🎦 Black Mirror: Bandersnatch full movie HD download (David Slade) - Drama, Thriller, Mystery, Sci-Fi. 🎬
Black Mirror: Bandersnatch
Drama, Thriller, Mystery, Sci-Fi
IMDB rating:
David Slade
Jonathan Aris as Crispin
Will Poulter as Colin Ritman
Alice Lowe as Dr. Haynes
Craig Parkinson as Peter Butler
Suzanne Burden as Judith Mulligan
Fionn Whitehead as Stefan Butler
Storyline: 1984. Stefan is developing a computer game based on the book 'Bandersnatch', a novel where you get to make choices and this determines the story. He has an opportunity to take his game to Tuckersoft, a software company, and have them release it. However, the more he works on the game the more his life emulates the game, with choices being made that are out of his control. Stefan appears to be going insane. Written by grantss
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