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American History X
Crime, Drama
IMDB rating:
Tony Kaye
Edward Norton as Derek Vinyard
Edward Furlong as Danny Vinyard
Beverly D'Angelo as Doris Vinyard
Avery Brooks as Dr. Bob Sweeney
Jennifer Lien as Davina Vinyard
Ethan Suplee as Seth Ryan
Stacy Keach as Cameron Alexander
Fairuza Balk as Stacey
Elliott Gould as Murray
Guy Torry as Lamont
William Russ as Dennis Vinyard
Joseph Cortese as Rasmussen (as Joe Cortese)
Jason Bose Smith as Little Henry (as Jason Bose-Smith)
Storyline: Derek Vineyard is paroled after serving 3 years in prison for killing two thugs who tried to break into/steal his truck. Through his brother, Danny Vineyard's narration, we learn that before going to prison, Derek was a skinhead and the leader of a violent white supremacist gang that committed acts of racial crime throughout L.A. and his actions greatly influenced Danny. Reformed and fresh out of prison, Derek severs contact with the gang and becomes determined to keep Danny from going down the same violent path as he did.
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Weak Movie............About A Strong Subject
This is a movie....full of meaning ....that, in the final analysis is meaningless. It often tastes like sugar candy, and yet again, like Scotch Whisky. There are periods of sick....racism....but that never appears to be real. The key scenes when the Edward Norton character faces up to the Stacey Keach big boss Nazi horror....are under-developed. If your going to make a movie about black / white neo racism you need to come up with something better than this. This was made in 1998 and it feels like 1962. This is a film that means well...to expose the nastiness of colored hatred, yet it never comes near explaining the reasons, why blacks and whites....just do not get along. Too many weak scenes that are...not believable.
Don't believe the hype
I was curious to see what other people thought of this movie, and am genuinely surprised to see this ranked so highly in IMDb polls.

What are the sins of American History X? First of all, the narrative structure is confused, to no good purpose. By showing Edward Norton's jail-stay in flashback, when we already know he's grew disillusioned with the movement, all dramatic interest is removed from the scenes. And the method of his conversion was so trite as to be laughable. While his prison scenes should have been the most powerful part of the movie, they just felt like a waste of time (and using B&W for the past is such an embarrassingly Hollywood device).

Secondly, the script is just terrible. You feel embarrassed for the actors as they're forced to talk entirely in polemic. Characters just didn't talk or relate to each other in a way similar to how people talk or relate to each other. And I felt American History X's take on violence was too cartoonish, where it should have felt genuine. The scenes felt adapted from action movies, whether the scene was sufficiently brutal or not doesn't make it better or worse.

You have to review artwork based on what the artist was trying to do, and how well he did it. The movie was trying to provide insight in the neo-Nazi mentality, while providing insight into the real cause of the racial violence. However, the unrealistic characters and the Hollywood-ish take on violence left the movie flat in both regards.
Great until the end
This movie definitely deserves a spot in the top 250. I gave it an 8 out of ten, but I can easily see why other posters would give it a ten. I could not give this movie a ten because it is not one of those classics that I can watch over and over. The movie is a roller coaster ride that I felt should have ended on a high note. Sure, I am not a fan of the cliché "perfect Hollywood ending". However, this is one film that I felt should not have ended in the most depressing way imaginable.

I have read some comments on IMDb.com about the director having problems with the ending. He even went so far as trying to have his name taken off the credits and replaced with "Humpty Dumpty". I must say that I agree with him. Since I know that the younger brother will die in the end it prevents me from watching this movie very often as it is just too depressing. I think a good alternative ending would have Norton's character held back for the rest of his life by his record. He is way too intelligent to enjoy life while having to work as some sort of laborer for the rest of his life. The irony would have been "an eye for an eye" as he ruined lives by committing manslaughter and there is nothing worse for an extremely smart person to dig ditches for a living. This is something I can definitely relate to. However, his younger brother often supports him financially in the future as a payback for saving him from a life of "naziism". Norton's character is punished for his sins, yet there is some redemption for turning his back on the nazi's which regarded him as a hero.

