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Blues Brothers 2000
Crime, Action, Comedy, Musical, Music
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John Landis
Walter Levine as Same Guard
Tom Davis as Prison Clerk
Frank Oz as Warden
Shann Johnson as Matara / Dancer
B.B. King as Malvern Gasperon
Kathleen Freeman as Mother Mary Stigmata
Gloria Slade as Police Receptionist
Joe Morton as Cabel Chamberlain
Jennifer Irwin as Nun #1
Junior Wells as Junior Wells
Lonnie Brooks as Lonnie Brooks
Leon Pendarvis as Stripster Band
Storyline: Elwood, the now lone "Blues Brother" finally released from prison, is once again enlisted by Sister Mary Stigmata in her latest crusade to raise funds for a children's hospital. Once again hitting the road to re-unite the band and win the big prize at the New Orleans Battle of the Bands, Elwood is pursued cross-country by the cops, led by Cabel the Curtis' son (and Elwood's step-brother), the Russian Mafia, and a militia group. On his new "mission from God" Elwood enlists the help of a young orphan, and a strip club bartender. Written by Stephen Scaia
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If you like Blues, watch it
I agree that the plot is pretty weak, but there is several MILLION dollars worth of musical talent in this movie. And some decent tunes!
Great Music, Horrible Sequel.
The whole movie seemed like a throwback/tribute to the original. It didn't really try at all to stand on its own merits, it just came across as an excuse for the cast (most of whom were in the original) to relive the good ole' days. Most of the scenes and plot points mirrored those of the original film. Aside from that, the signature clothing (black suit, black fedora, sunglasses, etc.) and the Bluesmobile, this movie is almost unrecognizable from the original film.

Out of the two stars of the original, only Dan Aykroyd survived to make this film. (RIP John Belushi.) Unfortunately, Elwood Blues must have gone to the grave with Jake Blues, because Dan Aykroyd's reprisal of his role is disgraceful. Elwood's voice, accent, mannerisms, and overall attitude have totally changed...for the worse. A once mysterious, serious, resourceful, and charming character has been warped into a worthless goofball, and this change sets the tone for the rest of the movie as well.

The original movie, though very funny, had a serious tone to it (at least the performances seemed that way), but Blues Brothers 2000 is just goofy and cheesy. The only thing that I can compare the goofiness/cheesiness to is a kids movie...which makes sense since one of the main characters of this movie IS a kid, "Buster Blues". After visiting The Penguin from the original movie, Elwood gets stuck mentoring an orphan boy, Buster, who turns out to be a blues prodigy. Add John Goodman's equally goofy character, "Mighty" Mack McTeer, into the mix and you've got a recipe for disaster.

The only things that saves this movie from being a 0/10 are the outstanding musical sequences (with the exception of Johnny Lang's "contribution"). With the exception of John Belushi, the original band is reunited in this film and they do not disappoint! The Blues Brothers Band and the various cameos from famous musicians throughout the movie are reason enough to watch it. The final sequence, a Battle of the Bands contest, is particularly good.

To Summarize: the movie sucks, but the music is great! Watch it at least once, especially if you've seen the original.
'The Blues Brothers 2000' is a miserable and embarrassing 'sequel' to one of the greatest musical comedies ever committed to celluloid, the film is a mess John Landis shouldn't of bothered the suits at Universal should of put their foot down and should of focused on some other project. when i first heard that they were doing a sequel to 'The Blues Brother's i initially thought okay this could be great but uh-oh i was wrong, when i took my seat to see it there was only a few other patrons seeing this execrable mess! okay,okay it does have some great musical appearances from BB King and Eric Claptin but that is the only redeemable thing to this turkey
There are much worse films than this.
It takes guts to make a sequel to a movie after 20 years, especially after the original has become a legend and the star has died since.

However this movie does a lot of things right and frankly, even if it had been perfect, some people would hate it anyway. The film suffers from not having John Belushi, but John Goodman puts in a good effort, and I for one was surprised at the quality of his singing. James Brown and Aretha Franklin reprise their guest roles. The music is not as good as the original but still better than most music in the charts these days.

