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American History X
Crime, Drama
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Tony Kaye
Edward Norton as Derek Vinyard
Edward Furlong as Danny Vinyard
Beverly D'Angelo as Doris Vinyard
Avery Brooks as Dr. Bob Sweeney
Jennifer Lien as Davina Vinyard
Ethan Suplee as Seth Ryan
Stacy Keach as Cameron Alexander
Fairuza Balk as Stacey
Elliott Gould as Murray
Guy Torry as Lamont
William Russ as Dennis Vinyard
Joseph Cortese as Rasmussen (as Joe Cortese)
Jason Bose Smith as Little Henry (as Jason Bose-Smith)
Storyline: Derek Vineyard is paroled after serving 3 years in prison for killing two thugs who tried to break into/steal his truck. Through his brother, Danny Vineyard's narration, we learn that before going to prison, Derek was a skinhead and the leader of a violent white supremacist gang that committed acts of racial crime throughout L.A. and his actions greatly influenced Danny. Reformed and fresh out of prison, Derek severs contact with the gang and becomes determined to keep Danny from going down the same violent path as he did.
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American history x
Derek Vinyard (Edward Norton) returns from prison to discover that his younger brother, Danny (Edward Furlong), has been following in his footsteps, living the neo-Nazi life of racism and violence that landed Derek in prison. However upon Dereks return from prison, his fellow Hitler-worshippers notice a change in his behaviour and realise that Derek is free from the hatred he harboured for the people 'invading' his neighbourhood. The task that lies before Derek is to convince Danny to see the errors of his ways before it is too late. An awesome movie delivered by an excellent cast, a definite classic. There is quite a lot of violence... a lot of people object to the curb scene, but it is not particularly shocking, and not a film to miss because of it. This movie has one of the best endings you will ever see, it will bring you close to tears!
A powerful Vengeful Masterpiece
Well better late than never. I Finally watched this movie and boy I was impressed by it. The pacing editing character development acting is top notch.Though it may seem bit violent but these only further polish the film. Norton is excellent he is truly most underrated actor and furlong too does excellent job as narrator.it has one of most powerful line which truly startled me its quote;"Has anything you've done made your life better?" this was enough for me to know the greatness of this movie. This is the most see movie for any people with powerful message you may think differently on seeing Nazi logo and judge it well I did that too I was dead wrong. Go check out the movie and prepared to be moved by its sheer brilliance.
Not perfect but still very strong
Years have past since Danny saw his neo-nazi brother, kill several black males who were robbing his car. Since he has been in prison, Derek's legacy has grown among the white gangs of the area and Danny has followed in his brother's footsteps. When he writes a racist paper for school, his teacher makes his write a new paper, focusing on recent history – that of his brother and how he influenced him. Meanwhile Derek leaves prison a reformed man with only the desire to repair the damage he once did to his family with his beliefs and his hate.

I was looking forward to see this film as I missed it at the cinema and am a firm believer that Edward Norton is one of the most talented actors of his generation and is always worth seeing (even if some of his films have given less than he deserves). It was maybe better that I only saw it recently as I was able to enjoy it without all the hype and fighting over who did what to who, or all the comments from director Kaye as to his opinions of the film. Having seen the pompous fool interviewed several times, I find it quite self assuring that I don't agree with his opinions of it!

The plot is a mix of flashback into Derek's hate filled past (told in b&w) and the present (colour) where he is desperate to save his brother and family from suffering anymore from his `sins'. As a basic narrative the film struggles at times to make a solid story and seems to be trying too hard to create confrontations to up the drama within the film. It still works mind you but this is not it's best asset.

The main thing the film does well is to be a very true representation of white male disillusionment. The film avoids painting these people as monsters straightaway (although makes no bones that they are confused, misled and wrong). The arguments and discussions they have in the film are not so far from reality that the characters seem fiction – the characters and the film's world seem very real. The film's message that hate is no way to live no matter who it is directed at may be a little simplistic but it is a valid point. One particular weakness which I felt was a little hamfisted was Derek's `road to Damascus' experience in prison – it was OK but was far too easy given the character we had just seen brutally kill several black men.