That is how I would have ended the movie if I was given the script. This alternate ending would be far from your stock "Hollywood happy ending", without being so depressing.
2nd rate melodrama, unbelievably overrated..
According to the IMDb list of the top 250 films of all time, THIS comes in at a staggering #44. If we are to go by this incoherent list, we are to believe that "American History X" is a better film than Kubrik's "Clockwork Orange." It is superior to the "Deer Hunter," and the classic "Third Man." It even outshines Germany's epic masterpiece "Der Untergang/Downfall." After you are finished laughing, consider the film "American History X," a hack job so embarrassing that it's director, Tony Kaye wisely attempted to have his name removed from the final product. Why would a director want to deny responsibility for a film that is considered by countless idiots who consider this better than "Metropolis??" Because 'A.H.X' is a mediocre film at best. From it's infantile, laughable, simplistic, and thoroughly inaccurate views on racism, to it's soap opera like melodrama, down to it's gross, comical overblown stereotypes, such as the ex-gang member 'uncle tom' preachings of Avery Brooks, as the black school principal, to the ultra stereotyped Jewish ideal, played by none other than Elliott Gould! Why weren't more people offended by this obnoxious representation of minorities? And of course, the skinheads were portrayed as ugly, stupid, and faceless monsters, with the exception of Hollywood movie star Ed Norton, who is a fine actor, but who was just too pretty to be believable here. A word of advice to future filmmakers: If you want to make a powerful statement about serious political issues, avoid using the latest Hollywood pin-up hunk to get the point across, as it just does not work. Remember Alan Pakula's "Devil's Own" with Brad Pitt as the hunky IRA hero/terrorist? Enough said. Ed Norton plays Derek, a young man who turns into a hate preaching neo nazi skinhead after his fireman dad is shot while putting out a fire in the ghetto project. Norton does not look like he ever stepped foot inside a housing project, but that does not stop him from becoming the spokesperson/leader to a generation of mean, angry skinheads, all of which tower above Norton. And as good an actor as Norton is, I did not believe him in the role of a lower middle class skinhead; He sounded more like a sheltered private school boy trying to act tough. It seems that the filmmakers have never even met a real skinhead, as this portrayal was so unbelievably inaccurate. AHX makes the mistake that so many Hollywood films make; It attempts to manipulate our emotions with sad, wistful, dramatic music. This method was grossly overused here, and some of the dialog could barely be made out over the overpowering "backround" music. More evidence of this films failings; if the script, and performances are good, we will feel the emotions on our own. Intelligent moviegoers do not need our emotions to be "cued" by the appropriate music. This is a sure sign of a poor film. Derek's transformation from normal boy, to racist skinhead, to finally a strong, enlightened protector of his family and responsible brother/son, after an "Oz" like stint in jail, would work fine, for a film made for television. But the fact that this thoroughly underwhelming movie scored so high on this website is proof enough that these ratings cannot be taken seriously. It saddens me that so many people cannot see the difference between truly good cinema, and mediocrity. It is more tragic that so many people can be this easily manipulated by this kind of Hollywood dreck. Having had the opportunity to view hundreds of films from around the world, I am not impressed by Hollywood's repeated attempts at making serious, intelligent films that deal with issues such as racism and poverty. Hollywood needs to stick with the flashy entertainment, the explosions, the comedies, the Sci-fi, as for this type of film-making, Hollywood can't be beat. And for those who want to see a truly good film dealing with the same subject matter as A.H.X, take a look at "Mississippi Burning". Here is a rare example of when Hollywood got it right; a well made, beautifully realized piece of cinema, that deals with the racism issue without being corny or ridiculous. As far as "American History X" goes, do not believe the hype.
Not perfect but still very strong
Years have past since Danny saw his neo-nazi brother, kill several black males who were robbing his car. Since he has been in prison, Derek's legacy has grown among the white gangs of the area and Danny has followed in his brother's footsteps. When he writes a racist paper for school, his teacher makes his write a new paper, focusing on recent history – that of his brother and how he influenced him. Meanwhile Derek leaves prison a reformed man with only the desire to repair the damage he once did to his family with his beliefs and his hate.

I was looking forward to see this film as I missed it at the cinema and am a firm believer that Edward Norton is one of the most talented actors of his generation and is always worth seeing (even if some of his films have given less than he deserves). It was maybe better that I only saw it recently as I was able to enjoy it without all the hype and fighting over who did what to who, or all the comments from director Kaye as to his opinions of the film. Having seen the pompous fool interviewed several times, I find it quite self assuring that I don't agree with his opinions of it!