The humour from the original is here but it is not as funny as the original. In fact all elements from the original are here in slightly inferior forms, with the exception of the car chase, which is better.

To be honest, it is worth seeing this film just to see how all the band has aged. i would recommend it to anyone who enjoys Blues music, though fans of the original may be disappointed
"Blues Brothers 2000" isn't quite the train-wreck it's made out to be, but it is still a far inferior sequel to an outstanding original.
The best way to describe the 1998 sequel "Blues Brothers 2000" is this: If the original 1980 classic was like hearing a really good joke told by a classic stand-up comedian with perfect timing and conviction, "Blues Brothers 2000" is like hearing that same joke re-told by a friend with far less charisma. Sure, the humor may still be there. Maybe even a little bit of the charm. But it's just nothing compared to the original, and it does lose a lot in translation.

It's too much of a re-telling of the original film, to the point that the label of "sequel" is an almost inaccurate term to describe it. It's startlingly close to venturing into "remake" territory. That being said, it's not without its strengths, and I do feel it's nowhere near the abomination and train-wreck that many make it out to be.

John Landis returns to direct this sequel, in addition to co-writing the script with star Dan Aykroyd. To make up for the absence of John Belushi and Cab Calloway, several newcomers are added to the film, including John Goodman, Joe Morton and J. Evan Bonifant.

18 years after the original film, Elwood Blues (Aykroyd) is finally released from prison, only to discover that his brother Jake and mentor/father-figure Curtis have both passed away. Seeking guidance, Elwood becomes a mentor to "Buster" (Bonifant), a 10-year-old boy, and seeks out Curtis' illegitimate son Cabel Chamberlain (Morton), whom doesn't take well to the news that his true father was a man his mother had an affair with. After re-uniting with his former drummer, meeting a talented singer named Mack McTeer (Goodman) and running afoul of Russian gangsters, Elwood and the gang decide to re-unite their band to perform again.

The film, to its credit, does have a number of strengths.

The performances are a lot of fun. Aykroyd does come off as a slightly different character in this film, but I was able to go with it, as Elwood is 18 years older and contending with a different part of his life, dealing with loss and new beginnings. Goodman steals the show, though. His character "Mighty" Mack is arguably a surrogate and replacement for the late John Bellushi, but Goodman makes the role his own and has a lot of fun making the character different... someone who is not born a "Blues Brother", but adopts the persona. Bonifant is a talented child-actor, and he does his best, but the role of Buster is a bit on the poorly-written side, and it feels like too much of a jumping- the-shark gimmick to add a child to the mix. But he does a good job. And Joe Morton is great as Cabel "Cab" Chamberlain, who is in pursuit of Elwood for much of the film, but may end up joining him under the right circumstances.

The music is also fantastic. Much like the original film, the plethora of song-and-dance numbers are perfect, and all feature good, old- fashioned choreography and imagery. They are the one part of the film that easily lived up to the original, if not slightly exceeded it.

And beyond that, many of the jokes do work, particularly an uproariously funny recall of the "car pileup" sequence from the original movie that plays like a deranged cartoon.

Those things being said, this is not a good film. It has just as many flaws as strengths, and due to the high quality of the original masterpiece, those weaknesses do stand out even more.

As mentioned above, I view the main problem of the film as its insistence to feel less like a sequel and more like a remake. I felt that too much of the film was devoted to references, callbacks, and even entire scenes lifted almost directly from the original. There are moments where this can work (the opening scene outside of the prison, the car-pileup, etc.) in more subtle ways or in ways that cause the film to do the opposite of the original. But this movie doesn't do that. This movie simply tries to constantly point out how similar it is to the first film, no matter how contrived or bizarre it may feel as a result. And when the film just isn't as well put together (as is in the case with this film's script), it makes it seem a lot worse than it is.

It also has a wide array of smaller issues with the tone, style and writing beyond the above issue. It feels far more sanitized stylistically, both due to the lower PG-13 rating and just because I believe Aykroyd and Landis were different people when they made this film. It's too... "clean." Especially with the addition of a child- actor, which felt like too much of an attempt to soften the material and appeal to the family crowds that the prior film clearly wasn't going for.

