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Thriller, Sci-Fi, Horror
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Ridley Scott
Tom Skerritt as Dallas
Sigourney Weaver as Ellen Ripley
John Hurt as Kane
Ian Holm as Ash
Yaphet Kotto as Parker
Bolaji Badejo as Alien
Storyline: A commercial crew aboard the deep space towing vessel, Nostromo is on its way home when they pick an SOS warning from a distant planet. What they don't know is that the SOS warning is not like any other ordinary warning call. Picking up the signal, the crew realize that they are not alone on the spaceship when a alien stowaway is on the cargo ship.
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Sci-Fi/Horror Masterpiece!
"Alien" is one of the most intense Sci-Fi thrillers to have ever graced the silver screen or the home theater in any format! It is the film's intensity that provides such an incredible draw to this extraordinary film. I was pulled in by the ultra high sense of realism. This film almost feels like a documentary because of a lot of the subtle hand-held camera work (read; not like the shaky, seizure inducing hand-held work of today's films). There's much going on in that film that was revolutionary for the time. Great ideas, design, cinematography, subtle, very realistic performances.

Sigourney Weaver stars as Ellen Ripley in her film debut role. Weaver is absolutely perfect for the role, and was practically the first girl-power type female heroine who single-handedly carries this international blockbuster right through until the final minutes. John Hurt also plays Kane to excellent effect, especially in his death scene as he frantically wriggles on the table with the alien inside him. Harry Dean Stanton is brilliant as Brett, as is Tom Skerritt as Dallas. Yaphet Kotto is also perfectly cast as Parker, who provides many on-screen laughs. Veronica Kartwright (who later went on to star in The X-Files some 20 years later) stars as the lovable Lambert, the only other female member of the crew along with Ripley. Ian Holm as Ash is absolutely brilliant in his role as the android secretly sent on board to bring back the alien life- form, while - in his eyes, and "Mother's" - all other crew members are expendable. The acting in this film is really first-rate, which is another big factor in why the film works so well.

The art designs are incredible: the entire look of the film, from the commercial nature of the spacecraft to the iconographic alien itself is right on the money. It amazes me how well visually this movie still holds up. It feels as rich and deep cinematically as most anything today due to Ridley Scott's brilliant visuals. You watch this film at certain points and it feels as slick and polished as any current genre film without the hollowness or incompetence.

All in all, Alien is a terrific sci-fi horror movie that plays with your senses incredibly well. Nothing happens for the first 30 minutes, and that is exactly the director's intent. By doing so, a feeling of extreme suspense is instantly formed, leaving you on the edge of your seat until the very end.

Overall rating: 9 out of 10.
The best film EVER!
I remember the first time i saw Alien... i was 9, and my father recorded it on VHS from a TV Channel here in Brasil. I took some time to watch it, because i was a little afraid to see it, but when i finished watching it, the cinema thing became one of my favorite hobbies. The atmosphere is perfect: 7 truckers (performed by 7 excellent artists) trapped in a Gothic spaceship with an serial killer machine that you don't see completely until the end of the film. Back then i saw it for like 48290482904 times and until today it makes me emotional for the superb work of Mr. Scott. It is a must see... forever!
Hey guys I found a good movie
This suspenseful, spine-tingling movie keeps you on the edge of your seat right up to the time it's finished. When you watch this one, you feel like a good friend (by good I mean shrewd in picking movies) has brought it to your house to have a great movie night. In other words, it seems like director had seen it several times before he made it. He is that friend of yours by the way. A huge spacecraft has finished its mission and is heading back to Earth. We the crew members get up from their sleeping pods, they realize the spaceship is out of its course. Apparently it has received a signal from another planet, indicating some alien life form and set off to accomplish it secondary mission: investigating life in space. The extra- terrestrial life they find is by no mean friendly and brings horror into the ship.

It's more of a horror film than a science fiction one. I am sure you have seen those horror films in which some people are stuck in a hut in jungle and there is some nasty creature lurking to hunt them one by one. Well, now make the hut full of small rooms and send it to space. This, has provided director with a lot of close-ups which sends a shiver to your spine. It keeps you guessing when something is going to jump into the frame from an angle and kill people on board. But the brilliance of the movie is in what it doesn't show. By this, I mean unlike other horror movies you don't see people running around, crying or screaming ( not that much anyway). Also, when the astronauts find the organism, they do not celebrate nor freak out. They act vary nonchalant like they come across these things all the time. And this, has saved a lot of time and helped the director and audience focus on the story.

