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Thriller, Sci-Fi, Horror
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Ridley Scott
Tom Skerritt as Dallas
Sigourney Weaver as Ellen Ripley
John Hurt as Kane
Ian Holm as Ash
Yaphet Kotto as Parker
Bolaji Badejo as Alien
Storyline: A commercial crew aboard the deep space towing vessel, Nostromo is on its way home when they pick an SOS warning from a distant planet. What they don't know is that the SOS warning is not like any other ordinary warning call. Picking up the signal, the crew realize that they are not alone on the spaceship when a alien stowaway is on the cargo ship.
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My favourite tagline for a movie
"In space, no one can hear you scream." This remains my favourite tagline ever for a movie. When 'Alien' was released in 1979, it caused almost as much talk as 'Star Wars' did when released two years earlier. The science fiction genre was being revolutionized at this time and 'Alien' had a horror characteristic to it which was psychological, visually striking and compelling with the type of strength in silence not seen since '2001: A Space Odyssey' in 1968. Definitely a big influence in blockbuster film making, 'Alien' has spawned three sequels so far and is a great horror/science-fiction classic not to be missed. It is director Ridley Scott's best effort on the big screen for making fear the best character in the film.
Classic Horror
Commercial star ship Nostromo, returning from a routine mission, are detoured when an alien SOS is intercepted. Awakened from hypersleep, the crew are obligated to land on the alien world where the call for help has originated, but the ship is slightly damaged during the landing process and three of the crew set out to explore the hostile new world. They come upon a derelict spacecraft, the skeletonized remains of an alien creature with an odd wound in its chest and a cache of strange egg-like objects. Crew member Kane is brought back from the exploration unconscious and with a bizarre, crab-like creature attached to his face. He is still alive, and indeed, the creature on his face seems to be keeping him alive for reasons unknown. The Nostromo is repaired and the crew leave the desolate planet behind. The crab creature soon leaves its perch on Kane's face and dies, and Kane emerges from his coma, apparently in good health. But the purpose of the alien soon becomes terribly clear; Kane has been impregnated with an alien embryo which births itself from his chest in a shower of blood and gore, killing Kane and escaping into the ships air ducts before anyone can react. The crew set out to destroy the creature, not realizing immediately that its accelerated growth has transformed it into a huge and vicious predator whose only desire is to kill them all.

Very loosely based upon the 1958 horror film "IT! The Terror From Beyond Space" Alien is a masterpiece of Gothic horror, a haunted house movie on a spaceship. Flawlessly directed by Ridley Scott, Alien, whose plot is actually fairly simplistic and nothing new, is so filled with dread, so claustrophobically genuine, that it seems like nothing ever seen before. Ghostly steam, clinking chains, long dark corridors where anything can be hiding, the suspense is unbelievably suffocating. We never really get to see what the alien actually looks like until films end, and so the quick flashes of tail, head and mouth are so brief and so confusing that it only adds to the horror. Plus, Alien does what no ghost story can do - there is no way out of this "haunted house." There is no escape from the horror within.

The performances are all outstanding. The alien is not the only menace to the all-too human crew; there are also soulless corporations and short circuiting androids to be dealt with on top of everything else. Faced with these dilemmas, every single crew member of the Nostromo are absolutely believable. They're tired, stressed out, rude and bitchy and they spend a good lot of time griping and snapping at each other, but they drop what they're doing and stand together, protecting one another without hesitation when they must. The gore is minimal; the death of Kane is the bloodiest, nastiest moment in the whole film and because Kane, played by John Hurt, seems to be the nicest of the crew members, it just makes his painful death scene all the more horrible.

