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Captain Phillips
Crime, Drama, Thriller, Action, Adventure, Biography
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Paul Greengrass
Tom Hanks as Captain Richard Phillips
Faysal Ahmed as Najee
Mahat M. Ali as Elmi
Mohamed Ali as Asad
Barkhad Abdi as Muse
Michael Chernus as Shane Murphy
David Warshofsky as Mike Perry
Yul Vazquez as Captain Frank Castellano
Chris Mulkey as John Cronan
Corey Johnson as Ken Quinn
Catherine Keener as Andrea Phillips
Max Martini as SEAL Commander
Storyline: Captain Phillips is a multi-layered examination of the 2009 hijacking of the U.S. container ship Maersk Alabama by a crew of Somali pirates. It is - through director Paul Greengrass's distinctive lens - simultaneously a pulse-pounding thriller, and a complex portrait of the myriad effects of globalization. The film focuses on the relationship between the Alabama's commanding officer, Captain Richard Phillips (two time Academy Awardยฎ-winner Tom Hanks), and the Somali pirate captain, Muse (Barkhad Abdi), who takes him hostage. Phillips and Muse are set on an unstoppable collision course when Muse and his crew target Phillips' unarmed ship; in the ensuing standoff, 145 miles off the Somali coast, both men will find themselves at the mercy of forces beyond their control.
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There are no heroes onboard
"I have made a bunch of films that are about the post 9/11 world one way or another. CAPTAIN PHILLIPS felt like it was fresh and new and speaking to tomorrow" – Paul Greengrass

This is what the director who gave us THE BOURNE SUPREMACY &UNITED 93 amongst a few other great movies says about his collaborated Hanks venture ; CAPTAIN PHILLIPS. Overwhelmed by the performances here I am starring into an abyss where my thoughts and emotions run riot on how to sum up this movie into words that would convince the reader that it is a must watch. Mustering the courage to hold back the waterworks as the final lines are delivered by Hanks I exhale trying to gain control. Paul Greengrass has been around long enough to know the ropes of the trade and to manipulate the audience by reaching out and pulling us right into the center of where it all happens. To make one feel one with those on screen by tweaking the screenplay just right to balance the intensity without hovering too far from reality. This alone ensures the bio-drama stays afloat in the Somali Basin.

Based on the headlining Richard Phillips incident back in 2009 we witness the journey of American flagged Maersk Alabama leaving port from Salalah Oman and heading towards Mombasa Kenya around the horn of Africa through the Somali Basin. Stark Raving Mad performances by Tom Hanks and Barkhad Ali makes one feel that 134 minutes is too short for such a great display of talent. 5 time nominee and 2 time Oscar winner Hanks is in the zone with a performance of his life time Whilst the Somali- American star makes his debut mark in Hollywood with a show that has secured him a nomination in the category of Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role at the AA on the 2nd March 2014. In an age where superheroes, spray-painted abs and fast cars have aided in making careers, Hanks can be considered one of the very few who walked this path playing roles of ordinary men by putting up extraordinary displays of diverse talent. These men literally play off each other's talent in the cleverly written screenplay. While Hanks represent the humanity of all that takes place in the deep blue waters Ali's portrayal of Muse will represent the distance humans will go through in order to survive in an environment that they did not chose to be born into. Muse isn't the pirate we see in Jack Sparrow or Captain Barbosa. Instead Muse is the real deal. Muse cannot be read instead one will only keep staring wondering what will come next.

Verdict An encounter over the ocean like never witnessed before in a motion picture. There are no heroes onboard, instead just humans hiding behind their own fears trying to be brave. We are always right there with them on that ship ..on that lifeboat….

Nominations - Best Motion Picture Of The Year - Best Performance by and Actor in a Supporting Role - Best Achievement in Film Editing - Best Achievement in Sound Mixing - Best Achievement in Sound Editing

I'm just a cook...
Cinema has come a long way since Under Siege. The titular hero of this story is no expert in hand-to-hand or weapons and tactics. He's definitely not a cook.

