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Thriller, Action, Adventure, War, Sci-Fi
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Peter Berg
Liam Neeson as Admiral Shane
Beau Brasseaux as Navy SEAL (as Beau Brasso)
John Bell as Angus
Leni Ito as Japanese News Anchor
John Tui as Beast
Gregory D. Gadson as Lieutenant Colonel Mick Canales
Joji Yoshida as Chief Engineer Hiroki
Rihanna as Raikes
Brooklyn Decker as Samantha
Peter MacNicol as Secretary of Defense
Tadanobu Asano as Nagata
Adam Godley as Dr. Nogrady
Taylor Kitsch as Alex Hopper
Alexander Skarsgård as Stone Hopper
Jerry Ferrara as Sampson JOOD Strodell
Joshua Pence as Chief Moore
Rico McClinton as Captain Browley
Storyline: Based on the classic Hasbro naval combat game, Battleship is the story of an international fleet of ships who come across an alien armada while on Naval war games exercise. An intense battle is fought on sea, land and air. What do the aliens want?
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Battleship is bar none the worst movie I have seen in recent years. It is a noisy, clichéd and unbearable piece of trash that exploits the work of CG artists and paying customers who just want to be entertained.

A simple way to describe Battleship, is that it's basically a $200 million naval recruitment video that was made by a schizophrenic 8 year old who likes video games and things going Ka-Boom.

The main heroes in this movie are indeed American navy sailors, but the one thing the film-makers really failed at is making these people likable and realistic. Taylor Kitsch plays the lead character, he's basically some drop out loser who robs convenience stores to get girlfriends and joins the navy at his brothers behest, and in what seems like no time at all he becomes a lieutenant with big responsibilities on a naval vessel with some few hundred men beneath him.

The special effects are the only thing to keep you invested, however they're all completely CG so it just likes a cut-scene from a video game . Something that should be impressive (like a ship sinking) is made pointless because it's something clearly rendered on a computer.

The soundtrack to the movie is okay composition wise, but it's often loud and draws attention to itself and it sounds exactly like the Inception soundtrack on numerous occasions.

This movie has the shadow of Transformers looming over it, both in its marketing and tone. Battleship however is far, far, far worse than any of those three films and it could probably be used as a symbol for the decline of western civilisation.
What utter drivel. The trailers seemed to promise much but the story was so far fetched the audience at my cinema were laughing. The dialogue was hopeless. It was way too long and boring. The science and technology needs to be believable otherwise make it a cartoon!!!!! I'm sure your average 9 year old boy would love it but if you're over 16 with an IQ of over 90 you cant possibly enjoy it. Annoying issues: Do the US Navy promote enlist and then promote felons? Breaking and entering, burglary etc. I think not Do slim cheerleader stereotype women go alone into bars to buy microwave food?? Since when do EM / radio waves emitted from dishes appear visible? How can they converge in mid air? An alien 'communications' spaceship can withstand space travel but get destroyed by hitting a small satellite!!! Duh! How come they fired small shells at the alien ships but not their big weapons? They did later Water displacement to find the ships? WTF? NOAH satellite? THe shells on the Missouri are massive, way bigger than those things in the film LOL, but they could destroy the massive alien crap!!!

I found the whole disabled servicemen bit desperately patronising and reeked of exploitation.
Fun film for the entire family
An entertaining summer alien sci-fi movie that reminds me of the old Flash Gordon serial. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flash_Gordon_%28serial%29 Pure escapist fare that you can take your kids or grand-kids to. I especially liked the USS Missouri (WWII battleship)being used as the foil for the alien invasion using former crew members to fight the ship. The movie was meant to be entertaining and not a treatise or scientific discourse regarding alien invasions. The very obvious link to Hasbro's Battleship game, I thought was amusing, hidden well under the guise of using weather buoys to track vessel water displacement when the Aegis weapon systems on the destroyers were disabled by the aliens. A fun movie for all ages to watch!
chicken burrito and kentucky fried chicken
This is my first ever review on IMDb and after watching this movie a few hours ago I was compelled to register on IMDb so I could play the Battleship guessing game with you (similar to the original Battleship, only that it's not).