Alien is a grim, visceral, satisfying horror film and remains the unsurpassed best film in the series. Alien is an established classic and should not be missed.
Great Movie About A Bunch Of People On An Old Space Ship Who Save A Cat
It is impossible for me to write an objective review of ALIEN simply because I believe it is not just the best motion picture film ever made, but is a pinnacle of artistic expression that owes its debt to pretty much everything that came before it. The story was a cultural funnel into which it all flowed. The only thing it can be correctly compared to might be the original 1977 release of STAR WARS even though its objectives could not have been more different. It is the most thorough and convincing portrayal of the future ever committed to celluloid. Certainly more convincing than 2001: A SPACE ODDITY, which is too sterile and gleaming. The future will not look like a dentist's office.

The future will be ugly, loud and busy. It will be a retrofitted mess of the past, present and futuristic forms. Like a city which adapts to changing times by modernizing certain parts while still facilitating its old function with its crumbling old infrastructure. If you're curious to see what the future of commercial space travel may look like watch this film. Humans will come and go, we may be tooling about on space craft, we may be crossing vast distances of space, and yes: It stands to reason we will encounter life forms startlingly different than ourselves. Unless we are very lucky it is almost inevitable that like other creatures on this planet they will react to us with fear, hostility or aggression for primal reasons related to territoriality or survival. It is doubtful we will have much in common.

We won't meet these alien life forms by looking for them. We will come across them as we go about our human ways, pressing deeper into the universe while going about our mundane business on the surfaces of worlds never meant to accommodate warm blooded protein and sugar consuming bipedal air breathers. I doubt the aliens we do find will look like HR Giger's creations, but at least in Giger we finally had an artist's vision for a life form that is suitable for the vastness of space. It is infinitely adaptable, roughly taking the form of whatever creature it gestates inside of and born ready-made to thrive in whatever the host's native environment may be. It's a weapon — natural or engineered, doesn't matter — a DNA replicating machine which mimics its host creature so it may corrupt and devour it more efficiently.

Here it takes the bastardized form of a man and effortlessly eliminates five human adults inside of 48 hours. It would have infected whatever biosphere it was introduced into, skillfully devouring, replicating, spawning and breeding until a critical mass is reached and all other forms of life in that biosphere would be eliminated in a survival of the fittest test with one inevitable outcome. The only way that its threat would be believable and frightening is if the fictional universe the story takes place in is 100% convincing. ALIEN's is, boasting the most effective production design in the history of cinema, bested only by NASA's Apollo moon landing program.

We believe in the universe it is set, the people who inhabit it, and the hardware they use to perform the tasks required by their mode of existence. If we were not thoroughly convinced the entire premise would fall like a house of cards. Ridley Scott, Dan O'cannon, Ron Shussett, Ron Cobb, Christopher Foss, H.R. Giger, John Mollo, Roger Dickens, Les Dilley, Brian Johnson, Jerry Goldsmith, Terry Rawlins, and the cast chosen to enact the story all collaborated seamlessly to produce a completely convincing facade telling a tightly plotted story about humans stumbling across an alien life form. Through duplicity and against protocol, the organism is allowed to infect the human biosphere within the ship, and the crew inevitably discover that the only way to contain the outbreak to their ship is to destroy it. It is a perfect metaphor for the necessary evils of modern life.

The film was successful and its dominance of the horror/action movie market spawned an outbreak of similarly themed films, some of which came close to replicating ALIEN's impact on our culture, but none really being able to introduce anything very useful to the premise. Queens laying eggs dumbs the creature down to familiar Terrestrial life patterns. I would prefer to think that the universe holds many surprises about how life thrives that aren't anything like the patterns we are comfortable with. The bug hunt in the first sequel is well done, but whatever success its offspring may have enjoyed all relate back to the singular vision and urgency behind the artistic quest that this film set out to resolve.

It does so in ways that go beyond the impact of individual scenes. Every film of its kind made since has been influenced by ALIEN in one way or another, and that influence will continue for as long as humans make films. Nobody will ever be able to "undo" its contributions, negate them from our society's palette. You can mix in Predators or A list casts with super-real computer effects, but it will always come back to this film and the startling possibilities it suggested. If it hadn't been done so well we wouldn't still be talking about it, proof that they really did get it right. We have only just begun to explore what forms the possibilities suggested by ALIEN may take, and someone someday will get it just as right in their own era's equivalent.