Tom Hanks is Richard Phillips, captain of the Alabama cargo ship, en route to Mombasa via Somali no-man's water. Muse (impressive newcomer Barkhad Abdi) arrives with a handpicked crew of pirates, and they board the Alabama. Nail-biting tension and hostage-taking will follow. It's best that one goes into the film knowing no more.

Paul Greengrass is the best director working today in the authentic documentary aesthetic. He knows that the drama is in the detail. Captain Phillips' most thrilling moments are when Greengrass is most exacting and pedantic about characters' relative positions within the environment. That sounds kind of formal, but then Greengrass's shaky-cam does veil an essential precision. He focuses on the immediate situation, leaving us the viewers to picture it in the wider political context.

As with Kathryn Bigelow, Greengrass's anti-polemical style is occasionally a curse but mostly a blessing. The action may occur on the surface, but there's depth beneath the objectivity – perhaps best encapsulated in the image of three mighty US warships surrounding a tiny craft in international waters.

The implicit themes are globalisation and imperialism. The opportunism of the pirates is met with a defence based on an escalating chain of command. It's chaos versus structure; improvisation versus meticulous contingency planning. Money is nothing without an entrenched system to contain it and protect it. Sorry, Africa – we'll throw food parcels in your direction but we won't help you build long-term infrastructure plans, and you sure as hell can't step on "our" turf.

When the pirates are first approaching the Alabama, Muse presents his gang as seaborne law enforcers, and I couldn't help thinking of the United States' assumed position as "world police"...

More than anything, Captain Phillips reminds us of the power of Hanks and Greengrass, two servants of cinema at the absolute top of their game, and that should be recommendation enough. It's worth paying to see – please don't pirate it!
Where is the NRA when you need them !
Whether or not you want to attack this movie for not being a truthful depiction of what really occurred to the real Captain Philips, I can see this movie being a talking point for anyone who supports the NRA (National Rifle Association) Can't you see a Spokesperson from the NRA use this movie as an example why we need to have more handguns in the hands of "good" people as oppose to "bad" people. I do not in anyway want to support or defend the NRA on any matter, however, I can see the point of having firearms available on the boat to defend oneself against Pirates who want to kill you and take your boat. I am not an expert on the common practice and law in the world of Captain Philips, but it seemed if the crew was "packing heat" that day, this movie would have been a 30 minute short instead of the epic that it was. I'm sure the millions of dollars spent on the rescue mission that took up half this movie would have been saved if someone had a sick shooter next to the first aid kit for Tom Hanks to use to defend his crew. Overall, Tom Hanks gives a good performance like he has in the last 20 years. The movie is an intellectual roller coaster on the high seas. The movie starts slow but finishes strong, and the movie leaves you thinking as well as somewhat entertained. Still, the idea of having the second amendment on the boat with you against Pirates makes you kind of angry that the second part of the movie was allowed to happen. I don't' think I am alone on this....thoughts?
Fine docu-drama but not much more
I'm a big fan of Paul Greengrass, but it seems that in Captain Phillips he was trying too hard not to take sides, having perhaps taken too much criticism for the partisanship of his brilliant films Bloody Sunday and Green Zone. It's not that I felt this new film desperately needed to make a political statement. It's just that it fails to make any statement at all. Or even to provide basic context for the events it depicts.

The production is certainly impeccable. The shipboard settings, the procedures, and Tom Hanks' character are so totally believable that it's easy to forget you're not watching a documentary. (*Mild spoilers*...) Hanks' initial efforts to safeguard his crew, and to calm the pirates, are clever and engrossing. But at some point, that impetus evaporates, and we're left with a very realistic, very tense situation in which the lead character no longer plays any part other than that of helpless victim. Things unwind like clockwork, with no particular twists or surprises. That may be how it happened, but it's not how to make a great action film.