A lot of unnecessary scenes have been cut out. And there's your good friend Ridely, selflessly sparing you from all the fake screams and tears. At times you guess you are going to see some sentimental crying or other reactions, but it never happens. Well, crew members are scientists and not some clueless teenagers. Sometimes in comedies, actors act normally in funny situations which makes it even funnier. This technique has been applied here and if you ask me it has worked like a dream; a scary one too.

Right at the beginning of the movie, the camera is roaming in the spacecraft which seems horrifyingly deserted. While we are curious to see some people or aliens, we reach a room in which astronauts are sleeping in their pods. And when the camera approaches the room, the automatic door goes up. This, throws the audience right to the spaceship. There is another scene in which the senior commander, frustrated to find a way to kill the monster, tries to get some answer form the computer brain of the craft called Mother( discover the irony yourself). He keeps asking about the creature but the computer has insufficient knowledge. Then with all his hope gone he types: 'What are my chances?'
Exemplary horror (spoilers)
What makes Alien such an effective horror film is how quiet it is. After all, most horror films make the mistake of equating fear with noise. But that's often a mistake, as silence is usually infinitely more effective. And so it is with Alien. The scariest moments are all devoid of intrusive scoring, jagged editing and overblown sound effects. Instead most of the sound and music is pulled out and shots are held for a long time.

One of the best examples is when Brett is killed. He has to chase after a cat and he's led into a dark corner of the ship. You know he's going to get killed but Ridley Scott knows that you know. Therefore the sequence is dragged out. All the time you're waiting. You're waiting for the inevitable. But Scott doesn't rush things. He racks up the tension by having Brett wander for an inordinate length of time and by having him wash his face in a shower of dripping water as chains rattle in the background. And when the Alien does appear, it's not with a sudden jolt. It just appears quietly behind Brett before killing him. And the way that the death is played on the face of the cat, which has a look of almost stunned curiosity, makes the whole sequence rather spooky. It's not really a crash, bang, wallop sort of horror film.

Not that there aren't plenty of jump moments. There are actually quite a few. But because the lead-up is so quiet and ominous it makes the pay-off a whole more effective. For example, when Kane looks into the egg. Again the sequence takes its time, but when he finally has a peek and the facehugger leaps out, it has the perfect timing of a great joke.

Another fantastic piece of timing is when the Alien takes Dallas. You go through another long, drawn out sequence of him scurrying through narrow air vents before the Alien finally pops out of a dark corner. But although the moment is fantastically timed, the lead up is where the fun lies. Although I do have to say that the lead up is probably the most frightening thing in the film. Dallas scurries through narrow corridors trying to take the Alien out, but you know it's futile. And the dark, claustrophobic corridors are full of iris-shaped doors that open and close slowly and forebodingly, which really does add to the air of dread that fills the sequence. And the tracker is the icing on the cake – it racks up the tension to an even greater extent.

The second most frightening sequence is when Ripley is finally alone in the ship. She sets the Nostromo to self-destruct so that she can take the shuttle but then with strobe lights flashing she sees the Alien. She then goes back and tries to reverse the self-destruct sequence, but it's too late. It's frightening because Ripley has to run around the ship, not knowing where the Alien might be. No longer does she have the option of just hiding. And with everyone dead she no longer has anyone to talk to or help her out. She's all alone. But perversely, once everyone's dead, the film finally gets loud. There's a countdown sequence (which is brilliant in the way that it adds tension) and the ship begins to destruct. Just when Ripley might have needed the silence to find out where the Alien is, she has to run around in cacophony of noise knowing that the Alien could be anywhere.

But the silence comes back in the final sequence, and it's quite ingenious the way that the Alien is camouflaged in the shuttle. I nearly messed myself when I first saw it as a kid.

What I also like about the final sequence is that it's weirdly sexual. Ripley strips down to her underwear and then the Alien appears. And the Alien then begins almost stroking the console it's resting on. And of course, Ripley penetrates the Alien a harpoon. Nice.

Another excellent bit of weird sexuality is when Ash the robot tries to choke Ripley with a magazine. He shoves it her mouth and he looks rather turned on as she gags on it. Perhaps robots don't come with all the parts. Perhaps this is his way of venting his frustration. But there's also the way that the Alien kills Lambert. Its tail inches up the insides of her thigh and then you cut away and hear her screaming like she's being violated – the screaming is actually pretty damn chilling. And of course, Kane getting ripped open goes back to the male fear of childbirth. (The birth scene is still great. The blood, the sound and the way it takes the Alien two or three attempts to burst through is fantastic. But I do have to say that the way the Alien shoots off the table looks rather dodgy.)