I hope I'm around to see that happen, maybe even have a hand in making it. Who knows.

One of the best films ever made
Not much to say that hasn't been said about Alien. I am doing my small part to pump the rating up to a solid 9 where it belongs.

I saw this on the big screen during it's opening week when I was 11 in a REAL theater - huge (holding 1075 people), packed house, spring-rocking seats, 70mm film, six track Dolby...wondrous. I have watched Alien at least 50 times since and I will never grow tired of it.

The overall mood of the film is chilling and suspenseful. The detail and sheer beauty of the Nostromo's interior is stunning. I could easily watch an entire hour of slow, sweeping pans of the rooms and corridors alone. Nothing before or since has ever come close.

The special effects in Alien are fantastic by any standard. Yes, there is one scene in which someone attempts to stand something upright on a table and another where something appears to be moving on a dolly that reveal some limitations, but these are more than acceptable trade-offs for the realism of makeup versus CGI. I am sure the editors wished they had a few more takes to work with, but they did their best with the shots they had and these very minor flaws do not detract.

I would have thought that by now, CGI would be a match for "old-fashioned" silicone and makeup, but sadly no. CGI still looks fake and has never produced a single, believable, creature or superhero in all these years. Ever. I find that very sad. I don't know if it is because the technology for realism just isn't here yet or if it is simply a lack of human talent in adding in the "imperfections" that make things look real. I suspect it's a combination of both plus a lack of budget for the time it would take and I don't think we will see real-looking CGI for at least another 30 years. I wish more films today would shun CGI altogether. Models, silicone and makeup are far superior. Come on CGI effects teams - CATCH UP!

Well, that's my rant on CGI... But although the sets and effects are wonderful, Alien is not a special effects film. It is pure suspense and horror in a sci-fi setting, done to perfection.

Alright that's enough. If you are the one person alive who hasn't seen this, what are you waiting for? If sci-fi or slow suspense is not your cup of tea, so be it. It takes all kinds to make a world, but give it a shot - give it its due. Alien is truly an amazing work of art.
Pure masterpiece
Greetings from Lithuania.

"Alien" (1979) is a masterpiece, pure and simple. If there is still anyone who somehow haven't seen it (i can't imagine how could that be even possible), do your self a favor a watch it, not with your friends on Friday evening, but alone and let this movie blow you away.

I saw this picture for 5-7 times in my life, and the last time i did (actualy today), was on my 2m x 2m screen projector with all sound system ready to roll.

This is timeless film because of many things. The atmosphere, the rising tension, the craftsmanship of the scenes, acting - it all works here because they are not overplayed, and build on seemingly simple approach. 15 minutes into this movie again i caught myself that i forgot everything and i was in there, with them. Thats because of the script, directing, acting - it's all in the first place here, not settings, which still looks great - a bit dated, maybe, but it's not Star Wars type movie were visuals have to be sharp - "Alien" shows things in shadows, moody style to create feeling of uncertainty, and it does it brilliantly - that is why this movie is never going to age.

Please don't ever compare it to even superior (in my opinion) "Aliens" - "Alien" is different kind of a movie, it's purpose was to scare people with deadly and very claustrophobic atmosphere, settings and the creature itself, to feel people uncomfortable (in a good way) knowing that no one is safe here and around every corner there could be your end - just look at the close ups near the end of the movie, or shoots where camera is showing person and a deep dark space behind him, thats were imagination starts to fill the darkness.

Overall, 10/10 for one of the greatest achievements in the art of movie making.
Scott & Weaver
Precisely what American / mainstream cinema needs today: a believable strong heroine. Sigourney Weaver's delivers her character so well that the viewer is totally engrossed in one of the all time greatest science fiction films. As if there, with her, in this ship, with the alien, floating in the seemingly immense void of Space.