Q1: How does a radio telescopes work? Do they

A - Detect and collect data on radio sources

B - Shoot some type of visible light laser beam to another solar system in the hope to communicate with aliens?

Answer: B - It's hard for someone to imagine how a signal is sent.

Q2: What would be the best way for an alien ship to travel once on earth?

A - Fly

B - Hop on the water (in one direction) like a cross between a water strider and a frog

Answer: B - Also staying true to their weapons system which only work line of sight.

Q3: Once the alien destruction robots are launched to attack and weaken the human defense, do they

A - Destroy 20 unarmed helicopters

B - Ruin a field where kids are playing baseball

C - Destroy the only remaining docked Battleship equipped with Harpoon and Tomahawk missiles

D - Attack some concrete pillars holding up a section of a freeway

Answer: A,B,D - Who would ever think that the USS Missouri had a better chance of attacking the aliens as opposed to a freeway.

Q4: Your a bad-ass alien who traveled ten's of light years to take over another planet, what do you bring as a personal weapon?

A - A ray guy than can evaporate anything in sight

B - Any other type of projectile weapon

C - A knife that looks like a screwdriver

Answer: C - The only weakness being that it takes this weapon 20 seconds to warm up, giving a double leg amputee enough time to walk up to the armored alien kick-box it in the head and take off it's helmet.

Q5: The humans have fired a tomahawk missile at your alien ship. What do you do?

A - Try to shoot it down with your own weapons

B - Try to maneuver your ship out of the way

C - Have your alien ship hop directly into the missile

Answer: C - Oh yes that's right the alien ship is only equipped with grenades and it can only move in the direction it is facing.

Q6: Your building an alien war ship that will be used to take over a planet. What material do you use to protect the bridge?

A - A type of super strong metal

B - Glass

Answer: B - Taking over a planet is not so easy when a few sniper rifle rounds breaches the hull on the bridge and kills the alien commander.

If you got 0% then watch the trailer and save yourself from having your intelligence insulted.

If you got above 1% then steal a chicken burrito, become captain of the navy in a few years and save the planet from an alien invasion by taking commands from an officer 20 ranks below you.
went in with low expectations but actually enjoyed it
ill have to browse other movie reviews to compare but i watch a lot of movies and rarely give bad reviews to action or suspense type movies which i enjoy. 007 skyfall and con air may be the only movies I've ever truly hated but anyway i heard a lot of bad reviews on this movie and was really skeptical but it came on HBO so i decided to watch it and i think its one of the better sci-fi movies I've seen since starship troopers or independence day. it was hard to overlook rhianna being a character in the film but she did an OK job. i don't understand people saying the movie was "boring", i mean there was action almost the entire way through once the invasion came. like i said im pretty reasonable, i enjoyed waterworld as well even though thats considered one of the biggest bombs ever.
Met my low expectations.
I just don't get what it is with all these big budget SFX b-films. I mean, I do, but just why are they made in the first place? I understand the desire to make money. I understand the need to make an inspirational "war movie" for males. I understand the nostalgia boost that comes when seeing the likes of the Mighty Mo take to the seas once more.

But this thing is garbage. Well shot, well directed, but a story and theme that's two shades away from being a close cousin to "Howard the Duck" or "Battlefield Earth". It's that bad.

I knew when I checked this thing out at the library that I wasn't getting a Kubrick 2001 Space Odyssey caliber movie. I knew it would be an action flick. And I had an inkling from the trailers that it would be fighting aliens. But why make that movie? Just why?

There's always a bait and switch when it comes to Hollywood. It's always "We're gonna make a movie you'll love!" And then when you finally do see it, it's some junk loaded with not-so-obvious social psychology of who everyone is either your friend or misunderstood. Well, the truth is that isn't reality. There are people out there who want what you got, and we build weapons and train people to take care of those people. The ultimate expression of which it could be argued is the Battleship.

