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Blues Brothers 2000
Crime, Action, Comedy, Musical, Music
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John Landis
Walter Levine as Same Guard
Tom Davis as Prison Clerk
Frank Oz as Warden
Shann Johnson as Matara / Dancer
B.B. King as Malvern Gasperon
Kathleen Freeman as Mother Mary Stigmata
Gloria Slade as Police Receptionist
Joe Morton as Cabel Chamberlain
Jennifer Irwin as Nun #1
Junior Wells as Junior Wells
Lonnie Brooks as Lonnie Brooks
Leon Pendarvis as Stripster Band
Storyline: Elwood, the now lone "Blues Brother" finally released from prison, is once again enlisted by Sister Mary Stigmata in her latest crusade to raise funds for a children's hospital. Once again hitting the road to re-unite the band and win the big prize at the New Orleans Battle of the Bands, Elwood is pursued cross-country by the cops, led by Cabel the Curtis' son (and Elwood's step-brother), the Russian Mafia, and a militia group. On his new "mission from God" Elwood enlists the help of a young orphan, and a strip club bartender. Written by Stephen Scaia
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I know you love the music, but you folks have to make a movie workable first...
Ah, "Blues Brothers 2000", this hotly anticipated sequel had my immediate interest, as I was a huge fan of the original, and I have a lot of respect for Mr. Aykroyd and his work. Unfortunately, this effort left me with a bad taste in my mouth. The fault wasn't in the music or performers. The problem wasn't the missing element of Belushi's charm. Nor does the problem lie in the execution. It was very well made. I expect nothing better than top-notch direction from Mr. Landis, and "Blues Brothers 2000" delivered. The problem with this film is the shoddy story, humor (or lack thereof), and unforgivably unsatisfying ending.

I was very pleased to see so many returning faces, such as Kathleen Freeman, Frank Oz, and Bob- and of course the musical legends James Brown, Aretha Franklin, etc. They were completely in their element with this film. The performances were of the highest caliber and was a joy to watch. The car chase scenes, although scarce, were very entertaining. I especially loved the scene following the Blues Brothers encounter with Bob, the disgruntled bar owner from the first film (a restauranteur in this sequel). The Blues Brothers magic was in full form during this car chase sequence. This film needed more of it, much more. SPOILER ALERT The story however....let's break it down and see where we went wrong. The opening is fine, Elwood is released from an 18 year stint. What's unbelievable here is that he would have NO idea of the fate of his brother Jake. Next up on the no-no meter is the revelation that, despite all the effort the Blues Brothers made to save the Penguin's orphanage in the first film, it was closed down and sold anyway! Everything the Blues Brothers had achieved in the first film was completely shot to hell. A minor thing that I find amusing is how Cab (Morton) has an EXTREMELY short conversation via phone with his mother regarding his lineage. He plops the question on her like a ton of bricks, gets his answer, and hangs up on her with total ease. What the? I understand the pace of the film has to be given precedence, but damn! And finally, the ending...what a shame this is. We journey with Elwood to perform a concert contest for the Voodoo Queen (definate Landis influence here with Aykroyd flair). Why does he need to be there? We don't know, but we'll root for him anyway. Here's the bummer- he loses the contest. Very unsatisfying. We want Elwood to win this contest. We appreciate the rival Louisiana Gator Boys' immense list of talent, but come on! This isn't who's supposed to win. Anyhow, the film ends precisely with what we want to see more of...hundreds of cops chasing the Bluesmobile down the road. We're only treated with this at the very end, and it doesn't but a minute. A shame. "Blues Brothers 2000" is mostly populated with the kinds of elements that we fast-forward on the original. Too much of the bad stuff and definitely not enough of the things that made the original such a fun treat. And most disappointing of all was the poorly executed humor. This film had nothing but forced gags which left audiences chuckling only due to the fact that they felt they should. I can only identify two times that this film got genuine laughs. One line of Goodman's concerning a medical college, and another from one of Aykroyd's wonderfully mind-boggling monologues concerning the fall of the Romanovs.

I'm not in the business of badmouthing people, and I still have immense respect for Aykroyd, Landis, and the various cast/crew/performers from this film and I know they will continue to achieve great things in their careers; but I won't hesitate to point out bad performances and bad mistakes. "Blues Brothers 2000" is ridden with too many bad mistakes that SHOULDN'T have happened.
BAAAAAAAD sequel. Good music though
The sequel to one of the best films ever made. And it stinks. The only good thing here the is music, so I recommend shopping around for the soundtrack.

Has anyone noticed that there is no "special edition" package of both Blues Brothers movies? That's right there isn't, because this movie doesn't deserve to be next to the immortal first film. It has none of the wit and snappy humor nor charm of the first. The jokes that are in the film are direct rip offs from the original.

