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American History X
Crime, Drama
IMDB rating:
Tony Kaye
Edward Norton as Derek Vinyard
Edward Furlong as Danny Vinyard
Beverly D'Angelo as Doris Vinyard
Avery Brooks as Dr. Bob Sweeney
Jennifer Lien as Davina Vinyard
Ethan Suplee as Seth Ryan
Stacy Keach as Cameron Alexander
Fairuza Balk as Stacey
Elliott Gould as Murray
Guy Torry as Lamont
William Russ as Dennis Vinyard
Joseph Cortese as Rasmussen (as Joe Cortese)
Jason Bose Smith as Little Henry (as Jason Bose-Smith)
Storyline: Derek Vineyard is paroled after serving 3 years in prison for killing two thugs who tried to break into/steal his truck. Through his brother, Danny Vineyard's narration, we learn that before going to prison, Derek was a skinhead and the leader of a violent white supremacist gang that committed acts of racial crime throughout L.A. and his actions greatly influenced Danny. Reformed and fresh out of prison, Derek severs contact with the gang and becomes determined to keep Danny from going down the same violent path as he did.
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A powerful Vengeful Masterpiece
Well better late than never. I Finally watched this movie and boy I was impressed by it. The pacing editing character development acting is top notch.Though it may seem bit violent but these only further polish the film. Norton is excellent he is truly most underrated actor and furlong too does excellent job as narrator.it has one of most powerful line which truly startled me its quote;"Has anything you've done made your life better?" this was enough for me to know the greatness of this movie. This is the most see movie for any people with powerful message you may think differently on seeing Nazi logo and judge it well I did that too I was dead wrong. Go check out the movie and prepared to be moved by its sheer brilliance.
A shocking and riveting film!
If you don't hold your breath at least once or say "wow", then you're clearly distracted watching this film.

This is one of those movies that when you leave the theater, you will have an uneasy feeling in your stomach. It's that good! And it's the best skinhead/neo-nazi film ever made. What made this film is the unforgettable performance by Edward Norton. Any time I hear his name, it will be associated with this film.

If you haven't seen this, you must, but be forewarned, some scenes are not for the faint of heart!

A perfect 10/10 from me!
Not all that it's cracked up to be...disappointing.
Derrick Vinyard (Norton) is thrown in jail because he brutally murdered two black men one fateful evening when they tried to steal his car. He is a monster of a Nazi and is quite well known around the community as such. While in prison, Derek has had time to think and he realizes that his reasons for believing in what he does are complete and total frauds. His younger brother Danny (Furlong) seems to be heading down the same path. Can Derek convince his brother to change his ways before it's too late?

Ed Norton deserves all the credit he receives as a talented actor, and he definitely shows off his skills here. It's hard to believe that he's the same skinny weakling that he portrayed in Fight Club. He's a big muscle bound monster filled with hate for the first portion of the film and is then transformed into a man that has seen the light and faults in his ways. Top notch actor. Edward Furlong, despite being in only a few films, also shows off his acting abilities...however, neither one of them could save this film.

Minor Spoilers:

The premise of the movie itself would make it worthy of being in the Top 250, however it has serious flaws in execution and especially the script, as it's filled with entirely unbelievable situations. Too bad because I really wanted to like this one. Nazis playing basketball with local black gangs? Um, yeah m'kay? But a bigger flaw has to be Derek's reasons for having the beliefs he does and the reasons he changed them. His racist beliefs stem from his father's dislike for minorities and from his death in which he is killed by black people while trying to put out a fire in a crackhouse. The latter is believable but the look into his father's beliefs in the dinner scene was entirely unnecessary and laughable at best. Once in the slammer, he makes friends with a black inmate who enlightens Derek's view by telling him sex jokes. And although Derek has had the Nazi beliefs he has had for many years, a simple joke or two and getting rammed in the bootay by fellow Nazis in prison sway his opinion to the opposite. It could happen right?

The ending was what really put me off though and is the main reason why the movie showed itself, to me, to be pretentious. It would have made infinitely more sense had Derek been killed, but having Danny killed for simply blowing smoke in some black kids face is a serious flaw concocted by the makers, and is again, unbelievable. It makes me wonder what they actually thought when they first read the script. I guess they figured it would blow the audience away as there would be no way for them to foresee the final events. I believe that most people fell for this simple trick and is most of the reason why this film has such a lofty rating here at IMDB. Ideally, Danny's life should have been spared for Derek's redemption. Sure, it would've been a "happy" ending, but what we are left with is much worse. Groan.

This film left me very disappointed as I was looking forward to it's story and had heard many good things about it. However, the movie is simply not believable. A movie dealing with real issues needs to be, I don't know, more realistic.

Great acting, decent camera work, but terrible script.