Impressive and entertaining as 'Prometheus' was, Scott seemed to have been unable to recreate the magic of Alien, nor find the strength of Weaver in his characters and cast. The design of Giger's Alien, the ship and every other element were so impressive in 1979 that they appear to have laid a blueprint for most American (and much of non-American) science fiction. Even three decades after its release, the set and designs, cast and camera work deliver a thrilling experience.
NOT overrated
Alien is a movie that some may claim is overrated, but it is not overrated, it is forgotten. People don't realize what a massive shock this film was and still will be for future generations not desensitized by hype that unfortunately makes certain people approach it with an arrogant "give me your best shot" attitude. This is a patient horror film, that will never be touched. Anyone who says it is overrated is in my opinion an ignorant snob trying to start fights for no reason. There is no way this film is overrated, there is nothing else like it and it will never be duplicated even though everything after it has tried. How can this movie be overrated when it set the standard for Sci/Fi horror? Name one movie that came after ALIEN that either took place in space or involved creatures from outer space that didn't in some way rip it off? I pity the poor bastard who forgets history and has spit on classic and original films just to make a name for themselves. Alien is not overrated, and anyone says so will only end up exposing themselves as an ignorant fraud who knows nothing of greatness. It is easy to arrogantly claim that this film is overrated, and there will be many more cynical bitter fools to follow, but none of them will ever in their entire lives be anything more than an ignorant snob pissing on greatness just to be heard. I believe those who say Alien is overrated will find that is it their self image, intelligence and tastes that are overrated, not this immortal film.
One of the best movies
Ridley scott worked very hard on this movie. It may be a little slow, but ridley scott made sure he told the story right. if your willing to be patient then watching this film will be rewarding for you.

the visuals of the film are almost perfect for the time it was made. what really makes the movie is H R Giger's work on the creature and the alien spaceship. With a strong director the artistry came together to make one of the best films ever made.

Others may disagree but I wasn't impressed by the acting. Not necessarily because I thought it was bad acting, but because the actors didn't bring much interest to the film for me. I found them very monotone and dull compared to the brilliant visuals.
The beginning of one of the greatest series of all time. This film will always remain a classic. It's scary, influential and insanely entertaining. Not just that but Ridley Scott actually has a great sense of style and mood and he plays with that a lot, to make us shiver. There's also an interesting mystery surrounding the Alien which we know practically nothing about. Sigourney Weaver is just as powerful as usual and really brings strength to the film; they make one. Last but not least, the musical score. Wow! It's fantastic. I think the Alien series is known for that aspect as well. Let's hope they'll continue the series and dang we need it all on DVD !
Don't land on unknown PLANETS!!
I am watching this movie in 2016 and still the practical effects almost made me puke. Ridley Scott's space horror is one for the classics. I have obviously watched many movies with gore and aliens and sometimes both but all of them try to force feed you. The set pieces don't seep in and the audience is made to jump from one gory situation to another. BUT this is Ridley Scott we are talking about. The one who started it all. I actually had watched Prometheus 1st and had a vague idea about the Alien franchise. Now after re-watching Alien I am beginning to connect the dots.

The plot is probably known to everyone by now. So just skipping over that. Starting with the direction. The slow paced direction allows you to feel the atmosphere. The situation. It makes you understand the psyche of each of the crew members aboard the Nostromo. You start to care and while watching it I often wished to not get emotionally involved because I knew what was to follow. The face-hugger scenes was much more creepy and disgusting than when the Alien arrives, because the Alien is shown in the dark and mysterious. So the effect of the goriness is only understood when the witnesses arrive but the face-hugger is on screen. It is puke-worthy.

The acting was very natural. The lines almost seemed unscripted. The equation between all the crew members was very evident from the beginning. I should seen through the fact that Ash was an android but it was well hinted throughout the film. It is very subtle. So subtle that you are bound to miss . As I said, the pacing is very steady. You'll feel the fear. The set-design is amazing. All in all it was a enjoyable movie. Ridley Scott is the master of space oriented movies.

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