The other main selling point the film has is a performance by Norton that simply ensures he steals nearly every scene he is in. In b&w flashback he is at his best – a larger than life character who is never allowed to just be seen as a thug. Norton acts out the various stages of his life well and makeup ensures that he looks younger when required. In the present he is less dominant but still is very good giving a different performance. Furlong is also very strong, although he only has a few scenes where he is able to be outside of Norton's shadow. Support from Balk, Gould, D'Angelo and Brooks is mixed – Gould's Jewish character is only in the film to allow for one scene to occur, while Brooks' righteous teacher is simply a `morally upright teacher' with no meat on his character.

Overall this is a good film, which occasionally struggles when it forces the issue in the `present' scenes. However for the most part it is a powerful film which owes a lot to well captured themes and an excellent performance from Norton.
A fascinating look into the minds of Hollywood liberals,
American History X has a good message. Hate and racism is very bad. Unfortunately, so is the movie. I can't believe that this movie is considered such a masterpiece. I'm not even sure if this movie is serious or not. Is it a piece of liberal propaganda, or is it a satirical comedy made by a conservative who wanted to show us how many liberals see the world? Most likely it's propaganda...but sometimes it's hard to tell.

Because most of the time, it's not even about real racism. Except for some hateful comments, most of what Derek (and his father) says during the dinner table scenes isn't shocking at all. A black person could have said the exact same thing. The filmmakers took valid political positions and added a small pinch of Adolf.

According to American History X, you're racist if you're against affirmative action. The movie also seems to say that black people are animals. They're not responsible for their own actions. They commit acts like rioting and looting because they're scared of white people or angry because of the oppression.

The movie is mostly remembered for two things: the gay prison scene and the curb stomping. Everyone is talking about those two scenes when they bring up the movie. I almost think the filmmakers did it on purpose, they added shocking stuff so that people would talk about it. I remember that all the "cool" kids bragged about having seen the part where the nazi is violated in the shower.

There's also a completely pointless sex scene right before the curb stomping. I wonder why the director thought that was a good idea. But then I remember all of the other bizarre stuff in the movie.

Derek's transformation from nice young man to a neo-nazi is not convincing at all. "It's nagger bullshot, son!" "Gee, dad, I guess you're right! Racism is awesome!" And his transformation from a neo-nazi to Gandhi. "Haha, a funny magical negro! Who knew that black people had the ability to tell jokes? And he hates the KKK too, what are the odds? We have so much in common..!"

At the end of the movie, Derek's brother is shot to death by a black kid. It's just a pointless and depressing ending. It doesn't offer any hope at all.

It's sad that American History X is one of the most popular movies about racism. Imagine if they made a movie about real racism, without magical negroes, fake neo-Nazis, liberal propaganda and unnecessary graphic violence and sex. A movie that treated black people like humans.

The real Nazis here are the filmmakers. American History X is just a piece of propaganda made by a modern-day Goebbels, designed to make viewers think that conservatives are Nazis and that black people are helpless animals.
Pure perfection
Edward Norton is one of the greatest actors there is, and American History X is his greatest performance. His actions, as well as those of Edward Furlong, Avery Brooks and especially Guy Torry, are flawless.

It's the story of how a bright kid, Derek Vinyard (Norton), with wrong ideas gets in to a skinhead-gang because of a cunning leader who uses him for his own purposes, to establish nazism in America. Its frightening to see how much Dereks racistic opinions makes sense when hes arguing for them, I almost found myself agreeing with Derek(!), and its easy to understand how some people have gone so bad because of group mentality.

Then, when we watch Dereks life in prison, it feels like i'm being redempted myself. He befriends a black guy (Torry), learns how he got more years there for stealing a TV than Derek got for his double murder, and he is astounded. He (we) suddenly see through his clever arguing, and discover how stupid his ideas really is.

This is a hands down MIGHTY movie, and one of the best you will ever see. A solid 10/10
American (Heavy) History X
"American History X" is not a weak, fluffy, cutely wrapped after school special on racism, life in the 'hood, life in prison, and breaking the cycle. "American History X" is powerful and hits like an anvil. Edward Norton does an excellent job as Derek Vinyard, a venomous, hateful leader of a local gang of skinheads.

