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Blues Brothers 2000
Crime, Action, Comedy, Musical, Music
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John Landis
Walter Levine as Same Guard
Tom Davis as Prison Clerk
Frank Oz as Warden
Shann Johnson as Matara / Dancer
B.B. King as Malvern Gasperon
Kathleen Freeman as Mother Mary Stigmata
Gloria Slade as Police Receptionist
Joe Morton as Cabel Chamberlain
Jennifer Irwin as Nun #1
Junior Wells as Junior Wells
Lonnie Brooks as Lonnie Brooks
Leon Pendarvis as Stripster Band
Storyline: Elwood, the now lone "Blues Brother" finally released from prison, is once again enlisted by Sister Mary Stigmata in her latest crusade to raise funds for a children's hospital. Once again hitting the road to re-unite the band and win the big prize at the New Orleans Battle of the Bands, Elwood is pursued cross-country by the cops, led by Cabel the Curtis' son (and Elwood's step-brother), the Russian Mafia, and a militia group. On his new "mission from God" Elwood enlists the help of a young orphan, and a strip club bartender. Written by Stephen Scaia
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Mysterious Ways
If we accept all of the criticisms posted on this page about the lack of plot, originality, mis-casting and the rest, and take them all away - what are we actually left with? Answer: A simple movie that gives music, wit, action, and laughs at a pace that we can all enjoy.

I don't remember the original movie ever pretending to be anything more than that, why should the sequel?

Highlights: Matara the stripper and the House of Blues.
This is the 73rd comment listed. Like the film, is it really needed? Really, there was enough Blues Brothers in the first film to last a lifetime. I can't even remember when I saw the Blue Brothers movie for the first time but I have sure seen it a million times replayed on television. It seems every few weeks I'm watching a few minutes, and the film plays pretty well that way. It was much too long but it's parts were better than the whole. At least you never had to worry what was happening, it was just a series of musical numbers and chases and I would usually stay tuned for two chases and song (the length between commercials). Chance had it that it was usually the chase through the mall or the scene where the Nazis go flying off the end of the interstate. Now we get a sequel and I'm sure I'll end up seeing it on television over and over again (odds are I'll end up catching the underwater driving scene each and every time and watching the boat go flying in the air on top of Darryl Hammond and sorry I had missed the strip club scene earlier with Matara.) As everyone states the plot is exactly like the first, almost scene per scene: the prison release, the orphanage, the racist, the men with guns (okay in the first it was a woman with gun), the gathering of the band, the unexpected country gig, the Baptist revival (once again with James Brown and an acrobatic congregation), the police chase pile up, Frank Oz, etc...etc...etc... The climax of the film appears to be in one of Dan Ackroyd's HOUSE OF BLUES complete with a decade's worth of bookings all performing on stage at the same time (B.B.King, Eric Clapton, Isacc Hayes, Dr. John, Travis Tritt, Lou Rawls and the list goes on). I like the Disneyesque Voodoo decor at the HOUSE OF BLUES and I liked it here (hey, I'm a white Californian). Ackroyd warned audiences of "homogenized" music replacing the real stuff when he introduced the Blues Brothers years ago in a concert debut in Los Angeles. Here we see the "homogenized" blues performances from everyone involved. At least with the legends in this film it's not bad, just not their best. There is absolutely no heart to their performances and for blues that's not good. When the late Cab Calloway appeared in concert in the first film you could tell that Calloway knew this was a chance he hadn't had in years (to be in a film with such a large, young audience) and really poured his heart and talent into it. The principal players in this film are fine (Ackroyd and company give more to this script than would be expected) and seeing legendary comedic actress Kathleen Freeman (Mother Mary Stigmata) still at the top of her game is terrific. The most out of place scene in the film is the strip bar scene (director John Landis loves his naked ladies), but on the other hand the most memorable character...for me...was indeed the stripper Matara (played by Shann Johnson). Why haven't we seen ...um more...of this woman? Awesome WWF body, sweet personality, good with kids (the only time the kid in this film seemed happy was when he was with Matara. Good taste kid.) If only the story stayed in the bar, did some character development, developed relationships, played a little south side blues (with Shann Johnson dancing), then that would have been a great film.
skip this film
I loved the original Blues Brothers; it's become a classic film for many people. When a film succeeds like it did, there is always the clamor for a sequel. I don't know why - sequels very often are awful, but this one's a step below awful (REAL awful?). The story is so lame compared to the first. Another mission from God? Come on, show a little originality. This film has no story, no humor, no originality, no nothing. I gave the original film a solid 9 but this one only a 3. Where the first film succeeds, this one absolutely fails. I knew it would. There's no way there could ever be a real Blues Brothers again without John Belushi. Sorry. Ain't gonna happen. And it didn't.
Is this movie so bad, it deserved to lose money?
The first movie was just classical, instantly. The proof being a watch right now causes giggles constantly from old & more old & less old. I propose Belushi made people laugh while he was asleep. Awake, a subtle (?) eye movement or eyebrow flip, a physical move - belly laugh. And then he performs his lines...

