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Crime, Drama, Thriller, Mystery
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Roman Polanski
Jack Nicholson as J.J. Gittes
Faye Dunaway as Evelyn Mulwray
John Huston as Noah Cross
Perry Lopez as Escobar
John Hillerman as Yelburton
Darrell Zwerling as Hollis Mulwray
Diane Ladd as Ida Sessions
Roy Jenson as Mulvihill
Roman Polanski as Man with Knife
Richard Bakalyan as Loach (as Dick Bakalyan)
Joe Mantell as Walsh
Bruce Glover as Duffy
Nandu Hinds as Sophie
James O'Rear as Lawyer
Storyline: JJ 'Jake' Gittes is a private detective who seems to specialize in matrimonial cases. He is hired by Evelyn Mulwray when she suspects her husband Hollis, builder of the city's water supply system, of having an affair. Gittes does what he does best and photographs him with a young girl but in the ensuing scandal, it seems he was hired by an impersonator and not the real Mrs. Mulwray. When Mr. Mulwray is found dead, Jake is plunged into a complex web of deceit involving murder, incest and municipal corruption all related to the city's water supply.
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Both a mystery and tragedy; an incredible film
Chinatown - A

What a depressing ending! But it's the ending that elevated the film's status to a masterpiece in my eyes. It started out like a simple detective story, but the plot kept turning, and it's anything but simple or conventional. Jack Nicholson gave one of the best performances of his career, and we kept finding out more and more about Faye Dunaway's character, eventually knowing, shockingly to me, why she was both fond and afraid of intimacy. No line in the script is wasted. The cinematography painted a great picture of L.A., reminding me of Collateral, and the music score is fantastic as well. It is a real thriller full of mystery, kept me guessing all the time, but also a real tragedy in a personal level. I feel bad Chinatown had to compete with Godfather II in the same year. It deserves more wins out of its 11 Academy nominations.
One of the best for both Polanski and Nicholson.
"Chinatown" is an absolutely intoxicating mystery set in 30s Los Angeles where private detective Jake Gittes (Jack Nicholson) is hired to keep an eye on a water and power executive and finds much more going on than he'd anticipated. Faye Dunaway is his femme fatale, aloof socialite Evelyn Mulwray, in screenwriter Robert Townes' delicious ode to the crime fiction of authors like Hammett and Chandler. Many details add to the enjoyment of this intricately plotted story; what's so great about it is that we discover things along with Jake and aren't able to figure out where it's going next. The story also has a very grim quality to it, one that's actually cyclical in nature as it's suggested that events and actions in the story are a repeat of past occurrences that had previously resulted in tragedy. Then again, people may not expect just how grim this gets in the end. Additionally, it features some revelations that are particularly twisted and which the viewer is not likely to forget. There's one character who will especially make ones' skin crawl. Many riveting scenes and confrontations play out while everything gets lovingly and beautifully lit and photographed; period recreation is also strong. Director Roman Polanski guides all of it with a sure hand, getting superb performances out of his well chosen cast. A large amount of familiar faces appear - Perry Lopez, Dick Bakalyan, Joe Mantell, Bruce Glover, Diane Ladd, John Hillerman, James Hong, Beulah Quo, Roy Roberts, Noble Willingham, Rance Howard, Jesse Vint, Burt Young, and Lee de Broux, but standing out and delivering a very grandiose performance is the always welcome John Huston. Polanskis' cameo as the hood who slashes Jakes' nose is also a treat. By the end, the separate threads are tied together and Jake realizes that all of his best efforts don't amount to that much; he's unable to prevent the worst from happening. Still, this film offers a compulsively watchable journey on the way to its destination, remaining believable and interesting all the way. Even as it gets very serious, it doesn't miss opportunities for humour, and it entertains solidly for two hours and 11 minutes, rating as one of the most potent examples of the "neo noir" genre. 10 out of 10.
Forget Citizen Kane, THIS is the best film of ALL time. It's one of the most PERFECT and perfectly realised films yet. The acting is beautiful and masterly, every shot of John Alonzo work is perfect, J. Goldsmith's score perfectly underlines the drama and development, The direction is just right and beautifully choreographed. The script is definitely one of the best and most perfect, and everything else and everybody else is just perfect. Perfect......
Fiendish but sophisticated classic that demands revisits
Roman Polanski's CHINATOWN has classical film-noir elements, but the beating heart of the movie lies in Polanski's own bag of tricks and oddity; he twists schoolbook-stuff around and adds misguiding, bizarre moments and characters, adding to the movie's intelligent narrative. Because anyhow, Jack Nicholson as Jake Gittes is a gritty feature, he's experienced failure from back when he was a policeman in Chinatown, something that we only get through mysterious hints. Ad Jake's a well-dressed, humorous and classy man, but also cynical and impulsive and doesn't affect by walking around with a bandaged-nose most parts of the film. This is a hard-boiled detective-mystery which spins its complicated puzzle into something disturbingly dark, in which Faye Dunaway's terrific performance as the elegant Evelyn holds the movie's dark core as she acts like a classy femme fatale, with suspicious motives. CHINATOWN is one of those conspiracy-thrillers that demands a revisit, not only because its twirled plot is so intriguing, but because of Polanski creating a unforgettable, dark atmosphere of originals and one of Nicholson's greatest performances as he investigates his way down through greed, murder and incest.
Perhaps the Greatest Film of All Time
Chinatown, 1974