There isn't even any car chasing. And the bad guys get turned into rats! BS! BS! BS! Just get the soundtrack and avoid this mess. 3/10

Rated PG-13: mild profanity
The blues might be back, but the humour and plot aren't!
The Blues Brothers, original version, was an unsurpassed cult classic. It made the quantum leap from the screen to peoples' everyday lives - you could safely go to any party and at least one person would know every line of dialogue by heart. I am one of such people, and I have subjected my friends, on every possible occasion, to hours of unmitigated Blues trivia.

Sadly, like almost every other sequel, the Blues Brothers 2000 falls by the wayside. For a start, what Blues Brothers movie could be complete without John Belushi? It's like trying to start a car without an engine. Although John Goodman does an admirable job, and although he doesn't play the part of Elwood, the devotee can sense a vacuum throughout the whole film, as if to say, "This isn't right - something is missing." One also asks the question, "what would John Belushi make of this?"

To be fair, the first Blues Brothers didn't have much in terms of plot. It did not have important subtextual significance, nor was it rich in character development. What it did have though, and what made it so popular, was its combination of genuine humour, wonderful music and ground-breaking car chases. When it was made, it was one of the most expensive films produced, and it cemented Dan Ackroyd's career. Blues Brothers 2000 though, will appeal only to the most diehard Blues fans.

The movie's chase plot is simplistic and almost identical to its predecessor, only more idiotic in parts. The comedy is not as sharp nor as abundant as in the original movie. The one main redeeming feature about the Blues Brothers 2000 though - the one thing that saved it from being a sheer failure - was the music.

Never before in a feature film have I witnessed a more impressive, talented and prominent group of musicians. From Aretha Franklin to B. B. King; James Brown to Dr John, and not to mention the sensational (albeit ageing) Blues Brothers Band. This film is a wonderful celebration of song, and only the most stubborn, unspirited human being could fail to enjoy the soundtrack. This is blues at its best, with dashes of many other forms of music. Indeed, it is the music that holds The Blues Brothers together.

Fans of the original film may feel cheated and upset, and I know a good many people who have refused to see the Blues Brothers 2000 on ethical grounds - "It can't be as good as the original," they say, "so I want to keep my Blues Brothers faith pure". To these people I would give the following advice - see the film for the music, dancing and car chases, and keep your finger ready on the fast forward button for the sections in between.
As a 10 star fan of the original, I gave this a 3!
It is plain as day that this movie was simply made to ride the coat tails of the original and "hope" and "PRAY" that everyone who loved the original would rush out to see this. I did and this was one of only 2 movies I've EVER walked out of!

The other movie I walked out of, The re-release of 'The Original Exorcist'. The only reason I walked out of that movie was because it scared the holy hell out of me. With that said, I guess 'The Blues Brothers 2000' did as well.

I love movies. Good, bad, B movies, block busters, I give them all a chance and enjoy with an open mind. This movie was almost an insult to movie goers the world over. And the budget for the film was decent! Almost $30 mil! But turning the blues brothers into zombies? Tossing in a kid for "family appeal"? And a car that is basically like night rider?

If you watch this movie at all, do yourself a favor and fast forward to the end. THE ONLY GREAT THING ABOUT THIS MOVIE.... Is the closing Battle Of The Bands. I'm not spoiling anything here. All I will say is the music is great and seeing all those amazing musicians made watching this over again, worth it. But like I said. Just fast forward to the end. For all the amazing movies big Dan has done, he definitely regrets letting his fans down with this pile of steaming Hollywood "hey they loved the original, lets make money with a remake" flop fest.
I was expecting a sequel just as good as the original! I was almost right, but the plot really did need work! Despite that, THE FILM WAS VERY GOOD...(it was saved by the music and an awesome soundtrack!) I gave it 6.3/10! Dan Aykroyd is very good as Elwood, believe me! The guest stars really showed their stuff...BUT WHO THE HELL IS JONNY LANG? For the original, 10/10! Despite the plot, this was one of the best sequels ever made (MAYBE)
Sequels are bad, this is worse
When I Was in the US during the Christmas holidays of 1997, me and my buddy visited Universal Studios Hollywood. And there I saw IT. A big sign that said: Blues Brothers 2000. And my first thought was YEAAAAAH!!!!

As a big fan of the original I realized that this one would be less enjoyable, but then again these are the BLUES BROTHERS man. What could go wrong?

I tell you. First of all that annoying, never funny, arrogant kid (if I wanted to see another HOME ALONE movie, I would not bought a ticket for the Blues Brothers, Would I?). Second of all the cowardly character played by John Goodman (C'mon I mean the fun of the first one was the undisturbed acting of the 2 brothers) and third of all the lack of humor (maybe I missed it). I can not say a lack of plot because the first one didn't had any (but still was incredibly funny).