The movie takes a singular look at a young man who is entrenched in the White Supremist movement, then how he emerged from that life, and even how he started down that path to begin with. Of course most people don't like racist bigots and the movie shows the very ugly nature of the skinheads/Arian Brotherhood. But the movie also shows the interaction between the Whites and Blacks in the 'hoods of L.A. There was by no means an angelic depiction of the African-Americans in this film. A few of the blacks shown were thugs who in part helped shape the views that Derek and his brother Danny (Edward Furlong) held as White Supremists, but there were also a couple of key African-American characters that helped to reshape the views of Derek and Danny.

"American History X" made sure to do it right and make it true to life. The life Derek had before prison, the life inside of prison with the segregation and the gangs, and his life after prison as a changed man. This was no "Mississippi Burning" or "Rosewood" detailing events of the past, rather this was a movie showing the present, the good and bad in both parties, and the different ways people can be reformed.
"Now we can ignore each other in peace..."
Past and present collage of a youthful neo-Nazi skinhead in Venice Beach, California, his life going into a tailspin after the gang-related murder of his father. After killing some neighborhood thugs, the skinhead serves jail time and is eventually paroled (and reformed), yet he can't seem to straighten out his erratic family, particularly his younger brother who seems intent on following down the same ugly path. Director Tony Kaye puts the squeeze on us right from the start, staging a blacks vs. whites basketball game as if it were Epic Human Drama (photographed in black-and-white, with slow-motion effects and a heavenly choir). The superlative performances nearly carry the picture, yet screenwriter David McKenna lays on the be-true-to-yourself rhetoric with a trowel (and yet lets the opposite side get their licks in too, whittling the film down to a battle of speeches ladled with words like 'empowerment'). The jailhouse scenes are the strongest, but the family drama and the sidebars with the police (who also get to make speeches) are uncomfortably contrived. ** from ****
Very contrived, badly-acted and unrealistic soapbox movie to let us know "Racism is bad!"
American History X is a very contrived and unrealistic soapbox movie against racism. The purpose of the movie is simple: beat viewers over the head with a simplistic message that they all already agree with in the first place! Namely, "Racism is bad!" Everyone already knows racism is bad, so a movie comprised of 2 hours worth of strung-together ridiculous contrivances that exists solely for the purpose to push the message "Racism is bad" is not exactly a work of art. Nor is it food for thought. This movie won't tell anyone anything that they don't *already know*, therefore the existence of the movie is pointless.

Edward Norton plays a hardcore Nazi skinhead. He *looks* the part, but as soon as he opens his mouth, any chance of him being believable in that role is utterly destroyed. Edward Norton talks like - and has the demeanour of - a computer geek. There is no way to reasonably be immersed in believing he is a hardcore Nazi skinhead. For this reason I'm going to have to say Edward Norton gives a terrible performance in this movie. *Good* actors can change their voice, demeanour, and the aura they give off. Edward Norton cannot. He uses the exact same voice, and has the exact same wimpy computer geek demeanour/aura in American History X as he does in every single movie role he ever does. It bewilders me why such a bad actor - with no range whatsoever - is so popular. It actually makes this movie be *unintentionally hilarious* to see such a buffed guy be so incredibly wimpy and non-threatening.

Edward Furlong plays his little brother. Furlong gives a good performance as always, however, he isn't given anything to work with. All his lines are very generic and bland.

Avery Brooks gives an okay performance as the school principal, but there is nothing special about it. He's exactly the same in this movie as he is as Sisko in Deep Space Nine, or the gangster in the movie The Big Hit. Actually it seems Avery Brooks has actually *dialed down* his intensity in American History X; an intensity he has in all those other roles but *not* in American History X. So I must conclude that Brooks' performance in American History X is worse than usual.

Edward Norton is supposed to be playing an extremely smart individual, yet his actions in this movie are anything but. He foolishly sets up a chain of events where if he had any intelligence at all, he would have foreseen that that chain of events would be sure to lead to his rape in prison. He also would easily have avoided prison in the first place if he had any intelligence. He also would have been able to prevent the bad ending his brother receives if he had any intelligence. Yet he sticks around the neighborhood like a moron at the end of the movie, which is what allows for his brother to be murdered.

