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At War with the Army
War, Romance, Comedy, Musical
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Hal Walker
Jerry Lewis as Pfc. Alvin Korwin
Paul Livermore as Pvt. Jack Edwards
Ty Perry as Lt. Terray
Kenneth Forbes as Lt. Davenport
Jimmie Dundee as Eddie
Tommy Farrell as Cpl. Clark
Dick Stabile as Pvt. Pokey
Frank Hyers as Cpl. Shaughnessy
William Mendrek as Capt. Ernest Caldwell
Angela Greene as Mrs. Deborah Caldwell
Danny Dayton as Supply Sgt. Miller (as Dan Dayton)
Dean Martin as 1st Sgt. Vic Puccinelli
Mike Kellin as Sgt. McVey
Polly Bergen as Helen Palmer
Storyline: Alvin Corwin is low man on the totem pole, and goes from one mishap to another at an army training camp in World War II.
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This mediocre comedy is required viewing, of course.
This is required viewing since it is Martin and Lewis' first movie. As a comedy, it's not that great. It's not very funny, there's a lot of time wasted on generic dialog, and Dean's character isn't likable since he mostly shouts, bullies, womanizes, and lies throughout. The movie is based on a play and it seems that some portions that may have played well in a live setting don't work on the screen. I can't be too sure since I don't know what is new to this movie and didn't appear in the play, or what did work in 1950 but doesn't work in 2005.

I got a good nostalgic feeling watching the movie. It gave me a feeling of sitting in a playhouse in 1940 with that era of audience and laughing at silly running gags like the half open door. Now that the bar has been raised so many times with comedy superstars like Eddie Murphy, Richard Pryor, Steve Martin, Tom Hanks, and Jerry Lewis himself, it's fun to watch material from a simpler time.

Dean comes across well. His singing is great, he dances, and does an excellent impersonation of Bing Crosby. This is a good showcase of his talent.

Jerry also comes across well, as expected, with all of his trademarks. Bumbling clowning, funny faces, pouting, mime. His singing was better than I expected. He switches off between various singing voices like his zany voice, mock romantic, sarcastic, etc. He can hit the high notes and he sounds good.

The plot is pretty good. The various subplots involving Jerry, his wife and baby, his former friendship with Dean, Dean's two girlfriends and his military career, Dean's romantic rival, and the captain and his wife make for a somewhat complex plot. The movie builds up to the climax where all of the misunderstandings (and intentional subterfuges by Dean's character) come together with seven actors on screen at the same time fighting each other to work things out. We're lucky that all seven made it into the TV frame! I was touched by the ending in the same way that I remember always being touched by Martin and Lewis' movies: as though they are really good friends and that's heartwarming.

I was surprised to see so much polish on Martin and Lewis for their first movie, but you have to remember that they had been doing a live act before this, so that explains it.

I can imagine that a lot of the physical comedy gags, like running in and out of doors, throwing things around the room, jumping in another's arms, running around the room turning off lights, fighting with the drink machine, etc, would have worked in a play where the actors are actually doing that stuff live right in front of you. That would have added a lot of action to this play, where plays can sometimes be boring. On screen it doesn't work for me. It seems silly but nothing more.

Martin and Lewis' act is something like the Smothers Brothers' act. Martin scolds Lewis and Lewis gets meek and pouts.

I think most of the value in this movie comes from the performance pieces. The feature songs, dances, impersonations, and large comedy bits like the drink machine scene and Jerry as a woman are good stuff. I'm sorry to say that the rest of the material, which is probably the original play, doesn't quite cut it.
Martin & Lewis Take on Uncle Sam
1st Off, Great Movie. I was in the Army, and I can tell you the orderly room sequences were very realistic, much more like the Army I was in than lets say From Here to Eternity. The First Sgt, the Company Commander, The Supply Sgt, The Platoon Sgt and the Privates were just too hilarious & realistic to believe. Along with the great Musical & Comedy skits by Dean & Jerry I rate this movie much higher than some of their later ones, ie, "The Caddy" & "Thats My Boy".