Going back to the Lambert killing, though… As well as being chilling, this scene is also quite frustrating because Parker (Yaphet Kotto) gets killed as well. I mean, Parker is just The Man. I swear he could have taken the Alien had it not been for the cowardly Lambert. (It's quite surprising that the coward and the black character survive so long – they're usually the first two to go.)

But although I dig Parker, I think Ian Holm as Ash delivers the best performance. It's quite subtle the way that he hints at his true identity – I like the way he jogs on the spot to get his joints working. And he's so smug and slimy. He's more of a villain than the Alien.

But I think everything in the film is fantastic – the music, the special effects, the sequence on the alien planet, the production design, the moody atmosphere, the script… I just wish I had more room to waffle.
Your nerves.
Science fiction is first and foremost a genre of imaginative fiction, speculating about man or the universe around him. Some science fiction stories focus on the hopeful side of the universe and the belief in benevolent alien life. Many more stories, though, focus on the dangers of the universe and alien life. Alien takes the latter idea and plays it to the maximum, creating the most tense film experience I have ever gone through. A spaceship crew crash-lands on a distant planet where a newborn alien life force latches onto one of them and comes with them into space. It slowly grows inside one of them (John Hurt), bursts out, and then slowly grows, slowly killing off all the crew. Alien is a haunted house story set in space, and it works brilliantly. Being cut off from any help with an unknown and literally growing danger, which blends into the blackness of space, plays on one's nerves to the fullest possible effect. The alien is what a monster should be- a quiet, unknown, near-invincible, conniving machine of death. The design by H. R. Giger is the most hideous and lethal design one could imagine for an alien. The two words that spring to one's mind when looking at it are "alien" and "death". And when your monster survives by growing inside you, the threat becomes even more real, as difficult as that is to believe. The entire movie is shrouded with an atmosphere of death, cosmic mystery, and horror. Director Ridley Scott creates one of the most visually astonishing films you will ever see. The dark corridors and claustrophobic nature of the spaceship back the audience into a corner with no escape. Even strong survivor Sigourney Weaver is clearly terrified as she saves herself. The echoes and sound design add even more to the tension, and just tears one's nerves to shreds. I had never felt as tense as I was while I was watching the climax of the movie. Funny thing, Alien was not the scariest movie I've ever seen- but it is the most phenomenally tense and nerve-wracking.
Great movie
This is truly one one of the Greatest Scifi Action/Thriller movies I have seen from beginning to end I was just gripped by the story.

There were several interesting points in the story, one of my favorites is how the story is presented in an isolated situation. I won't give anyway too much details I don't want to spoil too much of it for those who read the reviews before watching the movie. I will say that there is a great Twist plot involved and let's just say it's makes for a Great movie.

Overall, I enjoyed "Alien," the various twist plots and the way it presents in this sci-fi/Action movie. It is one of the better/great Sci-fi movies I have watched so far and would definitely watch it again to get any detail that I didn't from the first screening of it. I am a hardcore sci-fi dude (Sci-fi/Fantasy) and if you are into Sci-fi as well I'd highly recommend this movie if you haven't seen it already it is really the golden standard for Any kind of Alien movie in my book.
SFX and good old duck tape
Probably the best Sci-Fi film of the 20th century revolutionizing the genre with a whole array of SFX and good old duck tape.

This movie is a favorite among the cinema community, using Ridley Scotts style of suspense and mystery gives the viewer a 117 minute ride with no stops along the way.

At the beginning there is build up but its worth every second, there are continuity errors and such but what do you expect from the 1970's.

Sigourney Weaver was a great choice at a strong female role which wasn't seen allot in movies back then which later sparked a trend.

Overall this move was a masterpiece of its day and still is so for most of the reasons above and more I gave this movie a 8.2/10
The First of a New Sci-Fi Horror Breed
Alien (1979)

The First of a New Sci-Fi Horror Breed

It's hard to believe how fresh and scary this movie was at the time, but it's also a relief to see it still holds up as a well made movie even now. Is it a classic great movie? Almost, almost. But not quite, in the end--mostly because of some clichés and goofs in the acting and dialog--although it has really great moments. And it's a great way to discover director Ridley Scott's unique style.

Certainly now that H. R. Giger the artist has gotten famous in his own right, the alien itself deserve special mention. And the sets are impressively otherworldly and familiar at the same time--not only the huge and hugely baroque ship, but the interior scenes on the planet toward the beginning. These are marvels whether or not your style (and for my money, the alien is a really improbable type of extraterrestrial, more at home in a comic book Hades than actual space). Another novelty to note, probably a product of the shift in movies in general since the 1960s, is the director's intention to keep things real and everyday. Things are dirty, people worry about their paychecks, and so on.