I also found that many scenes felt jarringly out of place or cartoonish. Even though the first film had a lot of religious imagery and toyed with things like breaking the laws of physics and the whole "mission from God"... In this film, all of the more over-the-top ideas feel more random and it doesn't gel as well. (Including a bizarre scene where, without spoiling anything, a character appears to lifted from a church and transformed by heavenly light, or another scene in which a Voodoo Priestess exhibits various supernatural powers) It doesn't quite work.

Those complaints being said, the music is fantastic and the acting is a lot of fun for the most part. And I do think this is a fundamentally entertaining film (albeit also fundamentally flawed) for those reasons, and nowhere near the atrocity some have made it out to be.

"Blues Brothers 2000" gets an average 5-out-of-10 for me. See it for the music and try to ignore the rest.
Skip the movie, buy the Soundtrack
Blues Brothers 2000 is a movie that never should have been made. It's a shame that the now ultra-commercial Dan Akroyd would even consider this project. He used to be funny. What the heck happened to the guy? Anyway, there is not a single original moment in this entire movie. It's mostly a dumbed-down re-hashing of the classic original "Blues Brothers" movie. Although Blues Brothers 2000 is an absolutely terrible movie, much like it's predecessor, it features an outstanding array of music. Both soundtracks are well worth adding to any collection, but don't bother buying Blues Brothers 2000.
Meant to be a Tribute Movie, but it's just a sequel
Blues Brothers 2000 is a movie with good intentions, Aykroyd and Landis once again team up to recapture the magic in tribute to John Belushi, and almost all of the original cast are still here. Musically the magic is still there and without a doubt this film is all about the music, but the original Blues Brothers film was about so much more.

Blues Brothers 2000 like the first film has very little plot, and that didn't matter the first time around, but this time; without the comedy, the lack of plot is all too apparent. I just didn't find this film funny, with a few rehashed gags and some new ones that didn't work Blue Brothers 2000 really does struggle to entertain.

John Goodman doesn't try and replace John Belushi, and he actually does a good job in poor role, but the introduction of a kid to the Blues Brothers Band seemed completely pointless and adds absolutely nothing to the film.

The saving grace is the music, with Eric Clapton, BB King, Aretha Franklin, James Brown, etc. and the original Blues Brothers Band, the music is damn good, but this alone is not enough.

Thanks for trying, but must try harder. 5/10
Far from the worst sequel ever, but one of John Landis's weaker movies
I like John Landis, and I consider Blues Brothers(along with An American Werewolf in London) his best movie. This sequel is one of his weakest sadly, it has its moments, the cinematography and production values are very good, Dan Aykroyd visibly tries to bring some vigour and energy into his role and the music is absolutely top-notch. However, Landis's direction feels a little inexperienced this time around, while the story is a mess, no scratch that the story is almost non-existent and the first half is pretty much a complete re-hash. The script lacks the wit and quirks that were so evident in the original too, while the pace is uneven, mostly too rushed and the energy is severely lacking, almost as if a helium balloon was burst and any energy that went with it was lost. Aykroyd tries hard, but John Goodman(who I like) is wasted with a poor character and bad dialogue. Overall, disappointing but the music is worth a listen so it isn't a complete waste. 4/10 Bethany Cox
The worst sequel I have ever seen!
As good as the original Blues Brothers movie was, as bad is this sequel: After a rather boring warmup of old scenes which are by far not as good as the original ones, it looks like the producers have run out of money - because the end is where there was the first hope that there will be some action. OK, I concede the songs are great again, but the plot...forget it. If you like the music of the old Bluesbrothers movies, you might consider to buy the soundtrack - that contains everything which is good about that movie.
What plot?
This film had *no* plot. It had a circumstance. It had a time line, setting and marginal character development, but *no plot*.

Performances by Ackroyd and Goodman are disappointing.

The *only* thing that makes this movie worthwhile is the band competition at the end where Paul Schaffer has used his remarkable influence to assemble a band of the biggest names in blues for a performance culminating with a joint effort with the Blues Brothers Band. (Although, I don't think they're even on the same set.)

Fast forward to the ending sequence. (Okay, stop for the completely unmotivated, but fun, cop car pileup.)

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