Generously, 7/10
"Even if you change your life path, there are always signs to reminds you"
With this title i will summarize the main idea of the film. Hard lessons through difficult paths and how our choices affect the lives of other people.Two very powerful scenes is that with the arrest of "Derek Vinyard" and the other as contrast, with the hero in front of the mirror trying to hide with his hand the tattoo. Wonderful performance by Edward Norton.Film presents in real and at the same time realistic way the life of a family who live through the racist motive of the father. His belief affect in a negative way the two boys of the family.Mother tries to unite her sons.The amazing with the movie is how all this anger and hate replaced with love. The pain of loss is still and life gives lessons in hard way most of the times. The final scene leave us with a bittersweet feeling.
"Now we can ignore each other in peace..."
Past and present collage of a youthful neo-Nazi skinhead in Venice Beach, California, his life going into a tailspin after the gang-related murder of his father. After killing some neighborhood thugs, the skinhead serves jail time and is eventually paroled (and reformed), yet he can't seem to straighten out his erratic family, particularly his younger brother who seems intent on following down the same ugly path. Director Tony Kaye puts the squeeze on us right from the start, staging a blacks vs. whites basketball game as if it were Epic Human Drama (photographed in black-and-white, with slow-motion effects and a heavenly choir). The superlative performances nearly carry the picture, yet screenwriter David McKenna lays on the be-true-to-yourself rhetoric with a trowel (and yet lets the opposite side get their licks in too, whittling the film down to a battle of speeches ladled with words like 'empowerment'). The jailhouse scenes are the strongest, but the family drama and the sidebars with the police (who also get to make speeches) are uncomfortably contrived. ** from ****
Woah !!! That was disturbing
Hands down the most disturbing film I have ever seen. American History X is simply outstanding.

One of the film's great strengths is the great all round performance by the cast. Empire Magazine claimed that Edward Norton did not win an Oscar for his performance one of the greatest Oscar injustices of all time. And I completely agree. Some of Norton's racist monologues were so convincing they bordered on being scary. The rest of the cast did great as well. I do think, however, that they could have selected a better actor to play the younger brother, Danny, but that is a nit pick, the actor in the film did fine but I just think someone could have given a more compelling dramatic performance.

Overall, what I loved most about the film was the fact that it shows racism for what it is, something that is taught, how naïve people can be led to believe anything if their circumstances call for it. The disturbing scenes where very disturbing and encapsulated the sheer lack of humanity that comes with such racist cults, such as, in this case, the Neo-Nazi's. Ultimately, American History X is not for the squeamish but it is one of the best films I have ever seen.
Superficial and Hollywood
Pierrot-10 in California said it best. At best, this film belongs in a High School Sociology class. Sure Edward Norton gave an interesting and visually arresting performance. (His shaven head and general "look" are rather what I perceive a skinhead to look like) His transformation in prison at the hands of the other in-mates and his congenial laundry-mate was completely unbelievable. An easier over-night transformation could not be envisioned by Hollywoodland. Even the black dude who befriends him in the laundry laid it on too thick. What was the Director thinking? Probably what the rest of 'em in Hollywood thinks (quite rightly): That the North American Movie Watching Public is a Mindless Sap of Pap Drinkers who will Readily Swill Anything.

I'm so happy that our teacher made us watch this in school otherwise I would probably never have watched this movie!

It's a really powerful movie that shows how it works in a lot of places around the world. You get to see the seriousness of racism and it throws you back a bit when you realize the truth.

After watching this movie I was stunned and the entire move was dramatic, intriguing, and beautiful. The actors were amazing and I absolutely recommend this movie to EVERYONE!

As an anti Neo-Nazi movie this movie works really powerful. I think that its a really good thing that this movie is often shown in classrooms.
Best movie of 1998
Powerful portrayal of Neo-Nazi movement in America. Told in series of flashbacks. Flawless acting by Edward Norton. Does its best to make the point that no one is ever right aand no one is ever wrong. I have a friend who was a Nazi and a racist. But upon walking out of the theater after this movie he hung his head in shame. This is why the film industry began.
Norton takes throne as best Actor of his generation
In just a short career, Edward Norton has emerged as the best actor of his generation. 5 films, 2 oscar nominations, and the best performance I have ever seen turned in by a modern actor. In this film, Norton plays a skin head who goes to Prison for brutally murdering two black men who are attempting to steal his car and comes out reformed only to find that his brother (Edward Furlong, turning in a fine performance) is headed right down that same route.

Yes, the "hate is bad" message is overplayed and by the end of the film you've been hit over the head with it. The scenes, as well as the story, are minimal and the "shocking ending" is predictable, but it all doesn't matter. It's all more of an actor's piece than any one else's and Edward Norton turns in the most amazing performance I have ever seen captured on film. No longer, the sweet innocent psychopath he was in Primal Fear, Norton bulked up considerably for this role and it pays off.

It is, hands down, the most powerful American film in decades. I'd give it a 12 out of 10 if I could.
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