This is a long way from the sterility of 2001 though head to head the earlier Kubrick film is on another level of art. I know a lot of people would rather be entertained, though, and Alien is entertaining. It's fast, it's scary, it's gory, it's messy. It's surprising. It's beautiful. And it spawned a whole series of follow-ups, the next one confusingly called Aliens (1986), also a very good take on the new genre.

I first saw this when it came out in Colorado and it was on a huge, curving screen that wrapped around the audience, and I was really, truly scared. Now, thirty years later, the scary parts are still really scary, and it's edited so quickly you won't spend more than a minute on any one scene that doesn't quite click. Horror sci-fi has never been the same since.
Pure masterpiece
Greetings from Lithuania.

"Alien" (1979) is a masterpiece, pure and simple. If there is still anyone who somehow haven't seen it (i can't imagine how could that be even possible), do your self a favor a watch it, not with your friends on Friday evening, but alone and let this movie blow you away.

I saw this picture for 5-7 times in my life, and the last time i did (actualy today), was on my 2m x 2m screen projector with all sound system ready to roll.

This is timeless film because of many things. The atmosphere, the rising tension, the craftsmanship of the scenes, acting - it all works here because they are not overplayed, and build on seemingly simple approach. 15 minutes into this movie again i caught myself that i forgot everything and i was in there, with them. Thats because of the script, directing, acting - it's all in the first place here, not settings, which still looks great - a bit dated, maybe, but it's not Star Wars type movie were visuals have to be sharp - "Alien" shows things in shadows, moody style to create feeling of uncertainty, and it does it brilliantly - that is why this movie is never going to age.

Please don't ever compare it to even superior (in my opinion) "Aliens" - "Alien" is different kind of a movie, it's purpose was to scare people with deadly and very claustrophobic atmosphere, settings and the creature itself, to feel people uncomfortable (in a good way) knowing that no one is safe here and around every corner there could be your end - just look at the close ups near the end of the movie, or shoots where camera is showing person and a deep dark space behind him, thats were imagination starts to fill the darkness.

Overall, 10/10 for one of the greatest achievements in the art of movie making.
Check your brain at the door
SPOILER ALERT. I suppose it's asking too much to want a sci-fi movie that's halfway intelligent. "Alien" is not. If you start thinking about this movie, it falls apart. I'll try to be brief. One, if I'm not missing something, the "Company" that owns the spaceship knows about this horrible alien monster, knows it "can't be killed" (Ash, the robot, actually says this), and wants the monster brought back to Earth, "crew expendable." Question, if the monster can't be killed, but it kills each and every human it sees, how the heck are they going to get it off the spaceship when it gets back to Earth? And what will they do with it then? That's absurd. Two, how does the Company know the spaceship crew will even get the monster on board to bring it back in the first place? There's no way at all for the Company to assume this. Three, the only reason the monster got inside the spaceship was because of an incredibly stupid thing one of the crew did. If you were on an unknown alien planet and you saw some "eggs," would you try to go down and sniff at them and put your face as close to them as possible? And when one of them started to open, would you just stand there and get even closer to it? This is beyond stupid, it's insane. Four, once the monster is on the ship and hugging this guy's face, it disappears, and suddenly another monster pops out of his chest. Seriously? This rather sizable alien being with a big ugly head has been living inside a man's chest but he never felt any pain and none of his organs suffered any damage, not his lungs, not his heart, nothing? I didn't buy that for one second. Five, this creature supposedly has "molecular acid" (ha ha) flowing through its body, an acid so strong that it can eat right through steel like a knife through warm butter -- but the creature itself is immune? Right. Six, once the entire crew except for Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) is dead, she decides to blow up the ship and escape in the shuttle. So she has to go through a cumbersome series of physical actions, including pulling up big tubes, just to set a destruct signal, and then it gives her ten minutes -- ten minutes, folks -- to go to the bathroom, find her cat, get to the shuttle, strip down to her micro-panties for us, ten minutes. In a sane world, on a sane ship, you'd be able to set the destruct for any time you liked, and you'd be able to get on the shuttle first and then activate the destruct signal. Finally, only a guess from the way they made it look, but evidently the ship was destroyed in a nuclear explosion, while Ripley is still close enough that she (and her cat) would be killed by the radiation. (Even in "Forbidden Planet" they knew enough to get the ship far away from the explosion.) So, for all those reasons, this is a movie that is so scientifically stupid and impossible that I couldn't believe it or enjoy it at all. Where are Joel and the bots when you need them?
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