The ending of the movie is ridiculous, and actually ends up *reinforcing* the (incorrect) idea that Norton's character's original beliefs in this movie are accurate. The movie exists to say "Racism is bad!" in big flashing NEON letters. However, the ending of this movie (perhaps inadvertently) completely destroys this message by implying that Norton's character was right to be a Nazi skinhead. The ending of the movie has a Black guy murdering Furlong's character for no reason. Furlong blew smoke in his face earlier in the movie, but that is not a reason to shoot someone dead over (maybe a beat down at the very most). It is not something someone would do in real life. Yet this movie (perhaps racistly) has a Black kid killing a White kid for no reason whatsoever, which lends (tragically!) undeserved credibility to idea that the Nazi beliefs are correct and Norton's character was wrong to abandon them. This movie can't even get it's own very basic message right.

Clumsy Term Paper
Spoilers herein.

I found Ed Norton to be a plausible foil in `Fight Club,' but a simple mugger in `The Score.' I sought this out to discover whether he should be on a list to watch or not -- this being a picture he influenced heavily.

It is a mess. It is a mess because the director was too callow to have and impose a vision. So we get lots of different visions depending on the composition of the moment and the elements involved. One of those elements is Norton himself. I continue to maintain that the actor should never be in charge of the vision: he just has an entirely different set of concerns. One can see the scenes that Norton rips away from the director and sets up as billboards for himself.

There are times when this can work. Scorsese seems to have explored more than all of them. It doesn't work here. This material demands that it be centered in large numbers of `ordinary' people. The impact is that this could be widespread, not just isolated to one movieland character. But Norton sucks all the attention out of the story.

The material demands ambiguity. But the center is an unwaveringly decent black schoolteacher, as artificial a character as Norton's.

The material attempts some sort of reflection through the term paper/diary reflections of the brother. But this is clumsily written and ends up as simple narration, usually the sign of poor visual storytelling.

There is self-reference of sorts between Norton and his character. The character is playing a role that allows for one-dimensional excess. This role is widely respected because of the matter he preaches. So too with Norton himself.
Disturbing and powerful
American History X stars Edward Norton as a racist, xenophobic skinhead who is convicted of murder and sent to prison. It follows the effect of this on his family, specifically on his younger brother, played by Edward Furlong, who idolizes him and yearns to follow in his footsteps.

The movie is powerful and disturbing in the insider's look it gives us into the dark world of violent racist skinhead groups. For this reason, it is very difficult to watch. But it's an important film, because it tackles a subject that Hollywood is usually content to shy away from.

Edward Norton, always one of my favourite actors, has one of his best roles of all time here. He is absolutely brilliant in his portrayal of Derek Vinyard, a character whose charisma and intelligence could have led him down pretty much any path, but who chose the wrong road. How many infamous men in history have had the exact same qualities? Countless. Norton embraces the role, wholly embodying the most terrible qualities of his character, and refusing to shy away from giving his all to even the most difficult scenes. He has even transformed his entire body to play this part (compare his muscular build here to his scrawniness in "Fight Club", for instance). Norton is so believable, and so compelling to watch, that it's all too easy to see how he could have recruited and inspired so many people to his fanatically hateful ideology. Also brilliant is Avery Brooks as the schoolteacher who tries so hard to redeem Derek when most people would have written him off long ago. Notable among smaller roles are performances by Fairuza Balk as Vinyard's girlfriend and Beverly D'Angelo as his conflicted mother. This is a dramatic film, and the acting has made it what it is.

My criticisms are few. Furlong's acting isn't quite as strong - at times it seems like he's reading lines aloud for a teacher. And without giving too much away, the ending comes across as a bit too contrived. At times, the movie skirts dangerously close to after-school-special territory, and it can be a bit heavy-handed in its preachiness. It's not a perfect film, by any means.

But it's a provocative film, one that I urge parents to watch with their teenagers and that is sure to open up a lot of discussion. A must-see.
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