But all in all I recommend the viewer to watch this movie in its entirety and if the viewer happens to have served in the military before, I guarantee this will ring the remember bell of the funny & not so funny times of their military service. Along with films like "Stripes" this one is a keeper. Check it out.
"He used to be a soda jerk, he just ran out of soda."
It was a long time after I'd watched Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis in individual vehicles that I learned about their early career team up. Both are so widely disparate in temperament and personality that the combination seems implausible. Even here, their brand of humor doesn't suggest camaraderie, as Sgt. Puccinelli (Martin) takes special delight in lording over the hapless Private Korwin (Lewis).

I was surprised to see in the early credits that the film introduces Polly Bergen. She shares about equal screen time with the picture's other female complements, Jean Ruth and Angela Greene. The impression that stands out of course is that long close up during a duet between Bergen and Martin that endorses her future celebrity. It had the aura of a shampoo and toothpaste commercial rolled into one; you almost expect one of those magical twinkles to flash in her eyes.

I guess you WOULD have to go back to 1950 to enjoy a five cent soda from a vending machine; I'm always happy to see those reminders of a simpler time.

Say, just how drunk would you have to be to come on to a guy in drag with a hairy chest wearing a dress? Mike Kellin portrays the inebriated Sgt. McVey and in his way looks like another version of the rubber faced Lewis. Makes you kind of wonder how one guy becomes a super star and another gets by as a character actor.

There's a surprise bit in the film when Lewis and Martin mimic Barry Fitzgerald and Bing Crosby in a scene from "Going My Way", both are dead on in one of the highlights of the movie.

"At War With The Army" can easily be found individually or in compilation with a host of public domain films of the era. It's worth a viewing for an early look at future celebrity legends whose careers eventually took separate paths.
One of Their Best
A bunch of comedic misadventures surround an army training camp office.

One of the best of M & L. One reason is a clever script adapted from a stage play. That means better than usual comedic lines, and also that Lewis's mugging isn't the only funny element. Unlike his later films, Lewis complements the laughs here instead of monopolizing them. Also, Martin gets to warble a few tunes in his smooth baritone. I especially like the record-booth duet with Polly Bergen that's really quite charming. And I wonder what happened to the quite talented Jean Ruth as the befuddled Millie who can't seem to decide where she works or whom she's dating. Ruth shows a lot of comedic spark in the role, but appears to have left the industry soon after. Too bad.

Not everything is roses. Being an ex-stage play means the story is pretty much confined to a single set with characters rushing in and out. Keeping up with the diverse lot may require a scorecard. Of course, there's nothing new about the comedic potential of misfits in the military, and this one was followed by several more M&L entries in a similar vein. Anyway, the act here in their first film is still, fresh, energetic and funny.
Jerry and Dean in the army
At War with the Army is set during the World War II.Alvin Corwin and Vic Puccinelli used to be good buddies but after joining the army Vic becomes a bossy sergeant.At War with the Army is an average Jerry Lewis comedy from 1950.The movie offers many funny scenes, that make you laugh.There are also some music scenes, like Jerry and Dean movies usually had.If you are a fan of Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin comedies, like I am, then this is a movie for you to watch.
Martin and Lewis become movie stars
A decade earlier, Abbott and Costello became movie stars with a pair of World War II military films, "Buck Privates" and "In the Navy." Here Martin and Lewis march in their bootsteps during the Korean War. The plotted and scripted comedy framework for this film may not be anything special, but the Martin and Lewis set pieces remain great. With hindsight, you can see the grounds for the pair's breakup this early in their career. Martin is charming when he's allowed to sing or do a solo bit, but his character is an unsympathetic bully to Lewis' hapless fumbler -- Bud Abbott at his most brutal to poor Costello.

The glimpses of bits of their stage and radio act, however, are funny -- their byplay before a band; their imitation of Bing Crosby (Martin, of course) and Barry Fitzgerald (Lewis)in "Going My Way"; Lewis in blonde drag (with a hairy chest showing over the v-neck of his dress) singing a husky-voiced torch song to Mike Kellin, and Martin's underplayed double-take and mumbled, "No, couldn't be," as he passes by them.