I did appreciate Greengrass' effort to humanize the pirates. (If there's an Oscar going for this film, it belongs to Barkhad Abdi, for his nuanced performance as the pirate leader.) But the film stops short of any real exploration of the social or political pressures behind the incident it depicts. It fails to comment on the astounding spectacle of multiple billion-dollar navy ships and SEAL teams doing battle with four guys in a dinghy. It doesn't even address the obvious question of why a valuable merchant ship, registered in the most gun-happy country on Earth, and traveling through known pirate waters, doesn't have a weapons locker, or a security guard, or a single personal sidearm.

Tom Hanks is excellent as always, but this is not an Oscar-worthy *role*. Hanks plays on just two notes: first restrained and competent, then shifting quite abruptly to broken and terrified. This seems very realistic, and it's perfectly played. But it's just not that interesting. The script does little to analyze Phillips' eventual breakdown; it merely notes it as one more part of the scenario.

Bottom line, I enjoyed watching Captain Phillips, and I greatly admired the technique of both Greengrass and Hanks. But I didn't find the film particularly insightful, memorable or - considering the lack of character development or plot - exciting. It stands up well enough as a simple document of an actual event, but fails to tell me why that event might have been important enough to merit a big-budget movie treatment.
A tense fight for survival
Although it was very positively reviewed and Tom Hanks and Paul Greengrass have done some great films in their respective careers, there was the uncertainty as to whether 'Captain Phillips' would be my cup of tea.

The good news is it very much was. Although it does stray from the facts quite a bit, 'Captain Phillips' takes a remarkable and harrowing true story and tells it in a way that's utterly gripping and full of tension and emotion. It won't be for all taste-buds, especially for those who don't like shaky cam, but it is very easy to see why 'Captain Phillips' was and still is received so positively. It's not quite a masterpiece or flawless, it does go on a little longer than necessary which occasionally bogs down the pacing (15-20 minutes shorter would have made a difference) and, although there has been far worse abuse of the shaky cam technique, some of it does get excessive and leaves one feel a little sea-sick.

However, 'Captain Phillips' does more right than it does wrong and boasts some of Greengrass's best directing in one of his best films and one of Hanks' best performances in recent years. Greengrass keeps the tension levels high, maintaining urgency and the more violent moments are explosively powerful. He is particularly good in showing the increasing desperation when things go wrong as well as the horrors of the situation. Hanks is at the height of his powers here, boasting some of the most powerful acting he has ever given, particularly in his very poignant final scenes.

One mustn't overlook Barkhad Abdi, who brings intensity and vulnerability to a character who seems like a villain at first but turns out to be much more than that. The rest of the acting is fine, though Hanks and Abdi are the ones that dominate.

'Captain Phillips' is well made, while some of it is excessive there are other instances where the shaky cam heightens the drama and dizzying intensity. There is an audacious grit throughout. The music pulsates thrillingly without being repetitive or overbearing. The script is thought-provoking and has tightness and also nuance that stops things from being patronising.

Story-wise, 'Captain Phillips' is riveting, there is a heart-pumping urgency throughout and the tension, claustrophobia and desperation escalates and increases to nerve-shredding effect in its best moments. The emotion of the final act crescendos thrillingly and heart-wrenchingly and it is enough to bring tears to the eyes. So much its honesty, pathos and power, Hanks gives it everything to these scenes. The characters are hardly neatly black and white while motivations and character decisions are clear and logical.

In conclusion, tense and powerful, highly recommended. 9/10 Bethany Cox
Gripping film that will take you hostage to the very end...
You got to admire film directors and producers who take a gamble. With this film they could have played safe and stuck to clichés. Yet instead this film is a brave portrayal of its characters in a tense situation that is as fascinating as any piece of great fiction.