The plot is a mix of flashback into Derek's hate filled past (told in b&w) and the present (colour) where he is desperate to save his brother and family from suffering anymore from his `sins'. As a basic narrative the film struggles at times to make a solid story and seems to be trying too hard to create confrontations to up the drama within the film. It still works mind you but this is not it's best asset.

The main thing the film does well is to be a very true representation of white male disillusionment. The film avoids painting these people as monsters straightaway (although makes no bones that they are confused, misled and wrong). The arguments and discussions they have in the film are not so far from reality that the characters seem fiction – the characters and the film's world seem very real. The film's message that hate is no way to live no matter who it is directed at may be a little simplistic but it is a valid point. One particular weakness which I felt was a little hamfisted was Derek's `road to Damascus' experience in prison – it was OK but was far too easy given the character we had just seen brutally kill several black men.

The other main selling point the film has is a performance by Norton that simply ensures he steals nearly every scene he is in. In b&w flashback he is at his best – a larger than life character who is never allowed to just be seen as a thug. Norton acts out the various stages of his life well and makeup ensures that he looks younger when required. In the present he is less dominant but still is very good giving a different performance. Furlong is also very strong, although he only has a few scenes where he is able to be outside of Norton's shadow. Support from Balk, Gould, D'Angelo and Brooks is mixed – Gould's Jewish character is only in the film to allow for one scene to occur, while Brooks' righteous teacher is simply a `morally upright teacher' with no meat on his character.

Overall this is a good film, which occasionally struggles when it forces the issue in the `present' scenes. However for the most part it is a powerful film which owes a lot to well captured themes and an excellent performance from Norton.
A Confused Film
A Finnish commentator compared this film to American prison drama OZ . I love OZ , it`s my all time favourite American show , it`s compelling and brilliantly acted , adjectives you could use to describe AMERICAN HISTORY X. However while the HBO show suffers from lapses in logic there`s enough going on in different sub plots for you not to notice these flaws but seeing similar flaws in this film you can`t help but notice them

First let me point out the good aspects . As said this movie contains great performances . In real life Ed Norton reminds me of the Kevin character from HARRY ENFIELD AND CHUMS with his floppy hairstyle and his back to front baseball cap but he always gives a good performance . In this movie he gives a GREAT performance as Derek the skin head from hell . Edward Furlong also gives a GREAT performance as Derek`s younger brother Danny . Norton earned an Oscar nod but strangely Furlong seemed to miss out , a pity . Tony Kaye also shows us he had great potential as a director , and it`s one helluva shame it`s unlikely we`ll be seeing either Furlong or Kaye as big Hollywood names

***** SPOILERS *****

But it`s the script that brings the film down , and in some places it`s quite woeful . Derek kills a couple of armed home boys who turn up at his house and he`s convicted of manslaughter . I know this is a plot device but couldn`t it have been better done ? Is it possible any jury would have convicted Derek for protecting his property from armed burglers . I guess all the jurors were called Goldberg and Rubinstein ? And I`ve got to agree with everyone who don`t buy the idea of Derek making friends with a black guy inside prison even after Derek gets raped by the skin head gang , oh and how many prisons in America have a mix of one third black , one third hispanic and one third Nazi/peckerwood ? It`s unrealistic the reasons why Derek stopped being a Nazi but it`s even more unrealistic why he became one in the first place - His Father used the " N " word a few times ! Of course the real reason might have been that his Father was murdered by a black gang but if that`s the case then why include the dinner scene ? It`s just confusing . There`s also another confused dinner scene where Derek`s mother invites a Jewish teacher around the family table . Would a Jew want to share a table with a couple of Nazi teenagers ?

But the major flaw is with the ending . AMERICAN HISTORY X is a very obvious redemption plot but Danny being murdered at the end doesn`t tie in with Derek`s redemption . If Derek remained a Nazi Danny would have died , if Derek had become a flower arranger with Greenpeace Danny would have died . No matter what Derek would have done Danny would still have been murdered . When writing a redemption plot it`s essential the ending of the movie ties in with the protagonist`s road to Damascus .