And then some nong had the idea almost 2 decades later to make this? C'mon, get real, get with the progie...'The Blues Brothers' WAS John Belushi. Many could have played Ackroyd's part in 'The Blues Brothers' but no-one, REPEAT, no-one could or can replace John Belushi when it comes to 'The Blues Bothers'...

And I'm disappointed in just how BAD this film is. If this is a tribute, then the people who have their names on the credits need to be retrained, re-schooled. Absolutely discraceful. Pure waste of money...
Good; but not as great as the original.
7/10 (original 10/10) Enjoyable film

First the bad. I am sorry but the ending sucked. No hilarious scene in an elevator while thousands of soldiers police etc. descend on you; no flying nazi's (Flying Nazis! Flying Nazis!!!! no Blues brothers movie can be complete without fliying cars with nazi's inside of them while "March of the Valkyries" Plays in the background) No gianT car chase No Nothing!!! What happened to the insanity???

The good: The Russian mafia ("we will drink Vodka drome their skulls; I swear it ! " Classic!!) THe Music. EVEN BETTER music than in the original (Particularly "Ghost Riders") And the Kid was great!!

So there you have it 7/10
As a 10 star fan of the original, I gave this a 3!
It is plain as day that this movie was simply made to ride the coat tails of the original and "hope" and "PRAY" that everyone who loved the original would rush out to see this. I did and this was one of only 2 movies I've EVER walked out of!

The other movie I walked out of, The re-release of 'The Original Exorcist'. The only reason I walked out of that movie was because it scared the holy hell out of me. With that said, I guess 'The Blues Brothers 2000' did as well.

I love movies. Good, bad, B movies, block busters, I give them all a chance and enjoy with an open mind. This movie was almost an insult to movie goers the world over. And the budget for the film was decent! Almost $30 mil! But turning the blues brothers into zombies? Tossing in a kid for "family appeal"? And a car that is basically like night rider?

If you watch this movie at all, do yourself a favor and fast forward to the end. THE ONLY GREAT THING ABOUT THIS MOVIE.... Is the closing Battle Of The Bands. I'm not spoiling anything here. All I will say is the music is great and seeing all those amazing musicians made watching this over again, worth it. But like I said. Just fast forward to the end. For all the amazing movies big Dan has done, he definitely regrets letting his fans down with this pile of steaming Hollywood "hey they loved the original, lets make money with a remake" flop fest.
BB2K: It's Not The Original..And Never Will Be
Remember Jake and Elwood Blues and their mission from god? Of course you do. Who doesn't love those Blues Brothers and their musical mayhem induced misadventures?

This movie is nothing more than an attempt to try and follow up to the original - and it fails.

John Landis returns to direct even though some say that his directing career sort of went downhill in the late 80's (specifically some say it was after the accident that killed Vic Morrow and those kids during the filming of Twilight Zone: The Movie) and onto the 90's (although Oscar with Sly Stallone was moderately good - heck Siskel and Ebert both gave it a thumbs-up).

Dan Akyroyd returns as writer and star of this movie as Elwood Blues, at the beginning of this movie Elwood is just getting out of prison when he receives news from the Penguin (no, not the Batman villain, the nun from the first movie) that his partner Jake Blues has unfortunately passed away.

This is never explained in the movie at all even though in the opening credits it says it is dedicated to the memory of John Belushi as well as to John Candy and Cab Calloway, who also passed away before this movie got made.

So Elwood tries to get the rest of the old band together, minus Jake of course. Along the way we meet the new guys: First of which is Mighty Mack played by John Goodman. (Come on Goodman, you're far too good to be in a movie like this).