We have Tom Hanks playing the captain, portraying the title role with a mixture of emotions without the need to force feed the point to the viewers. Courageous but frightened, intelligent but still feeling lost. It's an intriguing position.

The protagonists are Somalian pirates, who rather than being written as some set of simple Bond villains, they instead are shown to be again a mixture of characteristics: loathsome and greedy, but really chancers who are ill-prepared and desperate, in over their heads. To the immense credit of the director, he has avoided some cheap simple and racist creation, and you feel you get an insight into these men's mentality.

This was a tense thriller, a very frightening film too. This fact based film based on true events does leave the viewer on edge wondering what will happen next. It does surprise and all will find this film engrossing despite the discomfort they may feel through many points of the film.

I'd recommend it highly. It's a truly great film.
Captain Philips is enthralling with Tom Hanks giving stupendous performance
Actual event films are fascinating and exciting to watch as they take you to the new world which will give a completely new dimension. Captain Philips has a perfect ingredients with veteran actor Tom Hanks and director of Bourne series, Paul Greengrass joining hands to give full- fledged thriller.

Based on actual events set in 2009, Captain Philips tells the story of survival of Richard Philips, captain of US-flagged MV Maersk Alabama which was the first American ship in 200 years to be hijacked by Somali pirates.

From the director of action-thriller Bourne Platinum, Supremacy and extraordinary United 93, Paul Greengrass gives you another touted real- time account of the hijacking. Right into the film and your eyes will be glued to the silver screen with solid screenplay. The fake call made by Philips to sway off the Pirates, the interaction between the head pirate and Philips and the negotiation between US Navy Seals to rescue the Captain are spellbinding. Hats off to Greengrass for handling such crucial subject with aplomb. Tom Hanks is classic as Captain Philips. He is incomparable and emotes so well in the scene when he was rescued and goes for the medical check-up and barely could speak. Barkhad Abdi was outstanding as the head pirate.

Captain Philips is enthralling with Tom Hanks giving stupendous performance. Excellent 4.5/5 https://www.facebook.com/FilmyChowk
Fantastic movie - Great acting!
This movie is one of the best movies I've seen across all genres.

The acting is fantastic (especially one of Tom Hank's very poignant final scenes) and the movie itself was captivating, exciting and based on a true story. It was great that the director was able to portray the pirates ("bad guys") in a way that made you hate them, feel sorry for them and hope for their survival all at the same time.

The story is portrayed really realistically and you're able to stay captivated throughout.

Definitely would recommend, I'd watch it again in a heartbeat.

Just wondering
Hi there, how are you? Are you OK? Are you really OK? Are you sure you are OK cause you don't look OK. These are the words of the ER chief talking to the captain at the end of this movie. Please, don't get me wrong but I got to ask you the same thing. Are you OK or my myopia worsened? 8.1 grade for this flick? I just can't figure out what is more pathetic in this movie: Clumsy pirates who would probably fail to kidnap the cat from most of the neighbors or whole army of navy ships followed by navy seals that are chasing them? Let me get this straight, thousands of people got kidnapped every day all over the world, so what was so special about this one to waste two film hours? Because he was the captain of the big money ship so whole US navy went after him? And what really happened during this two hours? What about the plot (he is being kidnapped - that's not even the synopsis), thrill, engagement, maybe some twist? Tom Hanks is one of the most brilliant actors in Hollywood and there is some very good acting in this movie but what else makes this a high grade movie? Please, excuse me for being so ignorant.
screenplay was out-of-the box
When I started watching this movie, I was of the opinion that, another tom Hanks movie with some decent story-line and same old brilliance in acting. While on my way of watching this movie, I found the screenplay to be too gripping. The story was based on a true event which has been adapted from a novel based on the same incident. The dramatization of the event in such a way that it becomes more conveying and believable. Tom Hanks as always is a masterpiece..you just can't expect anything less than that from him. The way the screenplay has been executed is really good and makes it more watchable.
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