I wish I was better at writing these movie reviews, because I honestly cannot say enough about this movie. I grew up watching old gangster movies, especially The Godfather trilogy, so in my heart nothing can ever "beat" them (part one and two) but if there was a film right behind them, it's this. This movie is so amazing in so many ways. The story is awesome. Every scene gets deeper and deeper in to the core of this eerie plot, and there's never a dull moment. Polanski does an incredible job with this movie. The 1940s LA setting is so perfect for this film and the jazzy noir-ish soundtrack is incredible. Another amazing aspect of this movie is the colors. The pastel-ish colors add to the tone and mood and style of this amazing film. And my favorite aspect of it is that its called Chinatown yet we only see Los Angeles' Chinatown for the final few minutes of the movie. I just loved that aspect of it and instantly fell in love with this movie. Not to mention Jack's performance. Incredible. I give it a 77 out of 10.
a very complex and interesting movie
this movie will definitely draw you in real quick, and it definitely kept me interested throughout. its about a private detective that gets into a case pretty deep, there's a water shortage in LA and he wants to figure out why, but he find that everyone involved is a bit more powerful. the story is certainly a work of art, it's very complex and unpredictable, and that's really what i liked about it. Jack Nicholson and Faye Dunaway were really great together, i couldn't of a better pair for this movie. i thought the directing was pretty darn good too. i think there could have been some slightly more flashy camera work, but the lighting was really good throughout. conclusion: it's a very good movie, just be prepared for some unexpected stuff.
Best NOIR ever made!
After masterpieces like "Knife in the water", "Repulsion" and "Rosemary's Baby". Roman Polanski (one of the best directors who ever lived, and lives), proved to be a competent director and screenwriter in various genres, decided to make a tribute to the genre that he grew up watching, "Noir", in the best way possible. Doing in my opinion his ultimate masterpiece!

"Chinatown" tells the story of J.J. "Jake" Gittes (Jack Nicholson), a private detective in L.A., specialized in cases of marriage. One day, he is hired by Evelyn Mulwray, who suspect's of her husband Hollis Mulwray (Darrell Zwerling), the builder of the water supply system of the city, thinking that he is having an affair. Jake then does what he does best with his assistants and follows and takes photos of Hollis with his young lover, inadvertently causing a huge scandal in the press. Later after a job well done, Jake gets into his office the real Evelyn Mulwray (Faye Dunaway) putting a process in Jake accusing him of fraud. Jake knowing that he was set-up, he begins to investigate who was the fake Mrs. Mulwray, and trying to get in touch with Hollis Mulwray, because he believe that who cheated him wanted to hurt Mr. Mulwray. Only when Jake tries to contact Mulwray, he is found dead in a channeling of the water system of the city. Now Jake asks the help of the real Mrs. Mulwray to help him in his investigation of those responsible for the death of the poor man, but this will take him into a web of lies and corruption, keeping horrible secrets of the city.