Still I gave this picture a 5 out of 10. I know it's more than it deserved, but I am a big Blues Brother fan. Still if you haven't seen this one, please don't rent it or watch it on tv. It is not worth your time and you will regret it the rest of your life. Just rent the original once more and enjoy the great John Belushi again. It's much better than the best (I mean less worthless) performance in the sequel.

This one is the worst of all sequels
The worst sequel ever made
If this movie was not a sequel of one of the best cult movies of the past 30+ years, it would just a dumb movie, the fact it is is just an insult to the memory of the original cast members who passed away. I originally saw the movie when it was released on VHS, and rented the movie for $3, in the late 90's, and I felt ripped off beyond belief. I just recently rewatched the movie, and I feel just stupid for doing so. The movie is even worse the second time around. There are no redeeming qualities, or performances, to save the movie, which has a dumbass plot, and is just boring to watch. The whole 'feud' with the russians is like what a 2 year old would do, and shows early on what a disaster the movie is. The ending is pointless, driving off into the horizon with the cops chasing. Seems like no one knew how to end the movie so they went the brainless way out, at least the first movie showed what happens when you fool with the cops, you become the prison band, which made the end of the original excellent. The only thing they could have worked is have James take over John's role, because the explanation of Jake's death is soooo stupid it's insulting. In the trivia to this movie, it says the movie was ranked 4th, out of 25, worst sequels, I would like to know what was worse than this? I would have said it IS the worst. Even giving this movie a "1" seems like a compliment, but they should add a vote of "Avoid at all costs", because this is the case for this flop. I am really disappointed with Dan Ackroyd, he is almost always good, and this movie looks like he was asleep at the wheel.
Two reasons to watch this movie...
The first: a fun, FUN quirky rendition of Funky Nassau (nicely done song and dance routine).

The second: Dan Aykroyd explaining why the Russian thugs are the way they are...

"Listen, Willy, ya' gotta' understand. Those goons are orphaned remnants of the post-Perestroika Soviet Secret Police apparatus, which until 1991 carried out its twisted interpretation of the original well-intentioned Marxist-Leninist doctrine vis-à-vis State Security, which was massively corrupted by Larenta Beria in the thirties. Of course, once the mass populace is coerced into such behaviour as a permanent condition, a radical didactic dialectic shift – such as Glasnost' – produces guys like these: stunned headless automata whose only alternative in their new lives is the continuation of brutish measures to which their genetic code has been programmed since the fall of the Romanovs."

If there is a third reason to see this movie, I don't know of it yet... but if I find one, I'll post it here.
Lacking Plot, Heart and a Reason to Exist,
Blues Brothers 2000 is a dreadful movie with a very poorly developed plot and a star studded cast that could not do anything to save this film. The music numbers are really the only redeeming quality of the entire film. There's no denying that Dan Aykroyd still has tune, as does John Goodman.

At the same time, they rely so much on these numbers that there really is no plot. They are used in the original film to serve the plot, but in this case the plot is used to serve the music, every scene is merely used to set up another song.

The main reason this film does not work out, as you would imagine, is John Belushi's absence, and it all feels a little disrespectful to the great comedian who died several years prior. Goodman was not even enough to make up for his loss, and I honestly felt a bit disappointed in Aykroyd for doing this movie.

The main thing I took away from this was that one major quality in one film can destroy the sequel if it is absent. Unfunny, uninspired and lacking the originals charm, Blues Brothers 2000 is a movie that was better off not having been made.

Elwood must reunite his old band with a couple of new members for another mission.

Best Performance: Dan Aykroyd / Worst Performance: J. Evan Bonifant
A 180 from the original
The original "Blues Brothers" had just the right blend of silliness, camp, randomness, off-the-wall plotlines and great music. "2000," well, it has some music. At the end. Played by a different band.

Other than that, "2000" is just bad. It recycles jokes, scenes, ideas - and all poorly. Plus, it's missing the key element: Belushi. That man's willingness to make a complete ass of himself doing the most insane things a script has ever called for made the Blues Brothers what they were. Sure, Goodman's competent, but he couldn't fill those shoes.

For that matter, no one could.

And on top of that, they add a kid in there who has absolutely no business anywhere in the movie. Look at the original - the Blues boys were drunks, philanderers, Public Enemy #1 to both cops and Nazis, angered nuns, cursed and were general hellraisers. Kids, though sometimes hellraisers, don't belong anywhere else on that list, nor do they belong in the movie.

But it's not all bad - the appearance at the end by the Louisiana Gator Boys is classic. The movie's almost worth watching for this all-star band, but the scene they're thrown into is just awful.

Really, this one shouldn't have been made. Ever. Though it's not as bad as any Pauly Shore feature, "Blues Brothers 2000" is just as much as waste of time, money and effort.
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