really great and the chemistry they had on screen was flawless. And the movie was supposed to take place in the thirties so you'd think they wanted to go artistic and make it black and white, but the color looked really good and suited the movie just fine. A really good movie overall.
A Date With Tragedy

No other modern movie has captured the atmosphere of the film-noir as Chinatown has; it has everything you'd find in any classic of the genre like The Maltese Falcon, The Big Sleep, or Double Indemnity: the flawed hero, the femme fatale, a tragic story, man's darker side exposed, and lots of psychological depth. Yet, Polanski and Towne dress it up with a modern feel and cynicism.

The tragedy in this movie comes from the protagonist - Jake Gittes - a PI who unfortunately doesn't know when to take his own advice about not getting involved in other people's matters. When what initially begins with a normal adultery investigation turns into murder, Gittes' commitment to finding out the dead man's complex secrets put him on a journey with no return where he'll destroy himself and the woman he loves... Evelyn, perhaps American cinema's most fascinating and complex victim in a crime situation. It's also notable John Huston's short role as Evelyn's father, one of the most incredible and disturbing villains ever created... not disturbing in the sense of a Frank Booth (Blue Velvet) or a John Doe (Se7en)... Noah Cross's evil is far more personal and. I'd assume to American watchers, more disturbing than any physical violence.

Technically speaking, Chinatown is also impressive: the editing is tight, and working along with a fine minimalist screenplay, it manages to keep the bare essential to tell the story properly - every minute, scene and line work on moving the story towards closure and developing the characters... no superfluous scenes, just a brilliant screenplay with lots of focus and coherence.

And Goldsmith's beautiful score adds the last touch - it's tragic, haunting and very sad; it evokes the '30's, like the movie itself does in every building, car, hairstyle or costume... Chinatown brilliantly revives an era that has existed mostly in people's minds than anything else.

With fascinating, complex and flawed characters, and realistic dialogue, Chinatown is very much one of the best American movies made in the past 30 years... and one of the best in the world.
Sad Story Of Corruption
Roman Polanski directed this complex but fascinating story of corruption that stars Jack Nicholson as private detective J.J. Gittes, who is hired by a woman named Evelyn Mulwray to see if her husband(a water department official) is cheating. It turns out he is, but things take a strange turn when the husband is found dead, and the woman who hired him was an impostor. The real Evelyn Mulwray(played by Faye Dunaway) claims to know nothing of the affair, but Gittes continues to investigate, which leads him to wealthy land owner Noah Cross(played by John Houston) who has shady dealings going on, and also wants to find his granddaughter, which Evelyn knows something about... Superbly directed and acted film is quite uncomfortably cynical and downbeat at times, especially the ending, but remains a fine(updated) throwback to classic film noir.
watered down noire
A film about LA and water set in the l930's during a drought with a dark incestuous subplot and some stunning performances by Faye Dunaway and Jack Nicholson, and superb cinematography that seemed to capture the essence of LA. Directed by Roman Polanski, who makes a terrific cameo appearance as a switchblade wielding heavy, and using the considerable acting talents of John Huston as a ruthless and perverted landowner. Read Cadillac Desert to know about LA's water grab but see Chinatown for its brilliant allegory of water and corruption, both public and private. The direction, the screenplay, the acting, the photography, and the soundtrack combine to make a convincing and atmospheric picture. The crushing ending is just so much more icing on the cake.
This film is perfect. I cannot find any flaws in this movie whatsoever. This is Jack Nicholson at his best he is completely engulfed in the role, and in a way there could not be a J.J. Gittes without Nicholson. Faye Dunaway is no exception, she is just as precise as Nicholson, and the two compliment each other throughout the film continually. Polanski is a brilliant director. The mise-en-scene of this film is really unmatched. Everything comes together to give the audience the amazing experience of the movie. The scenery of the desert is perfect for this film. Everything about this movie leads up to the final scene, where you realize that even if you do everything right, and try as hard as you can to do the right thing it does not work out. This film is sometimes categorized as a neo-noir, and the ending satisfies that classification.
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