Polanski from the beginning wanted to do a tribute to the films noir of the '40s and '50s, and he did it "perfectly". First unite the types of cases and scandals of a usual noir film: policy; familial cases; xenophobia and racism; corruption; and of course murder. Mixing humor, and also dark and thrilling moments to the history. Thanks to a superb direction of Polanski, and also the strongest point of the film (and surprisingly the only Oscar that the film received), the script.

The script by Robert Towne, who was initially written by Polanski, is superb in every possible detail. Very well written from start to finish, giving the film a wonderful narrative that flows perfectly without ever getting boring and also, thanks to the influence of Polanski, is full of humor. But it also never ceases to be serious and dark when needs to be, giving superb dialogs to the film, adding a lot to the history. Not only long conversations about the case, but also on the definition of what is justice, spread all over the film. Jake before he was a private detective, he was a police officer in Chinatown, and saw many terrible things. And he says in a moment in the film that justice doesn't exist, only we can make-it.

Not only the script and direction that construct the film excellently, but also the magnificent actors. Jack Nicholson at the beginning of his career is definitely superb, from start to finish with his huge smile and his angry face, opening a huge future in front of him; Faye Dunaway simply wonderful, she is the mixture of all the heroines of a Noir film, and mature fragile; even Polanski with a small and dark appearance.

Polanski, at its best, making an incredible tribute to the Noir genre (perhaps the best Noir movie ever made) with a superb script, beautiful direction, excellent performances, a story that leaves you intrigued and drag you to the end with laughs and chills, and after the end even tears.

Proves it's not just a noir poser; superb thriller
For my money, Jerry Goldsmith's "Main Theme" for CHINATOWN is one of the all-time great pieces of film music. Both seductive and melancholy, it instantly evokes the period setting of the film and the ridiculously bleak nature of the story.

And it is one hell of a story; a grade-A film noir with a unique Water & Power angle that serves as a red herring to the real narrative substance. It's well-written and proves John A. Alonzo was one of the great cinematographers (there's some brilliant shot composition here). But it really comes down to the core cast. Nicholson fits into the PI mold well, both educated and crude around women, while John Huston, playing a monumental scumbag, brings the affable charm to really highlight the menace. Faye Dunaway ably pulls off the femme fatale component, until we realize that she's the film's heroine . . . unbelievably tragic though that is.

It's the kind of movie that gets under your skin and stays there. Both the ending and final line are a testament to '70s filmmaking, with the balls to forego a happy epilogue for all involved. You couldn't make this movie today, and it sits on the top-shelf with the finest movies of its decade.

It just gets better with every watch.

Began well....
The premise of the film was interesting, with the revelation that the woman who hired the detective to spy on her errant husband is not, in fact, the wife. The plot then twists around the murder victim's connection to the water company and the local farmers' plight during the drought. So far, so good; the acting is great and the two leads are believable in their respective roles. There are a few contenders for the murder suspect, although the ultimate perpetrator is fairly easily identified as the likeliest killer quite early on. Unfortunately, from about halfway through, the plot begins to drag quite dreadfully, the two leads form an unlikely and frankly unbelievable union, and the ending is both unsatisfactory and highly implausible. A promising start, but this film left me sorely disappointed.
The film that made Polanski a legend
As beautiful as classic film noirs, Chinatown creates a fine atmosphere that makes the audience think about what is happening.

With an ensemble of award-winning actors like Jack Nicholson and Faye Dunaway in the lead roles and an Academy Award for Best Writing, you already know it's a great movie. It also features brilliant filmmaking by Roman Polanski, a marvelous director.

But most of the parts I focus on one thing that i never criticized before in a movie.. their clothing. It's just looks so detailed and rich, you really felt like you were in the 1940's.

All-in-all the movie does well in it's genre, never fails to impress me and probably the audience itself. Good job Polanski, you had made a landmark for cinematography in this movie's genres, kudos to you!
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