What I wanted; 1) a movie about a battleship serving in some world international security role. 2) a movie about how battleships were still useful 3) a movie about a battleship taking on what only a battleship could 4) a little flag waving via a 1940's era US BB.

What I got; 1) a movie about a battleship fighting space invaders 2) a movie about how battleships were useful only in this one last role 3) a movie about an implausible plot with a "we're all friends" message, even if you're from space. 4) some trite thing about US-Japan relations needing healing ... huh?

In short, this film is junk. If I had shot it then that bad boy would be taking on terrorists in Indonesia, hurling 16 inch shells into North Korea, slamming Somali Pirates, and leveling its guns at Iran or some other place.

I just don't get why the social psychologists who tell studio heads "Yeah, this is a good film to make because war-mongering males need the action and a message of peace...", that this kind of stuff will subversively instruct us that war is bad all the while telling us that we're all one big happy family, and, at the same time, satiate our blood lust for action and big explosions.

Well, I got news for you idiots, we're smarter than that, and have a belly full of this crap shoved down our throats for decades. Most Americans think Japan is an okay place, but if Japan still has a sore backside from a war that ended nearly 70 years ago, then that's their problem. Ergo, no need for the American-Japan "we're brothers" message. Armies and navies exist because occasionally some other nation thinks it can raid another and grab some wealth. It's not like us war mongering males decided to make things like battleships because we think it would be cool to have one. But this isn't how Hollywood sees us blood thirsty males.

And again, we get pure unmitigated crap like this film. Because hey, we're all just killers waiting for a chance to use our toys at the drop of a hat. Right?

Avoid this trash.

Watch at your own risk.
9.5/10 You people are crazy this movie was the 2nd best action packed movie I've ever seen next to transformers Dark of the Moon
I just don't understand how so many people hated this movie. Me, my wife, my dad, my brothers and father in law all thought it was great. The story was not the greatest but still it was good, the alien ships were awesome the special effects were amazing, the cast was great especially considering only one was actually a famous actor and Rhianna did great for her first time acting in a blockbuster movie. It's so good I will be buying it on blu-ray. It was great how they couldn't use radar and used the tsunami bouies and made it look like the battleship board game. The end was awesome what they did with the USS Missouri perfection. I'd give it a ten but it wasn't quit as good as transformers so I gave it a 9 wish there was a 9.5 option.
Rides every cliché that ever existed
Corny, silly, ridiculous, stupid, pointless, mindless. Probably one of the worst movies this year. Aliens need a signal to get to Earth then they come with explosive weapons and earthly technology and the navy beats the aliens with a battleship. The unlikely but obvious hero marries the beautiful princess, the elderly retirees get their second chance at being heroes, the handicapped soldier also gets a second chance at being a hero and the Japanese marine helps the USA save the world from an alien invasion. The story is weak, predictable and the acting is very mediocre. Liam Neeson has made a custom of choosing bad story lines for his work. It seems as this movie has been paid for by the Navy to lure young mindless people to join their ranks. Distasteful, unpleasant.
Battleship is Awesome!
No clue what the last reviewer is talking about. There is tons of action in this film. Yes the first 15 minutes are a little slow (character development) but once the action starts it's non-stop and awesome. Loved this movie, loved seeing the ships in action. Great movie to watch memorial day weekend, makes you proud of the military! Will definitely buy when it's out on DVD, but was glad we saw in on the big screen first. Your kids will love it, mine did. My only knock is I wish Liam Neeson's role was larger. I really like him. But I enjoyed seeing the younger kids take on the aliens too. Very entertaining, action film. Don't over think it.
Summer popcorn movie at its best
BATTLESHIP I have high anxiety with movies based on games; not only video games, mind you, but board games, too. Remember the fiasco, CLUE? This is why, at the screening for BATTLESHIP, I turned to my guest and said: "If someone says, 'you sank my battleship' in this movie, I'm going to steal your popcorn." I didn't steal the popcorn. Director Peter Berg was not that corny.

