🎦 Betrayed full movie HD download (Harley Wallen) - Crime, Thriller, Action. 🎬
Crime, Thriller, Action
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Harley Wallen
John Savage as Mayor Alderman
Calhoun Koenig as Jessie
Kaiti Wallen as Marie Alderman
Blanca Blanco as Melanie
Billy Wirth as Mike Wolf
Yan Birch as Coroner Bjork
Richard Tyson as Mr. Stone
T.J. Storm as Alpha
Jennifer Jelsema as Detective Alex Redford
Storyline: In an effort to control the city the Mayor opens the doors to the Russian Mob. It is not long until he realizes they aren't going to follow his rules. To fix the problem he accepts an offer to set up the Russians and open the door for the Cartel. When the Russians find out they take the Mayors Daughter and then the real games begin.
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📹 Betrayed full movie HD download 2018 - John Savage, Calhoun Koenig, Kaiti Wallen, Harley Wallen, Blanca Blanco, Billy Wirth, Yan Birch, Richard Tyson, T.J. Storm, Jennifer Jelsema - USA. 📀