One special highlight is Polly Bergen in an early brief part as Martin's girlfriend. (The movie's credits read "introducing Polly Bergen," but IMDb lists two previous roles for her, one just a voice part.) This is Bergen before she had an absolutely perfect face with an absolutely perfect nose, but still, as Martin sings "You and Your Beautiful Eyes" to her, she is given a lengthy, star-making closeup in which she smiles and becomes luminous, and her future career is assured.
Great musical comedy, featuring Jerry Lewis at his slapstick best.
This is a fun WWII-era B&W movie, full of Jerry Lewis and his ridiculous goofiness! Featuring Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis in their first collaboration, this film gave our family some wonderful laugh relief from our January, cabin-fever suffering.

Jerry is a hapless private and Dean is the bossy First Sergeant of a slipshod platoon at a stateside training base. Jerry and Dean were friends who grew up in the same neighborhood before Uncle Sam made GIs out of them. All of the stereotypical military comedy characters are present, including the loudmouth drill instructor, the conniving supply sergeant, the doting corporal and the bumbling, hen-pecked company commander.

Most of the action takes place in the orderly room, but our favorite scene involved Jerry singing a love song...I don't want to reveal any more details, but I think Jim Carrey may have studied acting by watching Jerry Lewis movies.

My kids liked this film more than (the original) "The Nutty Professor", because of its lighter tone. I rate this comedy "8" on a scale of 1 to 10, and highly recommend it!
The Film That Established Dean Martin And Jerry Lewis As A Top Comedy Duo
After stealing the shows with their supporting roles in "My Friend Irma" and its sequel "My Friend Irma Goes West" Paramount decided to build an entire film around their popular contract player comedy duo, Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis. This 1950 release was a huge hit that would inspire numerous other successful teamings before they split up in 1956. Placing the two of them on an army base and getting them involved in all sorts of crazy situations on and off the front lines adds up to some sheer hilarity and one of their best teamings.
Dean and Jerry.
It's hard now to imagine how popular this comedy team was around 1950. Everyone with a television set seemed tuned in to their Colgate Comedy Hour in which the routines were usually similar: the silly Jerry Lewis was Lou Costello and the self-confident Dean Martin was Bud Abbott. Martin insulted Lewis constantly, shoving him around, and Lewis helped with his whiny voice and puppet-like postures.

The show was risqué for its time. They once used the word "broad" to refer to a woman. They came close to using a forbidden word when they exclaimed, "What the -- HEY!" When they broke up a few years later it was tragic, like the Beatles breaking up a generation later.

This production is true to form. Lewis whines, makes faces, and falls down. Martin orders him around and treats him with scorn. It appears to be a hurried version of a stage play made during the war years. Basically, there is a single set, the Captain's office and the Admittance Room or whatever it's called. Dean Martin is Top Sergeant (after having been in the Army for only five years) and Lewis is a PFC.

There are a couple of songs, limitlessly forgettable, a stunning solo on the alto sax by Dick Stabile as Punky, and a spot-on impersonation of "Going My Way," with Lewis as Barry Fitzgerald's priest and Martin passing convincingly for Bing Crosby.

It doesn't seem very funny now. People rush in and out of rooms and shout at one another. Lewis somehow winds up dressed as a blond girl in a beer parlor but the jokes seem weak. After their split, both performers went on to more ambitious and better things.
At War with the Army is an uneven Martin & Lewis comedy that is still worth seeing
Just rewatched this Martin & Lewis movie on YouTube. This was their first one as the only stars having previously had to share billing with others on their previous two: My Friend Irma and My Friend Irma Goes West. Dean is the sergeant and Jerry is the lowly private who has to endure his commands even though they were previously good friends. Those beginning scenes of Jerry being yelled at aren't funny but Lewis gets some hilarious moments like when he dresses like a woman and fools a drunk Mike Kellin, one of his officers, in a bar or his dealings with a berserk soda machine. Dean, as usual, croons some good tunes including one with Polly Bergin who's not such a bad singer herself. The comedy, for the most part, is uneven though it's worth it when things come to a head near the end. So on that note, At War with the Army is worth a look. P.S. Lewis' actual natural voice emerges when the picture ends.
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