Back in the day (which Dane Cook tells us was a Wednesday), BATTLESHIP was dubbed a strategy game. In actuality, it was more a hit and miss peg game, but the more perplexing problem in translation to film is how to make a plastic barrier screen into a viable movie plot point. The answer: Aliens (Steven Spielberg knew it all along). From this point, BATTLESHIP borrows from a plethora of other movies to weave the best "let's kick their butts" military propaganda since BATTLE: LOS ANGELES.

Alex Hopper, played by Taylor Kitsch, is a social misfit. No matter what he tries, he manages to screw up. Think Bill Murray on steroids. His brother Stone, played by Alexander Skarsgard, is a successful naval officer, who cares deeply for his younger sibling and is taking the role of surrogate father. Alex falls madly in love with Samantha Shane, eye-candy in the guise of Brooklyn Decker. Sam however, is the daughter of Admiral Shane, played by Liam Neeson, who is general lord and commander of the navy. Also appearing, in complete battle fatigues is pop diva Rihanna as Cora 'Weps' Raikes. Through the entire film she is wrapped head to toe in military garb, drenched in combat sweat, yet she still manages to look hot. It's an abnormality; she has no bust line, her derrière is too large, she's covered with inane tattoos making her look like a AAA triptik, yet somehow there is something alluring about her. Go figure.

Fed up with his incompetence, Stone drags Alex into the navy with him; a type of brotherly drafting. Here is the first of many script continuity errors. Alex comes into the navy as a second lieutenant. How? There's no mention of a college ROTC program, nor a passage of time as Alex rises through the ranks. Apparently, you can just go down to the local naval office, sign up as an officer, and be placed in charge of the weapons department on a destroyer. Sweet. Screenwriters Erich and Jon Hoeber leave important elements, such as this, completely out of the story in favor of skimming over the minimal plot to bring the viewer to the battle scenes. For this type of movie, it's a very good move. The love story was beginning to reek of Nicholas Sparks's fumes.

From this point, a hodgepodge of scene stealing encompasses the rest of the movie. Geek scientists send a message into space to other potentially life-bearing planets and receive a response, just like JOHN CARPENTER'S SPACEMAN. The response, however, is not one of peace and love. The aliens send a strategic scouting party for invasion, ala INDEPENDENCE DAY. Instead of Jeff Goldblum saying "Checkmate", we have David Jensen saying: "We're looking at a class four extinction level." Personally, I didn't know extinction came in levels. I always thought it was an either-or proposition.

Conveniently, the assembled navies of 14 different countries happen to be on maneuvers in the exact spot where the aliens decide to land. Once in the Pacific Ocean, the aliens establish a protective bubble, taken directly from the original and far superior, WAR OF THE WORLDS. Borrowed from the same film is a key scene regarding the alien eye piece; the difference is one of insect and reptilian lenses. Some ships are trapped inside the bubble, while the rest of the military is outside, with no communications possible. The few ships trapped inside must find a way to hold off the alien hordes and lower the force field, just like Han and the gang in RETURN OF THE JEDI.

The SFX crew takes over, led by Production Designer Neil Spisak, and the roller coaster ride begins. Ship vs. ship, man vs. alien, man vs. man, man vs. ship and myriad David and Goliath encounters fill the screen in break-neck pace, thanks to Editors Colby Parker, Jr., Billy Rich and Paul Robell. Steve Jablonsky adds a rousing score that is liberally purloined from TRANSFORMERS and INCEPTION. The aliens are the most humanoid seen on film in recent years. Hands like ET, helmets like PREDATOR, and body armor like BATTLE: LOS ANGELES, several of Hollywood's top make-up artists appear as alien invaders in cameo roles.

BATTLESHIP follows the same formula as 80 percent of John Wayne's war movies. It's a tried and true pattern, just as successful now as it was during the 1940's. To beef up the tale, Berg tosses in a SPACE COWBOYS element for the final climatic conflict. The ship, screeching to an impossible port maneuver, and the references to Sun Tzu's THE ART OF WAR, are hysterical.

There are neither deeply evolving characters nor substantial story telling. BATTLESHIP sets up the fight, and then lets the festivities begin. This is a summer movie at its finest. Bring out the popcorn and enjoy.
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