AMERICAN HISTORY X possibly does deserve to be in the IMDB top 250 movies but not at number 58 . It contains great performances but also some very poor scripting especially poor character motivation . If you want to see a better , more thought provoking film concerning race hate watch ROMPER STOMPER
I don't want to give too much away to reader's who may not have seen the film, so I won't say much...but if I had to use one word to sum up American History X, it would be "powerful". This is the kind of film that is missing in the current film environment that is usually based more around flash than substance, ie special effects and a physically attractive cast are commonly used to win over audiences as opposed to a solid plot containing powerful messages that actually might make you think. I saw this movie last night and it is a fascinating insight into the insecurity of young people and their desire to belong to something, to feel accepted. I believe this theme is equally as prevalent as the denunciation of racism throughout the film. Another thing I liked is that the cast is portrayed as being incredibly human... nobody in this film is "perfect", as we frequently see in other films. From the protagonist to his young brother to the wise English teacher, they have all had their share of problems in the past, as well as in the present. I think it is a testament to the director and cast that we actually end the film sympathising with a convicted murderer. The moral of the film is that hate is baggage, and we reap what we sew in life. We need to ask ourselves that one question when our lives are veering off course "Has anything I've done made my life better?". For the protagonist in American History X, this simple advice is enough to turn around his life from that point on... but it is too late to undo the consequences of his wide-reaching influences, hurting him in the most painful place he ever could have imagined. So once again, this film is sheer power. Certainly it is disturbing in parts, and probably not for young children or the overly sensitive. Nevertheless, it is a fantastic film, truly one of the best of all time. I give it 9 out of 10 stars.
the film of my life..
There are a lot to say about this film..I found all the words that expresses all my feelings about the world we are living in.I cried myself to sleep.everyday i'm seeing a lot of things that i have no words to explain even to myself "why"? Unfortunately we are living in a world there everybody obsessed about something but mostly the outside of our silly bodies. Most of us hates someone, some religion or a color without any reason.This great movie that tells us hate is a hunchback that keeps us away from the sun.We should throw our prejudice and take o second look to everything around! us.Then i believe there wont be any fears but just friendship. Like Edward says " Life is too short to be angry! all the time.."
One of the most powerful movies I have ever seen.
I was expecting a kind of a moralistic movie with an overly present, almost preaching like message. The movie however turned out to be extremely powerful mainly due to the professionalism it was made with.

The movie its story is told 'beautifuly' in black & white and color. The quite original directing from Tony Kaye gives the movie a nice visual style and certain atmosphere. The story itself isn't that complicated or extremely original on its own and perhaps at most points even predictable but the way the story is told is phenomenal. This is not a movie with an happy ending or a movie that provides a solution to the racial discrimination problems. It shows what is NOT the solution to the problems and that everything that is occurring is like a vicious circle. The movie does not give a hopeful message but instead shows the dangers and pain you're causing to yourself and your close environment when you're thinking as a white supremacist.

As an anti Neo-Nazi movie this movie works really powerful. I think that its a really good and important thing that this movie is often shown in classrooms.

Edward Norton is truly fantastic in his role. He is very well believable as a Neo-Nazi as well as the reformed person he later turns into in the movie. It's almost like he's playing 2 different characters and he does that so extremely well. Also really good was Edward Furlong who we all long had not seen in a big production. Furlong and Norton are both acting well together in their scene's are highly believable as two brothers.

Also surprising good was the musical score by Anne Dudley who had already won an Oscar for "The Full Monty", the year before.

This was a movie that surprisingly impressed me. As a movie its extremely powerful and important.


It's not about racism
I left viewing this film quite confused. Sequences of rationally twisted proto-Nazi racism are intercut with scenes that seemingly justify this sort of thing with sympathy. There are sequences of 'inverted' racism, black kids turning on white. This confusion becomes unmitigated chaos when Norton's white/Nazi murderer looks to consolidate his 'identity' in the white sub-set of a jail's inmates; it all seems so simple until all the rules he'd assumed pall against the imperative of his own survival.

Emerging, he goes to be with the one unit that he can co-exist with despite the fluctuations in his identity and his own very human confusion. This film is about being a young man growing up in a normal middle class American family. It's told using racial tension as a rich source of metaphor for the different loves and hates that, whisked up by desire and ignorance, rise up and merge into an incomprehensible impetus which is called being a(n American) teenager.

Norton is admirable, giving three strong characterisations within the one nominal role. Edward Furlong is equally outstanding in a fine central cast as his doe-eyed but strong younger brother. Whoever sanctioned the final cut, the movie remains strong (and, perhaps, dangerously open to misinterpretation). It's not a date flick but it's a fine mainstream movie which always stays the right side of dogmatic and patronising. 7/10
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