We also meet our Tagalong Kid character who goes by the name Buster.

We also meet Cabby who is reluctant to join until he receives a message from above and is instantly transformed into a Blues Brothers band member. The light shines down on him and he seems to be floating for some reason. I'd hate to steal a joke from Film Brain, but.....SYMBOLISM!

Next we have some of the zaniest and messed up car chase scenes ever- the chase scenes in the original were truly spectacular but here they're just completely cartoonish. Such as the Bluesmobile being able to go underwater.

We get it, the Bluesmobile is an awesome car - it can survive anything. This is completely and utterly insane even by this logic. What? Is it it like Linkara's magic gun or something? Is it possessed ala Christine? After all that nonsense we get to see a few returning cameos mainly by James Brown (r.i.p godfather of soul) and Aretha Franklin. And I admit the musical numbers in this are pretty awesome.

There's also a scene where the band go to see a voodoo queen/priestess by the name of Queen Mousette (this scene is later referenced/paid homage to in the second Pirates of the Caribbean movie).

So the voodoo priestess asks the band if they know any calapyso songs to which Elwood tells her that the band can play all kinds of musical but to the calalypso part he says no (this is the second time Dan Akyroyd has actually said no when answering a powerful being such as a ghost, deity or sorceress - the first one being in Ghostbusters).

Because of this she transforms them into green skinned zombies that sing calapyso songs and I admit, their performance of Funky Nassau is pretty good. But this is just flat out of nowhere. It's like I'm expecting MJ to make an appearance and start dancing along with them (hey...it would be Thriller: The Sequel).

And this just comes out of nowhere. So...yeah...it's...a Big Lipped Aligator Moment! Also a few of the band members get turned into stone. Don't tell me Queen Mousette is actually part Gorgon! There are also several scenes in which several more of the ever-growing enemy list for the bad show up including some russians who get turned into mice.

There are more wacky car chase scenes, some more musical numbers and Elwood gives a speech which is extremely epic as well as some goofy slapstick including the band getting covered in goo (most likely the same stuff the Stay Puft Marshmellow Man was made out of). And after all this - the band finally get to perform as the movie ends, during the end credits we see a performance by James Brown along with the band.

So that was Blues Brothers 2000, and was it any good? Not really. It's pretty iffy overall - the musical numbers are fun and there are some good scenes but most of it is completely weird.

Also why doesn't it ever explain the cause of Jake's death? I'm serious. We don't ever get an explanation for this at all.

Dan Akyroyd does well but I think even he knows how bad this movie was going to be, as for the other performers - well they did rather well but again....you can't top the original.

The movie is okay....but it will never be as good as the original. Maybe i'm looking at this through Nostalgia goggles but i personally believe and know that the original is and always will be the best.

Blues Brothers 20000 doesn't hold up well and compared to the original just flat out fails.

I give it 2 out of 10 stars and only 1% out of 1000, the music was the only strong point - the rest was just plain weird.

I don't recommend seeing this one, instead...just stick to the original movie and you'll be fine.
This movie is god awful. It gives me the blues.
1980s Blues Brother was perhaps the greatest Saturday Night Live skit to spin off from the show into the realm of movies. Still, The Blues Brothers wasn't the perfect movie to be made. It was a nightmare for Universal Pictures, to complete. It was wildly off schedule, had an ever-changing script, drug-fuel stars and was way over budget. Yet, the movie made, nearly triple of its money back, when it was released. The reasons why it work, was because the movie was action packed, kinda funny, and had great musical numbers. Still, most of its success, came from its two top drawings stars, Dan Akroyd and John Belushi. This sequel, didn't have any of those achievements. It's felt like a desperate retread between writer/actor Dan Akyroyd and writer/director John Landis to relive the glory days. The sequel fails to live up to the original, big time. The reasons why, are very clear. First off, the movie plot is paper thin. The movie tells the story of Elwood Blue (Dan Aykroyd) trying to reunited the old band to fight in a battle of the band contest in Louisiana. In my opinion, this plot is very weak, compare to the "Mission from God," from the first movie. The movie never establish, why Elwood need the band, in the first place, or why the other band members would come to his rescue, when they, themselves are living, pretty well-off. Second off, the movie kinda ruins the first film, by stating out that the orphanage that the brothers were trying to save, ended up, closing. It kinda a bummer opening to a film. The Studio didn't like this, and force John Landis to make the rest of the film, more light-hearted. It gets worst, as the film turns PG to capitalize on a wider audience. It really limits the amount of violent and language, that they can show. This makes for a very underwhelming film. It was really boring for the most part. The jokes are very childish and cartoony. I really couldn't get into the whole, over the top supernatural sequence, this movie, brings. It felt like a 10 year old, wrote this film. I really didn't like the fact, that Elwood was being team up with a kid named Buster (J. Evan Bonifant). Not once, in the film does Elwood seem like he has any father-like connection with the kid. The movie acts as if the kid wasn't there, for the most part. It was very pointless. Even new members, like Mack (John Goodman) were underwhelming. The movie never does a good job, in making it seem, like Elwood and Mack have somewhat a connection. The chemistry, between them isn't there. It's sad, because I love John Goodman as an actor. John Landis and Dan Aykroyd were reportedly very unhappy with the changes the studio forced onto the film, even coming close to quitting the project. Third off, I can't believe, they made a sequel, 18 years after the 1980's hit, Blues Brothers. John Landis really waited too long to get this sequel, off the ground. Nobody really wanted to see this film, in the late 1990s. Why is this movie, even made!? It's not like, the fan-base were asking for a Blues Brothers sequel. If, they were; clearly the producers should had quickly capitalize on it, in the early 1980s. Maybe, they did, wanted to make a film sequel as quick as possible, but production of the film was halted, due to main actor, John Belushi's odd drug behavior. Maybe, they were waiting for Belushi to go into rehab. Well, that day never came, as John Belushi died in 1982. Since Belushi couldn't reprise his role, I don't understand, why this movie wasn't shelf. Clearly, they can't use a "double" for Jake. Nobody can double Belushi. The death was actually worked into the film's plot; it didn't really help, but it was at least respectful to John Belushi. The film was originally intended to include Brother Zee Blues (Jim Belushi, brother of John Belushi). But due to an already existing television deal, Jim Belushi was unable to appear and the script was altered to include Cab Blues (Joe Morton). This was a huge mistake as Joe Morton, really didn't give us, much in humor. He's a good actor, but he's no comedian. The movie has a lot of cameos by celebs. Aretha Franklin, B.B King, James Brown, Frank Oz and few others return from the first movie, for a small paycheck and reprise some of their classic hits. One person from the first movie that didn't return was Cab Calloway & John Candy, who died four years prior to the film's release. Still, the movie does give them, some homage. I like that new musicians at the time, like Blues Travelers & Erykah Badu, gives the movie, so needed new flair. It made the film, somewhat entertaining. The music is pretty damn good for the most part, but the movie doesn't mixed, the musical sequences so well, with the rest of the film. Overall: This movie is one of most pointless, underwhelming, and just downright bizarre sequels in comedy history. It wasn't good, man. I don't recommended.
More Cameo City than Calumet City
See my title? Now that is a really poor joke, but I hate to say still better and more amusing than this film. I have put this review may contain spoilers, but I am not sure how I can really spoil something so appalling.

Music, yes it has music and it is OK. I was most fascinated to hear a hyped up Gospel rendition of "John the Revelator" a much beloved tune for me from The Sons of Anarchy.

Does the Blue Brothers 2000 have a plot? Not that I noticed, it seemed to be mostly a vehicle to fit in as many possible cameo performances from The Blues Brothers.

If you look at the full cast list and see that they managed to destroy 1 more car than the original Blues Brothers film you have to ask this question; Was someone at studio production stone deaf and at a business lunch misunderstood a conversation in which they thought someone said "The Blues Brothers were great too..." to which they said "Yes...." and then thought they were signing for lunch?

It is said that this film lost $14 Million. I'm shocked the loss was really that small.
Skip the movie, buy the Soundtrack
Blues Brothers 2000 is a movie that never should have been made. It's a shame that the now ultra-commercial Dan Akroyd would even consider this project. He used to be funny. What the heck happened to the guy? Anyway, there is not a single original moment in this entire movie. It's mostly a dumbed-down re-hashing of the classic original "Blues Brothers" movie. Although Blues Brothers 2000 is an absolutely terrible movie, much like it's predecessor, it features an outstanding array of music. Both soundtracks are well worth adding to any collection, but don't bother buying Blues Brothers 2000.
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